Today we are going to be testing out and reviewing the newest concealer from milk makeup. This is their future fluid all over cream concealer it retails for 29 US Dollars and you can find it in 30 different shades. I grabbed the shade nine neutral to test out today. It is a light, medium shade, with neutral undertones. As far as the description for this concealer, it is meant to deliver medium to full coverage and its going to give us a natural finish now. This is a multi use, hydrating formula, so you can use it all over the face. You can use it to spot conceal, to highlight to contour, and just you know in case you want to skip out on the foundation. You can use it all on its own. The formula also contains some skincare ingredients, such as caffeine, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, and, of course, since its milk makeup, you know that this is cruelty, free, its also vegan and gluten free. So lets get started with this review. You guys know the drill Im going to be wearing this all day, long for a good eight hours and Im also going to be wearing this concealer in two different ways on the right side, youre going to see it on top of a color corrector and on The left side youre going to see the concealer on its own to see what kind of coverage this truly does deliver. Remember medium to full coverage Im assuming that its a buildable formula since its categorized as medium to full.

Now, as far as which corrector Im going to be using, I believe, based on it being a hydrating formula with a natural finish Im going to go with my Sigma corrector. This is the spectrum color correcting Duo. I use the shade at medium to dark, looks like this. I like this formula, its a pretty hydrating formula. It stays in place its not as emollient as my Becca and Smashbox color corrector, so it is hydrating, but not not as hydrating as this one. So, just applying a little bit of the corrector right here and I dont have anything underneath the eyes other than my skin care for the day. So, Im going to skip through the foundation portion of this because you know were here for the concealer right all right foundation is on lets, apply some concealer. So this is a little packaging for the concealer. Very unique Ive never seen a concealer in this type of a package and also check out the the applicator its like a cone like an upside down ice cream cone. So this is going to fit really nicely underneath the eyes or, if youre, just trying to spot conceal or if you are trying to you, know, Contour highlight whatever it is. I like the fact that you have the option to be either really precise with it straight down, or you can also get a wider area with the applicator on its side. So here are a couple of swatches.

This is what it looks like straight out of the tube, and this is what it looks like after its sat for a little bit and heres a closer look of that there doesnt seem to be too much of a difference which is good, since this is a Buildable concealer Im going to start off slow, see where were at and then build it up a little bit. If we need to Im going to start over here on the right side, Im just going to apply a little bit right there and Im going to do the left side as well. Since this is more of a hydrating formula, I dont foresee this drying down really quickly like before. I can get to blending it out so Im just going to apply the same amount or a very similar amount on the left side. So Im going to blend it out with my Real Techniques, expert concealer, brush lets, see what this looks like and Im just keeping the product where I feel like I need it. I want to avoid applying too much, since this is a hydrating concealer. That could be bad news if you apply way too much underneath the eyes all right that concealed really nicely. I can still see a little bit of Darkness peeking through just a tad, so I might build it up a little bit, but before I do that lets go ahead and take care of the left side. I really am curious to see how much this conceals.

It looks a bit brighter and a bit lighter than what I thought it was going to honestly and a little yellow for it being a neutral shade. It seems to be pulling a little a little more on the yellow, all right, so there it is underneath both eye areas. I think I am going to build it up, just a tiny bit right there and a tiny bit right here. So again, just a little bit right here and a little bit right there. Okay, so Ive got to be honest at first, I really didnt like it. Okay, when I was first applying it the first layer, especially on its own, it looked patchy. It did not look like you know, smooth enough it just wasnt delivering enough coverage. Of course you guys saw that um, but it builds up beautifully. It looks better on top of itself than by itself its I I dont know I dont know. Maybe its setting and thats why it looks a little bit better. I dont know, but it looks a lot better than it did before. I went in with additional product and Im gon na go back with my foundation. Brush and just kind of blend in between it is a very brightening formula. I mean look at this it. I thought I got a shade that would match my Foundation, but this is definitely giving us highlight underneath the eyes now as far as coverage, it looks like its completely concealing the under eye area, but I am starting to see some settling, so I am gon na Absolutely be setting this concealer in place, I mean you can definitely see it over here right and I think a little bit over here.

So it is starting to settle just a little bit now, with this being a hydrating formula, I dont foresee setting it to be an issue when its a matte formula thats when Im kind of like oh, do I really want to set it. Do I really not want to set it because if I do set it and its a really matte formula, you know its going to look like the Sahara Desert underneath your eyes, but when its a hydrating formula, sometimes they need it, and it doesnt affect the way That they look – or it wont affect them too much as much as like a mad formula lets say so lets go ahead and set it really quickly. Im using my my oma trip and smooth setting powder in the shade light which looks like this, I want to make sure that everything is Blended out before stamping it with our setting powder. All right, everything is good to go and set. Let me bring you guys in so that you can see what the under eye area looks like right. After applying it all right, so heres, the under eye area up close remember, this is the color corrected side, looks pretty full coverage, and this is the side that we did not color correct. It looks like it has pretty high coverage, but you can clearly still see the darkness underneath all right. So now that youve gotten a close up, you guys know the drill.

Let me jump off camera one more time finish the rest of my makeup and I will be right back all right. Makeup is done time to continue on with the day its a little bit of a later start. For me, it is 1 14 in the afternoon. Usually I start these around, like nine oclock 10 oclock, but I had a lot going on today and Luna and I went out on like this huge long walk that I was not expecting. I was gon na just take around a 30 minute walk. It turned into twice that, and we were just kind of all over the neighborhood. By the time we got back, I had to just you know shower. Do the whole thing over again, because I felt disgusting so starting a little later, but we are going to finish the day a little bit later and of course, per usual. You are going to see a midday, a check in from me under natural lighting, well see what the concealer is doing at that point, and whether or not it still looks good as of right now, I feel, like it looks pretty decent personally, I like it over On this side, a little bit more and the shade is kind of bothering me because it did pull a little bit more yellow yellow. So it looks a little tiny bit more yellow underneath the eyes. However, all that aside, it looks good. The under eye area looks concealed and it doesnt look heavy, it doesnt feel heavy.

It feels pretty smooth and I would say that were getting similar coverage underneath both eye areas. I dont know what do you guys think personally thats how I feel about it? So yeah lets continue on with the day, and I will see you all back here in a few hours for my midday check in all right Im back for a quick midday check in it is currently 4 58. So Ive had this on for a good four hours. I believe at this point. This is what the concealer looks like Im pleasantly surprised, I it looks really good. It still looks pretty smooth Id say, maybe a tad tad bit dry, maybe maybe but smooth for the for the most part and its still concealing really well on both sides on both sides. Anyway, we havent finished the day, so I dont want to get too ahead of myself Ill, be wearing this for about another four hours before calling it, then, so, I will see you back here in a few more hours for my final check in all right. I am finally back for my final check in of the day. It is currently 8 50., so almost right, almost a solid nine hours. Now, before I get into how this wore underneath both eye areas and what I think about this concealer Im going to zoom you guys in one last time, so that you can get an up close look at the under eye area after wearing this concealer all day.

Long, all right, so this is what we are left with at the end of the day. As a reminder, this is the side that we color corrected with the sigma corrector, and this is the side without a corrector all right. It is now the second day its the day after I got done filming what you guys just saw. I wasnt expecting on filming this, as you can see like. I have a mess behind me: theres a mess in this room um, but I did want to now that its the end of the day, it is currently 8 – 27 p.m. Um. I wanted to fill you guys in on what I did so I wore the concealer again. Okay, we wore it again today and I paired it with my Becca corrector. I still had to set it with the trip and smooth setting powder I had to because it continued to settle into Fine Lines um and I wore it with the Becca corrector. Personally, I think it wears better on top of that specific corrector for me, um it doesnt, look like Ive gotten a lot of coverage, though, and the one thing that I did notice from today is that, and perhaps I kind of didnt really notice yesterday I dont Know um its too light the shade that I grabbed, which I thought was a good shade match for me, um its too light its just. I mean you guys saw yesterday.

It just really brightened up the under eye area. For me, which is fine, but I think that thats, why Im not getting better coverage with this particular concealer at the moment, let me Zoom you guys in so that you see what it looks like today. I personally feel like it looks. It still looks a little bit dry, but not as dry as it did yesterday and I it looks a little bit smoother. It looks a little bit smoother coverage wise, not there all right, not there um, but it does. It does look better than yesterday. So let me Zoom you in so here it is, I believe, Ive been wearing this for a good nine hours today. There is no difference underneath the eyes today, both under eye areas have the Becca, corrector and theyre both set with the same setting powder, and I used the same amount of concealer underneath both eyes overall, a better combination but Im still not getting the coverage that I Want after day number two, I can safely say that, in my opinion, for me, this concealer is good, not great all right, and I say that for a few reasons, its good, because I love the shade range, although the shade that I got, I think, is a Little bit too light for me, so if I do end up, you know wanting to give this another try. I might have to exchange the shade that I have for something a little bit deeper, but for two, the ingredients are great right: skin care ingredients.

Of course, the formula is vegan its a cruelty free brand. I mean it has a lot of good qualities. However, if you do need to conceal dark circles underneath the eyes and youre wanting to get more than just like, you know, light medium coverage medium like High coverage, not full coverage, but if youre wanting to get anything like higher, you are going to have to set This formula, because it is pretty creamy um, it does settle into your fine lines, no matter what like, no matter, how long you wait for it to set the natural finish, wont, allow it to completely set to something that you dont have to set or like something Thats not going to settle into your fine line, so its going to settle youre going to need to set it and, in my experience setting it just makes it look really dry. It really did kind of wear off today for me, so of course theres that so personally do I hate it. No Ive, worn, worse concealers. You guys know this. You guys have seen it so. No I dont hate it. I dont think its a bad concealer. I just dont think that its for me, I dont think that its for someone who is trying to truly conceal Darkness because, like I said, if you use anything more than a small amount, its going to settle youre going to need to set it. And it might look dry so overall, like I said good, not great, so that completes todays video.

Finally, I thank you all so much for watching. I truly hope that you enjoyed it todays video review and that you found it helpful.