Why? I call it the most popular because of the recent time I See a lot of these products appearing on social network. This is a brand that is not strange to you at all, and if you love Korean cosmetic brands, then surely you will know this brand and all 3 products. Today we review come from Dalba. Our first product will be a spray bottle called first spray serum. I dont know if you guys remember this spray bottle. This is the spray bottle that, combined with the serum that I discovered before I returned to Vietnam and during my time in Vietnam, the weather changes the seasons change. So I use this bottle a lot to hydrate and moisturize my skin and in my hands this is an upgraded version, a vegan version. And it can perfectly suit all skin type, including sensitive skin.. The main ingredient of this nourishing spray bottle will be white truffle mushroom. If you know this is a very expensive mushroom, the most expensive in the world white truffle mushroom in cosmetics has the effect of moisturizing increasing, moisture, skin elasticity, in addition to anti aging. and besides in this product, there is also avocado oil essence, which helps the skin Become more shiny glowy because it can also moisturize the skin, so this spray bottle will be moisturizing for the skin, anti aging skin care and, in addition, can also make the skin glowy. So you can completely use this bottle before and after makeup.

. I used up 1 bottle of this during my time in Vietnam and when I came back to Singapore, I continued to buy and use it because I realized that this is a mineral spray product, but its completely different from other mineral spray products that I have used Or that you have ever known some other mineral spray lines, as far as I can see, are mostly water based so when sprayed on it is like instant moisturizing, like splashing water, on your face and when this water evaporates it is easy to dry your skin, because In the process of evaporating, it will inadvertently take away the water on your skin.. We should make it easier for our skin to dry out., But with this spray it is different. You can see the structure of this product. This is the avocado oil essence layer and the white part below is the white truffle essence, and when we shake well and spray evenly on the face, you can feel the face. Skin will be soft immediately immediately moisturize and the moisture stays on the skin. For a long time, in addition, it can also bring a feeling of firming to the skin. Its. So pretty that I can wear makeup. This product is designed as a spray bottle. The spray nozzle is even the spray is small light like a dew does not stagnate.. In addition to being used as a skin care step, it can be used to set makeup and help skin shine without using highlighter.

. You can see this product has a relatively small size compared to other spray products, but I like and appreciate this size more because why? For me, a spray product, Mineral and moisturizing sprays are for quick and instant moisture. If there is a bottle that is too big for those who use mini bags, it will not fit in the bag, so it is with bottles of this size.. It will be suitable for its use very convenient, very easy to put in a bag. Take it out spray it and store it in a bag very compact and light.. I have 1 bottle at home and 1 bottle at the office because you know sitting at the office all day long with the air conditioner on 247, not 247 thats, not true. That is the whole time.. If I sit at work, I will sit under the air conditioner, so it will be very easy for my skin to dry out and lose water. So I need a spray bottle like this. Each bottle can provide instant, moisture deeply moisturize. Once i spray it. I i will feel relaxing I highly recommened this spray product for you guys. For all of you, have dry skin or is your working environment under the air conditioning for too long and too much or you have to be exposed to stress or with your boss, boss, Noun for someone who has the ability to cause nerve inhibition, then this one is for you.

Next we will come with a sunscreen product, DAlba Waterfull Tone up Suncream. This is a dAlba Tone Up Sunscreen, which is a hybrid of physical and chemical, and it can effectively block UVA UVB rays with an index of SPF, 50 and PA. The main ingredient is white truffle, so, in addition to sunscreen, the product also has the effect of moisturizing anti aging and increasing skin elasticity.. The fomula of this sunscreen is a liquid cream and when applied to the skin, it will absorb quickly, not greasy. Not clumpy does not leave white streaks and does not affect makeup.. One thing I like about this sunscreen is that it doesnt smell, like sunscreen at all, has a slightly cool smell when applied to the skin. It feels cool, even the nose, because the smell is very cool and doesnt have strong scent of sunscreen So pleasant to apply on the skin.. The product has been rigorously certified by Italy, certified Vegan, Vegetarian and Safely tested on skin, including sensitive skin, as well as having completed the Anti sweat test. So even in summer weather hot.. This sunscreen has the ability to raise the natural pink tone. The cream is thin and smooth does not cause a thick feeling on the skin and resistant to sweat, so it is suitable for use as a makeup primer., When using this sunscreen, you will see that the skin has a moderate shine, making the skin more glossy, plus Lifting the skin tone to make the skin cleaner, smoother and younger.

. When you look at it, you would think it has moisture and sticky right, But no its very smooth and tight on the skin. I will test it for you with a tissue like this.. When I put it on my face, it falls down right away. Doesnt, stick at all and doesnt transfer to the tissue, see great. It has a shining effect, but its not sticky at all. So I really like this sunscreen and love it.. The final product is a makeup line. Drug. DAlba Grinding Cover pact – It is also has spf, 50 and pa. This is a makeup product, with a very special design, with a rotating cap. Rotate clockwise to push up the cream. very hygienic and clean and very convenient. Ive, been using this cuhion for a few days now – and I find this to be a very ideal cushion makeup Product for those of you with dry skin, dehydrated skin, lacking moisture working in the air conditioner for too long, especially as winter is coming. This is an ideal product for you, because it contains a serum to help moisturize the skin enhance the natural glow and shine effect. So if you have dry skin or are winter is coming, but if you are worried about dry skin dont ignore this product, you should try it. The cream taken out is divided into 2 color layers, Pink and Beige.. You can mix these 2 layers together before applying to the skin to have a natural skin base.

. You can also take the pink part separately to highlight, depending on the usage of each person., convenient right kind of smart design, convenient and money. Saving clean and beautiful. The packaging is good. This is the beige part. Can you see the glow, Beautiful, right and very thin, and here is the pink tone side you can use it to make highlighter very bright and beautiful.? There see it see the light. This pink layer highlights very naturally because it is the same substance as the base. Color, so it will make the two materials match perfectly and thin, so it wont be exposed as excessive, highlighting very natural and beautiful.. If you like to use it together, use it. If you want to use it separately, use it its very convenient cream. Fomula is thin natural, skin friendly good coverage ability. It can even be used to conceal relatively well compared to other cushion.. When I use this cushion, I wont need to use concealer because it has good coverage. I dont know how your skin imperfections are. It also depends on your skin imperfections., but for me with freckles and some dark spots, it only takes 1 layer to cover it. One more tip for those of you with dry skin. For those of you with extremely dry skin, especially the coming winter. The skin will suffer the unpleasant effects of pear weather on the skin. There is a way to let your skin stay healthy.. You will feel comfortable after applying makeup, which is to mix with a spray bottle of serum and spray on a cotton pad for a glossy effect, as well as moisture will be more abundant.

. There is already a moisturizing serum inside, but if you feel not enough moisture, you can spray this with double moisture. will make the skin look younger. I honestly that the skin that is tight and shiny will look. Very young will not see the finelines wrinkles on the skin, but the skin is always glow, especially when smiling its cheeks are stretchedvery young. Thats. Why? I love using this duo when Im wearing makeup? Oh, my skin is so beautiful and these are the 3 products that we tried today together. This is not the first time I tried these products. I tried them about a week ago and I think these 3 products are worth the effort., Its famous that it needs it. Sorry guys my Vietnamese is so beautiful, But do you understand what I mean? These are the quality products of the company that I have used And today, when I am on this video, I want to introduce to you. Products like this, especially winter is coming, the north is going to be cold and the skin will be dry. These are moisturizing and moisturizing products that are both vegan and safe, giving very nice and good results on the skin. I suspect there is no reason not to try it right, so try it. and to give more confidence. I will leave my makeup for the rest of the day and when I come home from work after such a long day, I will see you guys how my face will change any.

. I will update the results in a few hours.. I found out that my office is quite beautiful. To make a video background. I have to bring things to the office to shoot. Working hour is over. I will update you guys about my skin after a whole day of work and after a whole day, I use 3 dalba products on my face.. This is the result on my skin. After about 8 hours.. First of all, can you clearly see that my whole face is very even, and it has a shine, you see A gloss that looks very virtual and looks very healthy without being greasy look closely at my skin, and you will see that this coverage is still there. Please look closely at the most dangerous parts of your face, for example, this corner of your nose, this corner of your eyes. There are no wrinkles at all. In addition, in the area between your eyebrows still look fine., there is only one place that makeup drifting away, which is the area under my eyes, because I have a habit like this. A habit like that. Every time I sit at the computer for a long time to work, so the concealer area above the eyes will be washed out more than the other areas. But does it still look ok on my whole face Going from morning to evening, and it still looks like this: do you think its worth your investment and try? The lips are already dry and chapped, even though I drink a lot of water.

My face is still very good., Of course, in the process that I work, I also use a spray bottle, so I can go get it.. Of course, when I sit in the office I dont just put on this makeup, but I also use a moisturizing spray spray to give my face more moisture.. There are many air conditioners in the office. No, it only has 1 air conditioner, but I mean its on all day and its a bit cold, so my skin will get dry so Ill have to use this. Also. Only then can it ensure moisture on your skin.. Can you see how my skin looks? Ok, after a whole day, Im filming with my phone and its not edit for smoothing the skin at all., Have you seen it yet like it yet Nice? Yet, With a face like this, I just need a little more eyeshadow and eyeliner and I can go out all night., Actually being old and cant play all night, that is to say, you can still go out and dont need to touch up or do extra work. Its still very beautiful., Our video is here to the end. Hopefully, the products in this video will be useful suggestions for you hope to see you in the next videos.