It seems, like things are even messier than the first time around its a mess so lets get into it. Back in 2021, Trisha Paytas launched her very first skincare line called Trish skin. The brand took a lot of people by surprise because Trisha has been super open about not really having a skincare routine and instead getting these really expensive chemical treatments. Trisha teamed up with a skincare company called glow skin enhancement, and that was a mess within itself. The owner was clearly not prepared for the amount of backlash it would get and she started responding to negative comments really unprofessionally. Overall, the reviewers really werent that great and there were also reports of chemical burns, but the owner and Trisha deny those being true. Trisha and glow skin ended up canceling the line citing intense hate on online and fake reviews, but most people thought it was because it probably wasnt selling that good. You really didnt see too many people reviewing it online and thats, probably because no one wanted to spend like 200 on some unknown skincare line that was promoted using filters and makeup. Well, Trish skin is back, but this time around it got a complete Rebrand. What was once Trish skin the miracle? Elixir collection is now called ASMR skin, so this new collection retails for 179 dollars, but its already on sale for 20 off making it 143.. The description for the product says: Trisha Paytas presents ASMR skin by glow skin enhancement, ASMR skin A is for ageless gentle purifying wash s is for serum M is for moisturizing lotion.

R is for Renewal serum our ASMR skin 7 piece set, will definitely and then it just cuts off now right away. The thing that stands out to me about this webpage – and it probably stands out to you too, as youre hearing me read, it is how off the format is theres multiple spaces between words and periods where there shouldnt be the grammar is off and some of the Sentences are pretty hard to read like 2023 ASMR, skin Trisha, Paytas and glow skin enhancement. New launch For the Love of skin brought these this dynamic duo together, introducing those to a new improved gentle formulation for all skin types. Welcome to the ASMR our Flawless glow. Not only is the wording off, but the picture is also off too Tricia. Anglo skin are being called out for reusing an old campaign photo. The promo pictures on the website are for when she did a photo shoot for her failed subscription box. Now, if youre, like me, youre, probably like well, how does ASMR have anything at all to do with skin care? It kind of feels like Trisha, just grabbed onto the thing thats popular right now and doing good for her and use that as a name hoping that it sticks but glow skin actually came up with a meaning behind ASMR they wrote A is for ageless gentle purifying, Wash s is for serum M is for moisturizing lotion, R is for Renewal, serum and, once again, the form hat is all wrong.

The spacing is all wrong, and it just feels like one of those strange odds that youd see somewhere like on Facebook and click on it. By mistake, I know the business is small, but Trisha has the funds to hire someone to make her a really professional. Well thought out website I feel like if she truly cared about this line and had any kind of passion for it. She would have put more effort into it than this. A lot of people are also commenting on the new packaging. The original Trish skin products actually had really nice packaging. It was a bit more expensive than this new packaging, but I dont know it feels like it was probably worth it. This new one is super basic. It seems a bit rushed and it doesnt really fit with The Branding. Another sketchy thing about the website is the sales counter I hate. When websites have these things, I feel like its just a tactic to either rush you into buying it or make you think its way more sought. After than it really is I refresh the page like multiple times within a minute and every single time I refreshed it. It said something different, so I wouldnt really trust it. Trisha has been promoting her line on Instagram and so far it seems like people arent, really loving it heres what people had to say Trisha. No, I want to be all all for this, but this is clearly shady and a scam.

The account has all comments turned off use photos from months apart claiming its one week. The packaging in the products look really cheap, and do you actually use these products? I doubt it I want to support but girl its just Shady Im, sorry, but twenty dollars for a bar of soap, not even soap Brands, charge that much, not sure what youre thinking you could at least show a picture of your skin without 500 different filters, though I would like to speak to the marketing team on this because, damn worse than the first one dont buy this banking on the word. Asmr alone is a scam, since it has absolutely no correlation to how your skin looks. Save your money for real. Why did the packaging get such a downgrade Trish? I love you, but their insta has almost a hundred thousand followers and all the posts have like three likes its giving Hotel toiletries packaging. Another really sketchy thing about this website is people were being allowed to add reviews without a confirmed account without buying anything and even before anyone would have been able to receive anything normally with reviews, you would have to log into an account thats associated with the purchase That you made so the reviews are honest and not artificially inflated, but fans are giving this 5 Star reviews without even trying it. Some of the reviews say this makes me so happy for you. I cant wait to try the products out myself.

I love this Trisha. Its you in the fullest you deserve this, so excited to try it out. I already know without using it that its good love, you Trisha another issue. This created was fake, negative reviews which ended up being a huge drama leading to Trisha, making multiple videos about it. When the line first launched, people from Reddit apparently went over to the website and started leaving fake reviews and attaching pictures from her of account. Trisha then responded to the reviews with a video titled Reddit is posting, prevent me and is doing nothing about it. Its like enough is enough. You know theyre posting, just its been so many just false, allocate like just false, just made up stuff and someones like I got sent this early and it burned my skin. It was posted on today January 10th. No one was sent to no one was sent early. The name was clearly a name from Disneyland wifeys, its obviously this meme that Reddit has come up with its like this five percent was the name or something like that, and its just like the fact that this is like resurfacing like bringing out there in an attempt To like ruin my reputation now, I didnt actually see the reviews, Because, by the time she posted this, they were all deleted. A lot of people are claiming that the photos that were being posted were actually pictures that Trisha posted herself on her public Twitter account.

Obviously that still doesnt make it right. I think posting any fake reviews, either positive or negative is wrong, but of course, Trisha doesnt want those type of photos under a skincare line. The easiest solution here would be for the owner of glow skin to disable reviews. Unless you have an account with a verified purchase, I dont know why theyre allowing anyone and everyone to post reviews, especially if they know people dont like Trisha, and think the hate ruined their last launch so yeah. The second launch of the skincare products doesnt seem to be going. The way Trisha probably hoped it would. Skin care is huge right now. So a lot of people just think. This whole thing is an attempt to make easy money in Trishas actual launch video. She kept going on and on about how great the products are and how anyone who doesnt like them is just leaving fake reviews and hating on her and its like one thing to dislike me, but you know this product is, is amazing. You cant really hate on it and the hate that came was a bunch of false reviews. But to me, if you love these products and use them for many years and stood behind them and stood behind the business, then maybe put a little bit more effort into the packaging. Maybe spend some time to learn about the ingredients and explain them to us or how about spending a bit of money to make your website look not like a scam, a lot of people in the comments of the launch.

Video are saying to Trisha. How can you claim that these products are so amazing, but not even explain why theyre amazing or talk about whats in them to make them work and why we should buy them? One person said there was Zero mention of why the product is so so good. How does it compare to other lines? What skin type is this design for? What makes it stand out when I discuss my skincare needs with my dermatologist Im, looking for a better explanation than its really amazing Trisha, I want you and the small business you partnered up with to be successful, but if you want to claim to care about skin Care, you really should do a little more research and put more substance into what youre saying about the products. You did not name a single ingredient, except maybe the green tea, because its in the name of the product also no mention of SPF at all. You said if theres one thing to use its the soap bar now, I dont know whats in the soap bar, but traditionally, if its actual soap itll have an alkaline pH and will be damaging to Your Skin Barrier, and you would need to follow up with a Moisturizer and sunscreen I could go on, but I hope you get what Im saying personally theres too many warning signs for me to want to run out and spend nearly 200 on this, but maybe thats just me anyways guys.

Let me know what you think about everything down below. Will you be trying Trishas new skincare line? Do you think this one is better than the last one or are you staying far far away from it? Let me know and Ill see you next time.