I think the perfect technique for the foundation and for the powder – and I want to talk about all of that today – so Im gon na – be showing you in this video how I like to apply it. My review of this product Im going to talk, pros and cons because listen. This is a pricey foundation and powder. Okay, the foundation sits at about 45 dollars and the powder is around 38 dollars, and I dont want you to waste your money on something that maybe doesnt work for you or the Finish you dont like so were gon na be talking Pros, were gon na, be Talking cons because there is a list of both of them without further Ado lets jump into this video okay Boom, for this review lets start out with the foundation. Okay, so, like I said its 45, you get a standard, one ounce size, the bottle and the packaging are very luxurious. So this is definitely a more high end feeling than how slabs original branding, which was at Amazon this. This feels so much better honestly, so youre getting a higher end feel definitely with this packaging it it has a pump top, which is really good, because when I first saw these sneak peeks, I thought it was a poor bottle, but no, no, no, no pump top And I have to say: Okay and maybe its because Samantha ravendall went on that big spiel about pumps with her auric glow lust.

But this pump is amazing just like that. You can really control how much you pump out, and I really love that, because some bottles that are really flimsy you just you over, pour this. You can just lightly press and just get a little bit of product out, which is nice, because this Foundation tends to be pretty buildable. So sometimes you just need a little bit more. I picked up the shade 110 light neutral, which is a pretty close match to me. I typically tend to be a light neutral, but there are a few different light neutral Shades to choose from. I could probably balance between this one and maybe one of the deeper ones depending on the time of year. This shade it is maybe like a smidge, too light for me, but I get it to work with my bronzers and everything and it is fine. It says it has a natural finish, but for me it is intensely glowy, not shimmery, theres no Shimmer to be had, but I dont know if it just really enhances my natural Dew. I mean Im, not an oil early skin person at all. I do actually have dry skin. It just looks so beautifully glowy on my skin that I love the finish of it. But Ive heard a couple. People say its natural finish on them. For me, its very dewy on me. I did like a quick like real or shorts or whatever, to show how it looked on my skin.

The lighting does not play well with glowy products, but in natural lighting it looks absolutely beautiful and my skin looks really healthy, something that I noticed when I was testing this Foundation out this month. Is it really matters? What base primer you use when you apply this foundation, so be warned of that, but you might have some in Your Arsenal that you can pair with this, because it is a silicone based Foundation. Obviously, thats going to pair West with silicone based primers, but not just silicone based primers. It does the best with a poor, filling silicone based primer. Now my favorite pairing has been actually applying the keys. Let me glow Illuminating serum because that really keeps the glowiness of the foundation intact, and then I go in with my tarte Timeless smoothing primer. Now I just have a travel size of this and it lasts forever. So you can get that if you really want to, but honestly all my other smoothing, primers and poor filling primers worked works really well with this Foundation as well. The tarte one just did the best, so you dont have to get these particular ones to get it to work and listen, Im, a proponent of not having to buy extra things to get a 45 foundation work. But if youre struggling – and you want to get this to work – maybe you like the Finish or something, but the longevity is just not there try this pairing if youd like, maybe you can skip the keys whatever you want to do, but that tarte one is working.

The best and thats another thing: if you have oily skin, you might need to prime it with some other products that are different. I do have dry skin, so I do want to mention that now lets go with the foundation, so obviously two different techniques, one side Im going to be using a brush to show you guys what that looks. Like everything Blends beautifully, it goes on no problem with a brush and spreads out, and everything that I need it to do. I can build it up to an almost full coverage, its like a medium plus. If you want to say that, because I do see some a little bit of redness still peeking through and some of my freckles are still peeking through, with which I dont mind. But I do have a little bit of discoloration. That also still comes through a little tiny bit, but it looks really healthy on the skin in person and I think it looks nice. Luckily, it also pairs really nicely with a sponge. So, basically, depending on the tool that you like to use, it should work perfectly fine. The sponge is really beautiful. It really looks more like my skin, when I use it with a sponge. I tend to want the most coverage possible, so I always go with the brush, but if you want to do a more medium coverage, go with the sponge, it looks really pretty and it looks more skin like so.

As you can see, it is more of a true medium coverage with a little bit of buildableness when you use a brush so depending on the level of coverage that you like. That is a true claim now something that was interesting yesterday I threw it on with my fingertips just for funsies just to see if I could make it work and it actually does look pretty nice. I didnt have a video sorry, but I just wanted to see if it like looked weird in my pores, I didnt use a primer or anything that day. I just spread it on really quickly over my sunscreen and it looks really pretty. It just gave a little bit of a like a tinted moisturizer, but a little bit more than that. Like a light coverage, I dont love the feeling of spreading it on with my finger. So I personally wont do it again, but it is. There is an option if you dont want to have a lot of Foundations in Your Arsenal. It was just nice to know that this could work in a pinch to just Pat it on really quickly spread it out now concealers. You shouldnt have to use a separate concealer to get this Foundation to work either, but if you want to keep that Medium coverage with that glow, I found the milk makeup concealer. The newer one called future fluid that concealer is pairing so beautifully with this Foundation, because you dont have like a shelf of say, a matte concealer and then a glowy foundation.

It works really seamless together, but I have used my other concealers and it works. Fine too, like the hard candy glamoflage concealer that ones like five bucks that works nice, its not glowy at all, but its pairing really well with other products. So lets talk powder obviously like I said 38 dollars for that, and it does come in five different shades. I just have the translucent shade, since I am a light, neutral skin tone. I have a confession to make. I dont return a lot of products that I try because Im reviewing them. I need them for different things, but when a product makes me super mad and especially when I spend a lot of money on it, I will sometimes return it when Im just like. So I almost I almost returned to this powder because I kind of felt a little bit duped with this powder. Okay, I was watching somebody on Tick, Tock talk about it when it first launched and they were talking about how hydrating it felt, how smoothing yada yada their pores blurred away to nothing and I was like sold. I need that I have dry skin. I need a good powder that can actually hydrate my skin. I want it so back last month, if you watch my Vlogs, you saw me like try it and Im like it. Just feels dry, it doesnt smell soothing. I dont want it and then I actually went back the next week tried it again and I was like oh yeah.

I do actually want it, it does feel smoothing now for some reason. Let me try it so I got it and I hated it. Okay, it was not working well with a brush, because Im gon na tell you why I kept it: okay with a brush, it Amplified my pores and that wasnt only with this foundation. With this Foundation, it made it look and with other foundations too, no matter what I was doing when I was using a brush, it was looking so bad. Then I remembered, oh, my goodness. Why have I not tried it yet with where is it my top? Tea blend a full which is just like a powder puff. I think elf, has one now too, so I need to get some more of these, because this thing has seen better days but pressing this into the skin. Oh, my gosh, it completely changed the powder. For me and the way it applies Im actually in love with this powder. Now, mostly, I have a couple caveats. I love how it looks on my skin. It did reduce the way my pore size looked, my pores finally look a little bit smaller, especially compared to how it was with a brush. I dont know if building it in with a brush was just like lifting the product and pushing it into like. It was just it was just weird but pressing it in with the Powder Puff is really really making a difference.

It looks so beautiful its not Illuminating in a way it doesnt have any shim or anything, but it does make my skin look more hydrated than some other high end powders. Now, if I were to pick between different high end powders right now, I actually would pick this over say The Hourglass Veil powder or even the milk makeup powder. I think that this one looks better on my dry skin than those do its not mattify dying at all, so youre not going to be getting that in this. If you have oily skin and oil tends to break through throughout the day, you might want to skip this one because it might not be the one that youre looking for, I would say, go with The Hourglass if youre looking for that, but the closest drugstore one. I could compare it to which is actually what I was hoping for is the elf Halo glow setting powder. It is most similar to this honestly. I did a side by side comparison. I couldnt really tell the difference between the two, so I cant tell you, like you, have to spend 35 38 on this one versus the 10 on this one. This one does just as beautiful of a job. This one might be a smidge, more hydrating. Looking like a smidge and this one, you can use a brush with dont use a brush with this powder. Let me know if you have used this powder with a brush and if it worked for you, because gosh holy moly, my skin has never looked so bad with the powder before and well.

Thats, probably not true, thats a bit dramatic, but my pores have never looked so bad with the powder. So now I do love it, but I have some caveats so lets talk pros and cons for both of these lets jump back over to the foundation, because that ones first lets talk about the pros. I have a little less right here because Ive been thinking about it for a couple weeks right, so the pros for me for anybody looking for this, it would be a pro, and that is that it is glowy. Okay, it gives that shine. It is beautiful. There are no micro, Glitters or anything that I can detect so its not giving a shimmery glow its, not making me look like a tin man, its a very healthy, beautiful glow if youre familiar with the IT Cosmetics, nude glow, CC cream. Its kind of similar to that one, this one is just giving more coverage, I would say, maybe a little tiny, less glow than that one, because that nude glow is pretty darn glowy, so a little less glow. It just looks so healthy on my skin, its really nice and thats another thing in person, if youre feeling like its too glowy right now on my skin, I look oily its kind of picking up some fine lines and some wrinkles or whatever in person it doesnt. Okay, my lighting is gon na, be a different thing when Im wearing glowy products with this lighting it its a lot.

It looks a little bit textured. It looks a little bit much and thats kind of the nature of some glowy products, but in person my skin looks so healthy, so evened out, really nice really beautiful. So if youre thinking about doing this for say a wedding day with photos or a special event that lots of pictures can be taken, I dont know if I could recommend it for that. I prefer a little bit more matte products for things like special events and photography, but for an everyday wear for medium to almost full coverage. It is a beautiful, healthy, looking Foundation, especially for those with dry skin. Another Pro, I would say, is I really like that. It has flexible coverage, so you can, like, I said, throw it on with your fingers really quickly if youre in a pinch, but it also works beautifully with the different tools that I talked about so a brush or a sponge, and you can build up the amount Of coverage that you want, you can actually go in, with a lighter hand, a lighter amount when you use a sponge and get a more light to medium coverage. Another Pro is, it is pairing beautifully with everything else that I pair it with so different concealers, different cream, blushes bronzers, what else different powders, even because, obviously I hated this one for a second, so I had to pair it with some other powders and its going Beautifully with that, so you do not have to have this combo to get it to work.

I think the primer is probably the part that makes the most difference when using this Foundation, but lets talk about cons, because there is a con here for some people is. I feel you have to set this Foundation. It remains very, almost greasy feeling because it is so glowy and hydrating. It does not dry down. I tried it does not work wouldnt. It recommend unless you like that, feeling on your skin. I dont like it. Usually some foundations will eventually dry down this one, just really didnt, so you do need to set it with some sort of powder or some kind of heavy duty spray, maybe and then another con, of course, is its not camera friendly event friendly. If lots of pictures going to be taken, so I wouldnt recommend it for that. In my opinion, I feel like a major con is this is not for oily skin unless you really really like that glow and you bring some blotting papers on hand or some pressed powder to help even out the shine, because my skin will look progress. Aggressively shiny throughout the day progressively glowy I dont go full sweat. Looking, I dont look like Im dripping by the end of the day, but it does get glowier and glowier and more hydrated. Looking and I know some people do not want that. So I would say thats a con for some, depending on what youre looking for and with that said, on a hot humid day which we have had here down in SoCal.

We are not usually in the 90s with 100 humidity, but we had some weeks in this last month that we were – and this is not a foundation that felt comfortable on my skin on those days so thats. Another thing is, I wouldnt get really oily, but I would just kind of feel it on those hot humid days. So bear that in mind when you get this Foundation or youre thinking about picking this one up feel like its going to be the perfect foundation for the colder drier winter months or the colder drier climates. Another con, I would say, is I really didnt love how this Foundation looked with other primers that werent pore filling. I think that you really need that poor, filling smoothing primer. I know some people dont believe in primers, so if you dont, this might not be for you whenever I I paired it with a different primer, it just really enhanced my pores and my skin texture, and I think that goes to the glow factor of this product And those ingredients that theyre using to keep your skin glowing, sometimes that just amplifies texture and by using a pore, filling primer or smoothing primer, it helps to create a smoother base. You know thats not the case with all Foundation, some foundations. Do it just fine with whatever found primer you pair it with? That would be a con of this one. Is you really need to pair it with the proper primer? Alliteration cons could be the price for some.

I feel like the value. Is there so its okay? For me, I definitely feel like my skin look, how looks healthy. It is a very fancy packaging. So to me, the price is Justified and its on par with other high end foundations, but I know it can be a con for some obviously lets talk powder pros and cons. Okay, Pros it minimizes the look of pores. If you use now pressed puff a powder puff, if you dont use a powder boat, that aint happening okay and but it is amazing, it is crazy how much of a difference the Powder Puff makes in pressing the powder in my pores actually did disappear. It was nuts, so that is a pro when used properly. What else do I have here, doesnt make my skin too matte or dry, looking again being dry skin Im, always on the hunt for powders that dont make my skin look like a dry desert. Okay, I want like how my skin looks with the foundation, but not sticky or weird or gross feeling. You know I dont wan na I dont want to feel the foundation. I dont want to bump my face and have it come off on something I want something to set my Foundation, but not take away the beautiful glow of it, and this powder is doing that. For me, I think my skin does not look powdery whatsoever. It looks really beautiful and Im really enjoying that another Pro.

Is it pairs well with other foundations, so this is not exclusive to using it with the house Labs foundation. So if you just want one of these, that is fine, you do not need to use both to get these to work. This powder foundation, I threw on top of the Patrick Star one size Foundation yesterday, and it looked so nice its really just helping. Add that bit of hydration that my dry skin needs Im really enjoying it. Of course, the last problem to mention is: it helps my Foundation to last longer not longer compared to some say, matte foundations. Those are going to help my Foundation stay the hardest and the longest, but my skin might not look the best. This is helping, obviously create a longer jevity than say not setting it and some other powders. This one just helps my skin to my makeup. To last longer, without looking dry lets, talk cons, though what we talked about minimizing the look of pores when you use a powder puff, but what does it do when you use a brush it maximizes, the look of pores do not use it with a brush. I cant stress that enough, like I said, unless it worked for you, then I would love to know how and why it worked for you, but Powderpuff is the way to go, which is a bummer, because that means, if you dont have one of these, you would Have to pick up another product to get this to work.

I think that that kind of sucks, when that happens, the price you know 35 dollars for this one, when my elf one for ten dollars, pretty much works exactly the same, so thats nice, you have a duper ready to try out, try the elf Halo, glow setting Powder, if youre interested in this one, because maybe one day you want to upgrade to this one, if youre, using that one or whatever Im glad to have both in my Arsenal, the major con of this product that makes me think I probably wont repurchase it. Unless I really really go falling in love with it like fully truly by time Im out, but I really dont like the packaging of this, because I have to use a powder puff, although maybe I probably wouldnt like it. If I need a brush either it has like, I get the concept of it and I understand why they did it this way. It has this stopper in there. So your powder is not a mess and then it also has the net. I think they could do without the stopper, because sometimes I want to you, know tap it in, and it makes it like super impossible to get my like thing in there to get so I dont like it. I have to constantly go back in and press it because it doesnt like pick up enough stuff, I mean it picks up some, but its just its just not enough, and then I have to sometimes I get too much.

Im have to top off the excess, and then I go in and I press it, but its just an annoying packaging like on the inside on the outside of those locks on the inside its frustrating. I probably would have prefer what elf does where they have like. The little twisty thing that you can twist that way you can dispense exactly how much you want, because the net its just driving me nuts, I think I can pull it off, which is what I might eventually do. I know its probably waste more product that way, but it wont drive me crazy, having a constant or constantly re dip, but it only dispenses like a little bit so thats why I have to do that? Okay, so those are my pros and cons and overall, to sum up, I think that if you have dry skin this foundation and or this powder, you might really like, if you like, a little bit of a glowy healthy, look to your skin. If you like, matte or you need matte or you have oily skin, I would reconsider if you want to get this powder or this Foundation, because its its a lot its a lot and it also doesnt wear the longest depending on what you pair it with. So if youre in that hot humid climate be warned, it may not be for you, like. I said on days that it was hot and humid. I did not want to use it.

I used it a couple times and then Im like okay, not not on those days thats just too much. You know when you can feel like youre sweating and its almost like, not getting released, thats the feeling but thats pretty much it for today subscribe before you go so you dont miss out on my future videos, and I will see you guys next time.