I have a Halloween palette to try out for you guys today, and it is the new one from an earthy Cosmetics. This is the weirdos palette, this palette retails for fifty dollars. It is currently sold out on the unearthly Cosmetics website, not too sure. If theyre going to be doing a restock. I know there was a pre order that has since sold out so, hopefully theyll be able to do one more round. I was generously gifted this in PR and I am so excited for this color story. Now I did order the warms in my blood palette lets see this palette goes like this. I ordered that palette its on the way to me so as soon as it gets here Ill be making a video with it. But this one arrived first and I just we have to dive into it. It is a beautiful palette, youre getting some matte Shades and youre getting uh some duochromes and theres one multi chrome in this palette. Again it retails for fifty dollars currently out of stock. Hopefully, hopefully, theyll do one more restock, at least before the year is over, but well have to wait and see. This is part. This is one of four I believe palettes, like Halloween palettes that were released for the season warms. My blood is the another one. The one Im waiting on its the larger palette and then the other two are this size or the 12 pan size um one of thems called oh gosh.

I dont even remember the names right now, but they were really cool like they were all really cool palettes. I thought this was a nice release from an Earthly, cosmetics and Im very excited Ill, be creating three looks for you guys today, Im wearing an earthy Cosmetics, lip gloss. It is this one right here. I think I got this last year. It still says alien Cosmetics. On it, it was one of the holiday gift sets and its called glint. That is the name of the the shade. If it is your first time here on my Channel, I want to welcome everybody, hello hope, yall are doing great today. My name is Steph, and this is what I love to do. I love trying out new makeup. That is the primary content you see here on my channel. I do multiple looks with eyeshadow palettes, which is what were doing today makeup breaking videos. We talk about makeup. We have a good time while talking about makeup. If that sounds great to you, and you want to see my videos on pretty much a daily basis, I do tend to upload quite a bit. Do me a favor and click on the Subscribe button and hit the Bell next to it that way, youll be notified every time I do drop a new video, and if you like, what you see, if you are a fan of an earthy Cosmetics or you just Want to get in the Halloween spirit give this video a thumbs up before you go as usual: everything that Im wearing, which Im wearing the Patrick Tom doing some Patrick talk today.

Everything will be linked and listed it in the description box. Some of those links might be affiliate links, so if you do end up shopping to them, I thank you so much for supporting me and my channel so lets dive on into the weirdos palette. If you guys want to see the three looks Im about to create, keep on watching all right guys, so what are we gon na do? First, I keep wanting to hold it like this, but the shade names go like this um right away like this bottom row. Is really speaking to me as well as these really pretty pink shades lets start there. First lets start with the shadow hes, sorry and Im gon na do that in the crease Im using my game, Beauty, e01 idib, Prime. My eyelids, with the Too Faced Shadow entrance primer that has been my go to primer all year long. I am so happy with it Im on my second tube. Sometimes I use that primer just even though Im not gon na do like an eye look that day, but just because it doesnt allow any creasing. I know it gets mixed reviews. So if youve already tried it and you dont, like it thats fine Im sure you found something else that that works for you, but for me that ones been working really well all right, good, shade, good blend now Im going to go in with three by three And Im, taking three by three on a rougher 14.

, now Im going to go in with this shade right here. This one is called Im flying Im using a damp. Rougher 21. did feel a little bit of Fallout, adding a little bit more of three by three. Now for the lower lash line, I think I think Im gon na do dangerous type and Im using a BK, 204, now Im taking a little bit of hes sorry, which was the first shade I went in with on a rougher, 26 and Im just running this. Underneath same brush, now, Im going to go back in with Im flying and I did spray it all right, guys, Im going to take care of the finishing touches off camera and Ill be right back to show you the completed. Look number one: okay, guys heres a completed, look number one for the top lash line, Wet n Wild break a proof liquid liner for the lower water line; NYX epic wear in the shade, pink Spirit, love the way. This look turned out. Definitely nothing weird about this. Look its more of like a Barbie look lets move over to the left eye and well start working on. Look number two: oh mascara Thrive! Mascara love this one. One of my favorites now lets move over to the left eye and well work on. Look number two: okay. Now I want to play with these green tones down here, so Im, gon na start Im going to start with this one.

I was thinking this one, but no Im going to start with this one. This one is called bless, B and Im going back in with my game: Beauty. E01. Let me know if you picked this palette up or which ones you picked up. Some of you, I think, bought all four of them thats. So awesome now, Im gon na pick up the shade Snakes on a rougher 13., the inner half. I should say now with that same brush, were going to go into the matte black. I bind you adding a little bit more blessed, be the first shade. These are so easy to work with the mattes and you get such a good blend from them, adding a little bit more of snakes, the green Im using my damp morphe m124. This has like a green green to Pink shift now for the lower lash line. Im going to go back in with snakes Im using a BK 207 and were going to take it halfway, connect up here, which I always miss, adding a little bit more of blessed B, now Im going to go in with this shade down here. This one is called feather and Im going to take that on a damp referral. Three now on that rough Row, three Im picking up the matte black, I bind you Im just using it right on the Lash line. Okay, guys Im going to take care of these finishing touches off camera and Ill, be right back to show you the completed.

Look number two: okay, guys heres the completed. Look number two love the way it turned out. I love these Shades together and this inner corner perfect, perfect uh same mascara, same wet and wild liner and for the lower water line, another one from NYX, but this one is, is out of stock. This one was from that Casa de Papa collection. Uh. The shade is jarna, and this is the look. These are the two looks. The first two looks. I have one more to go Im going to remove this look and Ill, be right, back and well start working on the third and final look with the weirdos palette from an Earthly Cosmetics. So for look number three, I think Im gon na start with power. I think Ill do that in the crease and then I think we have to use the weirdos. We have to use the shade and then I can bring in the shade up here. This one is called invoke. Uh lets start with that. Lets. Try that Im taking the shade power on a bka503 now on a BK 203 Im going in with the matte black and Im going to apply this to the lid and then were gon na, do the shade weirdos on top of it. This is a really good. Matte black Im just going to blend it out a little bit on the edge Im using a refer 13 with no additional product. Now Im going in with weirdos and I didnt spray the brush, but Im gon na have to have to its a dark shade.

To begin with, dont know how much its gon na show up lets see. Now I sprayed the brush so yeah, I probably shouldnt have done the black base. I feel like thats just it has a black base on its own, so I didnt really need to do that, but you can kind of see the little red shift in it now Im going to take some of invoke now, Im going to apply it right here, Its pretty now Im going to go back in with the shade power for the lower lash line and Im using a rougher 26. now Im picking up weirdos with this brush dont know that itll necessarily show up down here but Im just trying it yeah it doesnt. Really you cant really see that reflect too much now Im, adding the shade invoke right in here: hey guys, Im gon na do the finishing touches off camera and Ill be right back to show you this completed, look number three: okay, guys heres! The completed! Look number three: I added a colourpop cream gel liner in the shade cherry pie to the lower waterline and same everything else. I actually like the way it turned out. My mistake was adding the black base for that shade weirdos. I dont think you need to do that so thats, why it didnt really show up the way it was intended to show up but yeah going forward. Now I know I still like the end result.

I think that pop of red in the lower water line it just gives it an extra spooky look. So let me go ahead, wrap up todays, video and Ill share with you guys. My final thoughts on the new weirdos palette from unearthly. Okay guys. So three looks later with the weirdos palette. I think its a perfect Halloween palette. I I love all the shades. This is one color story that I think a lot of you were really anxious about. You were really looking forward to trying this out Im here. To tell you the palette performs great, I mean unearthly, has a really good formula: matte formula duochrome um its just its a solid palette, its a solid palette and for this color story is appealing to you and if it does come back in stock, which hopefully it Does then, I think this is definitely one to grab add to your collection. Um Halloween is around the corner. We have what a couple more weeks. It feels like Halloweens taking a long time to get here. I think its because all the Halloween palettes they came out really early and I just feel like and how come Halloween hasnt gotten here, but its on the way its on the way. And if this palette is in your future, I think youre absolutely gon na love. It I got just a little bit of Fallout, nothing to wear. I would feel like. I need to do my eyes first or anything, but I know a lot of you.

You do your eyes first and then your base totally fine. Whatever works for you, Ive managed to use all of the shades in this 12 pan palette and I think they are beautiful shades. I mean I love this bottom row right here and then the pinks, the pinks, were a nice touch, a different touch so, overall guys. I am going to give this palette two thumbs up loved working with it, always love trying out new unearthy, cosmetics and wearing one of their lip glosses. Let me know what look you like best? Are you team one, two, three, none all sound off in the comments down below. Let me know if you picked up anything from this new um Halloween release from an earthy Cosmetics. I cannot wait for you guys to try them out. Get your palettes home play with them and just have a lot of fun. I want to thank you guys so much for watching another one of my videos. You all have a great day or night whatever it is.