These are the types of videos that you can expect from me. Aside from that Gusto Karen is experience in trying to control my impulse spending yo mama bad habits, then acquire call from my younger years. Through a year long replacement only no buy. I shared some of the things that Ive learned some of the struggles that they have in Pano Usha in overcome just create a better mindset when it comes to spending projects. Older products are in collection, appreciate. It seems like almost every week now, if you like these types of content, then I hope that you subscribe second Channel as well as clicking on that notification button so that you get notified. Whenever I make new videos now lets get started Music Cosmetics Foundation, sort of product – this is a standard Channel description box is full of information. Timestamps available Yan product links, prices. You know just to make things easier for you. What is this product all about? Lets talk about it, claims share, buildable coverage burst out and balances skin tone for that natural skin, like finish packed with skin loving ingredients and formulated with SPF 30. paraben free cruelty, free vegan retails for ‘5 pesos for 30 ml of product and this product is made In Taiwan, theyve been highlighting the skin, loving ingredients, so they have macadamias and flour and grape seed oil overall moisturizing and some of them have you know other skin caring benefits like antioxidants and stuff, like that vitamin C.

But when I check the ingredients, its a Scorpio, palmitate so thats, a vitamin C derivative with the vitamin C derivative is not going to be the same as pure vitamin C, which is ascorbal acid sunscreen filters Nito, because SPF rating titanium dioxide, optocrylene, ethyl hexel, methoxy, cinnamate And another sunscreen filtered bisoft result also looking at the ingredients list perfume there. So that means fragrance. If youre sensitive to fragrances, then Please be aware of that. I personally dont have any issues with fragrances. In fact, I enjoy them in my skincare and makeup as long as theyre not overwhelming for my nose smelling this product, though – and I need to be this close just to smell it fresh scent, it doesnt smell anything floral, fruity Gourmand, nothing like that. Just fresh freshly laundered linen for me and now lets talk about packaging from here. Looking at it, squeezy too, very simple, your signature, pink color, of course, and then you can get to see the claims here. This is lightweight smooth, blurring in full ingredients, list information again its 30 ml of 12 months theres, the manufacturing information price point and the shade name is packaging, where you can see the shade, but the best way for you to know the shade is to look at The sticker at the back shade name yeah its, not printed anywhere else, but this sticker right here when you open the cup, you will get to see this very, very fine, nozzle maganda sham, because youll be able to control how much product you want to dispense.

Squeezy tubes, Cosmetics, release 6 shades for this Perfection, skin tint Ill show you guys some swatches arm swatches a opaque and then blend it out and Im. Also gon na put down there. Your kanyang depth light medium, deep Ganon and young undertone now, comparing the number of Shades to their concealer powder foundation, theyre short of two shades. I wish that I added two more shades specifically somewhere in between in Fair and freshness and Stan and Jose, but you know Im not as critical about it. My experience but sheer on coverage. Multiple Shades can work on me. They tend to be more forgiving adapters. As long as its close and I can make it works, but of course, the more more shades better now lets find my shade match from the six shades that they have and go ahead with a demo before we start with the demo. I would like to zoom in on my face skin concern score right now, zoomed in and as you can see under eyes. I have some blemishes here, sucking forehead in between my brows. I have some redness on my nose area. Blemish is also here active, not active. Hyperpigmentation, how worried I have a lot of texture around my chin right now, and I also have some blemishes here Im just showing you this, but I must appreciate native coverage, okay and hopefully my shade matches. This shade is in Fair freshness, Queen Beanie, beanie, Stan and diosa science.

Let me try to spread this out, because sheer to medium coverage, Music, like foreign Music doesnt, feel like makeup its just something that Im looking forward right now, Im gon na. Do your taste go when it comes to foundations or base products on my skin right now and its helped, even it out redness, especially sucking nose difference. It reminds me of Essie and KO again theyre, both lightweaver. This one feels like it has something more to. It. Is happening skin this one also does a skinny okay. On the other side, now Im just gon na apply it using my fingers right now. I use my fingers apply this product using my fingers, its so so easy, so smooth, very natural finish: Nisha super shiny, Nisha completely mad, just like skin, oh my gosh, its so good. So this is what my face look like with just the skin tint on grab. It yeah you guys it doesnt feel oily greasy or anything like that, and I, like young grip skin like feel cool English move around. I feel much more confident now with the coverage that it gave me like in redness. This is my skin, but better. I guess in your best way for me to describe its coverage and how it feels right now and when I use my fingers very pleasurable to use my fingers Music. The time right now is 506 p.m. Ill see you guys in a couple of hours and observe nothing how the skin tint will perform on my face.

Im check 1207 a.m. The next day Ive been wearing this makeup on for seven hours. Now I feel like its important for me to tell you guys. Go on your environment that I was in a new activities for the day, so the whole day, work from home and the environment was very cool because I went on a very quick grocery run, less than 30 minutes from the grocery and ten oclock. Just wear my mask it off when I had dinner and then put it back on take notes again after that and I started editing this video. I just have my skincare on and the skin tint and thats it as bare as it can be and lets investigate. Now so this is what my skin looks like up close right off the bat. I could already see the redness of my nose peeking through it is setting spray setting powder anything. It is what it is blemishes. It still looks good its not as obvious as it is without it youre acting chain. As you can see, this is a chain part and it starts to break apart. I would gladly just put setting powder on top of this and Ill call it a day on. My forehead, of course, oily but thats pretty normal for me, its really really good so Music thats, where most of my makeup has dropped off on the Chain. Part. As you can see. My coding fading here on the cheeks theres also a bit of rubbing, but I dont think that you can see it on camera.

Take note that while I was editing Facebook – and I was talking to my husband, so never move move your mask. I did this lets check it out again odiba, if its not impressive, I dont know even after wearing it for seven hours, it doesnt feel heavy, but then only it doesnt know sparkles on my face as in it feels really nice details on forehead. It doesnt feel like the skin. Tint is moving or you know, moving around, but like the Natural Glow that I have right now considering a skin tincture, I was expecting it to fade quite fast and it wont last this long. You know Music expected where it is so Im just gon na flash here. What my face looks like when I apply the makeup fresh. This is around 2PM now and the time right now is nine oclock, so seven hours again of wearing same environment as the last time work from home, cool environment, no aircon, Music. This time I didnt wear a mask and a full face of makeup. I have some concealer on under my eyes and it is a chin part called Contour blush and highlight I set my interface with powder and I also added some get ready with me powder here. I didnt put any setting spray now and also Im wearing a different shade right now. This is the shade in Fair. Your lightest shade light launcher slightly better. It still works on me.

I think it doesnt. Look that bad. So if I zoom in you could definitely see my nose breaking up and downside down nose go around this area and it is heaviness, but that I think, is because of the oil that I have accumulated over the seven hours already. I could see your makeup breaking apart with this makeup on Ill. Just you know refresh my makeup with a setting powder and it would look good so just to demonstrate Im using this powder from zc walato, Machado pigment. So after setting my face with powder and putting on some lipstick, I am it looks brand new Im ready to go. Okay lets wrap this video up with my first impressions. Take note first impressions, definitely not enough for me to give you my full thoughts just yet, but so far Ive been liking. This skin tint with its texture, the cooling and refreshing Sensation that I could feel as soon as it touched my skin. I like how its easy to spread very blendable through to its cleanse. It has a sheer coverage Naman. It was just enough to cancel out the redness on my skin. That was, you know, make it look like obvious blemishes. It made me feel more confident finish. Second, Skin look very healthy, looking skin blurring effect. I could say my Conte, nothing too drastic Naman. They like how this didnt dry out my face. It feels super duper comfortable. You shouldnt cling on dry patches and then youre gon na emphasize on hacking textures.

I didnt notice the skin tint changing color over time. It didnt become orangey or more warmer. He didnt darken. It looks almost exactly as how I applied it. Canina packaging wise. It is very simple anything bad to say about the trade range again. I mentioned six shades. Longshot its not super critical, so I can give it that the coverage is sheer very forgiving. Shade range, I dont know if the shade range is already good enough for morenas. These six shades may just be an initial release malemo in the future, they would release more shades ‘5 for 30 ml. Do I think that its good enough, like okay, for me personally, how from how I experience it based on my preference and how this one wears? I think that its pretty good price for 30 ml of product, given that it also has SPF 30., you still need to wear your sunscreen underneath. Okay, I like it. I really like it. I dont really have a lot of bad things to say about it, except for just the shade range pero again, especially with how long wearing it is and how Hindi transfers so thats it. For me. Let me know if you have some questions, just leave it down below so comment better if you know so that other people can see it and would know about it as well. Let me know what your thoughts about this Perfection, skin tint from Vice Cosmetics. Are you interested in it? Did it pick your intro just talk about it down below the comment section and thank you so much to wise Cosmetics for sending these over.

I had so much pleasure in using these skin things. I cant wait to keep on testing and testing it and maligno. This may be my new favorite skin tin, so yeah thats it for me. Thank you so much for watching.