This is Lisa welcome to my YouTube channel, Lisa Monique Beauty, where we cover all things: beauty and lifestyle for the over 50 woman. So I am back in Florida and I did want to say my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the Florida Peninsula Who had to evacuate or maybe have lost a property, maybe lost a loved one or still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Ian. I am actually in the Florida Panhandle for those that arent sure what that means. Uh Florida peninsulas the what you think of Florida that goes down through Orlando all the way down to Miami and then theres that skinny Panhandle, like a frying pan Im at the far west of the Panhandle, and we were not affected by the hurricane at all. Not even any rain, so we are fined uh in Florida, but definitely and praying for those in the peninsula, especially around Fort Myers and those surrounding areas, but uh. I did go to the local Target yesterday, just to see what kind of fall makeup that there was out there. I bought a lot um. I probably bought more than I can talk about in this one video, but one line that I was very intrigued with and I purchased on something almost everything or something of everything uh in that line is the morphe 2 line. So I was really interested in that. I purchased the skin tint and a concealer mascara lip gloss, eyeshadow and their kind of blush.

Is it blush and lip maybe theyre a little stack? This is uh reasonably priced morphe line. I think morphe is reasonably priced makeup. Anyways uh some of their things. I really like some of the things I dont like so itll, be interesting to see. I did have a hard time choosing a skin tint shade. I chose a hint of Walnut everything looked really yellow but of course, even in my one day, outside with SPF on and a zinc 25 block, I already can see a little bit of color and no, I was not sunbathing its just being outside so okay, but Lets look at the skin tint its got a dropper which Im not a fan of, but it just looks really yellow very watery, which means its going to be very light and sheer. Now the nice thing about light and sheer products are even though they might be. Yellow or not quite your shade, your own skin shines through so usually you can make them work and Im just using my fingers because its so watery and I think it works. I actually think its a great shade for Me. Maybe Just a Touch warm, but not anything that would make me think this is a terrible look on me, its just very, very light coverage. My hyperpigmentation, of course, is still showing through because it is a sheer tint. It says it lasts for up to 16 hours. Water resistant, sweat, resistant and transfer resistant, hydrate skin for up to 12 hours, seals and moisture nourishes dry skin its non.

I can never say this word non comedogenic and vegan comedogenic. Is that how you say it? Okay, I dont know, and it is buildable so well see what happens so sheer to medium coverage Im afraid of building it too much will make it look a little too yellow, though, on the other side, I am going to put the concealer on first. It is there hide and Peak concealer and the shade I purchased is peak of sand. This looks that kind of looks like the shade of concealers uh, so its a little on the warmer side too, and actually thats, probably a really good color for me. So Im gon na see how it does covering up some of the hyperpigmentation first, okay, well its a little more of a brightening color for me right now, but its a good its a good shade. For me, this dot right here is the one that gets really dark really fast. You know within 10 minutes of any sort of sun on it all right, Im gon na. Let that sit down for just a minute, maybe Ill go back with a slight second coat here. I dont have any makeup on, but I use a Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner and even though I take my makeup off at night, the eyeliner tends to stay on. So it does look like. I have eyeliner on okay Im gon na blend this out using my stands out: sponge, okay, thats a very nice finish, its not glowy its, not very matte.

I mean if you look at this side, which only has some concealer on it. Actually seems to have the same finish as just an my natural skin. It provided a definite tint as far as color Im, just trying to think if its giving enough coverage to be even worth Im, not sure I need to change the tint, but it does even out things just a little bit but lets try over the concealer see What happens again? They say you can apply with a brush or a sponge, but usually when theyre really watery. I usually like to use my fingers because I think that actually gives you the heaviest coverage and when its watery Im usually looking for more coverage than skin tints and serum foundations give alone. But if you dont have a lot of discoloration or anything like that, this might be the perfect amount of coverage or you may even want to Shear it out a little bit. Well, I think its really pretty um pleased with the color, and it actually goes pretty well with this color that Im getting on my skin being back in Florida. Okay, I didnt get any brow product from them. I did pick up the several of the Arches and halos brow products, its from Tanya Crooks, and then I got their four prong micro, brow, pen and then a fine point and then a clear natural hold brow gel and I didnt get just a regular pencil because I have so many of those pencils I decided.

I was going to try more of their liquid products, so lets see how they work. So the one thing about these pencils is: they dont have a spoolie in them and Im trying to see. If I have a spoolie all right, I just have a little disposable, mascara wand, okay, Im going to start with the four prong micro blading looks like this. Oh, and I think I got charcoal for everything my brows grow kind of up downwards. Well, that was pretty easy lets see what happens now, that Im trying to blend it out and get it down to my the skin yeah. I think it looks good doesnt. Look too full. I dont even think I need to go in with that little pointy pen. So now, Im just going to take some of this clear brow, gel its very ultra fine brush. All right brows are done next. Product that I am going to test out is going to be the cheek I got. Oh so nude theyre little stackables, so it looks like it has kind of a clear gloss. Then a kind of cream blush there leave a lighter one. These might be too light, but the other Shades were really pink and Ill. I was not interested in going that pink oop, and this is a Frost highlight that I probably will never use, maybe Im going to go down to the cream. I want to check up check out the cream.

Okay, it feels very balmy. I feel like its kind of lifting the foundation off. I would use this more as a lip gloss, Maybe yeah. My hair is going to stick to that so Im not going to put it on Ill, go back with the powder. Well, thats pretty I like the kind of subtle nude if youre looking for you, know, youre doing something more intense with your eyes or maybe your lips, and you just want some color on your face. But not you know not a plum or a burgundy or anything like that or or dont want it to uh too orangey. This is really actually just a very natural nude color on me very, very nude. I did also get this glassified lip oil. So lets put this over and this is in extra glaze, so its just going to be a gloss feels like all of those lip oils or extra glosses. All right last thing lets try the eyes. This is a pretty palette. They had four. I think they had. Four different palettes, one with greens, maybe one with Blues one with pinks and then I chose the neutral one for fall. So its got three mattes around the edges and then these two right here are shimmers Ill start up here. Ill do the mats first, but oh its nice and creamy. I do like the formula. So there are the neutrals thats, a really pretty extremely pigmented very creamy feeling, like I said, all right now, Im going to start with the center Shimmer put it across the top thats a pretty bronze, copper, coppery bronze.

Then Im going to take this one on the Edge more gold there, it is up at the top. Can you see it all right? I think Im most impressed with the eyeshadow right now, but lets see how well it wears so Im just going to start just. Do a standard look Im going to just start with the medium shade put it over my entire lid go in with the darker shade on my outer third very smooth, very easy to blend. Then I dont really put light highlight Shades under my brow, but I will today so just to see what it looks like a little bit on the inner corner. Take a big fluffy brush and blend it all in, and this is where, if your Shadow is not very pigmented, you tend to blend it all off and I dont, I think, thats the case yeah. I think, out of this entire line, the eye shadow is my favorite, then Im just going to put a pop of the gold right in the center. Oh thats, really pretty and heres. The thing is a lot of times. A lot of these shimmers or metallics dont apply well with just a Shader brush. I just grabbed a Shader brush. Usually you have to use your finger or something to get them that intense. These are super pigmented super easy to use for that person. Thats not comfortable with building up a ton of Shadows yeah. This is really pretty now I dont have the gel eyeliner to test out.

I did buy the uh LOreal infallible 30 hour. Precision felt liner in a brown infallible grip. Oh its nice. It doesnt feel like overly wet okay Im gon na try the line across the top. Let me put it on the magnification side, because my vision is not as good. My Lids are not as smooth in my hands are not as steady. Okay. I really like this. What is it called 30 hour infallible grip because it is pigmented and with the felt tip it doesnt feel as wet and goopy. So I really think it depends what youre looking for, but for someone like me who, if I have a really wet liner, I just tend to get it everywhere, its really easy to control and its kind of matte, its, not shiny, yeah. I like this liner now lets see what happens when I cross over and do the other eye. Oh and then the this eye. My open eye is harder to see up close, I think I have to turn turn off the magnification to do this eye. Okay, so Im back and give you a final thoughts on the foundation. Oh, I should put a little more concealer on under my eyes just to see if it does any brightening and how long lasting it is. Oh mascara, I almost forget so I started using eyelash serum again, which is great, and so sometimes I forget to put mascara on again, because my lashes are getting longer and thicker again.

I also use it on my brows and they are filling in a little bit. What I dont like is that I actually have more dark hair like around here like right up here. I see myself growing darker hairs that I have to shave up underneath my eyes, its just the price that you have to pay right. Do you want your thicker lashes back and then have to shave unwanted hair from strange places, or you want thin lashes, but no strange facial hair and, of course I dont put the serum. I dont even put it on my bottom lashes. I just put it on my top lashes, and I put it on the top part of my eyebrows. Okay, this mascara is just okay, its not really thickening its, not doing anything. Its got. A rubber brush well see how well it works as far as flaking and everything is called wink and wow nourishing mascara. So maybe it is conditioning its not bad, but I can tell if my lashes werent already long and thick it wouldnt, do anything okay. This is it, this is almost nothing, so you know what Im going to I I cant. This is supposed to be my makeup for the day, so let me just see what else I bought. I bought something from honest Beauty. I think its kind of a similar shade Lets test this out, maybe Ill. Try that this is called rose, pink, cream, cheek and lip color and its in a really cute tin and its really heavy got a good weight to it.

But lets see if this shows up they really just didnt have any darker colors. This was kind of the they had like a corally, and then they had. This rose pink and thats. It oh, but I can see this. It is another one like Tower beauty. That kind of a little more sticky ones so Im gon na have to powder because I dont like sticky stuff on my face. Okay – and you know I did – I not buy any other lipsticks – oh, I did buy another lipstick. So let me try this. This is the Maybelline Super Stay vinyl ink in shade 40 called witty. This one is darker Ill, just put a little on my hand, so you can see the color it actually is very close to the outside and before I finish this, I am going to just spray a setting spray, and I know for a lot of people with Testing First Impressions theyre like dont, try anything dont powder do anything else, but I am going to because I feel like this makeup, isnt going to be as long lasting and so normally I would use a setting spray so Im going to try the LOreal infallible Pro Spray set makeup extender, oh kind of heavy spread. Okay, I will be back with a check in and let you know how everythings doing okay heres the makeup in natural light its been about. I dont know 45 minutes to an hour that setting spray is kind of glossy, and so can you I put it on my hand, can you kind of see I dont know if you can see, but it was really glossy, so I did have to powder it Down with some of my Mac blot powder right here, because it was too dewy for what I liked – maybe that was a summer look but not in the fall, but anyways yeah Im really liking the colors.

Now, I think it looks very natural and lets see how it lasts throughout the day. Okay. So this is a final look, not a final look. Well, its probably going to be my final look today. This is at the six hour mark and Im running errands and I think its actually held up really well. The eyeliner actually is not that dark. I think the blush and the foundation still has nice lightweight coverage so and the eyeshadow still looks good. So what I am not that thrilled with is that cheek color, I just didnt, think they had a pigmented one or Shades enough for my skin tones, but the foundation is really in a nice lightweight coverage. Now, when I did spray it with the LOreal infallible spray, I mean that was kind of glowy, so I have powdered it, but that is the only thing that Ive done uh since uh this morning, when I initially filmed so I am very happy with the morphe 2 products which are available at Target so Im going to finish up the video here because Im actually traveling again tomorrow.