I have a favorites, as you know, by the title. Do I even need to intro this? Probably not all of these things that I have in this cute little basket right here and then a few that are kind of staring me down from the side are, must haves. They help me through every single day of my life, and we have everything from color Cosmetics to hand cream to toothpaste. So its not just you know, makeup must haves. This is like me in my everyday life. What I have currently uh decided is the number one everything else can go and I will share with you why I like each of these, in my opinion, game, changing Beauty items so lets just lets. Get started. Lets talk about toothpaste. Is this not the most attractive bottle of toothpaste you have ever seen? This is so elevated its expensive for toothpaste for sure Im not gon na lie, but you only need a tiny little bit. This has lasted me quite a while. This is the organic Oral Care. Orl toothpaste in cinnamon this naturally re mineralizes, your mouth. It has a 7.0 perfect pH. You have 100 organic Xylitol GMO gluten and SLS free. It is alcohol, fluoride and paraben free, and I love this so much. Okay lets talk about the lets. Talk about the bad okay, it really is not my white carpet. Okay, the nozzle on here it seems really high end its a little messy its like an actual pump, so its not like youre, squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

You are like pumping it on your toothbrush. I dont love that I try to get in the habit of like wiping it down after each pump, so the pump is annoying, but why? I think this is amazing, and this is where everyones gon na be like. Tell me more like what uh this takes away. In my opinion, in a pretty major major way morning, breath ew, like you know you wake up in the morning youre just like uh right and you kind of look, you jump out of bed. You want to brush your teeth right away right. There is something about the pH balancing or the minerals in here. It is not like a potent minty like it almost tastes sweet when youre brushing your teeth, which is a really, in my opinion, gross experience and honestly, the first time that I used this. I was like this is disgusting like: why does this taste this way and thats being like told total drama queen about it, like Im, just used to like minty toothpaste, but let me get to the good stuff, and that is in the morning youre, like hmm Im, Like a cute little princess – and I have perfect breath – and this is amazing – so if you are someone that hates morning breath, then you will like this since using this whenever I use another toothpaste Im like no forget it, Im gon na be a lifer with this. I dont even care it makes your mouth so clean.

I dare you to try it its so good. I want to mention that the Indigo soothing hand cream from tatcha Im just gon na kind of go in right now, is so delightful. I love this. It sinks in to your skin super quickly and it has the lightest most pleasant scent and I have been incredibly sensitive to fragrance Im like a broken record with it at this point. But this one does not set me off the way. A lot of other fragrances do, like literally, I have become so sensitive that I walk in Sephora and I leave and I have to put like a piece of gum in my mouth or something because I feel like I can taste it like. I can taste the fragrance in the air. Long story short this hand. Cream does not set me off. I dont go into a sneezing fit. I dont feel like I can taste it. It has just this nice pleasant, its like kind of citrusy. If Citrus was like romantic and like citrus oceany, like I cant, even put a wording to it, it just smells really good and soft but bright and it sinks in the skin and my hands Feel So Soft. When I use this – and I just even love the color of the bottle, everything about it, makes me happy and that has been my go to moving on you guys know. I love the honest Beauty blushes their lipsticks and Ive used these on and off for years.

There is something I never realized these were so specifically good for, and that is if you have glue left over on your lash line. There is something in here that if you take the wipe – and you very gently go along that lash line because you guys know, I now take the magnifying mirror – and I am very careful with my eye makeup. I want it all off of my eye. Oh, my gosh, one of my friends, sent me a tick tock talk of its like, oh my gosh. Let me look it up its literally like mites that can be on your eyes. Oh my gosh, I was like new fear unlocked. What is that? Are you kidding me? It is eyelash. Might Music, I mean oh, my gosh like wait, wait. I know that we have like bacteria and there are things on our face and like it is gross. I honestly cant stay there too long. I get really like, like I dont like it, there are bugs everywhere, um, okay, reel it in tati since having my stye. I cannot not perfectly take my makeup off at the end of the evening, like if theres, even like a little bit of glue, I will stress out about it and sometimes that glue does not want to come off and you dont want to be like rubbing your Eyes, you know what Im saying like you: just you want to be gentle. I dont know what it is, but these wipes specifically like disintegrate the glue it is wild.

Let me know if you try it and if you have the same experience, because I game changed game changed. While we are on the topic of eyes, I have found such a beautiful mascara that volumizes fully maximizes your lashes holds a curl. Does not crumble relatively easy to remove its a tiny bit stubborn, but you know, use the wipes and that is from fit glow Beauty. This does not have carbon black in it. It is a very, very clean formula, which is what I was looking for, specifically with my eye. Most mascaras were burning my eyes and causing problems, and so I went on an Instagram Mission and I like went to all the non tox mommies and all the beauty bloggers non toxic this, and that now you guys know I kind of have like dipped into that World a tiny bit not fully Im, educating myself, I refuse to be someone to just like jump in and like identify as Xyz like Im, not gon na. Do that, but a lot of it makes sense to me and with me getting mascara in my eye and things actually burning was like oh uh. Maybe we need to like reconsider what exactly is in mascara and eyeliner, specifically because they are making me want to scratch. My eye off, so I was happy to find this Ive tried a few other items from fit glow Beauty and I highly recommend checking them out. I dont want to call them an indie brand, but they are more Boutique type brand, but theyre products.

I have been impressed with the packaging the quality of the formula, just even how it shipped it was really nice. I bought that myself. I have no affiliation with them. Just wanted to shout out something thats really working for me, because a lot of natural or clean formulated mascaras do not do anything its like. Why even bother it doesnt really do much smears everywhere: doesnt thicken, so its really slim pickings when it comes to a clean, formulated, mascara this one, even aesthetically, really really pretty Im enjoying it so much and I absolutely will be getting rid of it in three months. So there you have that this is the other item from fit glow beauty that I got, and this is the C ceramide toning Mist. Now I will drench my face in this after cleansing and then Ill put my serum on, because a lot of the serums that I use contain hyaluronic acid, and if you want hyaluronic acid, to pull moisture into the skin and plump it up, you definitely want to Have some type of water to be on the skin to kind of plump up those Fine Lines? This one is a really good one. It has a nice, a nice, robust Mist. As far as like a setting spray, I dont know that I would love it as much as like a Mac Fix Plus or an all nighter its, not as finely Misty, as you know, makeup setting spray but to incorporate this in your skincare its been amazing.

I really really love it. It is paraben silicone, free, organic plant actives, and it will last for 12 months. I also have a newer Foundation that I have continued to reach for over and over and over and over. I love this. It is the most natural looking in real life Foundation that also builds up enough to give you a decent amount of coverage, but it just looks so soft and like candlelit and radiant, without being greasy on the skin, and this is the ambient soft glow Foundation from Hourglass I tried this on in my Sephora virtual assistant picks my makeup. I will link that below Ive continued to use it and it does not irritate my skin. No clogged pores its just been beautiful and I really really enjoy it. Lawless just came out with a new collection, and this I got in the unboxing that I didnt do, but that James, my husband, did and Round of Applause for him. It was one of my most favorite videos that Ive posted in a long time, which is hilarious because Im not even in it Im literally off to the side kind of like yelling at him like Hey. You know this and that and show me this and its because my eye was like swollen. You know pretty crazy and I was like I just dont want to be on camera, but he was my hero that day and he was so funny and so charming, and this is one of the items that I got.

This is the shade Daisy pink and I have been wearing this non stop. It is good. This is a talc free blush. I love it. It wears a long time. It is this. Nice flattering brighter shade of pink but its not unblendable like you dont dip in and put it on and go huh like it actually just looks like ooh, so Rosy and bright and pretty and blendable so its a really good blush. You guys know I love blush. So much I also have a new highlight from Sigma that I am so just in love with this is called Moonbeam and it is just like whoosh. This is just thin, highly reflective iridescent. It looks beautiful on the eyelids. I love sigmas formulation. Right now is top top top notch. I also have been loving the highlighter in Savannah. This one is not as iridescent its more Punchy, but still like a thin metallic High shine, highlight, which I love. When you get the thicker greasy feeling like its just like chunky on the skin, it seems to exaggerate pores Fine Lines. We want none of that more so on the skin. So I really like a thinner texture when it comes to highlight, especially the punchier ones. I also really love this blush from Sigma called Berry. Love shout out to an item I hadnt used in a while. They sent me more sponges. This is the stands out. Beauty, sponge and this, if you are still into baking, is a must have, because you have lengths on the side here and you can get in there and in there and carve out just like I mean it, makes baking so easy it just does it.

It does all the work for you and you guys if you have not tried the sponge just its its amazing, it feels like a pillow. It feels like what are they called foam pillow like foam microphone. I dont know I just I just really love it, love it. Oh this is. This will set some people off. Maybe I dont know um. I am still definitely planning on making a video of my transition from a dominantly plant based diet to a more animal based diet. Now, Im, not full carnivore. I dont want to put a label to things. I really just try my best to not be like. I am this, you are that I feel like. Why are we constantly needing to put a label to things like just exist? Flow exist find out what works for you be in that, and so for me right now, high protein good animal fats, even Dairy, which, like is mind blowing to me, because I had not had dairy in so many years. I would like just be, like you know, like I literally just started drinking milk again and I cant even believe how good I feel like it is ridiculous. Anyway, my pursuit of Health has been so up and down and up and down my whole life, and I have never been fully transparent or open or comfortable to be open with you guys about some of the challenges that I faced behind the scenes with my health And Im getting to a place where I feel strong enough that maybe well kind of take a deeper look at that, because I have a lot to share and I personally know how much I was suffering in my health – not getting it right and kind of being Confused as to why doctors, couldnt figure out things with my hormones weight, gain weight, loss, skin issues, just like the full thing, and I finally feel like I – have kind of narrowed it down and Im figuring out what is making my body feel so good and its Seriously been emotional, like I started crying the other night telling James Im like I feel, like Ive, been sick, my whole life and now that Im eating this way and taking care of myself.

This way, I feel, like I have a chance to like live and Thrive and not be dependent on medication and its just been like a real like, like Im, mind blown so in my research of more animal based diet. I have definitely, you know, pushed away a lot of the processed seed oils. I have very much given myself a deep education on How seed oils, like canola oil, soybean oil, how much theyre processed and this isnt a lot of our skin care as well, so not to be overwhelming, where we have to be like. Oh my gosh. Ah, like we have to change everything all at once, no uh like Im not suggesting that, but I myself have been very curious of like what would happen like Im. Seeing good results on the inside of how I feel incorporating things like eggs and meat and butter and dairy um all really high quality. What would happen with my skin, so I ordered from the company toups Organics the frankincense face balm, and this might make you grossed out. James was quite gross grossed out by it. Hes, like oh, I just I dont know this is beef Tallow, so the dominating ingredient in here is beef. Fat high in minerals, vitamin A which is retinol can really help the skin improve, and I have seen amazing results with this, and I had to share with you guys its only been about a month of me using this, and I will use it on the face.

I will use it on my hands Ill use it on my knees, Ill use it on the body. I have another one that is without the frankincense that I have been using all over the body, and I love it. I tell everyone: Im, like your mind, will be blown just like if you can hang with it. If you can get good quality, get beef Tallow put it on your legs. You will just all of a sudden, be like. Oh my gosh. I have been using 50 different bottles of lotion that seem to moisturize and feel good in the moment, and then you have that rebound of it drying them out. When you use something like this, that is more rich and the body knows what to do with it. Its completely bioavailable kind of you know mimics what we already have going on in our skin. You see a good result, so Im loving this. I also have their lip balm, which is again another type of a thing that doesnt set me into that rebound moment. Where Im like, I need more, I need more, it just stays on and does such a great job nourishing Im a fan, Ive told my whole family Im like you, need to go and order this right now your lips will thank you. They will plush up and you will just be amazed. So I have the Tallow lip balm and sweet girl, and this is made from 100 grass fed Tallow, organic shea butter mango butter, beeswax, essential oils and its so good, its so clean.

You dont have to worry about licking your lips and being like. Oh, like is this bad for me with something like a balm that you might be putting on at night, and you know wrapping yourself up in moisture and you know kissing your partner or whatever. I just feel like at night I dont want as much like fragrance and like 5 000 different ingredients on my lips, so Ive been loving that moving off of the beef fat. I do have another eyeshadow palette. Specifically, this shade right here is the one I could have worn it today actually to match my you guys know. I like matching matchy to match my blazer. It is honestly one of the most flattering metallic Smoky greens I have ever used, and this is in the shade I dont even know what the shade is. I will try to track it down. I picked this up at Whole Foods and I was surprised just how much I love this green and then this beautiful buttery highlight shade is gorgeous as well, and then you have some taupey shades in here, really smooth, really beautiful, love it so much. Okay, Rowan Beauty sent me some makeup that I had to share with you guys you guys know. I love a good Cream Blush. I talk about the honest one all of the time, but for varietys sake I just wanted to share with you guys they have cream blushes very similar formula where its not overly gel over really glossy.

It has this like plushy cream texture to it. That, I think, is just next level and you can use this on your lips, cheeks its just so flattering and pretty Blends right in and its kind of an effortless makeup that you could put on with full Glam or, if youre wearing nothing at all. It still looks great, so there we have it. You guys see Im sure from the tone of my Channel right now and what Im pursuing that. I am all about that Inner Health and the beauty still glamorous feeling good pursuing good things, always yay life all right. Let me know in the comments below what some of your current favorites are. I would love recommendations. I actually I found some good things per your request, um of things you want me to try. So let me know always I love hearing from you and I just hope, youre having a great day whatever you are doing, go have a good one, and I will see you all in my next video.