My name is Leonard Im, a makeup artist, a makeup lover and a makeup Enthusiast, and here in my channel you can always find videos about makeup and in todays video Im going to be trying two new products that I recently bought on Sephora. One of them already know the formula that its the Natasha denona lipstick, because I have one but its not in the same color. I wanted to try the new color with you in here, so I decided to put it on this video and the other one. So your backstage Illuminating face palette, and I have to tell you that Im really excited to try this one, because I have heard so amazing things about this product, and I just want to see if everything that everyone is talking about its really true. So about the Dior face palette, they say that your backstage is Dior has created a makeup line of diors makeup artist. Essentials inspired by the energy backstage of the runaway shows Shades to suit different skin tones in your exclusive, versatile and buildable textures. The glow face palette is your makeups artist, secret weapon to add a natural twin tense glow to the face, and this product contains four Ultra luminizing Shades. They say that she can be applied with fingers or a brush. It can be used alone or Blended together on the zones of the face to illuminate the packaging, as you can see, its all silver very luxurious, like Dior, so lets now see the product itself.

Here we have the palette, it doesnt look very luxurious because its plastic, I have to tell you that its not the first product from the Dior backstage that I have. I have a palette similar to this one like its the same, but it has like bronzers. It has four colors of bronzer. This one is highlighters. Packaging is like like a plastic, and in here the plastic is silver. It says Dior its very beautiful but its it doesnt. Look like very luxurious or anything like that. The colors that we have are these four. In here, as you can see, we have this one that its the stroke white this one, its the stroke gold, this one, its the blush pink – and this is the blush bronze. And what Im going to do is for me to try like before, Im going to use this highlighter with this blush and this highlighter with this blush this ones on this side, this ones on this side. So we can see how it looks: Im a light to medium skin medium when Im a dark from the summer right now, my bronze its going away so Im more in the light, medium, so thats. What Im going to do just try to see how it looks, because its also a way for us to see if these colors that are a little bit more strong, can look good in a lighter skin tone. So lets start applying it Im going to start with the lighter ones, starting with the blush first, I already apply a little bit of blush.

I used this one in here from rare Beauty, but like with the powder and everything I try not to put too much so now lets see how this one looks on the skin. Its a very pinkish blush, it has a lot of glow, looks very beautiful. I think that we can also use it as a highlighter like more in this part in here, but as a blush, it also looks very good Im really liking the color. On my skin. I really like to use pinkish tones on my makeup. I hope that you can see there its looking like. I have a lot of glue on the skin. My cheek is looking beautiful, Im really liking it so now lets try the white color that we have in here as a night, lighter Music Im just going to apply it here, a little bit on the tip of the nose as well. I think that it has a lot of pigmentation. It gives a lot of glow to the skin Im, seeing my tip of my nose looking so glowy so now Im going to try the other ones. Let me take the blush first again apply to see how it looks on my skin, so I think I picked a little bit too much for me. Maybe I should have started with a little bit less, but it doesnt look bad. It looks like Im more bronze. I think that this one will look very beautiful like on these parts in here.

I dont think that it like looks bad. I prefer this blush in here. I think that its my kind of color it looks better on me. I really think that it would look better on um darker skin tone than mine lets not apply the other highlighter, the gold one – oh my God, so beautiful. I love trying new highlighters its one of those things that I really like to see like the first time that I applied. It just see the power of the highlighter. Look. Look at me just moving my face and the highlighter glowing everywhere Im going to pick a little bit to put in here to give a little bit of glow and also on my Cupid bow here, its a beautiful color. I have to tell you amazing, Im loving, like all of the colors. I think that this side looks more bronze, so if I want to do a more bronze kind of a look, this is the ones if I want to do a more romantic kind of a look this one, but I think that, like both of them look beautiful Just look this one, and now this one, I think that both of them look beautiful before I talk a little bit more about the palette. Lets now apply the lipstick. This one is from the my dream, lipstick. I also have the palette that Ive been loving. To use its amazing, this color its the 11 MB Natasha.

I wanted to try this color for a long while, when I bought the other color that I have that its the Michelle, the one that I wanted to try was the Natasha, but it was out of stock. So I decided to ride the other one and when I was like doing this last um Sephora shop, I saw that the color that came out on this collection was the same. So, Im really excited to see if I like this color as well from what I saw. This is more of a pink undertone, the other one, its more neutral, beigey kind of tone, but Im really excited to see how this one looks. But I went and got the Natasha lip liner, so we could try like both of them together. I already know this color of the lip liner Music, so I dont know if the color of the lip liner its the same as the lipstick, but we will see. I put in here the lip liner. They are similar, but I think that this one is a little bit lighter. Let me apply and see what I think Music, its looking so beautiful. I just love so much the color, its so beautiful its that kind of a pink that I really like to use. This lipsticks are cream ones, they are not matte and I dont have like a lot of cream ones. I have more now ones, and I think I dont have a creamy one in this color.

I have that one and others – maybe a red but a creamy one on this color no and it looks so beautiful its a beautiful color. But as I showed you, I think that lip liner is a little bit like darker than this one, but its not that big of a deal that it does. A beautiful look like if I only had put the lip liner doing like the Contour of the lip. It would look a little bit more dark when we are doing uh like our lips and we are doing the Contour if its a darker darker shade and in this inside its a very light one. I really dont like to see. I know that a lot of people use that, but its not my kind of preference. I prefer to use like a little bit darker, but not too much so we dont see that kind of a difference that its so big, the lipstick amazing, the formula its the same amazing Im Im, not really a fan of creamy lipsticks, and I really like this One, I think that its a beautiful one so like me that dont really like creamy formulas for lipsticks, saying that I like this formula, I think that says everything that this lipstick is really a good one. Now, before I end the video, I just want to talk a little bit more about both of the two products. First, the palette. I think that both of the sides, as I told you, create different, looks and if you want like you, can mix this one with.

I dont know if it would look very good this with this. I need to try it but Im sure that this one with this one will look very beautiful. Both of the looks that I did, they look so beautiful this one more bronze this one more. It reminds me of the romantic kind of things and like with the eye that I already have now with the lipstick. It looks very like to use on a romantic date or something like that. I think that it looks very beautiful still with the same eye and the same mouth. With this side, I would use other colors on the lips. I would use more of a neutral beigey lipstick only. I would use more of a gold kind of tone, blacks, Browns, Golds and not so much the the pink colors that I have but like just looking at this part in here like it, looks beautiful. So I think that this part is really worth it. I have to try it more, of course, try it with other foundations with other powders, like other product products, different from the ones that I use today, but I am really liking both of the sides, so the four products, so the palette now talking just a little Bit more about the lipstick as well, the color is beautiful thats. What I wanted to see if I liked it or not, and I bring that for you guys to see how the color looks and the color looks amazing.

I love it. The formula, as I already told you, I already knew it and its amazing. I love it. I think that if I want to buy more creamy lipsticks that, like our Nomad more cream like this ones, I think Im going to probably pick Natasha or maybe Charlotte. I want to try the Charlotte ones, the ones that are creamy as well. Ive, never tried that formula. I only tried the matte version of that, but with this one I know that Im covered, because this one is very good. The formula is amazing: it has a lot of pigmentation. It looks good on the lips, its soft on the lips as well. Now that we are, in the end of the viewers want to know what you thought about this one, what you thought about products, if you have already tried them or not so, go down there on the comments area and tell me everything. And if you like this one and you dont miss any of my other videos here on my YouTube channel dont forget to also go down there and click on the Subscribe button and also the ring bell. So you can get all the notifications when I upload a new video and if you like this, one dont forget to also give it a thumbs up Im, also going to leave down there yeah the social media that I use. So you can go there and follow me as well now that we are in the end of the video.

I just want to thank you so much for being here for watching my video Until the End and now I hope to see you on my next one.