We are going to address this The Roots, so I have quite pronounced Roots as you can see, and I would love to find a way to sort of extend the period between visits to the hair salon. So I generally get my hair done every probably four weeks, and you know what I probably wouldnt do it as frequently, if it wasnt for this channel, but I would like to find a way to kind of cover it up to extend those visits so that it Saves me time, and it saves me money and gosh. I would be a happy camper, so Ive tried a number of things over the years, particularly even during lockdown, when nobody was going to the salon, at least in Ireland. Here were talking eight months before I got in boy, I was looking horrendous and Ive had a lot of good success with this one. This one is by LOreal Im sure many of you have tried it. It is their magic, retouch, instant root, concealer and you just kind of spray this in and it covers it up, and I had great success with that um, but only when my hair was really dark and then I was putting on a really dark spray. So it was really good for covering just the Grays and dark hair. But if you know me, you know Im not blonde. This is not natural, I am not blonde adjacent. I am nowhere near the blonde territory.

In fact, my hair is quite dark and while I never had aspirations to be blonde, my hairdresser told me quite a few years ago. You need to go blonde because the Grays were just doing my head and my hair was so dark and all you could see was gray, hair everywhere, giving away my 51 years. Thank you very much. So we slowly went blonde. I think it took about two years. Every time I went in to get my hair done, I would put in a half a head highlights over the course of a couple of years. I became blonde now. What I found is that this didnt work anymore. This is the blonde version of it, but when you spray this on to really dark roots, it doesnt really do the job so Im stuck now, actually its not as bad a problem as before, so instead of having really dark hair with just gray sprouting everywhere. Instead, I have really blonde hair with what looks like dark roots. You cant really see the Grays. Unless you get super close, I can see them. I know theyre there, so I think it was during lockdown that I saw somebody here on YouTube talking about this product and how successfully it worked, and I kind of thought wow, thats really cool and I put it down a list of things to try and I Didnt pick it up again until a couple of weeks ago, I saw somebody on Instagram a hairstylist using this product on somebody that had dark hair like mine, touching up the blonde Roots.

So I said all right: Im gon na give this a try. This is called root cover up by color wow, so this is a powder product and it is designed to stay put until you take it off. So this is a powder based product and it looks like something that you would use in your eyebrows, but unlike a regular powder or even an eyeshadow which might do the same job, this is actually designed to stay in place. It doesnt come out until you shampoo your hair, so it is a reflective sort of material. So its meant to give you that dimensional look so its not super duper flash, plus its not going to be stiff or sticky or waxy like some of the other ones. Like, for example, this one just does feel really weird in the roots and if you dont wash your hair every day, which I do it would be feeling pretty naft the next morning. So this comes in eight colors were talking from Platinum, super platinum, blonde. All the way over to Black, so there really is a good range of something for everyone, so were going to give this a try right now I have not used the product, it is brand new. This is a true try, Tuesday, to see how well this works. Now I did watch a couple of videos to get some pointers and and Ill kind of walk you through that as I try it, but fingers crossed this works.

Okay, so I got this in the shade blonde, which is second to lightest. I think – and here we you know, Im hoping this is going to look good now, thinking I might have should have purchased it in two different colors, because I got a whole lot of colors going on in my hair, so it might have anyway. I may come back in later if this works and get a different color, and this has two sides to it: um theres, sort of a longer side and then theres a denser side. Now. What I heard is that you should be doing this with not clean hair. It might not last as long with super clean hair, but sorry you know I shower every day I wash my hair every day I dont use shampoo, but my hair is is generally cleaned every day, because its the only way that I start my day well so A couple of tips that I heard about first is to use the smaller side its a much denser end of the brush. So the other thing I heard is that you really have to pack the color on. You have to really really dig it in. There were going to give this a try. If you can see this or not, Im gon na really just dig that in there there probably will be some Fallout on it, but make sure you have a lot of good product on it. Then you kind of push it into place as opposed to brushing it.

I think youre supposed to push it in hes, really getting a lot of product on it. Sort of tapping it in I got this product has a lot of work to do. My hair is super dark and its super Gray. Someone also said you have to pull it quite taut as well, your hair, quite taut, okay, is it working Im seeing a little lift? I dont know if Im getting as much of a payoff as I was hoping for Im. Sorry, I have to do all of this, but Im right handed and I cant really do anything with my left hand, are you seeing much of a difference there? Gare yeah, are you okay, Im just gon na go a little faster, otherwise were going to be here all day I dont have all day. I have to leave for work here shortly. Hmm, what do you think is this a waste of my time? Cant tell it. Was so convincing on the ad to know better the job I have? Why do I believe, every commercial? I see why? Oh, why says Gary behind the camera, because I do Im always like ooh. I need to try that Ive seen this. You saw at work. I saw the magic: do you see a difference there Im asking you Gary Im, gon na see a difference now, yeah guys. I dont think this is working for me is it I mean maybe a little, maybe a hair, okay, so maybe its sort of side by side comparison.

Are you seeing any big difference? I see a little bit of a difference. Kind of in here I couldnt be doing this every day. Man, I dont, not a not a hope. Mary will be back in the salon soon, as opposed to this stuff. Uh whos got time for this man whos got time for this. If it worked, maybe I would I dont know do I continue. I dont know man Im not seeing much here and I I I suspect I have a crapload of product on right now. Wow color help me. Am I doing something wrong? I need this to work. I need this to work. She was watching some videos last night, this stuff totally worked on other people, its my color differential just too great, too big a gap to cross, I mean, maybe its Health Division. I suppose Music, okay, Gary and I are not aligned on this. He seems to think its making a difference. I do not. Do you see a difference? Viewers, friends, yeah. I dont really see a difference, so maybe this just isnt the product for somebody that has that far to go, I think and, like I said, Ive seen loads of videos of this working. Maybe Instagram lied because I swear to you. Somebody with my dark hair. Color did this blonde, but I dont know I might send a little note over to Color Wow and ask them if they have any pointers, maybe its because my hair is too clean and if thats the case, this kind of product is never going to work.

For me, because I have to shower every day and wash my hair, oh, what a bummer I mean, maybe its softened, the line a little bit but like now, okay, guys that is it for todays video. Have you ever tried this product and if you have have you had success, please help me if you have pointers or if you have any other products that you think is going to help this particular color problem um. I was excited to try it. I know it works and for some of you and for many of you this might be the perfect solution. I will put the details to where you can get this product down below and yeah. I think I might send them another email and say help help. I need a solution that I can do at home that doesnt involve dyeing my hair, so I hope you enjoyed todays video and Id love to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave them down in the comments below and I hope to see you at the next video bye Music.