So the first thing Im going to do is apply moisturizer to my skin. Now my Skins quite dry at the moment, so I will be applying, although this might not actually seem like a lot to some of you, but I will be applying more than I normally would, because my skin is normally quite oily, but it is not at the Moment when we treat the skin that weve got not the skin that we hope for so Im, applying moisturizer to the skin and Im just gauging how much I need by how much slip I can feel on the skin and how much roughness I can feel after Ive put it on now Im going to skip primer. Normally, I would apply a bit of primer, but because Ive used a decent amount of moisturizer its another layer of product that just not interested in using so next were going to apply a little bit of eye cream underneath the eye just a wee bit Im. Just getting it right up into the Lash line or near the Lash line, and on that outside corner, smoothing it in until its fabulous. So next is foundation. Now Im going to use my Foundation now, I know that a lot of the shades are out of stock. Do not worry, I have an announcement coming, do not worry, it will be back but use whatever Foundation. You want now Im going to use a beauty blender and what Im going to do is press it in three dots like I just did and then Im just going to start to move the product around the face, and what I want to achieve for this look Is skin? I want there to be coverage, but at the same time, not to the point where it is ridiculous and Im not against full coverage foundations.

I mean mine is a full coverage Foundation, but I want to use it with enough Grace that its not it doesnt look like a mask. I want this to look like skin, so Ive worked the forehead first, so Ive done the forehead and now Im just going to work from the center out and I can adjust the foundation as in when I go so Im definitely going to need a touch more, But thats okay, I much prefer to add it than have to worry about kind of taking it away. It doesnt really matter. You know where you start your foundation, its whatever works best for you. I like to go underneath the eyes, because anything I can cover with Foundation is great. Therefore, I dont have to use um as much concealer, so Im going to add a touch more Foundation along this plane, which is ironic because Im now gon na add a bit of blusher to it. But we take away the red and just to add it back. But we have back the color. We want now Im using a relatively firm pressure here: Im, not beating the face by any stretch of the imagination, but I am making sure that there is firm enough pressure that its being blended into the skin, now Im perfectly happy with that coverage. So what Im going to do is take a lighter shade of my foundation and Im just going to use this as a concealer and Im going to put it into the inner corners of the eye.

Im going to add a touch to the bridge of the nose. Not particularly careful and a little touch of it and its only a shade, lighter, but its enough and Im just going to add a touch to the outside corners, its enough to add a little bit of extra light to the face. I dont want to overwhelm my face Im 44 years old and I dont want there to be too much product on the skin. Now thats done before we actually move on to powder. What I want to do is actually apply some cream blusher now Im going to use a lipstick and Im actually going to use Zinnia, which is from my line and Im going to just put it onto the cheek area, touch on the nose and a touch on The back of above the eyebrow and Im going to do this prior to powdering, because it just adds a little bit of color to the skin and creams love each other. They get on very well and it just gives a lovely flush to the skin. Even though zinnio is such a bright color, I highly recommend it as a blusher, because it just looks wonderful on the skin, particularly deep skin tones as well its its really beautiful there. So next Im actually going to powder now Im going to use my powder now of all the products Ive created. The powder is the most epic because the honestly the reviews of this it doesnt its, not heavy theres, no talc in it, it makes the skin look.

Absolutely flawless and theres just no weight to it, which is why its called the weightless powder and all it does is mattify the skin. Now you can use a brush if you want, but were not going to were going to push this into the skin, and my motto is: I would rather use more powder and less Foundation. I would much prefer the longevity of powder and you can touch up with this product all day long. It does not get heavy its such an amazing product. I think there is a restock of this, so you can check it out, but everything gets matted down, which is beautiful because I can add back shine if and where I want it lovely. So what Im going to do is add back some color into the vase. So Im going to take a blusher and Im now going to just gently re, add back some color, so Im going over the areas where the cream blusher was or technically the lipstick was, but it then looks like its coming from the skin, its gon na dust. Above the eyebrows, as well now with nothing else on my sponge, nothing at all my Powder Puff Im just going to go over those areas, because the Powder Puff just helps to smooth things out. I love a bit of color in the face Im obsessed with blushes. I just think that theyre, the most incredible thing for the face so now Im going to get a setting spray and Im going to Spritz this onto the face.

Just let things sort of settle down and sort of set before I do anything else. Okay! So now, because this is about Flawless skin Im, going back in with a powder puff onto the T Zone area only and Im, making sure that my T Zone area is here. But I go under this area as well, so making sure that this area is completely matte. Now, what Im going to do is just hold the kind of Powder Puff here and Im going to get the setting spray a good three squirts just down this side of the face. So you can already see the shine, thats happening and Im holding this here to protect this T Zone area, because I do not want that to be shine in this area. Its not flattering on me three Spritz again and just allow it to absorb into the skin, and this is going to give well its going to give longevity to the skin, but its going to give a more glass like appearance to that outside portion of the face. Now this is still wet. This will dissipate so Im going to just honest to God. I might as well just paint my whole face pink obsessed with it really am so now Im going to go back in with my weightless powder again and this time Im. Just smoothing the edges, this isnt going to go anywhere and this doesnt look really heavy. This powder is incredible for that it just doesnt look heavy on the skin, which is why I love it.

That is Flawless. Thank you very much now. If you want to do any kind of excess, cutting, now will be the time so Ill. Do this for shits and giggles nothing else, and just around I know most fun. You can have with this powder. Its perfectly legal do not inhale it so were going to. Let that set for six or seven hours and it will look fabulous now. All Im going to do is take that same brush Im just going to knock it off. Just knock it off now to finish off Im going to take my setting spray on my Powder Puff Im going to Spritz it twice thats, it make sure its not too wet and Im just going to go over the outside perimeter again and now. Im going to finish off with three sprits, then Im going to take my powder puff and push it into the center only and thats it thats it. Now this isnt going to go anywhere. This is here all day, long youre going to look incredible. Your skin will look amazing. There is, I havent used any highlighters whatsoever. Ive used no Shine On My Face other than using a setting spray thats. All I did, and if I wanted there to be a bit more kind of shy, I can just add a bit around those outside areas. Just let them settle and not push it in with the sponge, and this will create a bit more shine during that outside area.

I Im a big fan of matte skin. I I really am it photographs very, very beautifully um and just looks generally very pretty glass. Skin looks amazing in editorials, but when youre walking around with a incredibly shiny face the whole face its quite distracting um but thats it. This will not go anywhere. This is Flawless skin all day long and what I like to do with my powder is: I will take some on the sponge and you see me: do it roll it up like a taco kind of get it all in there and put the sponge in, like A lock bag like a plastic, lock bag, and then you can just take it out and you can powder and be perfect all day long thanks for watching this is the Flawless face. Appreciate your time really do see you soon.