Em Cosmetics, re, released, its Color Drops Serum Blush with a new and improved formula and packaging. The old packaging was notoriously difficult to use.. It had this dropper thing that just would not dispense properly.. This new dropper is so much better.. You do have to build this blush up, but it gives you a really pretty dewy flush of color.. I honestly cant see a difference between the old formula and the new one. This new one is just easier to use. Im, not super into this kind of blush formula.. I prefer the brands powder or cream blush over this., But its pretty and it didnt break up. My foundation. Ive been dying to test out the new Haus Labs foundation. Ive heard nothing but amazing things and I was not disappointed.. I went in with my foundation brush first and this just totally blends into the skin seamlessly.. The coverage is on the lighter side, so I added a little more and I am really impressed by how weightless it is.. It has skincare ingredients in it and it actually feels like skincare.. It feels like you have absolutely nothing on your face.. All of my other products blended on top of this beautifully., So this foundation is a 10 out of 10 for me.. I also got the Bio Blurring Loose Setting Powder and I love this too.. It definitely does blur the skin and sets your makeup without making it look dry or cakey., Its so soft and finely milled and its also talc free, which is great.

. I tried a couple lip products from Fenty Beauty, the Gloss Bomb Heat, Universal, Lip Luminizer and Plumper. In Hot Chocolit Heat and the Gloss Bomb Ice, Cooling Lip Luminizer in Cold Heartd. Lets talk about this new Gloss Bomb Ice first.. It looks like a pale blue color, but it goes on totally clear.. It has a really nice minty scent.. You get that cooling effect instantly and I like it.. It also feels great on the lips, like the other Fenty glosses, just super hydrating and shiny.. The Gloss Bomb Heat is not a new formula, but people have been loving. The Hot Chocolit Heat shade. Its like a brown with a hint of rosiness to it., Because its on the more sheer side, this color looks incredible on so many different skin tones and it actually does plump the lips really nicely. Its, not an uncomfortable plumping effect at All., A few of you asked if I could review Mooncat polishes, so I have a few to talk about. This first one is called Illusionist and its a magnetic multichrome.. I feel like Mooncat always has these really interesting colors like this, that I dont see very often.. The magnetic effect on this one is so cool.. I couldnt stop staring at my nails.. This next shade is called Cyclone and its a blue jelly, flaky polish. The way these iridescent flakes. Look in this jelly really give you this ocean vibe. So I loved this one. Too.

, The last polish I tried was Emo for Life, which is just a plain black crme polish.. I honestly feel like this one impressed me the most, because it was literally pitch black in one coat.. The pigment on it is incredible and the formula is so smooth.. The prices do vary depending on the formula, but overall the quality of the polish is really good, and I also love the brush and handle on these bottles.. They make it super easy to paint my nails.. This is the Charlotte Tilbury. Take It All Off. Its a biphase makeup remover, and I had to Google what that meant, because I had no idea.. It basically means you get an oil and water in one and you have to shake the product to combine it.. It specifically says this is for eyes, lashes and lips.. You have to shake it, apply it to a cotton pad and soak the area for a few seconds for an easy removal.. This honestly worked really well, and I tried it on waterproof mascara, which always takes me forever to remove.. I also have very sensitive eyes, and this didnt irritate them at all.. I liked this, but I think its a little too pricey for a makeup. Remover youre only supposed to use on your eyes and lips. Saie just drop these Lip Blurs. Theyre matte, lipsticks that you can build up to be super full coverage or dab on for a soft blurred lip.

. I used the shade Modern first and just dabbed it on with my finger.. It gave this really pretty soft wash of color. This other one in the shade, Classic really shocked me because its so smooth and pigmented. I was laughing because I definitely went too far over my lip line, but we move.. I would recommend a lip liner with these, because the formula isnt as matte as youd, expect and it does move around a little. Overall.