This one retails for 33 dollars for 0.25 ounce or 7.2 grams of product comes in 30 different, waterproof shades, of which I believe I have the shade two Fair, three Fair, three fair is the shade I got. Thank you, Sherlock, for that. This is described as a creamy skin like medium to full coverage, concealer that visibly conceals brightens and lifts eyes and face with up to 16 hour wear its got hyaluronic acid in it. Its got golden vitamin C, niacinamide, all good skin care ingredients and lots of call outs of things. It does not have its got less than one percent of synthetic fragrance and I believe they are discontinuing my Holy Grail magic away concealer. So I am hopeful that this one will be awesome. Lets take a look at the radiant concealer swatched against a few others in my collection foreign time. First up is todays concealer from Charlotte Tilbury, the beautiful skin radiant concealer in shade Fair 3.. Second, Ive got from Nars the radiant creamy concealer in shade. Vanilla. Third up is tarte shape, tape in Fair and last Ive got from Wet and Wild the Incognito concealer in Light Beige, Ive zoomed you guys in a little bit. I was really surprised at how light this shade is. Three, fair is what I have used in other Charlotte Tilbury products, and this one is a little bit light for three fair but Im gon na try sponge on one side, well use a brush on the other side and see how this applies.

But I would definitely go a shade darker than your normal if you dont want necessarily A brightening concealer like to lighten the under eye area. I have been in this day and age kind of leaning toward matching my Foundation as opposed to going brighter under my eyes. So that is just my personal preference lately that applied easily. It is doing some good Darkness correction. I would say one side to the other. I would say its its a fairly like low end of medium coverage. Applied with the sponge lets. Do the same thing. An attempt the brush – this is a la ruse, its the 222 Kabuki, and I really like it for concealer, even though Im sure its designed more for like highlight or something like that, but I think its perfect for concealer yeah. You do get more coverage applying with a brush or fingertip would be similar in terms of not absorbing product. The way a sponge does side to side. They look pretty similar a little bit more coverage on the brush side of the fence. Im gon na just do one more Dibble, dabble right in the darkest part of my circles, so that we can make sure that that deepness Im going to take that try to cover that deepness and then take the excess into my other deepest area. Of my terrible. Under eye situation, the crevice that is my inner corner of my eyes, this seems to build up just fine Im, not seeing any issues with layering it its seamless.

All right, we are. We are applied now, my previous favorite, the magic away concealer the best part of it was that it had this. I I always thought of it as Spandex, and I heard Wayne Goss describe it that way and its stuck in my head. It gave this wonderful smoothing effect that just blurred out all your fine lines and was amazing lets take a look, lets zoom in close up and see what this one is doing. I can say right off the bat. It is not doing the spandex thing that the magic away was so good at. I can still see not the same number of lines that I typically can see on my under eyes. It also looks a little heavier than the magic away. Now, of course, we are comparing it to what had become my absolute Holy Grail concealer, so you know its its a big, its a big ask that Im going for here, but it looks nice. The coverage is very nice, its not settling into lines its, not accentuating lines, but I feel like its not smoothing them as well as the magic away Smooths my lines, but let me put the rest of my face on lets. Get this whole thing going. It is 3 14 p.m. Let me go put the rest of my face on well see if it settles down Ill, be right. Back back with the Charlotte Tilbury radiant concealer, a beautiful skin, a radiant concealer, it doesnt do the spandex thing.

But if I wasnt expecting the spandex thing, it does look very nice, it looks hydrating, it does not look dry, its, not accentuating any lines or settling into any lines. The coverage is nice. I just that spandex thing is uh Im gon na die without it. I wonder if I can still get more magic away somewhere. Im gon na have to look and see if I can buy like a dozen of them. Ah Im exaggerating, but it does look nice. I wish the spandex thing was still in effect. Ah, its gon na break my heart, its gon na break my heart but looks nice. I will link everything that I am wearing down below Im gon na wear this all day long. I will come back tonight and we will see how it holds up. 11. 30. 6 p.m. That puts us just approaching the nine hour mark lets. Take a look at how the Charlotte Tilbury, beautiful skin radiant concealer, held up it held up. Well, I feel, like the coverage is still very much intact. I dont feel like there is any bit of dryness going on under my eyes. Everything still seems quite nicely. Hydrated lets zoom in and Ill talk about the one thing that bugs me. So we already knew that this one does not quite do the same sort of smoothing spandex effect that the magical way concealer does, and that remained true. And at this point in the night it its just a little bit separated along my fine lines under my eyes.

So its not quite smoothing theres, nothing settling into the lines, its not drastic. I can just see the lines because the product isnt smoothing them over, and that is the biggest disappointment for me, which Im trying to come at this. As if I was scoring this as any other concealer, because my excessively high expectations based on my love of magical way are making me more bummed out than I would be if this was any other brand of concealer, do you know what Im saying so? For that reason, if I had to give a grade to the beautiful skin, radiant concealer Im going to go a minus, I almost knocked it down to a B plus. But then I feel like Im not being fair, because if I compare this to other brands that I would give an A minus 2, I would give this an A minus but Im so bummed out that it is not as good as my magic away, which Im Out of, and so I dont know, if I can get any more of it, I Im but thats my bias toward that particular concealer. So Im going to go a minus Im going to keep it as Fair as I possibly can. This is a beautiful concealer. It is not a bad concealer, it wears really nicely. It is pretty on the skin. It is hydrating for dry skin. It has good coverage, you know its a good concealer. I will wear it Im, just a little sad thats.

All there you have it another episode of concealer Fest is in the books. If you like concealer reviews, if you had fun with this one, please give me a thumbs up down below. Let me know in the comments: do you want to see more concealers? What do you want to see whats out there that I havent tried? Do you know of a secret stash of magic away? Let me know where I can find more of them. I actually havent looked. You might still be able to get it online. I havent looked yet Im gon na look right now as soon as I finish, this video, oh, I already miss you magic web and, as always, thanks a lot for taking some time out of your day to geek out over makeup with me.