It were excited about this brand that you created the girl, doesnt, say a word blistering peeling, my lips have been so painfully dry, whats up with all these celebs and influencers launching these cheap skincare products and ruining peoples skin see. This is what happens when you buy from an influencer instead of trusting a well established brand. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Haley Biebers skincare line in the past couple of months, mostly because of how expensive it is and how its leaving peoples skin with burn marks and irritation yeah its just insane that people are now realizing how Haley Biebers skin Care line is a total scam, but for me personally, I feel like it should have been avoided in the first place, because the amount of controversies this company has been in says a lot about their scam product. So without further Ado lets take a deep breath and address what went wrong with Haley Biebers skin line. I know you guys are sick and tired of these celebs and influencers launching these horrible makeup and skincare lines just to earn some extra cash and trust me Im. Sick of them as well, we recently saw the disastrous attempt of Charlie demelio launching her skincare business and how it failed miserably after it ruined Charlies own skin. So you could say that some of these influencers actually care about peoples safety instead of selling their products for money. But I cant really say this for most of these influencers, since some of them are releasing cheap and poorly established products just to profit off their own fans.

Yes, in case you didnt know, were talking about Road skin AKA Haley Biebers, new skincare line. Ever since Haley announced her new skincare line Road skin on her Instagram people have been flooding. Her Instagram comments with tons of hate, and the reason for this is because of how unexpected it was for Haley to launch something like that, especially when she has no business. In the skin industry whatsoever, I mean most people know that these huge influencers hired tons of professional dermatologists for their skin to be glowing and perfect. So the majority of them were aware that Haley Biebers skin care products wouldnt fix all their issues. However, this whole situation seemed to be very sketchy for millions of people from the beginning, since it seemed that Haley was trying to make a name for herself by creating this business and profiting off of her followers and well that resulted in Haley ruining her own business. Within seconds these controversies all started after Haley threw a launch party for Road skin at a club when some people who attended the party to support Haleys skincare line went on Instagram to expose Haley for being straight up rude to them. That even was beautiful, like it was literally a nightclub kind of thing, the food it was nice, it was a vibe, but the girl gets there with her friends. Kylie can do all of her friends that are there, but they have like this corner the only they could be in right, but my we could get there.

I could literally talk to them if I want to um and we give them their space were like. I took a picture with you. You know we want a little content. Is your your brand we want to hear about. It were excited about this brand that you created the girl, doesnt say a word after this video went viral on the internet. Things didnt end up going smoothly for Haleys brand, since the second she launched her business back in June. She got sued by a fashion brand called Road for trademark infringement and yall. This situation caused Haley to go to court to fix these issues ASAP. Otherwise she would have lost both her business and her own money, but luckily for Haley she was able to win the lawsuit weeks later and continue promoting Road skin, which was a very terrible idea. The reason why Im saying this is because of a recent controversy that went viral on Tick Tock after Haley decided to start a beauty Trend in which she called it. Brownie glaze raised lips and well many people found it very offensive. How Haley was taking credit for creating this trend, especially when it was famously done by black and brown women since the 90s? This situation resulted in Haley receiving tons of hate for it after she started trending on Twitter, with thousands of people attacking her proclaiming something that wasnt hers. During this time, you guys Haley was also getting blasted on social media by a cosmetologist called Molly Sky after she went on Instagram and Tick Tock to call Haley out for lying about having zero lip fillers just to sell her lip products for her followers.

But this medical and cosmetic Dermatology exposed her. Who are you fooling? I literally see your filler spread, slash migration, slash overfilling when Haley says shes never had lip fillers because she wants you to buy her lip products now keep in mind. Haley is currently selling only five products from Road skin that ranges anywhere between 15 to 30 dollars. But what seemed kind of skeptical call is that Haley was focusing more on lip treatments than facial treatments, since she was selling these products on her website. Peptide glazing. Fluid barrier restore cream, peptide lip treatment, salted caramel, peptide lip treatment, unscented, peptide treatment, watermelon slice: you see that last lip product has a watermelon scent to it. Well, yeah that product was a disaster and Im not saying this from a single persons. Experience Im talking about hundreds and thousands of people facing issues and skin concerns by using this specific product. This all started after multiple people went on Tick, Tock to drag and expose Hayley for ruining their lips after some of them posted videos and pictures of their lips. Being burnt and irritated weeks after using Haleys watermelon lip treatment just check this out, you guys try the Haley Bieber lip treatment by Road woke up the next morning with severe blistering um Ive been using it for about a month and probably three weeks ago. I noticed my lips burning, so bad. There were open, sores like on either side. I thought it was just because its getting cold – and now I just saw a tick tock – that the watermelon scent of this is making peoples lips, burn off and thats totally whats been happening to me, even though this is very disturbing to watch.

Unfortunately, the this was only the tip of the iceberg, as a bunch of customers went on to tick tock. To complain about how Haleys face cream products are also causing their skin to break out and yall, some of them even faced irritation and redness. I mean, aside from these products straight up, ruining peoples skin some of Haleys customers also received their packages broken and empty. So I dont understand the point of Haley launching this business when thousands and thousands of people are complaining about how unprofessional and poor established this brand is because the amount of bad reviews Haley received on her own website says a lot about her professionalism check. This out. Wanted to love, I wanted to love it, but it gave my lips an allergic reaction. Each time I tried it, my lips got dry the next day and I got a sore spot on my bottom lip. I have experienced dermatitis in the past and have sensitive skin, especially on my lips and under eyes. So I guess I cant handle it Im worried to use it again. Just imagine how disastrous it is that this amount of people are having skin conditions because of her products. Its just insane to me that these celebs and influencers only care about their bag instead of doing their own research on their products and taking precautions. Because I dont think this is acceptable in any shape or form. Now, after all these horrible reviews, you might expect Haley to come forward and show concern for her customers experience using her products, but surprisingly Haley decided to clear her name and her brand first by releasing a new disclaimer on Instagram.

That said this, we always encourage a patch test and for additional concerns. Please consult with your dermatologist or medical care provider. A complete list of ingredients can be found on the product page of our website, wow, not even a refund. I mean at this point I dont think a refund would even satisfy her own customers because she already has ruined their skin and left them irritated and burnt. But of course, a lot of people went on social media to call Haley out and complain about how she handled the situation very poorly and how disappointing it is that she never addressed the situation with her products and showed her customers that she actually cared heres. What people had to say about it? A lot of these celebrities shouldnt be coming out with skin care if they genuinely dont care about the products theyre putting out she stole a small businesses brand name only for people to have allergic reactions. Haley has no breakout because she doesnt use her own products for real. She goes to her doctor. Anyways loves.