Thank you. So much for being here, as you can see by the title today, were going to be doing a really fun video because, as you guys know, a lot of elf products have actually gone viral. All over social medias, theyre super trendy and today, Im going to show you guys some of my favorite viral products tell you guys a little bit about them. Why I love them and, of course, show them on the face. So I hope that you guys enjoy this video and, if you do, please make sure to give it a big thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe to my channel to join my squad lets get into it alrighty guys so lets get started. I am so so excited to share that elf is actually sponsoring this video. So thank you so much to Elle for sponsoring this video. I love Elle. If you guys know how much I love them Im literally like their number one fan, and today I just want to show you guys, viral products that are not only great but theyre, also really budget friendly. All these products have gone viral for a reason. These are going to be the trending top sellers, with more than 10 million views and, of course, really really good reviews. So I did go ahead and Link down the page where you guys can show up all these products, but, like I said today, Im going to show you guys my top favorites.

Of course, if you didnt know, elf is 100 vegan and cruelty free worldwide. So lets get into it. The first thing were gon na do is actually go into primer. So let me put my hair back and lets get started. Okay, so lets start out with a product that has gotten over 18 million views its only ten dollars, and it is this. So this is the elf power grip primer. This is truly my favorite graping primer, its so affordable, its so nice, and it just gives your skin that longevity. So this is going to be a gel based formula and its going to prep and smooth your skin its going to grip your makeup all day, and it leaves a really really nice finish. My favorite way of applying this is actually tapping it on and it truly does grip on to your foundation, your concealer, any makeup that you put on top and its going to last all day. This product is going to give your skin a soft focus effect. It is going to be enriched with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Again, this is only ten dollars, so you really cant beat the price. So, as you can see, my skin is a little bit on the tacky side and so thats really going to hold on to that makeup and its also nice and hydrating, which is what I really really love, because I do have more normal to dry skin. And this is the finished result see how my skin looks hydrated.

It looks a little dewy but its such a perfect base for the makeup. So you guys know that its going to last all day long and its going to be gripping onto that makeup. So again, this is the power grip primer and it is viral for a reason. It truly is just a beautiful gripping primer, okay, so moving on to Foundation Im actually going to be using a CC cream, which Im sure you guys know exactly what Im about to pull out. If the condition of my bottles dont show how much I love this product Im, literally almost out of two different shades, I have been loving this since the day it came out. Why dont we go ahead and use 355 medium to match the neck and then Ill go ahead and highlight with my concealer. So this is actually a medium to full coverage foundation with a natural finish again, it does have SPF 30, which is going to help protect your skin against sun damage. It is a multitasking Foundation because it does provide some skin care benefits. Some other key ingredients is actually hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and peptides, as you guys saw. I have been really loving, like dotting, whatever Foundation CC cream Im wearing on my face and actually blending it out with my fingers. First, I feel like that way. I can get the most coverage with the least amount of product, and then I like to go in with a sponge and blend out the rest.

I know that the shade might look a little crazy right now, but just give me a minute with concealer and bronzer itll all come together. I love a good natural finish, see how its just giving healthy it is not overly dewy its not matte. It truly is a nice natural, finish, thats going to work so well with all the other products. I love this because not only does it have the skin care benefits, but it does give you that Medium to full coverage, so you are doing like two in one. Its good for your skin, its also going to make your skin look Flawless and it does actually wear really really nicely. I mean if you guys, watch my channel. You know how much I do actually love this product and you really cant beat the price. I mean again its viral for a reason. Moving on to sealer Im going to use one of my absolute Holy Grail concealers. So today were going to be using the oh, so famous elf, camo concealer. They do have two different options: they have the matte and the hydrating today Im going to be using the hydrating, but I do love both these concealers have more than 24 million views, theyre only seven dollars. They have a great shade range and, of course, both finishes. This is truly truly like one of my go to concealers again viral for a reason Im going to be using the shade medium warm.

This concealer is going to cover blemishes, dark circles and its going to have a smooth satin finish, and the formula is really great. It actually works great for normal combination or dry skin key ingredients. It does have sodium hyaluronic, which is actually going to help provide hydration by locking in the moisture, and it also has rose flower water, so thats actually going to help soothe your skin with the anti inflammatory properties. I love this concealer so much. I also have different shades of it. I use it to correct. I also have a darker shade for this concealer and I love using it as cream Brown bronzer. This concealer is truly the best at the drugstore. It is so high coverage, but its so hydrating, and it does look so beautiful all day. Long, okay, so were Blended out. Where are the dark circles? Were any blemishes theyre nowhere inside so Im gon na quickly set with some powder? Add some bronzer and Ill be right back to show you guys a blush so for eyeshadow were actually going to be using. You guessed it one of the bite size Shadows. These have more than 10 million views and theyre only three dollars. I have so many favorites my go to is actually pumpkin pie. I love this one and then this is just like a great basic one. This is, I love you a latte, but today I figured because it is fall time lets go ahead and use these beautiful shades.

This is in the shade, very bad. As you can see, this one has two mattes and two Shimmer Shades, as you guys can tell all the bite size. Eyeshadow palettes are actually pigment packed with mattes and Shimmer Shades. So today let lets go ahead and create something beautiful, so Im, first going to go into the lightest, matte shade and Im going to use that as an all over crew shade. So these are going to be some Ultra pigmented powder, eyeshadow quads and they do deliver. Creamy blendable color in the perfect mini quads and, of course these are perfect for travel size and to just throw in your bag. I really love these because you can always create a lot of full looks with these quads, but obviously theyre, so small theyre so affordable. That you can just buy a couple and also just mix and match. I love that theyre super nice and pigmented, but so blendable okay. So I put this shade pretty much everywhere and now Im gon na go into the darker matte shade with another brush, just to kind of add some Darkness on the outer corner. I really have been loving these bite size, eyeshadow palettes, since they came out because theyre have a really nice formula, but I also love how compact they are. I mean you wont see me traveling without these, because theyre just so easy today were gon na. Do a little bit of like a cut crease, I am going to use a little bit of that darker shade and just put it in the outer corner, just to add a little bit more drama, so I think, were just going to go ahead and use both Of these Shimmer Shades, why not very very beautiful! So I think Im going to use the pinkier one in the inner corner and then the purple air one maybe like in the middle, to do more of like a little bit of an ombre.

I am going to go in with a wet brush, but I just want to add some with my fingers first so now, with a wet brush Im going to grab that pink and really stamp it on that inner Corner wow. That is so pretty and then were gon na add the purple in the middle, so so pretty and just for fun. Im gon na grab a little bit of that pinky shade and just add it to the lower lash line just to have like the same color. On top and bottom – and that is what that looks like – let me add some eyeliner mascara and Ill be right back, so you guys can see the final eyeshadow look alrighty guys so eyeliner mascara. I am loving the way this look came out. So lets add some more color back into the skin and do some blush okay, so you guys are gon na have to help me pick a color, but for blush were going to be using the viral elf putty blushes. These are actually only seven dollars. They have so many beautiful shades and they do have more than 16 million views. You guys know how obsessed I am with these. Do have the shade Tahiti, as well as Bali and Im thinking now that Im looking at it. I think we should use Tahiti because of the pinkiness that we have going on. So my favorite way of using them is with an angled brush these actually blend and build very nicely and give you a nice like soft flush and its actually a putty to powder formula.

So once it dries down, it looks like a powder its like the perfect formula, because its so blendable and creamy, but then it has that nice powdery finish. I love it and, as you guys can see, you can do more of a soft look or you can build it up like me because I love blush. These are only seven dollars and they do melt into the skin. Give you a Natural Glow, its also infused with Argan Oil and vitamin E for a boost of hydration Im. Honestly obsessed with these, of course, I like putting some on the nose for that sun burnt. Look one of my favorite things about this product is that it actually lasts a very long time. I feel like blushes nowadays dont last, that long and so what I like about it is that it really holds onto the skin, because it is that creamy formula, but once it sits down to that semi matte, it really doesnt go anywhere, and it just looks so Beautiful dont be afraid to mix and match, obviously because its a putty, its a lot easier to do that and you can get really beautiful shades out of it. So that is the blush again. This is in the shade Tahiti and I love it so yeah were almost done. All we have left is the glossy lip stain. So let me show you guys some of my favorite Shades and then well apply one on the lips.

So again, these are some of the glossy lip stains. These have more than 12 million views and they are only six dollars. These are really nice, its a long wearing stain that actually stays on the lips, even after, like the glossy part Fades. These are three of my favorite Shades. Let me give you guys some swatches and then well pick what will look better okay, so this one is basic beige which is really really pretty, but I dont know it might be a little too warm for our look. We also have fiery red dont, be afraid of it, because this is more of like a reddish Pinky and its really really nice and then the last one that I have is actually power mauve. I have a feeling were gon na go with this one yeah Im thinking its a power mauve kind of day, so Im gon na quickly take off my lip balm. Add some lip liner and then well go ahead and apply these. I like these lip stains because theyre very versatile. I actually like to wear them on my bare lips, literally with no makeup on, but, as you can see now that we have a full face of makeup Im gon na use it almost like a lipstick to complete a full face of makeup. It is very long wearing and its nice and hydrating. I really really like this, so that is the color. I think this is perfect.

So again, this is a shade power, mauve and it looks stunning and see how it looks like a full on lipstick, Im telling you guys, you can really use this for a natural day or a full Glam day. That is what that looks like I really like it, because right now it looks like a lipstick and a gloss, but, like I said once, itll fade its gon na look like a really nice, like pouty stain on the lips alrighty guys, and that is the final Result with my favorite viral products from Elf, as you guys can see, theyre definitely worth the hype. If youre interested in shopping them, dont forget to shop the links in my bio, I will link every single thing that I use down below to make it easy for. You guys and of course, also tell you guys the shades that I use, but, as you can see, they created such a beautiful look again so affordable viral. For a reason, you guys know how much I love elves. So, Im really happy that I was able to work with them today, thanks again to L for sponsoring this video and, of course thank you to you guys, because if it werent for you guys, I wouldnt get to work with my favorite brand. So thank you guys. So much I hope that this video was helpful. Let me know if you guys have any questions down below. Thank you guys so much for watching.