I love trying out foundations, definitely my weakness. So this is the cream foundation and finishing powder Duo. This was sent to me in PR, of course, that does not change anything of. Like my reviews, my opinions, I would have honestly bought this anyway, because it is so hyped up right now and I got ta see what the hype is about and if its worth that 52 price point. So you get the foundation and you get the finishing powder as well, which I really appreciate in Patrick Todds products. I know his blushes come with a cream and powder as well as his bronzers. I do like his blushes more than the bronzer, but I just love when especially a high end. Products comes with like a two in one kind of thing, because then it just makes it that much more worth it, but this has an almost five star rating Im. Looking on my phone right now on the Sephora app – and it has really good reviews so were gon na see if its worth a hype and how it applies, how it wears were gon na do First Impressions wear test and test it out so definitely grab a Snack get cozy and lets get into it, so I just did a little skin prep and by the way I have combination skin, sometimes its a little bit more on the dry side, depending on the weather, but typically its combo, pretty kind of normal lately.

With a couple little dry patches, but I just hydrated because I feel like I needed it today, so I used my Milani make it last with the Milani supercharged dewy primer. I love these primer combinations because it works really well with a lot of my favorite foundations. So a couple highlights on the foundation its a pressed powder formula and a cream formula, because again you have those two in one products you get medium coverage with a natural finish and its good for pores and best for oily combo and normal skin. It says its a blendable, medium coverage Foundation, paired with a satin finish powder, and the duo includes a buildable breathable cream formula that melts into and moves with, your skin, which is really interesting, comes in 24 different shades and it retails for 52 dollars. So it is really pricey but, like I said it has some good reviews so lets try it out. I do have the Dual ended brush. This is 45, though so Im gon na try it out on one side and then on the other Im going to just use my regular brushes that I love with all of my foundations, because Im a firm believer that, if a foundation is really good, you dont Need to buy the tool that comes with it, because you should be able to use your favorite tools within any foundation but Im going to try it out. Just because I have it here and well see, and I do like the brush, it feels really soft.

So you have the foundation side and then the brush side, so Im going to use the shade light. Medium too. I am hoping that this is going to match but well see lets do one little stripe. Oh okay, wait! This color actually is going to match. That looks a little bit warm, but I think once I blend it out and add my concealer and everything it should work. Oh wow that really just like disappeared into the skin. The brush feels super soft thats. Pretty you see, I have a little bit of scarring right above my lip lets, see how that covers up pretty good. That is so stunning that is really really skin like to be honest, this doesnt really look like Foundation. It just sitting onto the skin really nicely and its just kind of enhancing the natural skin, which is really pretty the brush, applies the product really nicely as well, but the formula seems to be really blendable. I dont feel like you need this brush to make this work. I think thats really really beautiful. It does appear a little bit more dewy because of that dewy primer that I have on underneath, but it feels really nice the foundation like the formula of it, but Im sure you could even do this quicker if you have a bigger Kabuki brush for your foundation. As well, so I think that looks really good. You can see it really just kind of evened everything out, while still keeping my skin looking fresh and natural.

I guess if you will like it really doesnt look makeupy and it doesnt look like Im wearing a ton of makeup, but it definitely just evened everything out and enhanced my natural skin. Let me show you what this looks like on the phone, so we can get a little bit of a better shot. So this is what the foundation looks like on and then this is no foundation, so it really is like your skin, but very enhanced very glowy, and I know it is going to be a little bit more glowy. Looking because of that dewy primer that I used. But when I was watching a couple other reviews you do get a little bit of like that natural dewy finish. It does say its a natural finish, but I think it has a little bit of like a dewy factor to it and you can even tell by the formula which, by the way, lets just talk about this packaging. I absolutely love it like this little cover on it, its so nice, especially if you want to just throw this in your purse, but the formula you can kind of see it its a little bit just on the creamy side like it has like that very creamy Natural dewy finish, which is really pretty it melts into the skin. You guys like it really does, and it doesnt even really look like Foundation like it looks very skin like not like super makeupy, which I appreciate in a foundation Im gon na.

Do the other side, though, with a different brush? I do think the brush is nice, but again I dont feel like this is necessary. It is pretty small as well, so I mean you can really get in there and blend it in, and you know what Im also even gon na apply some on my under eyes, which I never do this, but I feel like this kind of product is meant To be something that you pretty much apply all over and then set it with the powder like its meant to be a like quick and easy kind of on the go effortless kind of product. So Im gon na put some on my under eyes. So we can see the coverage and how it looks. I never put foundation on my under eyes, but I think this color is really nice and, like I said, Im loving this formula you see like that finish is so gorgeous. It really is like just melting into the skin, its crazy. My lash is lifting thats cute. Oh, both of my lashes are lifting. Oh, my gosh, so Im gon na try it on the other side, with my favorite foundation, brush the anusa beauty Pinnacle Foundation, which I feel like like I said with this formula, it seems like its going to be really creamy and perfect with any foundation brush. I dont think you need that brush Duo. Look at this foreign, maybe the color isnt like a perfect, perfect match.

It might be like slightly a little bit too yellowy so yeah. I actually feel like, if youre using another brush youre going to be able to do your makeup even faster versus using this brush, because it is much smaller, so thats. Why? I prefer something like this, because its just quicker. To be honest, I think I like it more with my regular foundation brush its easier and then you dont have to keep dipping back into the product. Like I said, I like it, and even in the under eye area Im going to use just a little bit more on my under eyes with a little concealer brush. This one is the Anisa Beauty angled concealer brush. I mean I know that I did have that primer on underneath, but I feel like the foundation itself does also have a natural dewy finish its a really creamy foundation, so setting it for sure is a must. I think that is what it looks like. I think it looks beautiful lets, try out the powder and then well go back into my camera. Okay, so Im gon na just dip into the powder using the powder brush Im going to start with my under eyes. First, oh foreign. The powder is super seamless, Im, not gon na add by the way, any other creams Im just gon na. Do this and probably just add a little bit of bronzer and powdered blush, but clearly you can see a difference.

It does need to be set because it is such a dewy kind of formula, but that looks beautiful. That powder, I even also like it on my under eyes, because it doesnt feel dry and doesnt, make my under eyes look really creepy, which I really appreciate. So this is the powder, it definitely has a satin finish. It doesnt look super matte, but I like the way that it set the makeup. It looks really soft and then you can see this is like I said super dewy, so it needs to be set because I think, even if you have dry skin, I can see this kind of like moving throughout the day, because it is such a creamy kind Of finish and like formula foreign like to be honest, I like the way the product applies more with the brushes that I use typically versus the Patrick Taw brush. So I dont really think this is necessary. I dont think its a bad brush, but I dont think that you need it. I think that theres other brushes that you could use like your favorite brushes, I feel like, would work beautifully with the powder and with the foundation. So I like that, so you dont really like dont feel obligated to get the other brush because you dont need it so Im just actually using by the way. This is the tapered highlighter brush from minisa beauty, but I love it for powders as well and Im.

Just kind of touching up on this side because I feel like it looks a little bit softer with this brush versus the brush that I was using to finish off my face Im just going to add a little bit of bronzer and blush. And since this is a Patrick top foundation, video lets go in with some Patrick top products, so I have his cream and powder bronzer Duo. I tried this like a year ago and I honestly wasnt that big of a fan of it. I definitely liked the blush more, but lets try it out again again. You do get the cream in here as well, but I dont really want to add too many creams, because I just really want to try out the foundation itself so Im just going to add powders. Okay, that gave me actually a nice little wash of color, and this one I have in the color. Did I tell you shes, sculpted, okay and then for blush. This is my all one of my all time: favorite high end blushes and shes that girl this. I love, I love the cream. I love the powder today. Im just gon na go with the powder, but I feel like this is the most beautiful, pink thats gon na look good on a lot of different skin tones, so Im just applying some of that, its the most beautiful, pink, its really pigmented, as well. Im gon na blend that out blending out the edges of this to make it a little bit softer.

I think this is a gray Splurge item. I love it. This is one of my all time: favorite blushes and before I do my lower lash mascara Im going to set with Milani make it last okay. This looks really good. I dont think the color is an exact, perfect match. I feel like it is pulling a little bit kind of yellowy on me like its not perfect, but I think its doable. I probably might need one shade below this and also hello. I did not wear any concealer, which is such a big deal for me like. I never do this, but I really liked the formula and like the consistency of the foundation, so much, but I wanted to try it out on the under eyes, because I did like how its sitting on the face – and I feel like I will say I think It looks really good on the under eyes. I could have probably added, maybe a little bit more to enhance the coverage a bit or maybe even used like an under eye corrector or something underneath, but I still like it. I dont feel like its heavy on the skin. I love the formula I like the coverage that it provided and I really actually like the powder as well. I can see a little bit of kind of like that satin finish peeking through a little bit. So, if youre looking for something matte, this is not it in the packaging.

I also really like, I think, its going to be good for touch ups. I will definitely report back in a couple hours, its a little bit later in the day, its like two oclock right now, but Im still gon na wear this throughout the rest of the day. Its 209 right now Ill wear this for as long as I can normally for me, I can start to tell if I really like a foundation based on how it wears within, like four to six hours, so Ill check back in with you guys and keep you Updated hi guys all right, so I am back and it is 9 30 p.m. So it has been a couple hours since I last checked in with you guys and since I first of course applied the foundation and mind you. I have not touched up and I honestly really havent done much today. I was just in the house getting work done thats why I got my robe on its about to be that time of the month, so Im kind of just in like lazy mode. To be honest, but that being said you can see, my face is extremely oily and I dont even really have super oily skin I mean I know I did use a dewy primer, but again I do use that primer with many other of my favorite foundations, but The foundation besides the primer, it is very dewy, it has like a natural due to it and it is super creamy.

So just something to keep in mind you can see on my T Zone. I definitely need to blot. I have not touched up or anything but, like I said I wasnt really doing anything today, like I didnt work out, I wasnt like outside sweating or anything like that. It is a little bit chillier here in PA now, but my point is, I wasnt really doing much, but my skin is still very, very dewy oily. I guess whatever you want to call it. Actually, I would say its more oily than like dewy so kind of my first impressions I feel like if you have super oily skin. This Foundation is not for you, especially because the powder does have a little bit of that satin finish, so its not matte at all. Even when you do set, it also do notice a little bit of like just cakiness around the nose. There is a little bit of separation and fading on the under eyes, so it did fade in this area and I just dont really feel like it looks that great I mean it. Doesnt look terrible, but it doesnt look great either. So I am going to blot and touch up with the powder, so we can kind of see that in action, but you can still see like the blush and everything still peeking through. For the most part, the foundation is still in place, but its just like super oily, like it looks like I just got done working out, lets blot the skin, because its so necessary blotting definitely helps there actually is also a little bit of fading right around this Area I was using a tissue though, because my nose is a little bit stuffy, so this is kind of like the oil.

You can see its quite a bit, so let me go ahead and set the face and Im just going to use the powder. The powder really is like so beautiful. I actually think I like the powder more than the actual Foundation itself. I just love like how soft it is on the skin, its so beautiful, and it really is like a smoothing powder. The color is off. I could like see it right now, especially its a little bit too dark. I need a shade lighter than this, but I do like the powder. You do get two products which is really nice, like. I, like the concept of this, because its so easy to touch up with I love like the packaging, its beautiful the powder. I like more than the foundation itself, I dont really. I mean I dont mind it really being shiny, because you can like blot that, but it is a bit excessive, especially considering the fact that I really didnt do much today like any strenuous activities. So I cant say that this is a favorite, especially because I dont really love the way the foundation itself wore. I do think it looks better now, after like touching up with the powder and blotting, but I definitely have had, I think, better results like I said from other high end foundations. So final thoughts Im actually going to give this Foundation a 7 out of 10 because I do think its beautiful it applied really nicely.

I actually really liked how dewy and fresh it looked earlier, and especially after I set it down with the powder. I thought that was so blurring and soft and it really makes your skin look really like airbrushed, but I do like the powder more than the foundation itself Im, not crazy about how the foundation works. I feel like I havent, even been wearing it for that long and I didnt really do much today for it to be as oily as it was, and I feel like this one itself. It just needs something more matte underneath and it needs a matte powder, because the formula is super creamy and it does have that natural dewy finish. I think matte products with it is probably key, but I will keep using it and testing it out with some matte products and keep you guys, updated and Im curious to know if you guys have tried this. What are your thoughts hi guys? Okay, so we are officially wrapping up this Foundation First Impressions and review, because I did end up wearing the foundation again yesterday. So I have some thoughts, so I did skin prep a little bit differently this time, because I feel like the first time my skin was just super dewy which mind you. I did need it that day it was a little bit on the dry side, so thats. Why I did prep so much with like very dewy products yesterday when I tried this out, I went in with the rare Beauty pore diffusing primer, because I wanted a little bit of a smoother look, but with more of a natural finish, and that does that.

For me, and then I followed up with the foundation again, I know the color is off light medium. One, I think, would be a perfect match, but I ended up making it work with powder and concealer, which youll see in a minute, but you can see the foundation did apply. I feel like really nicely theres, no denying that it melts into the skin effortlessly. I, like the coverage that it provides, I would say its more of a natural medium coverage even building this up, though youre not going to get super full coverage. This is definitely more of just like in everyday makeup kind of product. It Blends really beautifully into the skin, which I appreciate it has a very creamy formula, but you can see the Finish is still a little bit dewy, but very natural Dew. It really just also comes down to how you prep your skin, and I also didnt bring it up into my under eyes yesterday, because I didnt really love the look of it. The first time that I tried it out, like I loved it at first, but then the way that it wore it separated it started to fade it. It just didnt, really look that great on the under eyes after a full day of wearing it. So I just used my regular concealer and what I did differently yesterday was actually went in with a translucent powder, and I used the one from colourpop because it gives such a pretty soft matte finish, but its not drying with this Foundation.

Since it does have such a creamy formula, you really need to set it down with a translucent powder before going in with the powder that comes in the compact. At least that was like from my experience what I feel like worked best, so I did that and then I went in with the powder in the compact as like, a finishing powder to really top everything off this powder in here, I will say, is stunning. I wish you could buy it by itself because it has the most beautiful satin finish. I love how soft it is on the skin, its very airbrushed. So I really liked that combination and then I just followed up with my regular cheek products, and I used the Milani make it last setting spray, and this is what everything looked like. So I thought it looked really good and I definitely did like it. The first time that I tried it out when I first applied it, but then the second time. I thought it also looked really nice as well, and it did wear a lot better. The second time that it did the first time – and I think again that all comes down to the skin prep and using that translucent powder. I feel like really helped to seal the foundation down into place. But I did have a little bit of Separation around my mouth around the nose, so it did come off in those areas, so I will say its not a perfect foundation and I definitely think I like the powder in here more than the foundation itself, I mean Theres, no denying the foundation is beautiful, it melts into the skin, but I feel like for that 52 price point Im gon na have to probably pass on the foundation.

I dont think its a hundred percent worth it. I think you can get a much better result with other foundations as far as like wearability coverage, its definitely not a bad Foundation, but I dont think its like one of the greatest foundations, especially again for that price point. So its not terrible its, not amazing its kind of just average to me for 52 dollars. Im like I dont want to recommend something to you guys just for one product, so thats. Why I feel like you, can definitely skip out on this, so yeah theres. No denying the foundation is beautiful, I just wish it were a little bit better and I feel like after a couple hours, it starts to look very just makeupy and kind of a little bit heavy on the skin. So I would love to hear your thoughts on this Foundation if you guys have tried it. Let me know what you think. I really hope this was helpful and I hope you enjoyed this video.