Look here are some of the products I will be using Ive got a good mix of affordable and mid end. Nothing is extremely pricey. In this video, you may have noticed several beauty pie products in that footage, and, as many of you know, I have been using beauty, pie, products and working with the brand on videos for almost a year now. This might be my fourth or even fifth, video in partnership with PewDiePie and Im working with them again today, because they have launched a fantastic new lipstick. It is called the on lipstick. These lipsticks come in eight Shades and they were created in collaboration with New York style Guru, Jenna Lions, so beauty pie sent over four of the shades and a few things I love about. This lipstick is number one. It is refillable. This case is made of recycled aluminum with a recycled plastic interior, and it has one of those really nice magnetic closures. Im, not sure if I mentioned this yet, but the lipsticks are cruelty. Free and these lipsticks have such an interesting texture to them. Theyre sheer but theyre matte they give you that beautiful blotted lip look book and they sort of blur any texture on the lips. Theyre very emollient, theyre hydrating. This lipstick is formulated with super nourishing natural waxes, and something called under plump extract will help to define the lip Contours and, over time, help to restore lost volume. So when I get to the lipstick portion of the video, you will be able to see how these lipsticks glide on, like a balm.

They feel so silky and smooth the color is buildable. So, as you can maybe see its a little bit sheer here. But if I go in with another coat, I get more coverage theyre so so pretty and this particular shade is called crushed petal, and this is the perfect my lips, but better shade. Now some of you might be thinking, Risa youve said: youve worked with beauty pie before, but Ive never seen any of those videos. I dont really know what beauty pie is well, of course, Im going to explain it to you. Beauty pie is the first ever member ship club for beauty lovers with a beauty pie, membership you get access to luxury, high performance, makeup, skincare fragrance without the cost of the middleman and that retailer markup, an annual beauty pie. Membership is 59 and then you can shop for all your beauty and wellness needs for up to 75 off retail prices. So, for example, if you were to purchase one of these on lipsticks as a guest, you would pay 38, but as a beauty, pie member, you would pay just 20. and, as always, I have a promo code for you to use. If you would like to try beauty pie, you can use the code recess, sent me and get ten dollars off your first purchase and in case youre thinking, uh Risa. I do not want to sign up for any subscription service. Thats going to be sending me things.

I didnt order that I didnt ask for that will not happen with beauty pie. You will not receive any product that you did not specifically choose for yourself. This is a membership club, not a subscription service, so I will be placing the link to shop all beauty pie, products Down Below in the description box and my promo code will be there as well. So without any further Ado, I want to get started showing you how to get a 10 minute everyday, beautiful fall makeup. Look okay, Ive already applied my moisturizer and now Im going in with sunscreen. This is the beauty pie ultra light daily SPF 30.. I love this one because it sinks right into my skin. It doesnt cause breakouts. It doesnt make my oily skin excessively shiny. It plays really nicely under my makeup: no stickiness, no tackiness its so nice, now Im going in with a little eyeshadow primer. This one is from Milani, and I just quickly use my fingers to apply this all over my eyelids and because the sunscreen sinks in so quickly and easily, I can pretty much go right in with my primer. I have very large pores primer is not a necessary step for everyone, but I like to use this one from Cali Ray its called so blown because it literally makes my pores disappear instantly. It is so so good and then Im also using just my fingers to apply this new iconic London super smoother, blurring skin tint, now Im not much of a skin tint person.

A lot of them have been launched in the last six months or so, and I never really like them because, as a lot of you know, I prefer more medium to full coverage products. Now that said, Ive always been on the hunt for a lighter skin tint. That will give me just that perfect amount of coverage, not full coverage, but light to medium. That still covers the things I want to have covered the closest Ive found until this was the Fenty something ease skin tint and by the way I use the shade neutral light, and I love that this is well number one. The perfect shade for me – and I can just blend it in like I blend in a moisturizer or like I blend it in the sunscreen, and it just gives me such a natural looking finish, it is slightly buildable. So if you do feel like you need a little bit more coverage, you can add another quick layer. Now it doesnt cover the area around my nose. So well, but not everyone has this um discoloration right here like I do. I have a lot of broken capillaries. Im thinking about getting a laser treatment for that area, maybe someday soon and then Im going to take my beauty, pie, super luminous under eye genius and Im going to use a brush, because I have these press on nails on and I cant really stick my finger In the pot very well did I already say this: this is light medium and I am just taking this under eye corrector and applying it here.

I love this under eye. Corrector, look at that look at the difference this made and Im actually, even though I know its for under eyes, Im going to put a little bit right there. I love the consistency of this product too, its so creamy and it just Blends so easily now Im putting a little bit of the one size concealer on the back of my hand, taking a damp Beauty, blender and then just concealing my under eyes a little bit More, I think I used a little bit too much, but because I used a skin tint. I like that this is giving me just a tad more coverage and then I also take the concealer on my Lids, because the um Milani eyeshadow primer doesnt have a real tint to it that evens out the discoloration on the lid so thats. Why? I take the concealer up over my Lids now, if you are not oily, the next step is optional, but I am oily so Im going to use a little rare Beauty loose powder to set my face and all the brushes I will be using are from well Actually, I think, Im going to use only these brushes. They are from the morphe makeup by Ariel collection. I really like these brushes and I think Ive heard that they are going to be sold individually soon, Ive only heard from one person who said they didnt love. These brushes Im using my LOreal infallible bronzer.

This bronzer is so nice. It truly Rivals my high end bronzers Im going to be using this as eyeshadow as well. This one is called tan. I had another one of these bronzers in a shade. That was just a little too light for me, so I went and purchased one that was slightly darker and I also like to take a little bit and Contour my nose and Im taking the bronzer and just running that through my crease and sort of all over. My lid, because my eyes are hooded, so its pretty easy just to cover the whole area. Look at that color! Look at that brown, its so good and Im, also taking it and running it along my lower lash lines, just for a subtle Smokey effect just want some soft shading and now Im using this NYX ultimate multi finish eyeshadow palette. This has actually been one of my go to underrated, eyeshadow palettes for a couple of years now and Im just going to take this light, neutral, Shimmer, shade and pop that on my lid super easy. You can even use your finger for this and Im just spraying. This flat brush the same one I used to smoke out my lower lash line, Im, getting it wet, not too wet and then taking the dark. Matte Brown from the palette and doing a soft winged eyeliner all the way across my lash line, and you can smoke this out as much or as little as you want to.

I like to do a little bit more of a, I guess, bigger wing on the outer Corners, because my eyes sort of Turn Down on the ends, and then I just like to clean up the angle with a little bit of concealer and doing this also elongates. The wing very subtly now I just curl my lashes Im using a mascara from the balm. I like this one, because it really really holds the curl very well that make my lashes droop. I think this is one of the most underrated mascaras on the market. I know I look really strange without my brows, so lets fill those in with any brow pencil, whatever ones your favorite today Im using this one from Covergirl. It is just the soft blonde, ultra fine brow pencil some days. I, like my brows darker some days. I, like my brows, lighter when Im in a hurry when Im trying to do a quick makeup. Look the lighter color which matches my natural brow, hair better tends to go faster because you dont see the mistakes that I make that I often make when Im using a darker brow, pencil brows make such a difference on me. I mean they make a big difference on most people, but I feel like on me, especially because theyre so mine are so non existent. Okay, Im finishing off the eyes with this beauty, pie eyeshadow, stick in the shade beige bombshell. This is perfect for the inner corners of the eye, so pretty, and then I also like to put it right under here for the perfect brow highlight now.

This next product is probably my favorite from PewDiePie. It is their super cheek blush. I have this in several colors, but I think sexy Berry is perfect for fall. Look at this color, its so pretty, and I think its going to go so beautifully with the lipstick. Look how easily that Blended out and its long wearing if youre, going to place a beauty pie order today, I insist you get the splush, maybe not this color, if its too intense for you, but one of these super cheek cream, blushes and you dont have to Use a brush for this product, you can just use your fingers, but once again with these press ons, I dont want to stick my nail into the product. Now I was going to use. This Rose ink highlighter in brilliant, as my highlighter, but you know what I want to try. I want to try using this beige, brilliant eyeshadow. Stick that I used here and here Im going to try using it like on the tops of my cheekbones huh. You know what that looks: pretty darn good, its very similar to the Rose ink that I have been using for this go to fall. Look a little bit on the tip of my nose. Im gon na put a little bit here a little bit here. Oh, this Shadow stick is so versatile: okay, Ive gone ahead and lined my lips in a shade, very similar to the lip color Ill, be using now the other times.

Ive done this go to fall. Makeup look Ive been using the crushed petal shade, which is a neutral pink that I showed in the beginning, but I think I want to switch things up today and try sheer mocha. Could this be more perfect for this? Look I dont think so. I think I might be more in love with this one than the other one, so I did put on some Corner false lashes, which I realized for many of you will take you right out of the 10 minute makeup category, but for me, and for those of Us who are used to applying falsies on a regular basis, they take me maybe 30 seconds to a minute to put on especially Corner lashes, and I just really love the way they look. So this is the completed makeup. I really hope you enjoyed watching this video. I also hope that, through this video youve discovered that you can do a very pretty professional, looking makeup using minimal products, not everything has to be super expensive either, and you can achieve it in a minimal amount of time, especially the more you do. The look the less time it will take you to complete it so that completes this tutorial of my go to 10 minute fall makeup. Look. I want to thank beauty pie for partnering with me on this video dont forget to use my code recess, sent me to receive ten dollars off, as always every product I use today will be listed and linked Down Below in the description box as well, and please Give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it also, if you are not already subscribed to my Channel, please do consider hitting the Subscribe button.

I do upload new content at least twice per week. You can also find more content from me over on Tick. Tock and Instagram under the same username reset does makeup. Thank you all so much for watching.