I actually made two videos just like this about a year ago, I think, like last summer, ish and I had planned for this – to be a recurring series on my channel, but I think I just forgot about it in the mix of my other drugstore related videos. So, one year later, we are back so if you would like to hear about five different skincare products that I think deserve more hype, that also will not break the bank. Youve come to the right spot and lets jump on into it. Lets just start off with a product that inspired me to kick start this series. Again, it is the Cetaphil cracked, skin repair balm. This is something that Im a little bit confused by because on cetaphils website it says that its a new product, or at least at the time of me, filming this video it does, and that would definitely explain why I havent heard anything about it. But at the same time I swear Ive seen this sitting on the shelf for months at the drugstore. At this point I dont know if Im making that up, so I Im not really sure exactly how new this product is, but new wish well go with that. So this is a protective balm that is designed to soothe and hydrate dry rough skin, as well as repair deeper cracks. The active ingredient listed on the back of the label is one percent dimethicone, which is a silicone thats used in so many moisturizers and its been heavily scrutinized in both skin care and hair care, but primarily due to misinformation.

There is a reason why dimethicone is in basically every beauty product ever dimethicone is not only an ingredient that helps to improve the feel of a product. It kind of gives it more Glide so that it applies to the skin nicely, but its also something that is considered to be a skin protectant, so it softens moisturizes and conditions the skin. So just in case any of you were feeling skeptical or wary about that ingredient being the highlighted active ingredient here, dont be wear team silicone on this channel and then in addition to dimethicone the other ingredients worth highlighting, are Shea oil, glycerin and beta glucan. So nothing really that groundbreaking in terms of ingredients. We have some nice conditioning and hydrating ingredients, but the real reason why I wanted to include this in this video is because of the way that the product feels it is so nice. I wish there was some way for me to put this through the camera so that you guys could feel it for yourselves, because it really does feel incredible its so so silky and smooth, and it just has this incredible Glide but at the same time its not So like slippery and slidy that it doesnt really feel like its doing anything for your skin, its the perfect balance of being really silky and moisturizing at the same time, and something thats really nice about this product compared to other protective bombs and ointments. Is that it fully dries down on the skin and it doesnt leave you with any sort of a greasy or shiny finish like others might so you guys know that Im a huge fan of the CeraVe healing ointment, but that is definitely a product that looks greasy On the skin, it doesnt fully dry down and its thick, so its not for everybody.

I love using it at night, but I know not everyone and does and its definitely not something that I would ever wear during the day. If I planned to be out in public, so if youre somebody that has tried slugging with a really thick ointment, whether that is from CeraVe or Vaseline or Aquaphor, and you just cant get behind the texture of it. You dont, like sleeping with it on your pillowcase, and you want a lighter weight option. This is definitely something worth looking into because its lighter weight and its more comfortable to wear or its something that you could just wear during the day like I do so. If I happen to have any areas of skin that are looking a little bit flaky or dehydrated, this is something that I like to wear on top of moisturizer and something that Ive actually been doing with. This is slugging around my eyes during the day, if Im not planning to wear makeup, which is most of the days during the week, I will take a little bit of this and apply it around my eyes, on top of my eye cream to just really lock In that moisture and again I dont have to worry about this. Looking really shiny and greasy, I can go about my day. I can go out in public. It is great, so definitely definitely check out the Cetaphil cracked skin repair balm. If you have been looking for a lighter weight, alternative for slugging next up is a moisturizer from La Roche Posse called the tolerain ultra night soothing, repair moisturizer.

It was created to hydrate and comfort the skin at night to make the skin smooth soft and comfortable in the morning. I want comfortable skin okay stand out. Ingredients in this include squalane, shea butter, niacinamide, vitamin E neurosanine, alantoin carnosine and La Roche, posays thermal spring water. So some really really nice calming protecting and soothing ingredients in this, but again, the main reason why I wanted to include it in this video is because of the texture, its a lightweight cream. That feels really soft and hydrating and moisturizing, but it also fully dries down. So its not one of those creams that you can feel sitting on the skin, which is why Im a little bit confused about this being emphasized as a night cream. I feel like anything. Thats labeled night cream tends to be really really thick and creamy and something that you can feel on the skin. This is not like that. For me. I actually really enjoy wearing this during the day as well. It gives me a little bit of a glow, but again it dries down and it pairs really well with a moisturizing sunscreen on top. So if youre super oily, you probably wouldnt love it during the day. This would be a really nice nighttime option for you, but if you have dry skin and youre looking for something thats, intensely moisturizing, but has a little bit of a lighter weight texture for the day. This is perfect. Also, if you have a man in your life who refuses to try skin care, I feel like something like this would be a really nice first attempt, because this just has kind of like a masculine look to it with that blue.

But it feels like heaven. So any guy that is against skin care will not be after he tries this next up is the Bliss Mighty biome, deep cleansing balm, which was designed to melt into the skin to dissolve makeup, sunscreen and impurities, while hydrating and restoring the Skins delicate balance for a Soft glowing finish this contains so many nice softening ingredients as well as ingredients that are really beneficial for the health of the Skin Barrier, including things like castor oil, panthenol, Vedic, Lucan, pre and post biotics, squalling, ceramides and beta carotene. And there are a lot of drugstore cleansing, balms that I really enjoy, so I was trying trying to figure out what it is about this one that draws me in, and I think I figured it out. I feel like this just has more of like a dense buttery feel so I literally swatched this out, on my hand like it, was makeup next to the elf and CeraVe cleansing balms and I feel like you can really see the difference there. The elf and CeraVe options are more like whipped or lighter weight. I dont know its kind of hard to describe, but this one from Bliss again its just more like, dense and buttery and delicious. So in saying that I dont think that youll love this. If you have super oily skin, but if you have dry skin dehydrated Skin Barrier damage flakes irritation, serious sensitivity, then this is definitely something worth checking out, especially as we enter into Colder Weather months.

I dont really know what it is about. The makeup removal process that tends to be what triggers irritation for me, but as somebody with sensitive skin, this is something that I can always rely on, because it never causes irritation. It never makes existing irritation worse its just one of those products, products thats so nourishing it couldnt, possibly irritate my skin. I did read through some reviews on this product where people felt like this left residue on their skin. I feel like I experienced that with pretty much any cleansing balm or oil cleanser, so that is why I always remove them with a microfiber towel. You guys have heard me talk about that a lot before, but I will apply the balm work it up. In my makeup and then just swipe everything away with that towel and then I never have residue. So that is a tip I would give if you are experiencing, that with this product or any other makeup removal product and the last thing Ill mention about. This is the final reason why I wanted to include this in this video, and it is that one this packaging is completely recyclable and two Bliss is a cruelty free brand. So I really want to commend Bliss for both of those things. I definitely want to talk more about brands that are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, given the state of the climate, and that are also completely cruelty, free and vegan.

But I will be totally honest. I definitely need to do quite a bit of research on both of those topics. Theyre topics that intimidate me, because I know that there are marketing loopholes that Brands will use to try to get around them and front is if theyre, environmentally friendly or cruelty free. One. In fact, theyre actually not so I never have wanted to talk about products in that way or talk about brands in that way if it ended up not actually being true, so I feel like I have a lot of research to do before I can make more Videos like that, but if you would like to see that Im totally down – and if you happen to be somebody that is really passionate about either of those topics and happens to know of sources that are reliable and factual, that we can look into to find information. Like that about Brands, let us know in the comments below I, of course, will do my own research as always, but that would be really helpful, but if youre somebody that is more into cleansing oils than cleansing balms, then I had to give a shout out to The Neutrogena fragrance free Body Oil, I swear thats what this is the label just kind of melted off from the steam from my shower. This is not a new product to this channel. I have definitely shown this in several empties videos before but Ive never talked about it in a video like this, and I wanted to because I cant stop rebuying it.

This bottle is really nice and big, especially compared to other cleansing oils. So you get 8.5 ounces of product in this for 9.95 compared to other brands, which typically have bottles that are like four to five ounces, big and cost 20 to 40 dollars. I mean come on. It is a super basic product in terms of ingredients. It has a couple standard emollients, including sesame oil, but its also fragrance free. It never irritates my skin, it doesnt feel greasy and it gets the job done. I feel like the real reason why this is so underrated is because its not marketed as a cleansing oil. Its marketed as a body oil and I think a lot of us have a fear of using body products on the face, but in a lot of situations, theres, no reason why we cant do that, and there are a lot of body products that work just as Well, on our face, including this exhibit a so if you are not down to splurge on a makeup removal product, I totally get it. This one goes out to you and also goes out to my mom, because shes the one who put me on this. A couple of years ago, thanks Mom and last, but certainly not least, is not necessarily one product. In particular, I will highlight one product just for the sake of this video, but its really an entire brand, and that brand is peach slices if youre not familiar with peach slices, its a brand that, of course you can buy online.

But you can also pick up in stores in Alta and its an affordable brand with some incredible products. When I put on my marketing hat and take a look at this brand, I feel like one of the biggest reasons why this is not as hyped up as I feel like it should be. Given the price point and quality of the products is because of the way that this is presented in stores, when I first discovered this brand, it was almost like shoved back into what I would consider to be kind of, like the kids skincare section out Ulta. I know that theres not actually a kid skincare section, but theres, definitely an area that, when you walk by you will notice, has youthful looking Brands and Youthful looking products, and this happens to be one of those Brands. They do have really really cute youthful packaging, and I think because of that, it was put back in that area and when I look at Brands like that on the Shelf, especially all next to one another, I usually walk right by Im, like yeah, probably not going To see results with products like that, but this is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover, because that could not be further from the truth with peach slices. They have some incredible products with amazing ingredients and amazing formulations, so the product that I will be highlighting today is their acne exfoliating toner. I did talk about this one other time in a video where I talked about skin care dupes – and I talked about this as a dupe for the Paulas Choice BHA liquid exfoliant.

I actually think that this one is better. It also has 2 salicylic acid, just like Paulas Choice, but on top of that it also has lactic acid and glycolic acid arginine alantoin cucumber centella asiatica, so some really really nice ingredients to hydrate and soothe in addition to those exfoliants. So I think that this product again is just as good, if not better than Paulas Choice and its only 10.99. But when I look on Ultas website it only has 75 reviews. So Im like come on, people give Peach slices a chance. They seriously have so many great products. I did just talk about a new line that they launched in my last whats new at the drugstore video. So I will list that video below, along with all of my favorites from Peach slices, because there are a lot of favorites – they have a redness relief line, a snail mucin line. This is part of their like acne targeted line, so many good, affordable, finds cage slices deserves more height. Alright, you guys we are going to wrap up this video here. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Have you tried any of these products? Do you agree that they deserve more hype? Are you going to test any out after watching this video, If so, as always, check out my description box below, because all these products will be listed and linked in order of mention so its easy for you to find, along with anything else, you might need for Me my social media handles links to other favorite beauty, products, discount codes, Etc, and you guys know the drill if you enjoyed the video, please dont forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe.

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