So if this is your thing, youre welcome to subscribe and in todays video Im going to do a quick comparison of the new Lara supposed antelius UV, immune 400, moisturizing cream and invisible fluids. Hopefully, this video will help you out to better determine which one of these will be more suited for your skin type. Okay, so these are brand new, and these represent the new versions of the old sunscreens that were already on the market. We previously already had the moisturizing cream and the Shocker protect fluid, and now these are just the updated versions of those sunscreens. These new versions are the UV Moon 400. That means that they both have the new UV filter called mixoral 400. in comparison to the old ones. The new ones have a total of eight UE filters, and the previous versions had only six. These new ones have eight, so they have two UV filters added. We have ethylhexyl salicylates dinosaurs, juvenile, P, 150 Ava Benson, mixer Alexa and mixoral 400 and juvenile, a plus. So even though a plus is a UVA filter that is going to provide more UVA protection and then we have the maxoril 400, the star of the show. The only UE filter available today that can cover up the Gap, the 380 to 400 nanometer Gap. Now, if you dont know what Im talking about, we have UVB UVA rays. Problem on the market is that we dont have as many UVA filters as we do.

Uvb folders, and there are two types of UVA rays. We have UEA one UVA 2 ua2 spans from 315 to 340 nanometers and UVA, one spans from 300 140 to 400. Nanometers and uva1 are the so called Ultra long qva rays, and the problem with most of the sunscreens today is that they cannot exactly reach that area of ultra long UVA rays and, if youre wondering well. Why is that important? Well, it is important because most of the UV rays that reach the Earths surface are actually UVA rate and UVA rays are the ones that cant reach the deeper layers of the skin and cause damage and photo aging AKA, wrinkles and dark spots. So this is why I always emphasize that UVA protection in a sunscreen is extremely important, so both of these new sunscreens, both moisturizing cream and invisible, fluid have maxoril 400, the new UV filter that can protect against those Ultra long UVA rays. To be more specific, it covers the 380 to 400 nanometer Gap that most sunscreens cannot even reach. So this is extremely important and body. Sunscreen have amazing UVA protection now lets see how do they feel on the skin? Okay. So lets start with the letter supposed invisible fluid. This one is liquid, very lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving your skin glowy. It also layers well with no peeling nor boiling up, and the second layer gives you even more glow. The sunscreen will be great for people with normal to oily skin types, plus it has no comedogenic ingredients, so even acne prone skin types can use it.

So I would say that this sunscreen will be great for people who have normal to oily skin type and plus its going to be great for acne prone skin, because it does not have any comedogenic ingredients. Moisturizing cream, on the other hand, is definitely heavier than the fluid. It takes more time to spread it and blend it properly, but it still leaves no white cast and it gives you a glowy finish and I would say that the glow isnt that overwhelming also it layers well and it doesnt feel. Nor does it ball up. But the second layer gives you a more intense glow, and that is when it starts looking a little bit too shiny. Now I still wouldnt say its greasy, but it is shiny. It is definitely shiny, so this one is definitely more emollient than the fluid, and I would say that this one will be better suited for dry skin types. It still has no comedogenic ingredients, so you dont have to worry about it, causing you breakouts and stuff like that, but because it is more emollient, I will still recommend it only for people who have dry skin types, and now let me give you my final verdict On both of these sunscreens, these are both amazing sunscreens and offers Superior UVA protection and, dare I say, the best sunscreens of 2022, because they offer the highest UVA protection achieved to this day. Protection, wise youre not going to make a mistake with choosing any one of these, but I would recommend that you choose based on your skin type.

If you have normal or oily skin, then I recommend that you choose the fluid and if you have dry skin, then go for the moisturizing cream and there you have it. Hopefully this video was helpful if it was give it a thumbs up and subscribe to.