I have been dying to try this Foundation since it launched, and I havent had a chance till today and today is the day Im finally going to be trying out. The new house Labs, clean complexion, collection, which includes the triclone skin tech Foundation, which Ive been hearing. Such good things about Ive been trying not to watch peoples reviews, but even with trying not to watch it theres just so much hype around this foundation and it seems like people are really liking. It so Im excited to try it theres. Also, the bio blurring loose setting powder that they sent and the foundation brush Were not gon na waste any time Im so excited. I cant wait to read about it. I cant wait to try it on see how it works. For me, you guys already know my love runs deep for the Nars foundation, so you know my expectations are high, but this seems to be something thats, really Innovative and fun. Look at the shade range. How beautiful is this this foundation and like the complexion collection, is available in stores at Sephora and online, obviously in the US and Canada, so Ive got a bunch of little papers here about it were going to first try out the triclone skin tech Foundation, which is Clean and groundbreaking it says retails for 45 US Dollars and 59 Canadian. Its very skincare, based is what Im gathering from this its supposed to have buildable medium coverage as opposed to brighten, and even the skin tone is supposed to have long, wear, reduced redness, even skin tone and protect from environmental stress, Im, so excited.

And then you pair that with the foundation brush, which is ‘ us 51 Canadian, its supposed to be soft, dense, it has a ergonomic aluminum handle and it hugs the face lets get to it. So they sent me two shades, the first one being zero. Three: zero, Fair cool, so let me just see for shade matching which one will be the best. Okay, that was a little bit much whoopsies, okay, so thats, fair cool! I didnt even show you the packaging. Oh, my gosh Im just too excited heres the bottle, its a very heavy weighted glass, a bottle, its really nice, and then you have this kind of chrome cap and then a pump on the inside, which is great, okay, so theres that shade lets see what Fair Warm looks like Im, hoping one of these Shades work that ones gon na work regardless. So this is zero one. Five, Fair, warm! Okay, honestly, I think I could make either of them work, but I feel like the first one was just a little bit closer to my skin tone, so were gon na go with that all right lets try out the foundation brush with it, heres what it looks Like its a very very nice, dense brush, I really like how its rounded at the top okay lets give this a go were going to apply it to one side of the face. First, Im going to shake this just in case and Im just gon na do one pump.

On the back of my hand, you can see its kind of like more watery than it initially looks like okay, Im gon na pick. This up off the back of my hand about that. Much lets do this side of the face. First, it has quite a bit of pigment actually and Im just kind of painting that, on the face from the center and blending outward, I didnt apply a primer anything. I just have my skincare on from earlier Im going to make sure to blend that down the neck. I think the brush does a good job at blending. Things out. I am just in such a habit of using my sponge, so I am going to take whats left on the back of my hand and just press that, in with my sponge, I always use both a brush and sponge. Every time I apply foundation, okay, so heres the before heres the after. It definitely has a very skin like finish to it, and I would have to agree with the medium coverage. It evened out my skin tone overall, but theres still blemishes showing through which I like in a foundation. I dont mind adding a little more coverage using concealer if it means that the rest of my face can look really Fresh. So I like that – and I think this shade actually matches really well for me. It seems to match my neck perfectly anyway, so that was one pump on half the face, so that means were going to do another pump on the other half so lets go ahead and apply this all over it.

Doesnt have a fragrance, but it kind of smells like skincare, Im kind of taking a little bit of that foundation and stippling over this side of my face, where I have a bit of redness and breakouts just to see. If I can layer things up a little bit more and then Im going to take my sponge and press that into the skin as well, Im absolutely loving how fresh this looks on the skin. It has a really nice kind of dewy skin. Like finish almost like, I applied my skincare fresh to the face it also Blended out really beautifully and for how much I applied. You really cant see it on the skin thats whats cool about this. It has a really nice finish and looks really good upon application. So were going to go ahead and add some concealer, and then we will powder with the bio blurring loose powder, so Im just going to take my NYX concealer since thats one that I love and Im familiar with Im just going to use this underneath the eyes. Today, because, even though I would naturally add a little more coverage to blemishes, I want to see how the foundation wears and wears off if it does over top of those blemishes, so Im just going to do concealer around the eyes. Alright, so lets try this out. Next Ive got this in the shade translucent this long in five Shades. It looks like its 38 US Dollars: 49 Canadian, its a talc free powder, its supposed to have a weightless gel powder technology.

It has a soft focus finish and blurs and Smooths lets. Try it. The packaging is really nice on this as well. It has such a beautiful texture. I really really like it. Oh thats, really pretty Im so excited for just the house Labs brand refresh in general. Okay, so weve got a little stopper and a mesh a little sifter thing in here Im going to powder this half. First, we can see the difference starting off underneath the eyes Im just going to use my little brush to just set the concealer around the entire eye area. Oh its really smoothing. I was almost expecting it to be a super, thin kind of a feeling powder. You know those powders that are like HD and they kind of poof in the air, because theyre so lightweight its not really like that. This has a little bit more density to it, which I actually prefer in a powder, but its not looking heavy on the skin either. So you kind of get the best of both worlds. Take taking a slightly larger brush and just pressing that into the sides of the face to set, I always set my entire face with powder, so Im just doing my normal routine with these products, you can see it really took down the shine, though versus this, but It still looks fresh on the skin. It looks very blurred wow. I like that, a lot it doesnt look too heavy under the eyes either.

I always like to take my sponge and just press over powder just to pick up any excess, but no Powder powder definitely works. I really like how that feels on the skin as well. Im gon na go ahead and powder the other side of the face and well finish up the rest of the look so far, so good Im really excited about this. Okay. So before I finish up the rest of my makeup, I just want to give you guys a good look at the foundation and powder. My skin feels so nice and I really like the finish of this. The powder blurred everything so its not too shiny Im. So intrigued by this and cant wait to see how it wears so Im just going to do a quick makeup, look and then well get going on our wear test so Ill see you guys in a little bit okay. So I just finished my makeup. I just kept things really fresh and minimal today, so we can really see how the foundation wears. I actually did even apply any highlighter just so we can see the finish of it really well at the end of the night. So so far, so good everything applied beautifully. On top, I really like how my skin looks so time will tell lets start our wear test, its currently 6 43 PM, which I know is later but honestly, you guys Im gon na wear this as long as possible.

I couldnt wait another day before trying this foundation, so I will stay up extra late. I already am kind of a night owl, so we can make sure we get a solid wear test on this, but so far so good. It feels so smooth on the skin too. The powder really feels nice Im excited about this. So far, um application, wise, I think its nice powder looks good. It looks a lot more airbrushed once you add the powder on which I actually really like. So I cant wait to see how this holds up for the rest of the night, so Ill see you guys back here for my check in all right. You guys so Im back its currently 2 42 a.m. So Im ready for bed but Ive been wearing this. For eight hours – and I definitely have some thoughts so by looking at it right now in the T Zone, its looking a little bit like broken up in separated around my nose, it got quite oily right there, as you can see, and also my chin area really Broke up everywhere else seems to be intact. My forehead is oily, which is normal. I obviously didnt touch up throughout the eight hours. I normally would I wouldnt let my skin get this oily, but Im not loving how it looks around this area. Here you guys know. I always like to see what it would look like if I were to touch it up, because sometimes it really does refresh things so were going to go in with the house Labs powder and Im just going to kind of blot the T Zone a little bit With this, that definitely helps, but it still looks pretty heavy around the nose area.

If I take my fingertip, it kind of helps get rid of that if I kind of just Pat that out okay, so it definitely helps to powder. But I still see a little bit of breakage Im just going to go ahead and finish powdering. So we can get the final effect. Okay, I do feel like that really did help things honestly for most of the day, this did look really nice on the skin. It wasnt until the last, like probably three hours, I would say where things started, to look a little bit more oily than what I personally prefer, but powdering. It really seemed to help. This is not my favorite around the nose. It definitely bunched up. That could also be maybe using too much product around the nose so Ill try using less products. Sometimes, when I apply foundation on half the face for foundation reviews and then I do the other half, I can accidentally apply a little bit more than what I would normally if I were to just start blending it out all over the face at once. If that makes sense, but based on my first impressions, this is a really pretty Foundation. I especially like how it looks initially I like how it feels I like how it Blends out. I, like the idea of skincare being infused into this foundation and overall, I feel, like my skin, looked really healthy, especially for the beginning portion of the day it didnt wear as well as some of my other foundations.

For me personally, I think the Nars one wears a better on me and even The Hourglass one, the whats. It called this one, the ambient soft glow Foundation completely different type of foundation. This is a very like airbrushed, more soft, that soft focus kind of a finish with this one, but both the Nars one and The Hourglass one seem to have a little bit more of a longevity for me personally than this one does right now. I say right now because I will try it again with using less, sometimes less is more with certain foundations. So I liked it enough to be able to wear it again, but I do still think that my Nars one beats this one for me personally. But with that being said, this is a really nice foundation and I feel like its working for so many people. So Im gon na give it another shot Im, not floored by it completely at the end of the night, but Im also not mad at it. So Im gon na play around with it and well see, Im really happy that I have it and Im really happy that I tried it, but something tells me that the Nars foundation will still be number one for me personally. Also, the house Labs, bio, blurring setting powder was really beautiful, its so smoothing and blurring and just a very velvety powder. I really really did like the texture of this and Im excited to use this again.

So Im gon na keep this on my desk as well. To keep using, but I really was impressed with that formula: have you guys tried this Foundation yet? If so, let me know in the comments down below, because I know theres been so much hype around this, so I would love to hear if youve tried it and how you feel about it. Is it a foundation that youve Fallen completely in love with, or do you like, other foundations more than this one? If youve tried it? I would love to hear from you guys in the comments down below if youre new here hi my name is Ali and I would love you to join the family. You can do so by hitting the Subscribe button and, if youre already a subscriber, but you want to be notified on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, click on the Bell after you subscribe and youll get a notification every single time. I post thats it for me today. Let me know in the comments down below what other new products or foundations you want to see me try next.