There are especially gon na love this video today, because I am talking about eight drugstore products that I think are better than high end. This is kind of like my All Star team of drugstore makeup. I do just want to say one thing: there are no eyeshadow palettes in this video, although I do have a lot of drugstore eyeshadows that I really love. I tend to judge eyeshadows a little bit differently, theres a lot of things to consider when talking about like an eyeshadow palette. So I kind of left those out of this one. Even though theres lots that I love, I could name a few Essence wet and wild colourpop, which I consider drugstore, but we have other things in here. So I have a foundation, a concealer lip gloss blush. I even have a couple of nail polishes that are crazy, cheap and I think they are better than some of my higher end ones. My more expensive ones so were going to talk about it today before we do. If youve been watching me for a while Im curious to know, if you can guess any of these, so leave a guest or two down in the comments below before we get into the makeup special welcome. If you are new here, thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoy this one and I hope youll consider subscribing before you leave with that said. I know you guys are dying to see what I picked so lets get right to it.

Why dont we kind of start in the order that I apply my makeup. So lets start with a foundation. This is an old favorite of mine that has been neglected for a while and Ive recently started using it again, and I cannot put it down Im talking about the Flower Beauty light illusion Foundation. I know this Foundation has been around for quite a while its been a favor of mine for a long time, but I have just very severely neglected this for the last year, which is not that unusual. I tend to neglect favorite products of mine because Im constantly trying new stuff out, but this one I recently pulled back out again and I was just wowed how good this looks on my face, which I I knew that before, but for some reason I just feel Like I had kind of forgotten that and Ive had a hard time putting this down ever since so I have, I have two shades here. Nude L3 is kind of the shade that matches me pretty well right now, as long as I dont have any self tanner on sometimes Ill mix in a little bit of my Tawny M4. I know I just got done talking about this in a recent video or two, but man you guys, I just I cant stop using this. I have a whole bunch of other foundations on top of my shelf here, my Dior Ive got my LOreal. I have one from Milani and Ive just been ignoring those, because this has been the star.

For me, the packaging is also really high end feeling this is a really nice glass bottle and, by the way, the pump of this one. This is one of the few pumps that works extremely well for me, so some of my higher end pumps like in my Nars foundation and my abh Foundation. They have some minor issues. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I know Ive talked about it before, but this is like the best pump that I own this one and the one in the new NYX concealer mechanically speaking. In my opinion, those are two of the very best pumps just all around. This is just a great Foundation. I dont know why I fell back asleep on this one, because, after pulling it back out its pretty much my Dream Foundation, its everything that I love in a good foundation, medium coverage, very hydrating, dewy without being overly greasy or luminous its its just perfect. For me, I love it next up. I have a concealer. It is the Revlon candid concealer, so I have to give a quick disclaimer in my last concealer ranking video that I did a couple of months ago. I excluded this concealer because I thought it had been officially discontinued. I couldnt find it anywhere online. They had cleared them out of the two drugstore doors nearby me. I havent seen them back in the drugstores, but I have seen these reappear online. You can now find them online at Target and also on the Revlon website, so I am reclaiming them today and mentioning them again.

I am such a fan of the Revlon candid concealer. I think I have three of them open right now and three or four on backup, because they put them on clearance and I was afraid they were discontinuing them, so I bought like seven of them. This is such a fantastic concealer. For me, it gives great coverage Id say it has like high medium coverage, but it is a little bit thicker without being pasty, so you can get this to cover some pretty intense stuff without too much trouble. The formula is great, its hydrating, but its not greasy. It doesnt slide around it, doesnt crease too badly on me as long as I dont use too much just a great concealer Ive been using again recently and its every bit as good as my Dior concealer. Honestly, I love that concealer, but it is pricey. So if you can get your hands on this one, for like six bucks, its incredible next up, a bronzer were going back to Flower Beauty. I have to talk about this bronzer again. I know you guys are sick of it. I have been re talking about this. So much lately that its probably driving you crazy. So I have a brand new one here. This is the Flower Beauty Heatwave bronzer in the shade Sunrise L1. There is something about this bronzer that it is so good that its actually made me change my mind on some of my other bronzers that I used to really like.

I now find the shades of them to be a little bit too warm or a little bit off or a little bit too orange. I just am loving the shade of this bronzer for my skin tone right now. I know that Ive mentioned this. The last several times that Ive talked about this bronzer bread again in case youre in case youre new. Here you missed some of those videos. I know not all of you watch every single one of my videos, but the shade of this bronzer is so incredibly unique. It has its a bronzer, but it has this like blushy quality to it, but its also kind of slightly cooler in tone, so it sculpts and warms and blushes kind of all. At the same time, like you could use this a lot alone on your cheeks and even has a tiny, tiny bit of a Sheen to it. So you could use this as the only product on your cheeks and not even bother with the highlighter and blush and be perfectly fine perfectly content. It is beautiful. The form of this reminds me a lot of like The Hourglass formula, but I actually pulled my hourglass bronzer out a few weeks ago again, and it was so much warmer than this one that I didnt know that I liked it on my skin anymore. Maybe my tastes have just changed recently as far as what I prefer on my cheeks, maybe its just a phase that Im going through right now, but there is just something so special and lovely about the especially the shade of this bronzer.

If you have light to fair skin, this is the bronzer anytime. Someone asks me for a bronze recommendation and their skin is more fair. This is the one that I recommend because theres just something about this shade that I think works really well for people with lighter skin, especially those that dont like bronzers, that go orange on them. So I just got this brand new one in because my last one shattered, as I mentioned in a recent video, I went to throw that one away. Once this one came in the mail – and I couldnt do it – I could not bring myself to throw that thing in the trash. So I thought to myself and again. This is like the Frugal part of me that kind of takes over the part of me that I inherited from my grandma, who used to wash Styrofoam plates rather than throw it in the trash. I thought to myself all that good product in there. What if I find a container that I can like crush it up and use it as like a loose bronzer, so I got this old Becca powder. I actually dumped the powder out because I was not wild about this powder. In the first place, I was actually trying to pry open this top right here and I was using a tiny little razor blade. Dont, try this at home friends and the razor blades slipped and sliced my fingertip and I actually had to get stitches like I had to run up to the InstaCare and get myself seven stitches, which a few of you noticed in a couple videos back where I Had a nasty looking finger Im, sorry about that, probably made you gag, but I mentioned this slightly shameful story to highlight how much I love this bronzer and how I was unwilling to even throw it away Im sure, Im, gon na regret that decision.

Once I get that 200 check from InstaCare in order to save like a 10 bronzer, but I had to share that because I can kind of laugh about it now and it really did show that I could not even throw that away because I love it. So much moving on got ta talk about a blush also from Flower Beauty. Seeing a theme here this is the Flower Beauty, gel, Crush lip and cheek you guys. These are just so so good. If I was playing a game where there was like a timer running – and I had to like say my very favorite blush within like two seconds like this – is probably the one that I would mention, because as much as I love so many other blushes, I have So many that I love I mean I feel like Im a traitor for saying this because oh I can see them staring at me right now, but theres, just something that is perfection about this product. It works great for the cheeks. Their color range is really good. I love all of them. I dont know that I could pick a favorite per se. I think if I could pick just two Id probably go with peach crush and strawberry Crush like the light pink one and then the more like peachy pink one, because I feel like those would like cover both my bases, but today, Im actually wearing a Blackberry crush On my cheeks, which is also beautiful, if you have more like a medium to deep skin, I think the Blackberry one or the Citrus one is like much more vibrant orange one would be gorgeous on you.

The formulas are great: theyre, nice and creamy, but theyre not overly glossy or stickier kind of creamier buttery feeling link. So if you dont, like things that feel tacky youre going to move around on your cheeks, these wont do that theyre a little bit more kind of like moderately creamy. They also work well on the lips. They have a very soft pleasant scent that I love the packaging is great honestly. These are so good. Ive been a long time fan and every time I pull them back out, they definitely can hold their own against some of my favorite high end blushes. Next up. I have a highlighter, it is the Revlon skin lights highlighter. So I recently pulled this out and it has completely taken over my other highlighters. I have not been reaching for my Jaclyn highlighter anymore, which is like a favorite of mine a couple of weeks ago. I also have my Mac double gleam in my shop, my stash right now. I have my Essence pure nude, the essence pre nude. I would almost mention that one, if you like something a little bit softer, not quite as intense this one is like the essence per nude on steroids, its a little bit more impactful a little bit more intense, but its not chunky or glittery. In any way. It still has a really nice, like Sheen to it thats so pretty, but still intense, which I do love my intense highlighters.

I love the shade of this one, its a goal: thats, not overly yellow. So if you have more fair skin, I think this gold would probably work for you. Even if your Skins quite light, it is glorious, in fact Im starting to notice a little like. You know the Speckles, like the little dots in the pan, that you start to see as youre getting close to the pan. I feel like Im starting to see those already, so I might be hitting pan on this pretty soon, especially if I keep using at the rate that I have been lately. I really do feel that this is one of the best high odors that I currently own. In my entire collection, it is absolutely incredible everything about. It is perfect if you like, a more intense highlighter. Let me just Swatch it on the back of my hand, because who doesnt love a good highlighter Swatch. That is just so so pretty in fact thats just that a little bit more because you can never have too much highlighter. Actually you can of this one but thats okay, Im gon na do it anyways. If I go anywhere, I can wipe some of this off, but I just want to show you guys this thing in action I mean just look at that it is so beautiful definitely is good, if not better than most of my high end highlighters. I did try the bronzers that came out in this skin lights packaging.

I didnt like the bronzer. I thought it was way too warm, but the highlight Fighter by the way the shade Daybreak glimmer 201 is impeccable. Now for our mascara. This one probably wont surprise you guys, if you were to do this video. You probably mentioned this one as well its the essence. Lash princess mascara Ive been reacquainted with this one, thanks to you guys for the last six months, actually its been a while now I probably had this for almost a year now. I should probably replace it but Im wearing it on my lashes today, Ive been wearing it a lot more recently and man you guys this is just so good so good. I cannot believe this thing is five bucks, its definitely as good as some of my best high end mascaras. I mean this competes with my Pat McGrath, even though that ones a little different it like gives my lashes a slightly different look. If you are looking for some drama in a mascara from the drugstore. This is the one I recommend it is volumizing its lengthening. It holds my curl pretty well, it wears pretty well on me, however, its not very water resistant, so just be aware of that, but man you guys this is just so great. I know everyone loves this mascara its been raved about on YouTube here for like 10 years, and still, I think, its one of the best out there. Okay weve got just two more.

I have a lip gloss: how to mention the Maybelline lifter gloss. This is such a good gloss. You guys, I have neglected my fancy glosses. My Persona glosses because of this thing right here, its just so great. The packaging is very high. End like, if feels very fancy. It has this like hydraulic thing where you open the lid and it like pops itself up. It just feels very fancy. The formula is fantastic, its the perfect gloss, thats, not too sticky, but it also gives a little bit of color, especially if you get the ones that arent sheer. This is the shade silk, which is what Im wearing on my lips today. Let me give it a Swatch for you guys. I also really love the shade opal, which is more sheer and has a little bit of Sparkle in it. Both are stunning. They smell, amazing, which you guys know is very important to me. Smells like vanilla cake mix, which I love, who doesnt love, vanilla, cake mix its just all around a really good gloss from the drugstore that feels like its not drugstore. Everything about this does not feel like a drugstore gloss from the packaging to the scent to the formula itself and the colors theyre amazing. That brings us to my last thing, which is the nail polish. I know. Ive talked about this a few times over the last year or two. I think I mentioned them in a recent favorites video.

It is the LA Colors color last nail polishes. I have a couple other shades of these, that dont wear as well, or I just dont like the shades of them, so they have some strange Shades, but these three Shades right here are all perfect. If you like, like nude feminine kind of nails, you will love all these Shades, this ones more like a mid tone, this ones more of like a rage, its just very flattering, on the nails. The one Im wearing on my nails today is the shade love, which is like the light pink by the way, this grayish one is called Eternal, and then this one, which is so great for fall. This kind of like its like a brown Berry, is the shade linger. These three Shades all wear incredibly well on my nails so Im wearing the shade love, as I mentioned its like light pink right now. This lasts on my nails before it starts to chip for like five days. That is amazing. I even washed my makeup brushes the other day, which I do like twice a year and I had my hands in warm water for hours and hours, and that was like day three of wearing the nail polish and still no chips, no pilling. I cannot believe how long this lasts on my nails seriously. I love my Olive and do nail polishes. You guys know how much I love those they have. Such a great color range cant really say that about this range, because some of the colors are kind of like, but these three colors are all beautiful and I think all three of these colors last better than many, if not all, of my Olive and do nails.

So thats pretty amazing, I mean, I think the Olive and June polishes are eight or nine dollars. These are like 1.99, a piece. So if youre a nail polish person go pick these up, they look like gel nails on your nails. Just be careful the brush, as I feel like I have to mention this every time, because Im afraid that you go put these up youre like. Why does Maddie love these so much when they have this crappy brush on them, its not great its a little bit? Scraggly, the bristles are kind of coarser more like a toothbrush bristle than like a nail. Polish bristle youll see what Im talking about. If you pick one up or if youve tried these, but the Polish itself is incredible, so that is gon na do it. Those are all of the drugstore makeup or I guess, beauty products that I think are as good, if not better than my high end stuff. What do you guys think of this compilation of products? Were you surprised that anything didnt get included inside here? Maybe you were surprised, my wet and wild pencil didnt make it in still a favorite of mine, but I actually dont try a lot of like coal pencils out from high end Brands. This is kind of in a class of its own, the other, the only other liners that I use are like the Persona liner, which is kind of different than this one, also like my gel liner, which is also like a different kind of liner Id love to Know what your selections would be? Do you have makeup products that you think are better than your high end products, or you think, are as good as high end makeup Id love to hear that down in the comments below? Thank you guys for stopping by today.

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