This is so much fun for me because Black Friday, Cyber Monday, those are all just videos that I love doing, and I cannot wait to show you from Ulta what we found. I am not going to be talking about what I have on my top anything like that. It will all be listed and linked down below, along with any makeup any jewelry, any fingernail polish I have on all that will be listed, but we dont have time. We have to get into this video immediately because I want to show you whats all going on at Ulta and whats all on fantastic sales. Foreign man, eater mascara, the full size is 12, but so is a bunch of mascaras from benefit from it and from I think, its also from Buxom the perversion, one thats, either Buxom or Smashbox. Those are all twelve dollars. This is my brand new one, and then you also have a bunch of glosses and things from different companies. Jaclyn, Cosmetics, Kylie, Cosmetics, Fenty. They have their cream. This one right here is cupcake Im, not sure if they have cupcake or not at Ulta, but they did have a really beautiful, deep and Berry one that I just thought. Oh, I need that one, its so pretty, and then you have a bunch – and I do mean a bunch of different things that are 50 off right now, like the good apple Foundation from KVD Beauty. This is so pretty and it broke the internet and it was gone for so long if you have combo to oily skin dont get this youre gon na hate it, but if youre, somebody that has dry normal and you know more on the dry combo side, you Might absolutely love it.

The problem people were getting into is they were using it too liberally. They were using too much very, very sparingly on this, so dont think of this as a cream. They have to build up or anything like this. This is like a liquid cream, hybrid, so beautiful, and I absolutely can say 100 that I give my stamp of approval to that its one. That is really good. Also, this particular palette Im holding my phone in holding trying to hold this Smashbox Cali Contour. This is the face palette. You can see Ive hit pan already on the Contour color, but you have powder, you have blush in here. You have highlighters and you have bronzer. You can do your whole face with this, and I actually throw this in my purse and I do my whole entire look with it. So its just one of those ones, thats super easy and you cant go wrong with it. So simple and easy. They also do have several Urban Decay palettes on right now. The only one that Im even remotely interested in is that naked wild west Im having to fight myself but its pretty on there. I can tell also they have Mac lip and some eye now. I probably have like 20 or more lipsticks from Mac. I couldnt possibly list them all, but I really the one that I love the most of their lip. Pencils is called half red, its just a beaut, beautiful color.

I absolutely love it. Heart is having 50 off select full size foundations, and this is actually a foundation I have on today. This is the tarte face tape, Foundation Ive Loved this ever since it came out its one of those that is easy for me to do. I actually put this on with a brush and then go over it with a dampened, Beauty, sponge and it looks like skin, and I I really like this one but its not for everybody, so I think its one of those that really goes really good on dry. Mature skin, if you have oily skin, it might not work that well, for you, its really pretty, though Anastasia Beverly Hills is having 30 off select brow products, Clinique foundation and concealers 10 10 off of those they also – and I got these um – these are their little Sample kits, this is the Ulta Gift of glowing skin. This is normally thirty dollars, its 15 right now so thats, fifty percent off and so cool you get to try all of these companies right here and all of their different skin care. Theyre is like first aid Beauty, Peter Thomas Roth, StriVectin, pathology or Origins, cores Mario badescu, Keels theres, just a ton in here, and then they also have the the Mance one, and this is MVP skin routine, again: Clinique Keels Jack, uh Jack Black Mario badescu Tula, proactive Sunday, Riley or Sunday Riley, even in here, so these are really good as well and then also for 50 off.

They have the fragrances. So this comes with a 15 gift card as well, and then you get to try all these fragrances and then they can go in and purchase whichever one they want with 15 off. So thats pretty good, because if youre paying half off, which is 15, get a 15 card to go towards it so practically free on that one and then theres, two different womens ones that I bought as well. So I thought that was really good and then they have a ton of other gift sets like I love Juicy Couture and this one right here was on sale, and so I really I love that, and I picked that one up actually for myself and then they Have fun things like this? This is their vintage Cosmetic Company, and this is the totally pampered set and just has a shower cap and a couple rags in here and a little body polisher, I think, thats, what its called and then one of the headbands that goes around here. So I thought that would be fun even for a younger girl that would be really cute. Then they have its a 10. All of their Miracle leave in products are 50 off. I use that every single time I do my hair every single time to protect it. They also have the original one step volumizers from Revlon. I actually am only telling you about this, because I know that so many people love them and they also love to give give them as gifts, and I will link them but down below the link that I do for that.

I will show you the one that works so good for me that doesnt have so much heat to it. Thats really a problem I found with this. One is just a little bit too hot for my hair, because my hair is very thin and fine, and so I use a Conair Infinity one and Ill link that down below, but a lot of people. People love this and its a great time to grab it. There is also buy one get one free on not your mothers, hair brand and Batiste and thats really good too yeah things that are under fifteen dollars right now, all of the it brushes for Ulta that are the foundation brushes. Those are all twelve dollars which I thought was so good, the big sexy hair. I have this one and I have the root lifter that I use and they are 50 off as well, and then NYX has their holiday kits on sale and they have a holiday kit with their butter glosses in it that contains, I dont know a lot of Their colors tons of their colors that is 50 off. I thought that was awesome and then colourpop is having 50 off the cold stone palette, which I use this one non, stop better than the Natasha denona one as far as Im concerned, and then this is was my number one palette last year, their last for dust, Dusk palette this you can make so many looks out of because it has just a gamut of beautiful colors, and I never get tired of this.

This to me is the ultimate neutral palette, but is so elevated because it has so many different ways that you can go with it. I absolutely love that palette. Amp products are also on sale and this cute little um six pack of just little minis. This one was um 40 off as well. I got that I thought that was so cute to give away, and just so many Kylie Cosmetics, 40 off blush bronzers and highlights have you any of you ever tried Kylie Cosmetics, because I havent and I dont know if anything is good there. So if you know anything about that and Kylies skin is all 40 off. So tell me if you know much about all those, because I dont know anything about them at all: Armani and Eve Saint Laurent. I always say that wrong, but YSL is 40 off on select select products of theirs T3, which is one of the best brands for hair products. They have 25 off all of their hair care tools, so hair dryers and curling irons. That kind of thing theyre all 25 off. If you buy 65 fragrance purchase, you get a free robe or a throw right now, and you also get at sixty dollars. You get an eight piece: Ulta beauty, collection with any online purchase and so theyre just going crazy. Theyre just got everything under the sun and I wanted to make sure that I showed you as much as I possibly could.

I hope that you did enjoy this. Please comment down below if youre going to be shopping, this Ulta Friday, Black Friday, early sale, Im sure there will be more surprises, come up for Cyber Monday and hopefully Ill be able to probably put that on the community tab. I probably wont do another Ulta video, but I will probably try to keep you updated on that, so thats whats going on right now at Ulta. I hope that you did enjoy seeing this video. I hope that youre all really doing well, please stay happy and healthy. I also hope that youre having fun shopping, the deals, and I hope that these videos are helping out a little bit well get back to our normal schedule on beauty, tutorials and whatnot right after all, this craziness is over, but I feel like these deals are so Good that I want to continue to bring them to you so that you know about them because lots of times lots of people dont know about them so hope they are all doing really well, please stay. Happy, stay healthy, come back around very soon. I love you all so very much take care.