I got the two new highlighters, the new eyeshadow quad, and then this like eye gloss Duo. So I want to start by talking about the highlighters and Im giggling Im giggling, because let me show them to you. First uh, there are two new shades and these highlighters are in a huge like maxi sized compact. They are the same size as the bronzer that they came out with so really large compact a lot of highlighter here, so they came out with two shades and actually, let me show you the box first, because its so beautiful and the design on the box actually Mimics the imprint on the pan heres, a close up of the pan, uh really beautiful, looks like a perfume bottle in the middle of there with something that looks kind of celestial in the background, and then here is a Swatch of or Rose, and now let me Show you the second highlighter that they came out with it is kuvre Dore and Im laughing because heres a close up of this pan and you may be thinking wow that looks very similar to The Ore Rose. Well, it is here are the two swatches, the Oreos on the bottom and The kuvre Dore Im. Sorry, if Im slaughtering that is on the top now I thought, oh once I Swatch these Im sure Ill be able to tell a difference. The second one, The kuvre Dore, is maybe a little bit deeper, but well have to get them on my face just to see, but they look incredibly similar.

Your eyes do not deceive you and when I saw pictures of these two highlights, I thought well its got to be the pictures. Why would they create two huge highlighters that are so similar, but it looks like they did Im Im like so confused. Okay, so I have my foundation and concealer powder down. I did put a little bronzer down um. Oh, you know what I didnt put any blush down. Let me put on some blush: all right blush is applied, so Ive got everything down, Im ready to go in with highlighter, so I want to start with this or Rose which again is technically lighter than The kuvre Dore and Im going to use this detail brush From Sonia G, because I want a pretty strong application of this highlight because I really want to be able to see if I can see the difference between these two shades on my face picking up quite a bit here. I also think that both of these Shades may be a little bit too deep for my skin tone. Okay, so there is, or Rose actually Im going to just apply just a little bit more more than I normally would again, because I want to actually like really see clearly this shade and these highlighters are are beautiful, as you could tell by the swatches there. The glow is really really beautiful. Okay, so there is or Rose, and now Im going to clean off this brush and now Im going to go into the cuvre door and apply this okay, okay on the on the cheeks.

Actually, you could probably see the biggest difference here, heres the Deeper Shade. It almost looks like I put on additional blush right here and you dont see that with the ore Rose, so once you get it on the cheeks, I think you can see a difference, but man do they look similar in the pan and they look so similar When I Swatch them, I was like what is going on here, so I am relieved to say that I think the ore Rose works pretty well for my skin tone. You can see that the reflect is like kind of like a neutral gold, its not too white and its not too yellow and the couver door is much more gold, like its name, would suggest it is much more gold. It is a lot warmer and the base of it is a little bit deeper there. Okay, all right Im Im glad Im glad that there is a bit of a difference once you get it on the skin, but I do wish they made them just a little bit more different and whats so interesting when Im looking at these two pans. Just plainly right here right, they look very similar Im sure you saw it in the pictures. They look very very similar, but look when I hold it up, I think you can see it in the viewfinder. The Ore Rose does look considerably lighter its very curious. I think the metallic shift in here is really playing a trick on the eyes.

So if you have a similar skin tone to me, definitely definitely go for the ore Rose. I dont even know if that shade would work. Well, if you have a lighter skin tone than mine, because I think it just works for me and this one definitely if you have a medium to deeper skin tone, this is going to work out really well for you. This is much too deep for my skin tone. Like I said it looks like I added some blush here and its on its this highlight so really beautiful presentation. I love these like Maxi compacts. They make such an impact um. I love the gold CC that they do for the holidays, um and I do love this design and this imprint in the Highlight with the perfume bottle. So those are the highlights that are part of the holiday collection. Lets go ahead and jump over to the quad that they came out with for Holiday. All of these things are limited edition, like all of Chanel holiday products, just FYI, the quad is quite beautiful. I have to say um. There are four Shades in here um, so heres a close up of the palette, and we have some like a really nice array of finishes in here. The top two shades are a little bit kind of satin. Slightly metallic the gold shade is kind of glittery. It kind of behaves like a topper and then the dark brown shade is uh like a matte, a matte shade.

All of these eyeshadows are baked so theyre going to have a little bit of that creaminess to them um and then the other eye product that Chanel came out with for this collection is this eye gloss Duo, and I got this purely out of curiosity. You can use this on your eyelids uh to accentuate eye shadow thats, how they recommend using it on top of eyeshadow or after youve, applied some eyeshadow, and they said that you can use this included spoolie, which they have in here. You can use this to add any of these gels to your eyebrows or, like the tips of your lashes, to give them a little bit of a an accent, and here are swatches of these two glosses in here and youll – see that they are very, very sheer. So if you were to kind of brush these into your eyebrows or add them to the tips of your lashes, I you know, I think theyll do like a little something, but I dont know if theyre going to be terribly impactful. What Im most curious about is whether or not Im going to want this texture in my eyebrows or on my eyelashes, so um, Im gon na put that aside and Im gon na go back to the odd and were going to go ahead and apply this. This palette to me is its very beautiful. It is pretty basic. I love a basic palette because I know outside of the holiday season Ill, be able to use it its not too glitzy or whatever its not too focused on holiday.

I do feel like this is going to be a great kind of like everyday palette. So Ive got my Synergy worker one brush Im going to go into this beautiful peachy, slightly metallic shade and pretty much put this all over my lid and this much like the Tom Ford solanage in Opera ski, I think, thats, the name of the one, the the Newest one that just came out um, it definitely leans a little bit warm, which uh I thought was an interesting choice for both Tom Ford and Chanel, because I dont know when I think of holiday. I always think of like um black eyeshadows paired, with like something silvery and, of course, gold, but I feel like outside of gold. Um a lot of holiday Shadows are very, very cool. Toned um, I dont know if its to kind of go with like uh like a black and white gown, look or like a tuxedo or something um but yeah. I thought it was very interesting that both Tom Ford and Chanel kind of went with these warmer tones for their holidays, slash, resorts Collections and hopefully, the cameras, picking up like the slight slight, like satin metallic Sheen, that it has okay and Im just gon na flip. This brush around Im going to go into this deep, the deepest shade down here and just going to use that to add a bit of Dimension here, the outer corner, so these Shadows are behaving really beautifully like well behaved, Chanel shadows, as we know.

Sometimes they can vary a little bit, but these are quite nice. Then Im going to take my Sona G blender Pro brush Im going to go into this lighter brown shade up here and Im going to throw that into the transition area and see how that works. Theres a little bit of warmth to this Shadow. It almost has like the slightest duochrome effect. I wonder if you can see it in the pan and its this Shadow Im talking about its like, I think, maybe right there, you can see it. You angle it and all of a sudden you can see like a pretty warm uh like peachy tone to it and something you definitely dont pick up when youre. Just looking at the shadow like straight on its pretty interesting, I really thought it was just going to be kind of like a neutrally kind of taupe, but its a much more interesting shade than that just kind of brushing it all over. My lid here just to kind of blend it down. Okay, now Im going to take my finger and pick up some of the gold here and tap that onto my lid, well see if that works. This is a very, very warm warm yellow, toned gold, its a really pretty gold. I, like the warmth of it. It goes really really well with, like the warmth of the other Shadows, pretty Im going to take this detail brush from Sonia g, go back into the deep Brown shade and just drag that along my lower lash line.

Definitely getting a bit of Fallout from that gold. Shade all right, so that is the quad did I even tell you the name of this quad ombre de Lune, its 937 part of the holiday 22 collection, and again it is limited edition like the rest of these products um, I think what Ill do now is. I was just going to go straight into my fiber brow gel for my brows, but I think that may get messy if I want to play with the eyeglass duo in my brows, so maybe maybe Ill just use a little bit of pencil. Okay, Im just gon na throw in my Dior, show brow Styler in. I think this is just dark brown. Let me see yep and zero zero, two dark brown, okay and now for the eye, claws Im, not sure, Im, not sure how to use this. So, Im going to take the spoolie right here, so the two shades in here weve got that gold and weve got like a peachy like camel tone to it. I guess let me start with the more subdued one, which is this one. This one actually has like little micro Glitters in there and everything so Im gon na go with the one. That is a little bit more subdued. I picked up like a chunk of it on the spoolie, so Im just gon na spread it out a little bit on to the back of my hand here.

Just so I dont have like chunks in my eyebrows and then just brush it in okay, close up, and I will lean in and also zoom in, you can see like teeny, tiny micro Glitters in there little bits of like metallic gloss in there. You really I mean I cant even see it where Im sitting uh this close to my mirror, which is just about two feet away. I really have to get in there, so I dont know if its worth it for that or if you have lighter colored eyebrows. I bet it would show up a lot more easily, but with these dark bad boys, I dont – I dont know that any of these will show up uh. Let me try the gold, I mean its a fun idea, but I dont just dont know that you can really see it that well and this gold Im afraid, because its a little bit lighter a little bit brighter than that. The the first shade that I used it almost looks like I have brow gel in that is starting to flake, which is not really a look that we want. Okay, maybe I put in too much, I think what Ill do next is put on some mascara and then well see how it looks kind of, as they suggest like on the tips of your eyelashes, and I still have this Noir Allure mascara sample. This is their latest mascara and I actually dont mind it its quite nice.

It has really spiky bristles, though so, if youre, not careful, youll like jab yourself think the mascara is dried, so Im gon na go in uh again, I think Ill do one eye each Ill. Do the like light brown shade over here on my right eye? Again up close, you can see like little sparkly bits in my lashes, but again its so subtle. It almost looks like Fallout in my lashes, okay, Im gon na try the gold on this side that that really didnt do much all right. My last attempt is actually on the eyelids, so what Im gon na do is actually use the little brush that comes in this palette looks like a little like a flat Shader Im gon na go into this shade here a little bit and they suggested kind of Brushing it on your brow bone because it is kind of sheer. I think the idea is that the little bit of metallic Sheen in there will be a nice highlight. Oh, that is pretty okay, its um. I hope you guys can see it. Oh, maybe there you can see it its really. Quite pretty. Actually I wouldnt mind wearing this alone kind of just as like a cream shadow. It doesnt feel like its going to set down. It does feel a little bit a little bit glossy, but if you use a brush like this and you put just a small or I should say thin kind of like a veil of it – itll be fine, it wont feel overpowering all right.

Im gon na try the gold on this eye now: okay, yeah – these are much more successful. I think, just as I Shadow add ons or eye shadows themselves, I think theyre very pretty on the lid. They have a really really nice, like a satin kind of glossy. Finish to them really pretty and the difference between the two shades is just is just like. You can just see like a little bit more of like the yellow in the gold one all right. Well, that was fun. Im gon na go ahead and throw on some lipstick and Ill be right. Back all right, Ive got the Chanel Rouge Allure 206. All right my thoughts, so the highlighter. Definitely you definitely have to get it on your cheeks. Otherwise, like you saw in the swatches like you could see in the pan, they look very very similar, but I do think or Rose is great for a lighter skin tone. The uh kuvre Dore, much better for a medium skin tone and its much warmer too um. The eye gloss Duo is okay, um. I think I think, as just like an eye shadow, it could be nice like just a little bit of like a gloss on your Lids, could be very nice um the idea of putting it into your eyebrows or lashes Im. Not the biggest fan of that, like I said I feel like this looks like you know, brow gel is kind of coming off.

This looks like you have Fallout on your on your lashes Im, not the biggest fan of that um, and this quad is very, very beautiful, and it works really really well. I just like this particular formula that they use its a little bit different uh than their like regular quads, which are baked as well, but theyre like very powdery theyre, not like a baked jelly. These are definitely more of the baked Chile varieties, so these shades are going to be much creamier theyre going to blend really beautifully with one another on your Lids yeah and they just work really beautifully and these Shades. Yes, they are basic, but they are a bit more interesting than they appear in the pan like this has a little bit more Shimmer to it than I think it appears, and this shade has the slightest little shift to it, which is quite beautiful, um and thats. It those are the things that I picked up from the holiday collection theres. Also some lipsticks and some nail polishes. I didnt pick those up because they well one. I dont do my own nails and two. The lipsticks looked like Reds that I already had anyway. I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know your thoughts Down Below in the comment section. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe down below.