This is actually my fourth Vib sale with you guys here on YouTube. Wow time flies so todays video will just be recommendations based on products that I already own and love, but I am thinking about uploading, a Vib haul, this time around. If Im, remembering correctly, I didnt really make any purchases during the last Vib sale in the spring. Is that right, I dont I may be making that up, but I dont think that I did so. I do have a wish list going for the sale this time around. If you want to see a haul, let me know I am definitely down to do that, because there are a lot of things that I want to try out and Im excited to purchase, but today again just recommendations based on things that I already own so lets. Just dive on into it lets start off with hair care and two new shampoos from K18 that I have mentioned in a couple of videos already. These are their new peptide prep shampoos. This one is the pH maintenance shampoo, and this one is the detox shampoo. Both are incredible and both have really been my go to shampoos ever since they launched because theyre low in PH, and they do a really great job at removing oil and buildup without stripping my hair and leaving it feeling dry and snarled. Instead, my hair always just feels really refreshed and healthy whenever I use them. So, of course, the detox shampoo is meant to be more of a clarifying shampoo that provides a deeper cleanse, but if you are torn between these two shampoos Im going to list my review on them below, where I talk through ingredients, I show you the textures up.

Close I show before and afters. I show me using them in the shower, so hopefully that will help you to figure out which of these is going to be the best fit for you either way you cant go wrong and I have been using both and just kind of alternating back and forth. Depending on what I feel like my scalp and hair need, next is another shampoo that Ive really been enjoying, but its more for a targeted purpose, and that is the briogeo scalp Revival Mega Strength, dandruff relief, shampoo, my hairs on it. This shampoo contains three percent salicylic acid, along with lactic acid tea tree oil, charcoal panthenol and coconut oil. All those ingredients together are going to help to exfoliate oil and build up relieve itching, irritation and flaking and promote an overall healthy scalp. This is definitely something that you can apply all over the scalp if you need to, but for me personally, I feel like the majority of my scalp is in really good condition, its just the base of my scalp. That gives me issue because Im prone to seborrheic dermatitis there, so I will experience flaking and itching and irritation just really in that one spot. So that is where I apply. This shampoo so Ill go ahead and use my regular shampoo, like K18 all over and then apply this to the base of my scalp Ill, massage it in let it sit there for several minutes before rinsing, and then I will repeat that entire process.

One more time doing that has really helped to relieve those symptoms for me when they flare up, so I have really been loving this, but it is pricey for the amount of product that you get so. That is why I wanted to include it in this video when we are talking about products that you can get at a discount. So if youve been curious about this, if you need some scalp relief Nows the Time to try it all right, there are obviously so many other hair care products that you guys know. I am die hard for, and would one thousand percent recommend purchasing during this sale, but theyre all products that I have recommended in previous videos, and I never want these videos to feel repetitive. So what I was thinking we could do is a quick run through of the products that Im still obsessed with that. I would recommend purchasing for the first time or restocking during this sale, but instead of me giving you the same Spiel Ive, given you a million times already Ill, just show you the product say what its for or what I would recommend using it for and then I will list my previous Vib videos in the description box below so you can watch those if you would like more information, and I can spare everyone who has already watched them and heard the Spiel so for damage repair. I would 100 recommend the K18 leave in molecular repair.

Hair mask freaking, incredible best damage repair product ever if youre in the market, for a new, deep conditioning, hair mask and you have hair that looks and feels really dry and damaged. I would definitely recommend amicas the Cure. Intense Bond Repair Mask. I actually just ran out of this. I showed it to you in a recent empties video. I will be restocking during the sale for a leave in conditioner. That also provides heat protection. Pureology color fanatic is where its at my sister Acts just texted me and she was like. I hadnt used this in a really long time. I repurchased it Ive officially decided there is nothing that is as good as this and I was like yeah youre, not wrong. For an anti humidity heat protectant that gives you the glossiest shiniest hair of all time, Color Wow Dream Coat, no questions or big old lust is such an incredible hair oil, its pricey, of course its orbe all of their products are, but that is why I like To recommend it during the sale because its one of those products its like hard to get yourself to splurge on otherwise, but once you have it, you understand why its so hyped up and same thing goes for this dry shampoo, its the living proof, perfect hair day, Advanced Clean dry shampoo, its my favorite dry shampoo, but its more than a drugstore amount of money, which is more than Im, usually willing to spend on dry shampoo, because there are so many great drugstore options.

So when you can get it at a discount is when I think you go in for the kill, because dang this is good its so weightless. Oh, my gosh. All right lets move on to makeup. First is a newer Foundation from hourglass called their ambient its an ambient or ambient? I know its Ambiance, so maybe its ambient, oh boy, were just gon na stick with The Hourglass soft glow foundation for todays video. This Foundation is absolutely beautiful. I have been wearing this non stop ever since I purchased it. It is described as a weightless liquid foundation that delivers buildable medium coverage with a light diffusing effect for up to 16 hours, and all of that is true. This just looks Flawless on my skin. I would describe it in the exact same way that they did has this soft light. Diffusing effect really long, wear its so so so nice and I did recently review it in a high end. Split face makeup Showdown. So if you havent seen that yet I will list that below I tested this out in comparison to the new lawn clone, long clone, no Lancome tontidol care and glow Foundation thats better. This was definitely the winner in my book, but if you would like to see those foundations compared, you want to see full day wear tests, then that video again is going to be listed below, but otherwise just try it. I freaking love it. Next is the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush Flawless finish: complexion perfecting micro powder.

This setting powder has definitely been around the block a time or two, so its not like this is a new recommendation by any means, but the way that I have been using this is a little bit unique. If you have never tried this, it is a really nice powder, its very soft and similar to The Hourglass Foundation. It kind of gives you that, like soft diffuse, slightly blurred, look on the skin, so its great as an all over setting powder, but I also think that this is like the best powder ever for covering breakouts something about this powder paired with a full coverage. Concealer is like magic for breakouts. I dont really know exactly what it is and why this is so much better than my other powders for that purpose, but it is plus. This is really small and flat and compact, so its really nice to bring with you on the go for touching up purposes. I bring this with me me all the time if I have a breakout, and I also have plans to touch up and just kind of like recover up that breakout after several hours have passed and its like. My breakout is as good as new. Well, not technically, because it doesnt look like a new breakout after you know what I mean its newly concealed okay. Next we have The Hourglass. Oh, we have that word again. Ambient Ambient lighting edit unlocked face palettes. These were actually sent to me in PR recently.

I think that they are part of hourglasss holiday collection and I was wowed, so I was sent the butterfly and elephant palettes, but they also do have one more with deeper Shades called the target palette, so that one is going to be the best option for deeper Skin tones, but regardless of the palette that you go for, all of them have blush, highlight bronzer and finishing Shades, and my God they are stunning. Hourglass makes Incredible powders if you have never tried them before theyre like the most natural powder you could ever use, because theyre really really soft and buildable theyre not harshly pigmented, theyre just stunning, and they really bring light to the face in such a nice way. So if you dont love cream products, but you want something that looks more natural. This would definitely be something worth checking out because you have so many options here, two blushes two bronzers two finishing powders to set or highlight Im obsessed with this. I have hair on my face. I just really love that this gives us a way to test out so many different product types and shades all at once, versus having to buy all of these individually in the full size version. If youre a makeup lover like me, and you have a little bit of a collection, you know that its really difficult to hit pan on something like an entire hourglass highlighting powder or blush before it expires. So I think that this is an awesome option and I would love to see more things like this from other brands.

I think it just makes more sense and great for travel. Next. Is the Dior backstage Rosy Glow blush in the shade pink? This is one of those blushes that I kept seeing everywhere on Tick Tock. I felt like every time I watched a makeup tutorial and the Creator was using a powder blush. It was this and I was like what the heck is it about this blush. I dont really understand its like this bright, almost purpley, Barbie pink. That looks like nothing. I want to put all over my face face, but listen unless youre really packing this on and adding a lot of layers to make it look super pigmented, it doesnt look, intensely pigmented or bright at all. It actually looks very wearable and flattering its just the most beautiful feminine pink. I honestly think Ive ever tried. I really really love it and it also lasts forever on me. I dont get it so. If youve been curious about this one and wondering if its worth the hype, I think its definitely worth a splurge and if youre not into a pink blush like this, they do also have a coral shade if thats more up your alley. Alright. Next, I want to give a shout out to the makeup by Mario Master Matts eyeshadow palette. I think the last time I talked about this was in my beauty, secrets video, but I still get questions asking what I use to create my brown winged liner.

All the time, so I thought I might as well include it in the sale video since you can get this brand at Sephora. This really is the perfect palette for me for creating Shadow liner, because there are so many different options for Shades that look great by themselves. We have all these different Browns a black, but you can also mix them together to fully customize your Shades. If you want something a little bit different than the Standalone Shadows, so I absolutely love it for that purpose, and I can just use this all in one and be done with my eye. Look obviously aside from mascara, because I will also always use some combination of the Shadows on the top row here. Well bottom, when youre looking at it but tap when you open the palette, the lightest Shades will just say that I mix and match those to lay down on my lid up to my brow bone its kind of like a base, so that my mascara and My Shadow liner, dont smudge and I think its a nice way to kind of like subtly lighten the eye area and bring attention to your eyes without glitter lets. Talk about my other makeup by Mario recommendation. Next, the moisture glow lip Plumping serum has been around and viral at that for a while, but the brand did just recently launch seven new shades theyre all gorgeous and and they all have a different finish than the original Shades.

So, instead of that kind of like sheer kind of slightly glittery, but not like intensely glittery instead of that kind of finish, these are all creamy and opaque. I know that these lip serums are not for everybody, because the formula is pretty melty and messy, and that is something that I normally wouldnt put up with. But I do in this case because I love the way that these feel and look so much and they have the most beautiful shades ever. If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be Rosewood glow or maybe blush glow or nude glow. Oh, my God, I need help. I did post a video swatching, all seven of the new shades both on my lips and on my arm side by side. So if you are torn between several Shades like I was that video will be in my description box below and hopefully that will help you. I cant believe Ive never shared this in a Vib video before because it is the most comfortable lip gloss that I own, and I wear it all the time when I was picking out products for this video I was like. Oh Ive definitely already shared that in one of my other Vib videos and I went back and looked and I hadnt so I have to it – is the Kaja gloss shot hydrating lip gloss? I have the shade milk tea, which is this really beautiful light, beigey pink, but they do have two other Shades that are darker than this and a clear shade.

If this kind of shade is not your thing, I personally love this shade, though its one of those glosses that I feel like I can always throw on on top of any lip. Color and itll always look really nice. I just I always love the way that they this looks, and I always love the way that it feels its so juicy it just has this cushiony feel that none of my other lip glosses have I cant quite describe it, but take my word for it because Dang, it feels good. I also love that the wand is curved because it like hugs your lips when you apply it its a little thing sometimes, but also. I really hope that they come out with more shades in the future, because if they had all of the shades that I want that I can get from other brands in this formula. This would be the only lip gloss that I would ever wear thats. How much I love it next is the Carolina Herrera good girl, perfume, which has quickly become my favorite cold weather, perfume its just the perfect combination of warm and vanilla and cozy. This is categorized as a warm floral with notes of tuberose, Jasmine and tonka bean, but honestly, I feel, like I dont, really get florally Jasmine vibes from this I mean its obviously a floral, but I feel like once its on I more so pick up on the Warm vanilla notes either way its a beautiful fragrance, and I wear it all the time and for what its worth the last guy that I dated was obsessed with this.

Just saying all right lets finish up the video by doing the same thing that we did with hair care and just do a really quick run through on some of my favorite makeup products that I have already recommended that I would like to recommend again. If you need a new concealer that gives nice coverage, but is super lightweight and also long wearing, this is going to be for you, its the Lancome taunty doll, Ultra wear all over concealer, and it is my fave okay. I know I already had a couple blush options in this video, but since those were both powder blushes – and I know so – many people love liquids and creams these days, I thought I would quickly highlight my favorite liquid blushes, the Nars orgasm liquid blush and the rare Beauty cream blush in the shade, encourage Nars orgasm is a warmer kind of poppier pink, but still not too intense and rearing. Courage is more of like a mavi pink theyre, both beautiful. If you need a new bronzer, then you absolutely need the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush bronzer. This is looking crusty and Dusty because I use this basically every time I bronze my face for a long wear, matte lipstick that I never wear by itself, because I always need a gloss on everything, but that is beautiful either way the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, lipstick, Really is that girl, its worth the height and last a product that I hate and love at the same time the Laneige lip sleeping mask.

I hate it because it doesnt last a super long time, but I love it because it feels so so so, incredibly good. Its like the most perfect self care lip product of all time if youre, okay with it not lasting forever. All right those are all of my recommendations for the fall 2022 Vib sale. Thank you so much for watching this video Id love to hear your thoughts in the comments Below. Have you tried any of these products? What are you going to pick up for the sale? Are you going to pick up any of these things? If so, I will have everything listed and Linked In the description box below, along with anything else that you may need for me at discount codes to other websites. Other favorite beauty products, my social media handles what else I think thats it if you enjoyed the video. Please dont forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe if you havent, already click on that notification Bell and send my channel to a friend. Thank you so much for doing those things. Your support means the world. Thank you again for watching. I love the freaking heck out of you guys, make sure to stay tuned for my next one itll be up in a few days, but until then I hope you have a great few days Music.