Five, I have four episodes already up, so I will link the playlists and the videos below so today were talking the concealers that I would repurchase out of the ones that I have decluttered. I have my handy dandy, a second camera here for swatches. The very first one has to be the makeup forever: Ultra HD concealers. Now I had so many shades because I forever sent them in PR and all that good stuff, and I have purchased myself this shade that I have in my hand the shade 12, because it is my perfect exact concealer shade in the line. But the reason why I love this concealer – I actually have a really old, uh, Swatch and review of like all the shades. So if youd like to see that I will link it below, but this concealer is self setting. So you dont have to powder it down, which I think is pretty cool. You know when it comes to like a formula like that that actually works. If you are somebody who has extra dry skin even drier than I am, and you just dont like setting your concealer, you will love this concealer. It is very lightweight on the skin lipstick swatches. I had on my hand earlier it stained, but then we can kind of really see the coverage on this. What was I saying it? I feel like its medium coverage and can be built up. This is the shade 12.

. They also have like a white shade that you can mix in as well, but, as you can see, it has pretty great coverage once you just lay the product down now, once you blend it out, it gets a little sheer its definitely not the most full coverage, But its not going to enhance any dryness, even if you do powder it, because I usually do powder my under eyes and bake with them bake with powders. I bake with powder, so this looks great with powder and without powder and, like I said its more of like a medium coverage, concealer its a great concealer for your complexion, um, not just your under eyes. So keep that in mind, if youre, looking for something that you want to cover on your face, like you know, blemish or a dark spot, or something like that and you just you cant handle powder on your face. This is a great complexion concealer for cases like that Nars rating creamy concealer. This is definitely one that I would repurchase have repurchased. I love this concealer Nars radiant, creamy concealer is definitely High. Full coverage um. I think I said this in my concealer video, but they were really Nars was really one of the first cosmetic companies to come out with a full coverage concealer. It absolutely did not grease and did not look. Cakey like it was like. You were using a Mac paint pot type of coverage under your eyes and it just looks beautiful.

So if you have, you know dehydrated under eyes, but also dark circles, thats definitely the case for me. You will love this concealer if you havent tried it yet, but this is in my regular shade, vanilla. I purchased this shade. Even when Im you know a little bit darker than I am now Im, probably an nc20. Now this is just like the perfect. I can barely get any out of this. This is like the perfect shade for my under eyes. Vanilla is a little bit yellow undertoned, but look at that coverage. I should have done it more on my tattoo, but you can see it even covered that lipstick stain and I do have a little cut on my top of my hand here. So you can see theres like dryness around that cut and uh. It doesnt even enhance that now Im going to blend it out to show you a few, you know obviously use a sponge or your finger youre still getting like super high coverage, and I dont even know if you can see that little dry patch. I have on my hand now, but you could see it with the makeup forever, love that one its just like a thinner formula, so youre going to get that you know obviously thats going to come through. This is very creamy and has a really nice natural finish. I feel like hourglass is a vanish. Concealer is definitely right up here with Nars radiant creamy.

As far as like a cult favorite, you know, like I feel like those two concealers are like will go down into like cult classic makeup items. The next concealer I have repurchased already absolutely wood and have repurchase the Laura Mercier Flawless. Is it Lumiere or Flawless yeah Flawless, Fusion, Ultra long, wear concealer, this concealer is so good. I it doesnt claim that you dont have to powder it, but you dont have to powder this concealer for it to stay. It is very moisturizing feeling underneath the eyes I have raved about this concealer forever for years and years and its just its really hard to be. I have the shade one in here. This is what I like to wear underneath my eyes. This is a little. Has a little bit more coverage than the makeup forever, Ultra HD its like medium plus coverage, and it can be built up so my hair that I lost okay anyway, so heres the coverage on that and you can see this is much thinner than the Nars Ill Go ahead and put it over that cut too, definitely not as full coverage, but you dont always need crazy, full coverage underneath your eyes, you know, or even on your face – and this is another concealer – that I love for, like a complexion concealer as well as under The eyes, so, if Im going to use this concealer as a complexion concealer, I will use two W under my eyes, one in which stands for neutral and W stands for warm is wonderful to brighten up the under eye.

So it just has such a lovely lovely feel to it so thats the coverage on the Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion, Ultra long wear concealer all of these by the way have a very long wear time. That is something that I always look for in concealer, especially because concealer is just something that I have needed since I first started wearing makeup. I just I was a kid with dark circles. You know what I mean so concealers that last all day I was just always on the hunt and uh. Let me tell you when you first start out wearing makeup and you purchase your first concealer and its Maybelline. You know: stick concealer youre, going to keep looking for better because youre like this cant, be it. I need this product. There has to be better, and there is all of these last a long time because thats something that I definitely need in my concealers hands down period. Next concealer is another Nars. This is an interesting formula because it works with my dry skin. This is the Nars soft matte, complete concealer in vanilla, light to vanilla and Ill. Also. I did this another video, but I just watch everything by the way in these declutter videos and like it is a its like, thorough, deep down reviews, basically but Ill Swatch, vanilla. Next to this vanilla, but this concealer also you dont – have to set it with powder. It is a velvet type of feel it is High coverage.

You can use like a little concealer brush with this. As you can see, it started to dry up around the edges. Its definitely time to get rid of this, but had to pull out a classic a Mac 195. whoa. This is wonderful, applied with a concealer brush. You know, concealer brushes, there are still uses for them. So Im gon na play this over my tattoo. Here. Look at that Mac 195 coming through apply this over that little dry area. Now I will say this, as you can see this isnt as forgiving as the concealers weve discussed previously in this video, but it has such great coverage and, if youre having, if, like dont, wear this concealer if youre having like a pretty dry skin moment, you know, Like adjust, your your tools for the job, but this doesnt like crazily, enhance any dryness, but its not going to be your best friend. If you have, if youre having like a dry spell, but look at that coverage, so thats vanilla in the soft matte and heres vanilla in the regular radiant creamy, I cant even get any product out of here. Basically so, as you can see, the soft matte is actually a little bit pinkier than vanilla, so you could honestly use this as both a concealer and a corrector also. I know I blended that with the concealer brush, but this is also wonderful to blend, with your finger look at that, even though its so full coverage.

It really doesnt enhance, like my hand, lines or anything, look at that thats, incredible wonderful! So especially if you have like Oily to normal skin, God bless you youre, you know you got. You got your natural moisturizer, going on all the time, youre going to look young forever. These are the four concealers that I would absolutely repurchase, have repurchased highly recommend for any skin type, especially dry skin. Let us know in the comments what concealers you normally constantly repurchase, or maybe one that you havent, but you would, if you thought about it, everything I mentioned today as well. Everything Im wearing everything I talked about today and the series will be linked below so you dont want to miss an episode because girl were going through the entire makeup collection.