If you are new sorry about my voice, I just recently got back from a trip and basically lack of sleep makes me completely lose my voice, but we are here with the Husky voice talking about Christmas. It feels nice to do this video when its not the hottest day outside um, because usually I feel like Im filming videos, its really hot, outside and Im here talking about Christmas, so its another Advent calendar and today we have the benefit Beauty, Advent, calendar theyre. Sincerely. Yours Beauty, 12 days of Big Time, beauty Mel. Now, how cute is this big points from me because its not super bulky and over the top and loads of them, recycle and put away its nice and Compact, and it would actually be the cutest gift. Like imagine this as a Secret Santa so Im going to open this up and show you whats inside now, I find this really nostalgic because were up with benefit. I have watched them grow Ive watched them glow up Ive been a super fan from like since day. One and I always wanted to visit San Francisco because thats why they were headquartered, and here I am unboxing their gorgeous 12 Days of Christmas, so exciting so inside special delivery fill out this pretty postcard and send to your beauty BFF. Oh thats, really nice. This is the first one that Ive seen do something cute and sentimental like that happiest holidays from your beauty, BFF, love and lashes.

You will always make this sleigh bells ring. Ive got to say I absolutely love benefit. Theyve got a coined the witty sayings when it comes to Beauty. So inside we have 12 doors. Look how cute and compact these are. I think they look really pretty and the theme is gorgeous its giving me fun festive advice, but its also aesthetic. At the same time, so its going to look very cute in your home, so what Im going to do is Im just going to go from number one, all the way to number 12 and Im going to talk you guys through it. So let me know where you are in the world: if youre sat with a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate, maybe Ill go start with number one so inside they come individually. Wrapped like this, which is really sweet because its like a present to yourself every day, I like that theyre wrapped up and theyre wrapped in pink, which just gives me positive, vibes, okay. So this is precisely my brow pencil. I feel like Ive used every single benefit product I feel like. I should work a benefit because I know so much about the brand, but this is one of the best selling brow products. I mean everyone knows benefits, everyone knows benefit, do the best brow products. Ever. My housemate at Uni was obsessed with doing her brows and she would only use Benefit Brow. Products.

Fun fact benefit are actually the number one brand for mascaras brows, primers and bronzers. So I think we might get some best sellers in there. They are so famous for their brow products so very excited to see that okay inside number, two The Little Door, which I accidentally tapped into another little gift. You guys have to comment and let me know which Advent calendars. Do you have your eyes on this year and next we have the roller liner. Oh, my gosh, I remember when the roller lash launched it was revolutionary and this is the roller liner eyeliners personally Im not my biggest thing just because I dont wear them all the time. But if I was gon na do I know that this is a really really good one with really great staying power. Next, we are on to number three so inside number, three, its kind of like a little Vault whats inside also benefit from one of the first Brands. Ive ever went to one of their press events when I first became an influencer or blogger back in the day. Oh, my gosh guys this is a good one, its the benefit, bad girl, bang mascara. I feel like benefit or a brand, where they dont really need to bring out new products because they have all of the best best sellers already like theyre already there, and this is a product by girl. Bang I mean they are the number one mascara brand and Im telling you this is so good.

The cool thing about the sign is obviously these are all minis, but its great, because you can take this away on holiday with you try and like, and then you can decide if you do want to buy a full size next up number four. I believe that this is the first Advent calendar Ive opened, that is all beauty products in terms of makeup. Actually so Id be interested to know you guys in skincare makeup, or do you want a bit of a mix obviously benefit have their primers, which just like that is primer, the professional primer. This is one of my favorite primers in the world. I actually used to buy it in duty free because it used to come in a really really cool set. This is the high drape primer again really great, because you can try it on your skin and see if you like it, this is 7.5 ml. Maybe I suppose you soon when I said its only makeup, because I personally see a primer skincare, but its kind of like skincare and makeup in one. What do you guys think? Okay, number five? What is ailment number five Im, loving that I wrapped its so nice. So we have my favorite mascara from benefit theyre real. Now I would say this just gives you such long lashes and if you do a few layers, oh, my goodness, your lashes are going to be so long. This is just like the ultimate for me, like the number one product from benefit.

I have to say its hard for me to find favorites because, like I say, I love the primer as well, but this is Sensational number six whats inside number, six. So inside number six we have gim me brow, which you guys probably know if youre into benefit or not comment below, and let me know if you are into the brand if its a new brand for you. This was like the original OG brow, fiber gel, and it is just amazing, as I say my housemate at Uni, she would only use benefit. Gim me brow. I should also say that this is 59 pounds 50 and its worth 134 pounds and you can buy it at benefitcosmetics.com, but that will all be linked below. So I guess its up to you guys, depending on what kind of calendar you want. I want to number seven now: are you into the beauty ones? I mean. Obviously it goes without saying youre going to have chocolate as well. I would like to think inside number. Seven. There are so many goodies out this year. Oh, this makes me emotional, my best friend from home, and I we have such a love obsession with dandelion. So if you guys havent heard of dandelion its kind of like the baby, pink like just dreamiest Heavenly blush – and it actually makes me emotional because the color is just so perfect – its such a happy color very much kind of spring Vibes, Im really weird about blush.

I have to have like something with a hint of Coraline and for me this is really really pretty. Okay number eight. We are flying through this number. Eight inside we have a roll up lash, so you really are going to get to try all the mascaras. Its really good, because if you were like I dont know, which benefit mascara to get instead of buying a full size, one I mean youre, not not gon na like it, because I promise you theyre all really good, but you can then see which one works best With your lashes, this is a three gram and I honestly think its quite hard for them to run out like I really think the mascaras last a long time. Okay, so we are into number nine, and this is actually the first Advent calendar I have unboxed, which doesnt have the 24 or 25 days, but I think correct me if I Wrong is tradition, although it was traditional to do 12 Days of Christmas, at least at School we used to do that inside. It feels like Christmas. Oh, is this a new product for me, the 24 hour brow Setter, so even me, a benefit Super Fan clearly is not up to date because Ive never seen this product before. So I think the cool thing is and Ive said this with a lot of my Advent – calendar videos, you may be absolutely adore the brand and just want to try and use all of your Holy Grail, favorites or maybe you want to try some new ones or Maybe youve never used benefit before, but youve heard the hype and you want to see without buying full size versions.

So Im excited to try. This brow Setter next up number 10. I actually got my brows done for years and years at the Leeds benefit store. When I lived in Leeds when I was a student there, I would literally go every four weeks. Have the most amazing brows and the girls were so nice because benefit are like famous for doing brows. They have a store on carnaby street, its really really good. If you ever do need to go and get your brows done, okay inside number 10, it wouldnt be a benefit Christmas. Without a hula, the hula is absolutely stunning Ill. Never forget getting my very own personalized hula as a gift from benefit years ago, just a gorgeous matte bronzer. It just makes me want to go to Hawaii, go somewhere tropical Bali, its just a beautiful color. Every time I speak to people about beauty and we talk about bronzers people, love hula, its just one of those things that kind of stole everyones hearts and never left. So they really have jammed this full of absolute best salads, because all of these products, as far as Im aware, are pretty much best sellers. You want the bronzer youve got the primer. Youve got the mascaras. Okay were on to number 11. Now, oh okay. So this is the primer, so the other one was the hydrating one, and this is the poor primer. This is the kind of original one. This is the one that I get phenomenal guys if you havent used it, Go and use it its so great and then last but not least, we are on to number 12.

. I love how organized this box has its been kind of less messy and less chaos than some of the other Advent calendars. Its dinner. We have oh theyre real magnet. I have not used this before powerful lifting and lengthening mascara. I mean Im not mad about it. Im definitely here, for it definitely here to use it on my little brushes like that to me just means Im going to make my lashes long when youve tried all the amount of mascaras I have, I can see a brush and I can tell you what its Going to do to my lashes – and I know this is going to make them super long, so thats a really exciting new one for me to try Im such a mascara girl. I feel like it will be my desert island item, so there we have it guys that is inside the beautiful, beautiful Benefit. Cosmetics. 12 Days of Christmas laughter is the best cosmetic. I just love how positive, how happy wise they are, its festive and its fun, but its still, aesthetic and cute its cute to have to just kind of like pop in your bathroom, its just going to give you a really nice uplifting gift every day, and I Love that you get to unwrap it with a little wrapping paper. This would be such a great gift for a friend as well and, like I say whether youve used benefit before and you absolutely love it or maybe you just havent tried any of it and you want to try it, but you dont know which products to get This is for you its made me like really nostalgic, because it has so so many products I have grown up, loving and using that have been Staples in my life, so what a gorgeous product thats.

So many pretty products inside – and this is also a really nice – keep safe box. You could definitely use this to pop stuff in, like jewelry and stuff, its really high quality, the Box itself. So that is also another win from me. So, like I say you can get it on benefitcosmetics.com Ill link, all the info and links below.