My name is Nikki. I am from the Netherlands. Hence the accent Im also slightly lowercase relatively vintage, and I love makeup spooky stuff and being creative Music. Let me let me kind of explain some things. The slightly Orcs means that Im a light, warm Olive and its kind of important today and the relatively vintage means Im 46, which can also be important. You know, if you know you know, Martina Cosmetics is an indie brand from Europe. They are based in Belgium. So I will link their site down below the site. Is in French, though, however, Google is your friend thats? What I well not really Google translate helps heaps trust me. It is also available on beauty Bay. I will also link Beauty base, Martina Cosmetics, part down below, for you to check out, and I will also link uh the 669 palette that I played with last year. I will also link that underneath the card okay lets get into it, the pilot its when the packaging arrived here. It was just so extremely cool, so it arrived with a sticker and it arrived with that which I just love. I love the attention to detail in this and then, when you just see how everything is looking its just so stunning now this was a collection, so there was also a highlighter palette that I did not get. I just focused on the eyeshadow palette, but again just the attention to detail the outer box.

It is cardboard and it took me a while to figure out how to open it up. So the palette is cruelty, free and vegan. Its a european based Indie brand. The palette is made in Italy and there are no ice safety warnings on here. However, that does not mean that they are that there are no eye safety warnings according to the FDA, as Ive said before, the FDA hasnt tested these vegan dyes period, but they are considered eye safe in Europe. The ingredients are also listed on the website. So if you want to be sure you know and its not that difficult if you are sensitive to an ingredient, dont put it on your eye body, whatever the owner is actually on YouTube as well, and I will link her video down below she. It is in French, though now my French isnt that great, but maybe yours is I dont know, but she explains everything honestly, the video, the the clip that she did. It was just Top Notch, its very very cool to watch Ill, definitely recommend and and again it will be listed in the description box. So when you then open up the palette uh, it feels again very sturdy. The mirror its a very good heavy mirror and the color story its just. I really really like this color story now, as with the palette she brought out last year, there are a lot of very, very dark shadows in here.

There are also different finishes in here, which I noticed when I swatched the palette, so the shade Kane friends I was like is that a cream? Yes, it is its a cream and it does dry down and I have actually used it in this. Look. The third look, but you can also use it as a liner. You can actually, I also use it in my waterline. I had no issues but do, as I say, dont do as I do so use it. Your own discretion there there are, as I said, different finishes in here. There are some duochromes in here. There are some just regular sparkly Shades in here. There are some more creamier shades in here and some shades that are, that work very, very well as a Topper. As well, you see that it is more Shimmer heavy than matte heavy, so I did three looks, but I am in no Im not done playing with this palette, because there are still looks that I wanted to do, but I time thats, basically it um. So what I wanted, what I noticed with the shade Carter in the first look, which is the lightest shade that I started with, is it shows up extremely well for me and even the shade Bishop, which I used next, because I am a warm ish olive. I have a little bit more yellow overtone than blue undertone. My yellow overtone is a little bit more apparent, so it really picks up on the yellow thats in the shade bishop and then, when I combine that with the shade Dallas, which is a little bit more blue base, I kind of like my scarf.

Actually, you could really tell the difference because my skin picked it out now. I dont know how it will be on your skin. You will have to kind of see. For me there was enough definition. I just got a very nice gradient with the matte Shades, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the shade card and I actually like that. It is a little bit more, its not a very, very light gray, its actually a very light its. It is a light gray with some green in it, which I really enjoy. For me, it makes it not ashy, at least the shimmers, that I, the Shimmer, that I use to shade Ripley and the shade Wayne. They picked up very well with a brush. However, I do notice that some are a little bit more partically than others, so I also did not use a shimmer primer because I am filming this in one day. So three looks in one day. If I then also use a shimmer primer, my eyelids will not. Thank me. However. Shimmer shine wise. You dont really need a shimmer primer. I do feel that if you were to use a shimmer primer, it will grip the particles a little bit better and maybe not as full Audi as I have. I did tap off my brush, but yeah. You know no Glitter primer. If you spray your brush, it does help a little bit if you dont want any Fallout.

Just do your face makeup last um, the shade Duane its just such an interesting shade, because this is a this – is a shade that has its a multichrome or a trichrome. I dont know how you call it its a its a black base, but theres also green and kind of purple in there, which makes it a very, very interesting shape to play with, and I definitely want to play with that a little bit more. The shade Joan, which is a silver, its a silver that I do like, because its a silver that is um, sometimes when a silver is basically too icy, and I almost want to say two blue blue toned. Instead of more gray, it looks a little bit weird on me. I dont like it, but this one, I think, is very pretty, especially in the inner corner and the shade cane I actually used as a liner. In look number one now look number two. I kind of had a look in mind that I wanted to do and I actually think it came out very, very fun, so I wanted to start with the yellow yellows on me. A lot of the time pull very green, its my undertone this yellow um, its still yellow my skin, picks up a little bit of the green that is in this yellow um, but it doesnt make it green and Im happy about that. So I have basically here a yellow that for me: yes, it pops, but in my case it also works very, very well with other greens that are in here, because it does pull a little bit green for me, a hint um.

It also combines very well with the gray, and I love, yellow and gray. I also love gray and a bright green, as I did today, uh, but yeah. The look that I had in mind was just a yellow and gray and then with the shade uh, it is Gourmand yes Gourmand, which is more along the lines of a Greener based kind of duochrome. It kind of has um a brown base almost and then the blue. The green is a little bit more parent um yeah its a little bit more apparent its a little bit more green than brown, at least. So. I really wanted to combine that because I thought it would be very fun to do and then what did I pair? That with? I think I dont remember and I just got done doing the looks thats um it picked up very, very nicely with a brush. I also think that these shimmers work very well with the finger, because when I Swatch them I could really tell you can also use a sponge tip applicator. But again, if you put them on top of a shimmer primer, they will stay a little bit better. Lets. Go to the look that I have right now. I really wanted to do a dark, smokey eye lets lets talk about the shade. Can that I started with its a cream. It doesnt have any Fallout which I I love. You can start a little bit more sheer if you want to you, can pick it up with a flat brush.

You can pick it up with a blending brush. I did notice that the shade picked up better with a real hair brush than a synthetic brush um. I dont know if thats helpful, but it did pick up very well and I can build it up as well, and it also Blended out very nicely and what I like most about this is the fact that this is a black. You can make it very. Very black, but its a black that when you put it on your eye, you still have room to work with it. What you also saw me do is just tap over the edge a little bit with uh with a blending brush and the reason that I did that is because, as I said, this is look number three. My eyes are not liking me right now, but it still performed well, but I did not want to blend as much so thats. The reason that I tapped over the edge a little bit – and that worked so so well and I just needed to use the shade wrong all over my lid, a black Shimmer in that Shimmer, though there are no gray particles. There is a different, almost blue purple particles, but it just works so so. Well, I think its stunning and honestly, like the shade Vasquez. I love a steel gray like that. I think its just so so pretty I did want to uh. I did try to use the shade Bishop in my inner corner.

It is set to there and it was it wasnt showing up a lot for me so thats. Why I went to the shade Carter, then I wanted to put the shade Parker. On top now, the shade Parker is a shade that for me, if I want to use a shade like that in the inner corner, I need to help it. So I did. I sprayed the brush its for me, its a little bit of a shade thats. Almost more topper like, if that makes any sense so its, and I actually think if I understood her correctly, she mentions that its kind of a Topper shade. However, it does have a lot of pigment, and that is true. I did want to kind of you know. Um, I know, yellow it up a little bit more, so I also grabbed this shade, which I also want to use on its own, its just the color selection that she did here. I can see the 669 in here as well with the the murkiness and the Darkness, but I really loved that she went this route this year performance wise overall, I think it performs very well. I think that the Shadows that I used worked very well. They Blended nicely into each other too. There is a hint of kick up in a pan Which I actually prefer. There is not a lot of kick up, though, if you dont want any Fallout tip of your brush a little bit just you know, go in a little bit slower.

What I noticed, because I wanted to build up the looks quickly again because of time I did not take enough time, so I did have Fallout it was easily removed, though, but just so you know and um yeah. What I want to do now actually is compare it to the 669 palette, which I also have here. Let me first show you the 669 palette which looks like this, which is very grungy and dark, and when I actually put them side by side which Im going to do now here they are so the top one is the new. So they work very, very well. Together, so in the 669 palette, there are a lot of black shades um, so the top, the top three are the new palette and the bottom is the different palette. So what I noticed is that these two look similar they are not really. The Finish is different. So this is a shimmer in the 669 and this is a cream. There is a difference. Um then the other two that are kind of similar is this one and this one, but the undertone is different, maybe its uh, I dont know maybe its nitpicking. Can I do it like lets? Do it like that so now the bottom is the new palette yeah, so I basically pulled the shade Vasquez I pulled as well, so these are the most similar Shadows that are in the palette. Still, though, the undertone is different.

The Finish is different. I hope that helps so uh. If you have the 669 well do you need the new palette? You never need anything thats. What I always say. They will work very, very well together that I can already tell – and maybe that is helpful. So let me know if it is helpful, um yeah. Overall, I am very happy the way it got sent the way it got packaged um performance. I think its a very, very nice formula and I am very happy that I picked it up. I do want to play more with it. I dont know if I will do it on camera or if I will just do it just for me, you know. Maybe I will maybe I can do a palette bingo with both of them or something like that. Let me know your thoughts. Are you excited? I know that some of you were waiting for my video. Did it help? Do you know, are you like? I really want to spell it in my life, or are you like? No thank you so much for the video but Im going to skip. Let me know down below. As I said, I will link their original website down below which is based in Belgium, and I will also link Beauty base beauty blade down below. That was it. Thank you so so much for watching. I am oh yes, but I forgot the makeup that I have on will be listed down in the description box.

Yes, thank you so so much for watching Im going to wish you a fantastic day a fabulous evening.