All right so lets talk about it. How are you guys? Okay, so I washed my hair yall know hurricane is coming. I know its not gon na hit us like directly in the center, but its still coming, and I just would rather be prepared and be good. You know what I mean, so we have been moving all our patio furniture getting it out of the way, but I still want to work because if not, if I dont get any work done today, then I get really paranoid and jittery and all that stuff and In the middle of everything thats going on, which I know were gon na, be fine Im gon na make a carrot, cake cheesecake. I know its gon na be carrot cake with a layer of cheesecake in between no on top itll. Be me its kind of like a carrot cake and a cheesecake sandwich. Its gon na be cheesecake carrot. Cake, cheesecake Ive never made it before, but I want to anyway so lets dive on in were gon na play around with a few products. I was gon na. Do like a fully dedicated, try Beauty Box, try on for the box that they sent over my way, but they sent it over pretty pretty late, so were gon na mumble jumble that, along with other items that I know you guys wanted to see team the Charlotte Tilbury concealer, I still havent, played around with her because its kind of like a lot of these boxes are showing up late.

So I get to a point where I dont even know. If theyre coming or not, you know, so what am I gon na do? I am gon na prep, the skin. I want to start off. My skin is clean by the way. Okay, I am gon na pull my hair back like this. I could put the clips, but I dont want any ridges in my hair right now, because I just straightened it so Im gon na use the 125 doll hair eye cream. This is the symboys biosis symbiosis, London, probiotic or retinoid. It is an eye Contour. Let me Zoom you guys in all right, so basically um the storm is coming. Oh thats, a lot Ill, just Ill, just its 125. Apparently so I will use it sparingly. Um the storm is coming. I am fairly close to like Im in between Miami and Orlando right, so Miami got lucky because Miami is like pretty far from Orlando, so theyll be okay in the sense of theyre, still gon na feel the bands, but they should be all right. I, on the other hand, am literally like an hour and 20 minutes from Orlando, and the center is gon na go directly like over Orlando. At some point, I believe, theyre saying its Thursday, so technically speaking, Im gon na feel a lot of the band Bandits kind of like music back there. I go um anyway band music in my head, its just. I always try to make light of a situation, but I am gon na end up feeling a good amount of it.

I wont get the worst and apparently, but I am gon na – feel a good amount of it. So I needed to prepare. I told you guys in the most recent video that not the most recent like two days ago. I was telling you guys how yes were already prepared. We have everything that we need. Im gon na use this Foundation because its what whats in front of me and I dont, want a lot of coverage because I just want to play around with makeup and kind of like get my mind off of you know everything else that I have to do For today, but we did prepare and stuff and then one – and I were talking about it and we said listen, you know you guys have seen my backyard. If you havent go check out the Vlog Channel, I showed the backyard a fair amount of times there. He says: look, we have a lot of stuff here. We can choose to kind of move it and store it and just prepare in case worst case scenario or leave it here. But if we leave it here and the wind blows, it can break the Lanai. Breaking the Lanai means access to the pool and any debris thats flying can end up in our pool. So we decided to just rearrange the furniture and move it out of the way. So my backyard literally looks like when we just bought it. It is empty, it is a pool, and then I did post on Instagram how we took our furniture like our patio furniture and threw it all in the pool.

So thats, where we are, my car will be parked inside the garage and once pickup truck will be readily available, but I want to use these feelers. They send me two theyre really awesome, because they send me backups of stuff and then they sent me two concealers. This one is way too light for me, so Ill go with this one Im hoping this one works its the 7.5 medium, its not like spot on my color, but you guys know I absolutely love going lighter under my eyes, so this is going to do it. Yeah thats a perfect color for me. So again this is 7.5 medium, and this is a cute wand. It is the one that we all are familiar with. So Im gon na take this formula. Im gon na drag it about halfway. Ive, never tried this again. I was holding off on playing around with this, so that I can show you guys in person not in person, but you know what I mean like live like real First Impressions, so Im gon na apply her the way. I would normally apply my concealer and we will see how she goes. The packaging is really pretty, though, so I like that Im gon na take my spongy spongy and Im gon na do one of these, so I am gon na grab a bag. Im gon na put some snacks in there like a big duffel bag. Maybe like a change of clothes or two for each of us and then any paperwork thats important imperative that we were to have in the event that we needed to get out.

I dont expect us to have to get out, but you never know so Id rather be prepared than not so um other than that. I think Im good. If you guys, havent seen the Vlog that went up yesterday and the day before yesterday, the day before yesterday, that Vlog specifically was like playing catch up and stuff about stuff that was happening and just life in general, prior to Cams injury, and I did um theres, Like Tick Tock prank on my brother in law, and so many of you guys like thought it was so fun, it was so fun. Okay, it was so fun, so we did that thats in that Vlog that went up on Monday and then yesterdays Vlog contained like the story on how like cam fell – and you know I showed you guys came at the hospital and all that jazz. So if you havent checked out the Vlog Channel, I highly recommend you do Im gon na go ahead and set my eyes so Im gon na set this personally, I like that it looks radiant, even though I have already said it. The powder is the Jaclyn Hill powder, which Ive been obsessed with I put away my Givenchy for this powder. Okay and Ill say its it brightened. Can you guys see how good that looks under the eye? I love it. It still looks, and this powder is amazing. Okay and it covers fairly well and it sets beautifully, but I like I like that my under eyes still look radiant.

I dont know how its gon na wear so Im, not telling you its absolutely amazing. You need to but like run out and buy it, but I am saying so far just by the looks of it like in person. I really really like it. Okay. What am I gon na do? Next, I dont have a new bronzer. So where are you uh? You were right in front of me: Im gon na use the Nars, because you all know I really really like cream product on the skin, so yeah and right about now. You guys are watching this video right about now is when were having, because you know Im pre filming this here I wear having that storm kind of like come by. This is a Wednesday video, so Ill say I dont know exactly what is going on. So, of course, I am pre filming that way in the event that I have no internet access to upload or anything like that. My videos are pretty much set to go and I can sit down and watch TV with my girls and all of that and yes, TV. I know a lot of people are saying. Well, if you dont have power, but the thing is, I Im still confused right, because I understand that theres a lot of people here in Florida – and this is just like Im trying to understand in general and – and this is not me trying to be funny – Im Dead serious Im trying to understand it, because when I hear people say like oh well, be ready for no electricity, be ready for X, Y and Z.

Im like because I picked up gas, I dont know how a generator Works per se, so I cant say, which is why Im asking because Im stupid, you know what lets get into the cheeks. I am gon na use the beautiful palette I got from base blue now you can use this for the cheeks. You can use this for the eyes. Is she not stunning Ive had my eye on two colors, so I feel like I want to mix them this. One and this one – and I want to see what this is going to look like and then Ill create a tutorial, oh thats, pigmented girlfriend and then Ill create like a tutorial on the eyes, specifically with these as eyeshadows. But I I was curious. So I wanted to see what it looked like on the cheeks. This like lavender, pink color, has um Shimmer to it and its a very, very fine, so it doesnt even look like Glitters and it looks good on the skin. I like that, then I have the micro filling brow pen by Benefit Cosmetics. They sent it over. This is the Deep Brown shade and if youre new to the Channel, please make sure you are subscribed like the Subscribe button is right down here. All you have to do is click on it and that automatically subscribes you right next to it. Youre gon na see a notification Bell. Do me a favor hit that notification Bell selecting more notifications that way YouTube lets.

You know every single time I upload a brand new video and or provide a new update over on my Community page and while youre at it. You can do me a favor and hit that like button hitting that, like button basically lets YouTube know. I really like her content. I like her personality, and you should push this Channel and kind of like feature it on the feeds for other people who have the same interests as I do. That really helps my channel kind of grow, and our community here on the daddy Channel, grew as a whole believe it or not its a really good Community to be a part of because whenever I feature like I Premiere my videos here on the channel, which I Try to do it several times out of the week. I do Post six days out of the week by the way, but out of the six days, I try to at least Premiere five days out of the week and its great how everyone kind of chimes in in the comments section and we kind of get used To who everyone is, and everyone ones asking about each others, kids in their day and their dinner, and also its a fun time, okay, its a fun time. Let me show you guys the pen. This is what the pen look. You like all right and cam, is in the building so whenever so, if you see her walking around just now, shes shes here, okay um, so in essence, this is supposed to create like little brow, hair Strokes like brow like Strokes on your brows lets, see I Dont know Ive tried another one by a different brand.

I didnt like it you guys already know I have pretty sparse brows, so lets see Im more of a Pomade and pencil kind of girl. The shade deep Brown is definitely like on point for my brow. So thats a good thing, its filling in the front part of my brow yall know Im like always missing, hair there, its definitely filling it out and making it look like. I have hairs, even though I dont, but this is the part that I Im questioning lets see. So it definitely gives a really nice Hue to the brow, as in its really filling it in, as you can see like theres, definitely a difference on one brow versus the other Im gon na tell you, though, I want to let it dry for a second and See whether or not once it dries it kind of builds up so right about now, it adds that little bit of a shadow that I mean I can use on a day to day basis so that my brows look more polished and filled in and its like. Pretty effortless so Im gon na let this dry imma work on the other one really quickly and well come back to this brow and see whether or not it builds. What would make this product really unique is if this was more like a lip stain, but for the brow right, this would be the perfect color. The perfect tone and all you really needed to do was brush it on leave it alone at at the end of the day or the night.

When you wash off your makeup, your brow is still intact for a few days. Would that not be amazing? I think it would be for sure, by the way, if anyone comes up with that, you heard it here. First, all right I mean it builds it just it. Doesnt get any darker, so Im gon na go ahead. Im gon na clean the edges of my brows, like I always do, I kind of want to see what thats going to look like it. Its definitely not gon na make it look as though you had a Pomade or pencil, but if you have really thick full brows and you just have mini sparse areas, this would be amazing. All right now take a really good look at the brow. Now that Ive cleaned it up and shaped it over here are the areas where I mean here looks amazing, because thats kind of like the vibe, that I go for natural, very natural like at the beginning portion of the brow, but then back here we still looking A little bald, Mama Im just gon na use my um. What is this, my rare Beauty, little CR, its kind of like a cream wax, but its not a cream, wax Im gon na mix these two together and fill in those areas, its not a lot of filling in that I need to do, which is awesome. So I feel like for me these two together would like do the trick perfectly.

The Brows are as good as theyre gon na get so lets move on in to the eyeshadow Im gon na use the B Bella uh Lotus little palette and for sure I want to try the batter up pencil. This is in Outfield by the balm Cosmetics Im going to use this its not even a bit its an eyeshadow stick right, but you can also use it as a base, so thats. What were gon na do so. I am gon na use this all over the lid. Any eyeshadow brush would work what happened Mamacita, oh God. I forgot how deep this was. I wasnt planning on going Smoky today, but I guess we are Im gon na. Take that same brush and kind of blend that edge out and with no additional product Im gon na drag whatevers left on the bottom portion of the eye. Wow thats pigmented check this out thats like not even that much right, Im gon na blend this all in and blend the crease out diffuse it a little bit and then with no additional product again drag whatever is on the brush at the bottom Im gon na Go back in just on the Outer Edge Im gon na take that brush and Im gon na pull up almost like Im, trying to create a wing when Im, not just by looking at it. I think I want to dip into the shade royalty, which is like this deepest purple here with the same brush and Im gon na tap out and then Im gon na tap royalty right on top of that darker shade and Im, not blending yet Im just kind Of like tapping same thing no additional product, I definitely want to do one of these and drag some of that purple on the bottom portion of the other.

Now, for the fun part, Im gon na go in to a lighter purple. Im gon na go into rebirth with a big fluffy brush tap out and Im gon na go along those edges, because I really want to diffuse that I want there to be a very pretty simple gradient. We dont go in with the purple because the purple can make it really messy and muddy looking, and so you want to go with the shade. Lighter thatll work with the color story that youre using and adding some more powder or like an eyeshadow to a fresh brush. Well go ahead and create a more seamless blend and dont be afraid to come out here and drag a little bit. Its definitely going to create a beautiful like diffused, look and then same thing to the lower portion, and always you do not have to be like strategic and organized when youre like working on the bottom portion of the eyes. Sometimes the Messier, the better just dont, be too rough because obviously wrinkles all right and then Im gon na go in and apply like a liner, mascara and lashes so that you can see what this would look like in the end and then Ill finish this eye. All right and those are the eyes: are they not cute? Now you can totally take it to a whole nother level. If you feel like this is not enough color and you want another pop of color, you could totally dip into water lily, which is this beautiful, green Im gon na do a little bit see how crazy pigmented that is, and you can just tap that on the Center of the eye for a little something something see what Im saying its really pretty, I would definitely go with like just the matte purple, but you know Im giving options here all right there we go.

Those are the eyes now for the lips. I dont have like anything particularly new and with the eyes the eyes are already dramatic, as it is so Im gon na go in with a combo that Ive been really enjoying its the basic Beauty lip liner in Cocoa, along with stretch, it is a flexi slick By ofra cosmeticos, so Im gon na, like line my lips and then Im just gon na tap a little bit of stretch on the center and kind of Pat my lips, it Blends on its own, and you can definitely go with a pinky version of this. I do have several colors its just Im: more of a nudie noody kind of person, Im gon na go ahead with no additional product on my Powder Puff Im going to kind of like blend under the eye. So I get that like Flawless under eye snatched effect and there we have it now. If you do want a more brightening under eye girl, I got you, take your little Powder Puff and go in with a lighter shade, along with this peachy. If you like my complexion, if not youre good, with just a lighter shade and kind of Glide, that directly under the eye, its going to give you like that snatched red carpet effect with minimal effort. The one thing about that trick, though, is that you will need to use a concealer thats going to give you beautiful coverage and not look super heavy, otherwise it will crease under your eyes.

I wanted to put the Charlotte Tilbury concealer to the test and it definitely gives you that beautiful skin effect so Im not mad at her. I am gon na do a whole nother video, because I want to kind of use these two together and see what that looks like can we just say how Im like snatched and ready to go but Im going nowhere because theres, a hurricane coming like overnight, either Way it doesnt go to waste because Im digging her and you guys get to see how I put this look together. Did you get the try Beauty Box? Have you tried this palette? Are you looking forward to snagging any of the products Id featured today, I.E the concealer, the brow product, the lippies, and what did you guys think about this palette? Is she not pretty? I was able to create a custom blush that I highlight in it and its so cute make sure you give me your feedback down below. I hope you were commenting as we went. Please dont forget to hit the like button.