We have a video on the best drugstore deals that are under 30, if youre on a budget or if youre like me and your skincare was stolen, but speaking of stolen skincare. I want to speak about the products and specifically the one product that was literally stolen from me, because its that good, as well as the Cyber Monday ones, and who these are right for because not everybody, is going to benefit from a hair regrowth helmet. Unless you have male pattern or female pattern baldness and remember that, if youre getting things online, I feel like a lot of the cyber monday. Deals are actually a little bit better than the Black Friday sales. So just be aware of that, but I am getting new skin care because, again again this was literally stolen from me. Was I the dumbass? Maybe I had laundry in my back seat and smashed and stolen along with some very precious items, including my nebulift. This right here is an at home radio frequency device that is literally 800 and do not spend 800 on it. If you can get it on sale, mine did done, got smashed and stolen. So thankfully I have a new one, and thankfully I didnt have my eye. Restore helmet in the car, because, if I did God what I would still be losing my hair lets talk about, I restore because for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this is 425 off now. This is not for everyone.

If you do have male pattern, hair loss or female pattern, hair loss, specifically like a Christmas tree down the middle of uh, your part or something that is who this is going to be helpful at home. For but if you are someone who has like a vitamin D deficiency or if you have telogen effluvium and your stressed and your hair is falling out, this is not going to help. This is an excellent luxury gift, for maybe a man in your life. Maybe a woman, someone that you know pretty intimately who has shared with you about their hair loss struggles or for yourself. If youre like me and um your hair be doing things, you dont want it to do, or, if youre looking to stimulate your hair follicles to grow healthier, longer, stronger hair, which is of interest to me. I am going to be testing this out for over a year and bringing you my full thoughts, but Dr Dre made me buy this and I wish that I had gotten it on sale. I did not, but this is on sale. 425 off. There is a coupon down below again. None of this is sponsored, but there is a coupon if you dont want to use that one like use, Dr Dres, find someone elses either way. This has lasers and light emitting diodes. Aka LED lights that actually stimulate the hair. Follicle and actually stimulate the scalp. Now when it comes to what was stolen from me, there were a couple of products that I consider a luxury or a little bit more expensive.

That, yes, are on sale. Lets start here because biosons is amazing: theyre actually made by a biotechnology company, the name biosons means biology, Renaissance and a lot of their products are formulated, extraordinarily well with squalene, which is an oil similar to what our skin naturally produces. Now, with biosons, everything on their website is 30 off. If you get them at like Sephora. I know that Sephora is having 25 off of certain brands and 50 off of others, but I would really recommend going to the website directly and not throwing sunscreen down your shirt, because that is where youre going to actually find the 30 biosons is also one of The only brands that I can recommend an eye cream from they have a marine eye cream that has algae in it, so freaking good and, as you can see, this is a completely mineral sunscreen, and this is one of the sheerest sunscreens Ive ever used. This is phenomenal and for 30 off this is what Im stocking up on now. Something else that got stolen from me was my Dermalogica daily milk foliant. Now they have the milk foliant and the microfoliant. This one is the microfoliant, which is my favorite. I had the blue bottle of the milk foliant in my suitcase that got ripped out of my possession and that one is amazing if you have more sensitive skin. If you want something a little bit more calming, it has like a vegan coconut milk.

This one right here is the daily microfoliant, its normally 64. Dermalogica is having sales again kind of like at Sephora and Ulta. If you go there, you can get maybe 25 to 50 off in some points. But if you do shop, the actual dermalogical website, they have different sales and again I think Cyber Monday is going to be better than Black Friday as long as theyre not sold out by Cyber Monday. Get it on Cyber Monday and Dermalogica is giving away minis. When you purchase full size items, those minis are worth like 121 dollars. They are excellent value and, if youre looking to like restock for yourself or buy a gift for someone else and then get those those minis as stocking stuffers as travel, skincare or something to test out other dermalogical products, because you dont know if theyll work for you Or not, hands down the best way to do it, but especially for this one. I think Cyber Monday is going to be better than the Black Friday sales online as long as they are not sold out by then, oh, my God, speaking of things that are sold out by then Huda Beauty and Wishful skincare, 80 off. I dont think thats gon na be better on Cyber Monday. I think this is going to be the biggest sale that there is the problem is I have a feeling its going to be sold out by Cyber Monday. So if you want something from Huda Beauty, their foundations are really good.

Their eyeshadow colors are gorgeous. This would be the time to pick those up when it comes to Huda, Beauty, skincare of my Wishful oil, my jojoba oil that smells like heaven was stolen, um same with the yo glow, which is one of those gomage things that, like balls up on the skin, Its not your dead skin cells coming off its just a very, very, very gentle physical exfoliant. They were both stolen. But again the theft happened, perfect timing, because at least I can replenish with like 50 to 80 off, which I still dont want to have to do. But I will share with you what has transpired in due time when I am able to both emotionally and for other reasons now. Well, the Henriksen is also on sale. They have everything that is 30 off site wide now Ula Henriksen does have male and female gift sets that, I think, are those 30 off. So if you want that set specifically, you might want to do that on their website. If you spend 75 dollars, you get like a five piece set of minis, so it depends on you know if you want to get like cash back its Sephora or if its part of the Sephora sale or like the Ulta sale, where you get points or if Youd rather shop directly from the brand and get a discount but then get like those free minis. Now this absolute absolutely breaks my heart, but I did get a new one.

This was gifted to me and I am so grateful. Nebulift is a little device by Rebecca Tech that I have been using for three four years now. I havent used it completely consistently, but this is radio, frequency and EMS that you can use at home. This is a device that basically shoots heat into the skin and stimulates collagen. This is a pretty penny. This is about half the price of this one again, this is 799, but for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is on sale, hello. I am so happy to see you I am so happy to have you. I am planning to do a video kind of comparing these specifically because this has less probes, but this is excellent for anyone, whos struggling with little smile lines, fine lines and crows feet if youre looking for collagen stimulation and really anyone whos worried about anti aging and Lifting the face now they do come with little gels whenever you purchase one, but I always get just ultrasound gel, like from a medical supply store or on Amazon. These are fantastic or you can also use the new face. Gel the new face is different, because this is microcurrent where this is radio, frequency and EMS or micro stimulation. Now new face directly on their website is 25 off. They also have little holiday sets. This is like a limited holiday edition. This is the mini. They also have the big ones, whereas if you go to Amazon again for Black Friday, I think theyre having like 25 off, but I have seen 30 and 40 off.

So I would like set a reminder and try to get this like on Amazon for, like Cyber Monday thats. What I would do and new faces also sold at Sephora Sephora, is having 25 off of selected items up to 50 off then maybe it makes sense to get a Sephora but otherwise Im getting it on Amazon and then like. If youre, a Prime member, you get extra benefits or if you wanted, like a gift set and like the free gift, would purchase thats when I would say get this on their website directly now, if youre looking for something super targeted in SDs bestie is the mile Lift and a lot of people dont discuss this. This is literally targeted, microcurrent and you can actually adjust the intensity of it and you can hold these probes specifically on the skin. This is literally what I use and what other practitioners and estheticians use to actually help stimulate the muscle, because microcurrent helps to basically make Botox work less and help to re, stimulate muscle. So you really shouldnt be using microcurrent. If you have Botox – and you want to keep your Botox, the myolift is 25 off. I wish that I had gotten my first mile lift 25 off. I dont know if theyre going to have a better sale for Cyber Monday. I genuinely dont know I would say, wait until Cyber Monday, just in case it goes off 30, but 25 off is on their website and then, if you do get this, it is available on Amazon and if you have a prime discount, I have seen this go On sale for Amazon for like 30 off as well so again, I would just check both websites similar to the new face and just see which one has a better deal for Cyber Monday now, although weve discussed like lifting, tightening and microcurrent devices, what about LEDs? I have two of my favorite LED products in the entire world, and I know that one is on sale, but I dont know about the other.

This is from Dr Dennis gross. This is only like 500. I dont know if this is going to be additionally on sale for Cyber Monday, but right now on Black Friday theyre, having Like An Early Access, sale, which is 30 off, which is really good, Ive, actually really never seen these on sale. This is good, but what I would recommend that is less full price than this, and it has more settings, is from Derma beam. The blue is used for antibacterial, so if you have acne, this is amazing. The red is normally whats used in clinic. That has been medically proven and shown to actually help with collagen regeneration for people with like inflammation in the skin or, if youre, looking to help with fine lines and wrinkles dermabeam Pro is a hundred dollars off. It was 2.99, its now 199 or anything on their website. I think other than the Derma beam Pros like the Derma beam. Regular is 25 off and thats. If you use the code, I think its Black Friday 25. overall remember to be beautiful. You are a wonderful skin intellectual anybody who gets a gift from you is going to be extremely lucky. I love you and I cant wait to see you in this next video love.