You know going into the winter months. Our skin is a lot more vulnerable to water loss. Irritation dryness, maybe youve been using too many products in Your Skin Barrier needs a little assistance, a little TLC. Maybe you oftentimes run into this issue, and you want some products to have on hand. Todays video is sponsored by stalvana and all these products you can get from stalvana if youre not familiar. Stylevana is like a One Stop shop for all of your beauty, product favorites. They have a ton of great deals on all of my favorite Korean skincare, Japanese skin care, many of which Im going to share with you guys in this video and, of course, theyve. Given me a discount code, if you use my code inf10 Dr Dre, you can say on November 22nd through the 30th, but get excited about this because yall remember, I reviewed for you all the beauty of joseon cleansing bar. I love it its one of my favorite cleansing bars a very, very nice, very mild. The first 1000 of you that use my code will actually get that for free, so take advantage of it because its a great cleansing bar and its very gentle and its very helpful if youre, dealing with dryness and irritation its not overly harsh but its an effective Cleanser for both face and body – let me know in the comments if you have been here this long, if you remember when I first discovered Etude house Soon, Jung 2x Barrier cream.

I love this product and they have a few other products in this line from Etude house. I want to share with you guys how I think these products go well together. So, first of all is the 10 free moist Emulsion. Now this is a very lightweight. Almost gel, like lotion, its very hydrating, its very moisturizing and its very soothing, it has their patented. What do they call it panthenocide, which is basically panthenol and madagasa side. Matic acid side comes from centella and it has its an antioxidant. Its been shown to be helpful for healing and recovery, so its a great ingredient for addressing barrier recovery, panthenol, wonderful, moisturizing ingredient, its both a humectant and its soothing, its anti inflammatory. These are the exact pairing thats perfect for those of you who are dealing with a lot of irritation for maybe product overload or dry winter air. Maybe you have been working indoors and you have the heater cranked up and it is really just taking a toll on your skin youre, experiencing a lot of sensitivity, whether it be burning, redness, irritation or other products that you try and put on. They just dont feel comfortable. This is the exact type of product that you may want to consider introducing into your routine as the first step after cleansing you just Pat a few pumps to the skin, ideally while its still a bit damp after cleansing, and it can go on the face, the Neck, I comfortably use it around my eyes, its very gentle free of fragrance.

I mentioned having these products on hand, you dont necessarily need to use this every single day, maybe its something that you want to incorporate in. Just when you find that youre experiencing a lot more dryness, or maybe on the flip side, your skin doesnt necessarily need a heavy moisturizer. You just want something: thats hydrating moisturizing, but super lightweight. Maybe you want something that you could layer, something like makeup on over comfortably and not worry about it, pilling being too heavy. This would be a great choice. The Emulsion, very lightweight theres, also the hydro Barrier cream. Think of this as an everyday moisturizer, thats great for both dry oily and recombination skin free of fragrance, as are all of these products that Im recommending to you guys, and this particular product, also has that combination of panthenol and madagaso side, which are good for fighting Off irritation, helping to soothe the moisture barrier, helping with hydration all of these things are going to get you back on track or, if youre not off, track theyre going to just help with keeping the skin moisturized as we go into the winter months, this particular product, Its thicker its heavier its richer in comparison to the Emulsion, but its not super heavy heavy, either its more of just an everyday moisturizer, its a its a cream that can comfortably be worn by all skin types. If you have very oily sensitive skin, for example, I dont think youre going to find this cloyingly heavy or too rich.

Now, sometimes youll have an area of your face. Thats really irritated, maybe youve gotten some wind burn on your cheeks, or maybe you have used a product in a particular area and youre getting a lot of dryness and peeling, in which case you want something that is thicker. That is richer, something more intense. Herein comes one of my favorite products from this line, its their 2x barrier intensive cream. Again it has panthenol and maticasso side much thicker in comparison to these other products. Its great for just these spot focused areas if youre wearing a mask throughout the day and youre. Getting that mask irritation and its especially going to be more problematic as you go into the winter months. This is great its great to put on underneath the mask to reduce friction irritation. Also, you know another source of irritation to the skin, at least. For me personally is wearing scarves. Fortunately, I dont have to wear them at all anymore because of where I live. But when I lived in New York I always had a big scarf and a lot of times. You know I have very sensitive skin because of my Eczema and the uh material of the scarf would end up, causing a lot of irritation around the jawline and for those of you who have acne that localizes in this area, like a lot of adult women. Do is consider reigning in on the skin protection action of this, its not poor, clogging or anything of that sort.

If you have very oily skin its not overly greasy on the skin, it doesnt feel cloyingly heavy, but it really does help to tackle that its something nice to have on hand too, for when you experience these bouts of particularly stubborn patches of dryness, its meant for The face, but of course you could use it to other body sites. I I often will develop patches of dryness and irritation on my neck. If there are certain Fabrics that I I find, I dont get along with from New clothing, Im very sensitive to dyes in in clothing, and I can get irritation around my neck and this particular product. I found to be very effective for that as well. One thing, though, that is really cool and in my opinion I mean I get excited about things like this. That has changed about this. Is the packaging instead of a squeeze tube check this out, so you open it up and theres like a little. You know Keyhole, but in order to get the product out you actually have to twist it and it its like a little pop top and then you can squeeze it out and look. It comes out in a circle, so you dont get like a Big Blob love. It and – and it wont close unless you have Twisted it back, then it closes that way. You dont end up having product leak, all of it. So this is something you like to carry with you on the go in your bag, maybe to work uh.

If youre, you know traveling a lot on a planes and stuff, the packaging is really smart for that two ounces um, so thats TSA friendly to travel with. So those are the Soon Jung products. I love the most from the Etude house. They also make a few other products, but these are the ones that I personally have used a lot and having all three is nice, you can see you could you could use all three together if you wanted to youre not going to get any pilling or incompatibility Its not going to give you a final end result or you feel like. Oh, my God. I have all this grease on my face. Nothing of that sort, but you can back off on using some of them. When things are, you know, kind of chilled out, maybe just use the 2x Barrier cream as your daily moisturizer or again. Maybe if youre somebody who typically doesnt need a lot of moisturizer, maybe you can back down to just the Emulsion and as we transition away from the dry cold months, then maybe you can just lean on the Emulsion and have it in your routine. Going into the next season now say: you want a really rich, nourishing cream. You like a very thick cream, something that a lot of Brands these days would Market as a sleep mask but really effective and giving you that dewy glow the phone following morning is a brand that I adore.

I mean they are one of those brands that just doesnt disappoint. Honestly, I discovered them three or four years ago, and the Intensive Repair Cream is great if you are dealing with really dry, irritated skin, say, for example, maybe youre new to like tretinoin and youre dealing with the peeling and everything and youre going on an off night. Where youre taking a break from tretinoin for a night or a few nights and youre looking for something really rich to help with recovery of the barrier, try this intensive Repair Cream by pyeong Kong Yule. I love that pyong Kong, yuls moisturizers. As a side note. They all come in this nice blue jar packaging. They do come with a little spatula. What has always attracted me to pyeong Kong Yule and why I find their moisturizers this one in particular to be effective. Is they lean into root extracts which are rich in humectants? As well as antioxidants that can help with barrier recovery, this product has all of the main takings of a perfect moisturizer. It has humectants emollients and occlusives its got shea butter, and it has beeswax to reduce water loss from the skin. It has peptides which act as humectants, and it also has Macadamia seed, oil and emollient. It gives the skin this nice luminous glow, it doesnt make you look greasy or shiny, and it affords that rich luxury experience you dont need very much of this. It spreads very well on the skin, its not stiff.

I did I dont like stiff moisturizers. This has such a nice balance of occlusives and emollients. It really just Glides over the skin, cushioning everything and giving you this very nice luminous glow. Now, when it comes to Cleansing, cleansers can really be a source of dryness and irritation over cleansing. If you wear makeup water resistant sunscreen approaching removal of that, you can end up irritating your skin either you leave the Cosmetics on and its irritating or you spend too much effort trying to get them off. Buffing scrubbing hot water, harsh cleansers and leaves your skin dry Ive always been a big advocate of the double cleanse using an oil based cleanser. First, whether it be a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm to break that film. Up just make your job a lot easier, and I got to tell you guys a personal story recently I forgot to do my double cleanse. I had the I had a water resistant tinted mineral sunscreen on and when I got out of the shower it was still on. I used a regular facial cleanser alone, no oil cleanse in the shower with the water beaten down. The Clones are going still on my face, so cleansing balm, cleansing oil helps get that off so much more efficiently. This year I discovered a new to me. Brand beauty of joseon Ive tried a lot of their products this year, and so many of them have been epic wins. For me, its really become one of my favorite Korean Brands and a product that I discovered is their Radiance cleansing.

Balm love this. For me, cleansing oils and cleansing balms are my favorite part of my skincare routine. It really brings about a luxury experience to just slide that over the surface of the skin and massage it in and help break up that cosmetic residue dirt oil sebum all that stuff. This product is very silky: it has rice, bran oil, rice extract sea, Buckthorn, oil and emollient it emulsifies very easily. It really feels very luxury luxurious theres, no fragrance with this either. So if you like a scented cleansing, balm or cleansing oil, you know you may miss that, but the texture of this is so nice that it does really give you that luxury experience and you dont miss any fragrance. I personally dont like fragrance and skincare, so thats, not an issue for me and probably why I like this so much, but it feels really high end when youre using it. It feels really nice, like youre. Getting some sort of you know facial treatment that you have paid for while youre using it and it has emulsifiers in it, so that when you get the face, what you know rinse it off it comes off, and then you follow it with a gentle cleanser to To remove everything but its very effective, I use it to remove eye makeup comfortably. I get some mascara off all of that easy breezy its very silky, its a very smooth, easy to spread on the skin. Again, coming back to that spread issue, I dont like stiff products when products are stiff and you have to spend a lot of time rubbing.

You end up getting more product out and you know out of for efficiency sake, and then you go through the product faster. You dont need a lot of this to get everything off it rinses off in total, and then you use your gentle cleanser, telling you its a game changer very helpful if youre dealing, especially with dryness and irration, the last thing you want to be doing is over Cleansing using your cleanser multiple times in an effort to get off Cosmetics or inefficiently, removing them leaving some behind and leaving that irritating residue on the skin. Two sunscreens for you guys, because when it comes to helping your skin, protect it from those UV rays, exposure to UV rays leads to the generation of free radicals that damages proteins. Lipids sets the stage for skin cancers aging so of course, protect your skin from the Sun by wearing sunscreen and, of course, Sun, protected behaviors, just because its winter doesnt mean you need to forget about sunscreen, especially if you are going somewhere very sunny, even if its Cold if the Sun is out, you know it can definitely have a huge impact on your skin. For example, a lot of people go skiing in the winter time and get a horrible either sunburn or like a really really deep tan. That puts them at risk for skin cancer, so one of my favorites is the hatalabo UV white gel. Now this is a great moisturizer with sunscreen that you can use on a daily basis.

It doesnt leave a cast on my skin, but it does have titanium dioxide in it, so it may leave a bit of a cast if you have a deeper skin tone, but its non greasy, its not shiny, I mean Im wearing it right now. Actually, so you can form your own opinion about that, but I love it. It has 10 absorbed ass, octanoxate, juvenile, a plus parcel, SLX and again titanium dioxide chemical filters. Plus some mineral active are good for broad spectrum coverage, its SPF 50.. It doesnt feel like youre wearing sunscreen, though it doesnt feel like youre wearing sunscreen, a lot of people dont like the stickiness of sunscreen, the film Im, not getting any of that. You know. If you gave this to somebody and didnt tell them it was sunscreen. They would just think it was a moisturizing cream, its a great moisturizer too. It has dimethicone a skin protectant. It has sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid humectants that help attract water into the top layers of the skin. Ultimately, that helps with Skin Barrier turnover going along more efficiently, lessening the buildup of dry skin cells. That kind of slow everything down lead to bumps so thats going to be helpful too. If youve got keratosis pilaris its great as a makeup base, it also has magnesium a Scorpio phosphate. That is a stabilized form of vitamin C that may help in mitigating free radical formation. Although to what extent that actually happens in a sunscreen its hard to say for sure but thats there, you know as an as an ingredient, its just a very good moisturizer, now its not water resistant.

So if you do plan to be engaging in sport Outdoors, where youre going to be sweating or if youre going to be swimming, I would not rely on this, but as an everyday moisturizer with a high quality SPF its a go to for me this year, I Tried out the relief Sun, rice and probiotics SPF 50 pa4 plus this is a chemical sunscreen. It has tinosaurus and juvenile a plus. It also has a niacinamide which is good for redness hyperpigmentation, and it really helps with addressing the issues with the skin Bearer. It helps with dry skin its an antioxidant, so you have that, along with the sunscreen and its very, this product is very moisturizing. Its got rice ferment filtrate, which is full of antioxidants, and you know humectants bacillus, soybean filtrate, again, antioxidants, humectants soothing has rice brown Water. What I really like about this product, though its moisturizing again similar the hot alabo, its a daily moisturizer, that happens to have SPF its a very silky consistency, its a little shiny. I will say that its a little shiny, but it doesnt make the skin feel greasy oily, both sunscreens. As a side note, you can put makeup on over that you dont get that pilling and I tolerate both. If I didnt already mention this, both the hot olabo UV white gel and this Im able to put them around my eyelids and not have that blurry eye issue that happens with a lot of chemical sunscreens, especially from the U.

S I havent, ever had that issue with Either of these so great option for the winter months that will be here before you know it and for addressing dry skin conditions, helping with the moisture barrier if youre dealing with a lot of irritation either from physical things, changes in weather or maybe youve just been Using too many products all right guys, so those are my top picks. You can get them all from Style. Bonna again, thank you style Bonner for sponsoring todays video make sure you use my code, so you save even even more be sure, and let me know in the comments, though, what your go to skincare product is when your skin is irritated dry, especially in the winter Months share your share your finds in the comments.