We are talking this brand Cetaphil, also known as Cetaphil. I think it depends where in the world you live as to how you pronounce it. This is the brand thats long been seen as like the poor relation to CeraVe, which, like exploded in popularity in the past couple of years. Recently, though, things have started to change, citiful has been getting a lot more hype than maybe it did before. Theyve launched a few new products which have caught peoples, attention and theres been quite a few developments, theyre also celebrating their 75th Anniversary as a skincare brand. So I thought that was a great time to do a little bit of a deep dive. Look. I set it for the more detail, the pros the cons, another any products that are worth, including your skincare routine, sit back. Relax lets talk the truth about Cetaphil. Now, before we get into this video, I would love to know what your thoughts, feelings and opinions are when it comes to cedophil. Are you like a hardcore devotee Ultimate Fan girl for the brand, or is it a product range that just doesnt inspire you that much sound off and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below whatever you think, obviously to feel. If you like me, you, like the channel you enjoy this style of single brand reviews. Let me know by giving this video a thumbs up and a like. This also really does help spot me as a content creator, because no more likes the video gets, the more widely YouTube will distribute it on its platform, so its just a wonderful way of making sure as many people as possible know about our wonderful mad about skin Family and for that Im so so grateful now Ive got quite a lot to cover in todays video, so in true mad about skin style.

Shall we cut that waffle and delve straight on in so lets start with a little bit of overview of ceter belt? Well, 75 years, young today, so I guess a big happy birthday close out to Cetaphil and you know I think it does always show a quality of a brand that can stand the test of time and kind of evolve to meet different tastes and approaches to skincare. Over such a wide time, period, 75 years makes it probably one of the oldest skincare Brands around today, and you know what I do think thats kind of worth celebrating. However, as with all brands, they do have their pros and their cons Im going to talk about those later in the video Im also going to take a look at Cetaphil versus CeraVe, because I think theres some confusion around you know. Are they basically the same products? Actually not theres some key differences that I do want to call out if youre interested in one section of the video over another Ive left time stamps in the description box below so use them to navigate your way through right from its foundation through today. Cetaphil has really focused out on the sensitive skin Market. I think this is really really great, because the most brands that we see today focus on like maximum results, highest concentrations and thats, just not going to work for you if you have a multi, sensitive or irritation prone skin type, its nice.

That said, to felt really put their heart and soul into formulating products that arent going to excessively irritate the skin and do give the consumer with sensitive skin type a little bit more choice in the market, which I definitely think should be applauded. And they now have over 70 products in their collection, and I have a look at all of them. Theyre not all available here in the UK and all of them do kind of still have that basis of being gentle enough for sensitive skin types, not packing them. Full of actives, which kind of goes against their Court, found in principles which again is really really nice to see theyre now available as a branded over 70 territories and apparently it comes to their website. 96 000 locations. Im thinking thats a whole whole lot of real estate that you can now buy C to fill in, and I think this is one of the main reasons. Over the past couple of years, the brand has just grown and grown and grown according to Industry insiders. One of these products – theyre gentle skin cleanser, is sold every single second, that is like a mind, blowing amount of product and youre definitely starting to see a lot more hype surrounding C to fill them. Maybe you did say three or four years ago, where all the attention was on its competitor CeraVe, but no matter how popular Cetaphil has become, as with all brands, they have their pros and their cons, which is what I want to break apart.

In this section of the video Im, all about the positives, so lets start with those Pros. First number one the price point drugstore to their car, unlike CeraVe, which does tend to command a slightly higher price point here in the UK and in Europe than it does in North America. Cetaphils tends to have a standard pricing across the globe. I love this because it means no matter where you are in the world. You can reach for a citiful product and know that youre not going to be overpaying theyre. Definitely one of the most affordable brands on the market. Most their products do come in really good sizes. So if, like me, the sort of person that just like to buy a product and have enough that it lasts for like months and months and months, city of Phil will definitely definitely appeal to you. I think their price point is what really sets them apart from a lot of their competitors and with prices rising up Up and Up recently, we havent seen that same price increase from Cetaphil. Does it mean that it wont take place? Absolutely it could, but at the moment theyre holding their prices firm, which just makes them even more attractive when you look at some of the other products on the market. The second Pro I want to call out is: their formulations are really good. Specifically, if youve got a sensitive skin type, theres been a big Trend in skincare recently of packing everything full of actives people are a lot more aware about what each active ingredient can do and of course, then they cover them crave them a lot of products that Contain them, it would be really easy for citiful to kind of get on that bandwagon and start putting vitamin C retinoids everything into all of their products, which is something weve definitely seen.

Other brands do, however, theyve kind of stayed true to their founding principles, of just being a really simple, yet hyper, effective, skincare line for people that have sensitive or irritation prone skin. I really like that because I think some other brands that used to be geared towards a sensitive skin Market have kind of abandoned that principle just a little bit and started to chase those active formulations that, after all, do sell in really high quantities and get those Cash registers ringing citrible Hazard, so it makes me really happy that theyre getting all the love hype and support that they are at the moment, including those increase in sales, without having to really turn against their founding principles, which is nice to see it a brand. Finally, when it comes to the pros, I want to talk about their marketing and their approach, so they dont really demonize sensitive skin. If you Im someone that has fairly resilient skin type, but a lot of my friends do have inbuilt skin sensitivity and are particular irritation prone and they say actually, when you look at some of the marketing thats out there, its very much geared towards demonizing sensitive skin. Like its a terrible thing, its something that should absolutely be treated and dealt with, and not something that you should kind of embrace and Shop to meet that skin type, I think this needs to change this whole narrative needs to change because sensitive skin type is no Worse than any other skin type out there, its nothing to be ashamed of or fight against it just is something to be aware of, so that you can match the products and the brands you shop with to your individual skins needs.

I, like that citiful kind of celebrates the sensitive skin talks about ways that you can absolutely work with your skin type, to kind of make it a little bit more resilient to kind of improve all of the things that you want to in your skin. But without doing it in a demonizing way that you see some other brands, do so thats, definitely something that I think they should be applauded for now with any pros do come some cons, and this is really what I want to talk about in this section of The video I think the biggest con, for me at least, is theyre, not a cruelty. Free brand now Cetaphil have done a lot of work in the background to work with the Chinese market, which is like the last holdout demanding animal testing to prove the safety of any cosmetic products, which is such an outdated way of approaching things. However, recently they have allowed certain opt out, so you can apply for these uptowns to kind of circumvent the requirement to test your products and animals in order to access the Chinese market. Now a lot of people are kind of in two minds about this. For me, I personally would rather brand say you know what were putting our ethics Above All Else, and whilst animal testing is required in any slight way, we wont be selling into mainland China. Other brands that take another people take the view that you know if brands are working with the authorities, use these opt outs to kind of maximize the effectiveness of them and minimize the amount of animal testing.

Thats done. That has to be a good thing. You know I do see both sides of that cake and I can totally get that people would have different opinions and it all comes down to your individual approach when it comes to this and the brands that you want to support. I think its a shame that Cetaphil havent completely pulled out of that Chinese market, so they can be truly cruelty free, but again, I do applaud them for the way that theyve constructively worked with the Chinese authorities to kind of get those opt outs in place to Minimize the total number of animal tests that need to take place. You need to bear that in mind when youre, considering Cetaphil and, like I say, different people will have a different approach to that. Another con for me when it comes to the brand is the way that theyve, recently kind of turned their head on their marketing approach and theyve gone down a little bit of a very strange line. So when theyre recent marketing campaigns said that, if you kind of get your skin in order, you use their products boost your skin confidence. Thatll help with your confidence in the bedroom yeah. You heard that right and not really sure thats thats, not my preference for a style of advertising and also, I think, thats a little bit of a reach and a stretch. But I think this sort of advertising its kind of designed to make the brand a little bit more exciting a little bit more modern.

I think its Fallen just a little bit flat and I wish theyd just keep their core values if youve got sensitive skin. This will work for you. I think all of that trying to appeal to a younger demographic trying to be a little bit more interesting and exciting. It kind of seems a little bit false to me. Thats just one example of a recent a marketing campaign. Theyve done, there are other ones where theyve just tried to make the product seem a little bit more trendy and I dont think its particularly working. I think theyre caught ethos, a really reliable, drugstore and affordable brand thats great. If you have skin insensitivity is where they need to really direct their marketing, I think theyve kind of lost their way just slightly with some of their recent marketing campaigns. Finally, when it comes to the cons, its just the sheer volume of products they now have for the longest time possible, they had 10 core products moisturizers and they had cleansers and they worked really really well, then they kind of started to grow and expand, and recently Weve seen an explosion in their product line, and I now think it totals over 70 individual products. Whilst I do think there are subtle differences between each and every one of these products, at least what I can see in terms of a review that Ive done. I think these differences are very, very subtle and it starts to become a little bit confusing.

This is something I turned the Paulas Choice problem because they really took this concept around with it and now have hundreds and hundreds of products with only tiny variances between each and every one of them. I think thats what Cetaphil are kind of falling into at the moment and theyre also taking some products that are almost like for, like for other products and just matching them differently like for you know extra, obviously like super impaired barrier function, and I think it gets A little bit confusing personally Ive for a more streamed line like really edited collection of products, so they can focus on the quality rather than the quantity, and hopefully they kind of dial. This back in the next couple of years, because I dont think we want to see them Reach like 100 150 different products thats when it just becomes overwhelming and totally confusing. Now, at the start of this video, I said that for years, Cetaphil was kind of seen as like a poor relation to CeraVe, which is like exploding in popularity along before Cetaphil did in terms of whether I think thats a fair comparison. I actually dont you know. Whilst on the face of it, they look like very similar Brands. You know they have. The same looks theyre packaging. They used to have a very similar price point, though CeraVe has increased recently and they kind of had that same Dermatological backing and promotion which really started to drive their sales theyre.

Actually, a lot of key differences, so Cetaphil is very much captured like the current trend for active ingredients in skincare, which is why theyre having retinoids they have vitamin Cs. They have a whole Suite of different products geared towards different skin concerns. Focusing in on these active ingredients, thats not a criticism, its just something thats very different to see to fill, which has really kept its core values of being all about sensitive skin friendly skin care. Also, CeraVe are all about the ceramides. Every single one of their products is packed full of ceramides, which is kind of their like unique selling point with Cetaphil. You dont get that some of their products where its necessary are where they think it enhances the formulation you do have ceramides, but its not just in everything as standard. I think thats a little bit more authentic, because ceremonies do absolutely deliver great benefit for the skin, but I dont think they need to be in every single product, particularly things like cleansers. Also, when you look at Cetaphil theyre, very much about the emollients things that are going to soften nourish and hydrate, the skin thats their unique selling point, which again is very different to CeraVe, you know. Overall, I think there are some key similarities, but for me, if youre looking for a skincare brand, that is very much their cot ethos is about skin sensitivity. Friendly formulations Cetaphil are streets ahead of CeraVe and I think CeraVe are very much taken it and run in terms of that higher potency, actives, focusing on like peoples obsession with ceramides their great.

They dont need to be in everything and I do find that they overuse niacinamide as an ingredient which again Cetaphil havent done in the same way. They are very different and I know both brands have their pros and cons. But for me I think Cetaphil is streets ahead of CeraVe in terms of their formulation and really the athletes and the ethos that sit behind the brand. I would love to know what your thoughts, feelings and opinions are when it comes to cedophile. What are your favorite products if I was going to suggest some of my favorites Ive linked them in the description box below I pretty much stick to their original cleansers and some of their basic moisturizers? I still think the originals are the best when it comes to this brand. You guys might disagree so sound in the comment section below and let me know any of your holy Grails and favorites wherever you are in the world. Guys stay safe stay. Well, I love your skin.