I am so excited to be trying out the elf power grip primer. So this is a super high rated primer and I love the brand elf plus. I love trying out primers and I got this in my sample gift with purchase bag from my recent huge Ulta haul, which of course I have the unboxing video up here on my YouTube channel, but the full size of this primer retails for ten dollars, which is More on the affordable side, I feel, like elf, is not as affordable as it maybe used to be, but compared to other makeup that you can get at Ulta much more affordable and I love a grippy primer thats. What this is all about, but it also has hyaluronic acid in it, which is one of my favorite skincare ingredients, and so that will help retain moisture as well. This is also vegan cruelty, free, not non comedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores and cause breakouts. So lets go ahead and get into this. I always test out my primers with a foundation and I always test them out just on one side of my face so that we can compare the difference, but so my skin right now I mean a pretty good skin day Id say, but overall, my chin is Where Im most dry Ive got the large pores along my nose and my cheeks, my forehead is a little bit more tends to get a little a little bit more greasy, but today it does not seem very greasy its more cold and dry today.

So my forehead is just like normal. My cheek is normal, so Ill have a lot of different areas to test how this is on different types of skin, and so this is such a cute little sample size and it says to apply it with your finger because itll help warm it up and seep Into the skin better, so I just took like about a pea size amount lets see how this is, as I apply it to half of my face. Oh my gosh, the gel texture. It did throw me off a little bit because its a little bit thicker than the gels that I have used before, but no issues blending it out right now, but it also like it didnt blend. As far as I was expecting, because that pea sized amount was really only enough to do this, one cheek and half of my nose and Chin, I can feel it. Oh, I can feel it getting really tacky as its setting down and blending in wow. I feel like I could literally like stick a piece of paper on my cheek and it would stay like this. Is the tackiest stickiest grippiest primer? I feel like Ive ever used, which is not a bad thing, so now Im going to pick up a little bit more to apply to the forehead, since this is so sticky and tacky its not the type of primer that I would wear alone. I feel like this really needs to be worn with foundation so that I can really grip onto the foundation and make the makeup last all day, long and Im going to be going in with the same Foundation that I always use when I review primers, which is The LA Colors truly matte long wearing high pigment Foundation just because this Foundation really shows how your skin is underneath, but also I have, as you can see, redness on my cheeks.

So I like to cover up the redness. But this foundation on its own is more like a medium coverage, so itll be interesting to see if I get more coverage on the side with the primer, since it really can like grab onto the foundation, get really tacky and thats. What Im hoping for, I would say that visibly this primer on my skin is very invisible, like even the finish on my skin. It didnt make it more glowy. It didnt make it more matte. It really looks the same as my skin without it the pores. I would say overall, look the same, maybe just like a little bit of a smoother layer on top but well see how the pores look with the foundation on, but so overall yeah not a found, not a primer. That, I think, is worth wearing alone. But lets see how it is with the foundation. I cant stop feeling the tackiness its so funny, its like so sticky and so Im just going to start out by applying the foundation to the side of my face without the primer, so that we have it to compare to and Im not mixing any of the Primer in on this side, okay Foundation is applied to half of my face. Lets see how it is on top of this grippy primer. Now it definitely does seem to be sticking down really nicely as Im patting it patting the foundation onto the primer and my skin.

I am noticing more coverage already with the primer versus without it, because you can see like the redness still showing on my cheeks. I feel like I have a bit more coverage over the redness on this side is and using a grippy primer like this is a good way to save your products too. So youre not wasting as much youre able to get more coverage from using the same amount of foundation. I am noticing also the pores. The texture does look smoother with the primer versus without it. So I wouldnt say it completely filled in the pores, but it did create a smoother layer, so the skin looks slightly less textured with the primer versus without it I dont feel like it really is making like my chin, look any more hydrated, but it also does Not look dry, its very interesting to me how the finish of the skin, like the glowiness, the matte, like it, stayed the same with the primer, which is kind of nice, that it didnt alter the finish of my skin or my makeup so with Foundation applied. Now I am liking this primer, its nothing to dramatically different, like the difference with it versus without. It is very slight, slightly more coverage slightly smoother, but Im definitely going to continue wearing this for the rest of the day, so that I can give it a wear test, and I will update the description down below with how the foundation wears with the primer versus Without it, I will say that I personally dont have the type of skin where Foundation really like falls off comes off throughout the day, but maybe if you do have that type of skin, maybe more greasy skin.

This would make a more visible difference for me. If I do see any difference, as the day goes on, Im expecting, it should be pretty minimal, just like all of the other differences Ive seen with this primer, but were gon na find out. However, if you have tried out this primer, knowing everyones skin is different. I would love to hear in the comments down below how it worked out for you and thank you so much for watching. My video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.