The internet is having some kind of meltdown over these. Apparently this is amazing. Patrick tar is a very well known, celebrity makeup. Artist and Ive tried some of these other products and honestly they are beautiful, and this newie here is a little Duo. Thats got a cream foundation and a setting powder, its meant to give a skin, like finish its meant to be really dewy and glowy and beautiful, and its meant to minimize pores and texture so lets. Try it on my oily textured skin and lets see just how good this is now. I know youre all going to want the tea on this, so this one is going to set you back. 52 USD. It comes in 24 different shades. Apparently, this velvety cream foundation Blends seamlessly to perfect the complexion and blur imperfections and the setting powder will soften diffuse and minimize the appearance of pores. Now some cool things about this formula: flexible polymer blend soft focus, blurring powders, transparent, pigments and glow enhancing emollients. All of these are currently work together to minimize the appearance of pause. You had me at hello, so Im gon na try this one out today, Im gon na wear it for eight hours. Im gon na show you close up. The texture on my skin were going to talk about the formula and Im gon na, let you know whether or not actually worth all the hype and believe me when I say the internet is having a meltdown first up packaging and dont mind my greasy little fingerprints.

All over this, it comes in these really pretty rose gold mirror like finish little compacts when you open it up, you do have a generous mirror in here for application, and then youve got the cream foundation at the top and thats actually hidden, underneath its really cool. Like little plastic flap, I think that this is genius, because in the past, whenever theres been cream products and powder products in a compact, you dust your brush into the powder. The powder goes all over the cream, it dries up and it goes crusty. This little design here actually protects the foundation, keeps it safe and obviously youll get a lot longer use out of the product. So youve got the cream foundation at the top and then weve got the powder foundation at the bottom. Here now I have the shade light medium to here. This one looks to be, I mean it looks pretty deep to be honest, and the recommendation on the Patrick Tower website is that you actually use the major skin double ended brush to apply this to get the best results. So one end is for the foundation and the other end is for the powder, so lets not muck around anymore lets go in and actually pick this up. Oh, I actually picked up quite a bit more than what I thought. So you can sort of see how pigmented it is there when feeling the formula it does feel very, very creamy, oh okay, now, apparently this one will give you medium coverage, so its not necessarily like a full coverage product, its meant to be more of like a Skin, like finish so something thats going to look really natural and really you know, blur everything out, but still leave your skin.

Looking like skin, okay, so blending this one out its actually working into the skin really beautifully. Definitely does look like a medium coverage. This brush feels really really nice and soft, but I do kind of feel like application with this brush might actually slow you down somewhat like. If you wanted to get this on really fast, you probably could use a larger Kabuki brush or you could use a sponge. I have to say, though, that looks really really pretty on my skin, and the color match is pretty good for reference for those of you that are new here. Im an nc30 in Mac blend it up across my forehead. Now, oh my gosh, this is beautiful. It does leave this really pretty dewy finish on the skin. It gives it a glow, but at the same time I dont feel like it looks heavy or greasy and a lot of glowy Foundations. Uh tend to definitely emphasize texture and sort of settle because they reflect light from inside your pores, but this somehow leaves the skin dewy and glowy, but it also blurs texture, like Im kind of like a little bit confused how this works for interest sakes Im. Actually going to try it with a sponge as well and just see what sort of coverage we can get when using a sponge? Oh okay, I feel, like you, definitely get more coverage with a sponge. Both application methods are really beautiful. Both give you good coverage so its going to be up to you and whether or not you like to use a sponge or you like to use a brush here.

It is all Blended out on both sides of my face. I feel, like my skin, looks really pretty and dewy. It definitely does feel quite tacky, so obviously Im going to be using the powder that came in the compact to set this down medium coverage and I feel like yeah. My pores definitely do look minimized like looking in the mirror. I feel, like my skin, does look really pretty heres a little close up at what my skin looks like. What do you guys think its really really pretty definitely medium coverage, and I had like a big red blemish right here: its completely covered up thats, like pretty impressive, certainly for a medium coverage, product very glowy, very dewy. Now I am still seeing a little bit of Darkness under my eyes, so Im going to use a little bit of concealer just to sort of cover that up lets quickly blend that out. So going back into the Compact and using the powder part of the brush. Im going to dust that in there and Im gon na set underneath my eyes first, oh its definitely very smoothing on the skin, it doesnt entirely hang on. Let me load it up. The powder might actually provide like a little bit more coverage as well. Actually, definitely has airbrushed that area I feel like it looks really really smooth on the skin, where Ive applied that go over and dust under the other eye. Brushes insanely soft, like its really really soft.

On my skin, I threw the T Zone. I am starting to get a tiny, tiny, teeny, tiny bit of creasing along my forehead there, my chin and my mouth and then just kind of using whatevers left on that brush to dust the rest of my face yeah I feel like that looks really really nice. I feel, like everything, looks really airbrushed very sort of natural looking. It does still feel tacky. That is the only thing that I will say according to the directions and the ways to use this product is youre to use the powder. The setting powder, through the T Zone and youre sort of meant to leave like this glowy outer part of the face, but its an oily skin type. That kind of freaks me out and like when I touch my skin. It definitely still is sticky. Like the powder. I feel like its more of a finishing powder as opposed to a setting powder like it blurs it airbrushes, but theres a still like a tiny like I can feel the cream foundation underneath its still a little tacky. But I want to give this product a really good run for its money, and I want to use it in the way that it is directed to be used so Im not going to add any other powders or anything Im going to add the rest of my Makeup, though, um so Ill quickly jump off camera Ill. Do the rest of my makeup and Ill be back all right.

So I put a bit of color back in my face: Ive just used cream, blushes and bronzers, and then I sort of set them down just a little and a little bit of color on my lips. Honestly, I feel, like my skin, looks really dewy and healthy. I love how smooth everything is my pores and texture definitely look minimized. The only thing that is bothering me is that sticky sort of feeling like because Im an oily skin type Im Im. My brain immediately just feels like my face, is going to melt off but Im going to leave it because it really does look very, very, very pretty heres. A little close up of my skin leave a comment down below and let me know what you think: do you think it looks really fresh and Youthful like I just feel like it. Just it looks very flattering and very pretty its great coverage like its definitely covered. Absolutely everything, but at the same time I dont know my skin still looks like skin Im really happy with how this is looking so Im gon na start, the wear test Im gon na, come back at the halfway mark and were gon na see what it is. Looking like and then obviously later on tonight, when Im ready to take off my makeup, if this holds up well, Im gon na be impressed for sure so Ill see you guys soon, all right back with our first checking in this one.

Ive now had this foundation on for four hours. Um interesting results, I feel so Im pretty oily everywhere. Interestingly, even on my chin and my forehead, even though I powdered there but theres no oil on my nose, which Im finding like really really interesting and even though you know that oil has come through and even though it was more like a heavier sort of a Cream foundation, it actually it isnt, caking or separating which Im like what like. Normally these really like dewy glowy cream foundations and my skin normally like give it like two to three hours and shes like shes, left the chat, but it looks really good. There might be a little bit of settling in my smile lines. Oh wait, yep, definitely settling and theres a little bit of splitting. I just did my smile line hang on Ill Zoom, you in so I can actually say see how its like actually like caged and split and like sort of settled right there everywhere else, is still really smooth um. I would have expected there to be a lot more caking to be honest, based on how it feels, and one thing that is still bothering me is the fact that it is sticky and like when I like. Look down like this sounds weird, but I can feel like my chin kind of sticking to my neck. So I think for me, if Im going to be trying this one again, I am powdering the entire situation like for sure, but at the same time, for four hours and for like how shiny I am its its not too bad, you guys, it really is not Too bad at all final check.

In now guys – and as you can see, I am significantly oilier than I was at the four hour mark uh. Pretty much weve got oil all over my face um, but still out of the same, like the same kind of a thing has happened earlier. It still really isnt, caking or separating which Im finding so so surprising for a cream foundation like normally cream foundations, especially when you get oily like its a hot mess. This surprisingly holds up really really well now what I want to do like. Firstly, we will touch up using the powder that does come in the little Duo, but what I do want to do is test this again and powder, my entire face and powder it properly like press powder into it, using a sponge, because I think that the application Method, thats recommended by this product is just not necessarily suited to somebody who has got such oily skin, as I do because I feel like maybe a level of this shine and a level of this oil could have been prevented at this point Im looking greasy Im. Looking sweaty, this is way too shiny, like I cannot continue looking like this, but at the same time I feel like. Maybe this could have been prevented, fascinatingly, no texture or caking or any further separation. I do still have like a little bit of a split around my smile. I, like my smile lines here, my forehead is still looking incredibly incredibly good, um theres no product thats actually transferred off or anything like a truly other than the oil.

It looks really really good and it does feel quite lightweight on the skin um its just a little too glowy so Im, taking a little compact and Im going to take the same powder brush Im going to dip into the setting powder Im just going to try And see if we can go, oh, I might need to use some blotting paper. Hang on, hang hold that thought. Lets try this first, oh ew, look at how much oil is on there. You can normally do a whole face with one of these. I just I dont think Im gon na be able to with this so thats taken off a large portion of the shine lets go in with the powder now just touch this up. Oh, this is nicely this isnt bad at all. So maybe if you are as oily as I am, you could apply, you could powder your entire face and then you could chuck this in your handbag to touch up Im, not noticing really any of the product transferring off. Sometimes that does happen when you touch up foundations, especially cream foundations, but it actually looks pretty good look at that. It literally looks fresh again. Oh my gosh, okay, because I sort of came into this final check in like oh. This is not a Vibe, but I oh, it still feels sticky, though this powder, I swear, is a finishing powder, not a setting powder, because even when you apply it and even when it takes down the shine like strangely, your face does still feel sticky oily skin.

Its an oily skin mystery honestly Im gon na try this again Im gon na apply the foundation and Im gon na apply the powder to get that really pretty blurred effect and then Im gon na set it with a setting powder as well, because it really does Look so beautiful on the skin it just. There is no Shine Control here, no Shine Control, so yeah kind of like not like a finite decision for a first impression and review. I will say absolutely 100. This makes your skin look beautiful. It minimizes pores it blurs texture, it really Smooths. The skin. Great coverage feels really lightweight and its a great product to sort of apply to the skin and get that really dewy glowy skin, like pretty finish immediately and like it, doesnt sort of sit on the skin. Like it really melts in looks really natural really beautiful, but the Shine Control for me is a very important factor. Im just going to say for this first review were not conclusive um, if I do happen to test it with setting powder before this video goes live. I will update in a pinned comment uh in the comments and also Ill pop it in the description bar but yeah. This is this is nice. I think I just need to test more for an oily skin type, but I would love to know. Have you tried the new Patrick tar Foundation? How did you go? What was your skin type? What were your experiences and what kind of results did you get as oily as me, um because I mean like right now it looks beautiful, but I still my neck is sticky.

My face still feels sticky, but it looks pretty damn perfect, but I want to know your thoughts, so let me know what you think. Let me know what you thought. It looked like on my skin Id love to know all of your thoughts, and I do also have this Foundation to review and Ive been getting a lot of requests for this one since uh doing a review on that blurring balm powder. This is the danessa myricks yummy skin serum foundation, so I will be testing that on my channel next, but I love you guys heaps. I hope that this video was helpful. I hope that maybe it answered some questions that maybe you had about this formula before purchasing. I will keep testing and I will get back to you. I love you guys. Heaps have an amazing day and Ill catch.