Is this Mothership palette from Pat McGrath? So this is her recent palette. This is the moonlit seduction palette. Personally, my fillings havent really changed Im going to be completely honest. I dont love the mats in this palette. I have tried so hard to get them to work and theyre, just not my favorite. The only shade that I kind of like is this one, but these two are just horrible to use Im sorry, Im just gon na say it. I have a hard time blending them thats just coming from someone that is a makeup lover and not a makeup artist. Right like thats just me being completely honest, the mattes are not the best theyre kind of dry. This is going to be a palette that I pull from, so these Shades right here. All four of these are the ones that Ive continued to use and theyre. Absolutely beautiful, but its definitely not my favorite Mothership. I would see on a scale from one to five. I would probably give it a three. These two shades are really pretty as well theyre, just a nice like gold and white Shimmer. Basically, this one has a little bit of iridescence to it like that green kind of shift to it. This is a really beautiful kind of just everyday, a gold shade, but overall, oh Im, gon na basically pick up this palette. When I want to use these four Shades thats about it, Applause yeah, not my favorite from Pat McGrath, you guys know I like to keep it very honest Im.

Just being honest, not my favorite. So with that said, lets talk about the mini Biba from Natasha denona. Funny enough, I have pulled these mats and paired it with the moonlit seduction, Mothership palette, they actually work well together, theyre really beautiful tones to pair with some of the shimmers that are in the mothership. I like this. I do its simple its easy. I, like the tones, theyre, mauvy kind of everyday type of tones, and I still like it. I do, I think, its a pretty palette. I wish that there was one more Shimmer shade in here yeah, but I have plenty of shimmers. These are good tones and these are everyday tones and it kind of makes me want to buy the Biba palette it. Does I really want to buy the Biba palette? I might buy it during the next Sephora cell. I dont know, but I keep talking myself out of it. I dont know anyway thats here, nor there lets talk about this palette from chantakai like this palette was such a unnecessary like heres the thing I love the packaging, I think the packaging is really really cute. I, like the tones in here my opinion, hasnt changed and in fact I might like it less than I did when Ive reviewed it. I just dont like this palette. I think it was a waist and it doesnt have anything special and when you buy these types of palettes, you want something special and the reason why I say that is because I love this giraffe palette.

The reason why I love this draft palette is this shade right up here is so gorgeous its like an icy white, shade and dont. Get me wrong. This purple is really beautiful. Dont get me wrong, but we have a lot of purples right, like those shades are kind of in a lot of palettes, but this white is so special and so beautiful and thats. What I was looking for in this collection in this cougar collection thats. What I was looking for in this palette, I was looking for that special, something that made it stand out and made it worth the 70 some dollars. I just feel like this was a disappointment, even though I really like the packaging, and I like the theme of the palette uh its just not my favorite, its a one, but this giraffe is perfection. I love that palette quickly talk about these Tweed palettes from Chanel. I still stand by how I felt about these palettes Ive actually used these palettes multiple times since I reviewed them – and I really love this palette this one in particular. I can see myself using this one, the most. I think this is number four yeah. This is number four and Ive used it, probably three or four times since I reviewed it, which hasnt been that long ago. But the number four is probably my favorite palette from Chanel ever like, and I dont have a lot of Chanel in my collection lets.

Make that clear, I dont have a lot, but that one is definitely my favorite from Chanel so far its so beautiful. I love how easy and simple the looks are, and I also love how easy it is to create, looks with it. They have such beautiful special textures and this softest Shimmer ever theyre stunning, and I will use this over and over. I did go ahead and buy a backup of this. I know you guys. I I couldnt help myself. I love the embossing on this Tweed. So much and when I started swatching it for the review, it completely ruined it and I wanted one that hadnt been used. So I bought me one Whatever uh so now. I can just use this one and not worry about it and have one thats really beautiful to look at. I still love these. These are not going to be for everyone. I still still feel the same way as I did in my review. Theyre not going to be for someone who loves strong pigments such as the Pat McGrath or Natasha denonas pigments, that are just really bold and you know really strong on the eye. These are very soft, very sophisticated and theyre just easy to use Easy to apply and gorgeous. I love those two palettes. Okay lets quickly talk about this from westmin. Atelier Ive tried this several different times, so I know that in my video I only tried it that one day Ive tried to work with this.

I have used it as just a overall color, so basically using a concealer to spot, conceal and give me the coverage and then using this lightly. It is so sticky, its too sticky. This would have been a beautiful concept and a beautiful product have it not been for all of the stickiness. This stickiness, in my opinion, is what completely ruins this. The undertones of this Foundation is beautiful. I think thats. What I love about it is that when you put it on, it looks beautiful, but it is a sticky freaking gross mess, and I just dont understand it. The other thing is, I had a few people in my review say that I applied way too much and I get it Wesman Atelier, even with her stick foundation and this skin tint thing is not meant to be used a lot right. She is kind of a minimal makeup artist, however, even when you go in with the smallest amount just to even out your skin tone, it doesnt take away from the stickiness. So, even if you use the lightest amount and its still sticky as hell and its not comfortable to wear, especially when my hair is sticking to my face all the time, its just not a good foundation, now the one day so Ive been playing with it like During the weekends, on those off makeup days, where I dont wear a lot of makeup right one day I had my hair pulled up in a bun and I spot concealed with concealer, and then I put this all over and it looked pretty.

But I could not touch my face and it only lasted for two or three hours, its just not for as much money as this thing is. It needs to have a better performance and it cant be a damn. Sticky mess Im sorry, but this is just a no go and I dont know how anybody else feels truthfully. I have not watched any reviews on it. I just dont like it and I do not recommend anybody purchase it its way too much money to have your hair and everything sticking to your face, even when I set it with powder it just you have to use a lot of powder to get it to Like set down, not my favorite dont recommend it lets talk about the Charlotte Tilbury concealer. This is probably my favorite concealer launch of 2022. Charlotte Tilbury completely knocked this out of the ballpark. This is the perfect concealer for a wide variety of people, its not its hydrating, but it also sets down and plays so well with powder. So, for those that dont like to wear powder, you dont have to worry about it, not staying down and sticking to the skin, such as the Tom Ford, shade and illuminae concealer. That one has that oily texture and it wont stay on the eyes it like lifts away. This one doesnt do that, so its the perfect amount of hydration and Im obsessed now, I did go ahead and get a deluxe eye sample.

So in my review I was wearing 7.5, but I also have shade 8, which is a little bit too peachy for me, but I have been wearing it because I dont want it to go to waste. But but Sephora was offering like deluxe size samples of this concealer and they had shade 10.. So shade 10 is pretty much skin tone and Im happy to know that, because Im gon na Im gon na buy a larger one of shade 10 to use it to spot conceal because oftentimes, I will wear a light skin tint with light coverage. But I will use a concealer thats my complexion and use it to spot conceal and then go over it with a skin tint. So I would love to have this concealer in to match my complexion, so so for those of you that use me as a shade reference, shade 10 is good. I love this concealer its my it is my new favorite every time I wear it, you guys. I have applied this almost every day since I applied it that first time on camera for my review and I have Ive not one time. There has not been one time that Ive worn this concealer that Ive hated it not once thats. When you know you have a good one, when you know that you have a concealer that is Dependable for multiple days in a row and never gives you fuss thats, when you know you have found a good concealer and Charlotte did a phenomenal job.

On this I mean it is so good her her brand needed this concealer and oh did they get they good. They got it good. They did good congratulations to them. They did really good. Okay lets quickly talk about the foundation from Patrick Taw, okay, so I still really love this and Ive been wearing it over and over and over Im actually wearing it right now, and this is a hit and miss. If you go to my comment section on my review of this youll see that some of you do not like it and you had to return it because it just did not work and then others absolutely love it. So what I have found with this Foundation is people either love it or they hate it theres no. In between and the one thing that I can tell you, theres been maybe a few days that Ive gotten a little heavy handed with it. It is not to be used a lot of like you cannot use a lot of it. I have noticed that those days theres no leeway. If you get heavy handed with it, it will lay so thick and heavy, especially over like this area. It looks awful, but because its such a good pigment, you dont need a lot thats my biggest advice when using the Patrick Taw Foundation. If you have it and you dont love it, try using the smallest amount, go in so lightly and use whats on your brush to spread it as far as you can, and no I do not like using a sponge with this at all.

I will use a sponge to kind of push it into the skin, once Ive applied it with a brush, but this is one of those foundations that I do not like applying with a sponge. Every time Ive used a sponge Id get too much in that area. Where the sponge hits, this first hits the skin and then trying to move. It is hard. This is a very dependable foundation for me. I do need a lighter shade, because this is a little tad bit dark, but I absolutely love it. It is just a gorgeous combination and I will also say the powder is so beautiful. So on those days when I havent used the foundation, I will grab the powder love it. The powder is beautiful, its really finely milled its really soft and kind of gives you that blurring effect on the skin, not too heavy, not too cakey. This is a really great Foundation but, like I said, I think if you have dry skin youre, not gon na, like this, probably not at all. If you have really oily skin, you might not like it either. I think this is more for normal and combo skin and, like I said you eat people, either love it or hate it. Theres, no way really in between with this one. Okay lets talk about the Gucci blush. I love this blush, you guys. I love the splash. I I love the bronzer so much that I never thought that I would love the blush as much as I do the bronzer, and I think I love the blush more than the bronzer.

This blush is gorgeous and I have to have more shades. I dont need more shades and I dont really want to buy more shades, but I love this blush. I love it. I love the way that it looks it has this soft amount of Radiance to where its not too much on, especially the cheeks over you know in large pores or whatever it is perfection Gucci you guys it is fantastic its they are gorgeous and I still stand By what I said in my video, if you guys, are interested in this Gucci blush, if you can wait until the Sephora cell, which, by the way we already have cell Deeds, Ill put them up here on the screen, we already have sell dates for the Sephora Cell, if you can wait, I recommend waiting if theyre still in stock thats. The other thing you never know if theyre still going to be in stock by then or theyll restock them for the sell right, sometimes brands do that too anyway, but I love it. It is the prettiest blush obsessed thats it you guys. Those are the products that Ive recently been reviewing and playing with, since I reviewed them, thats it for the video sound off down below how many of you guys have used any of the products that I discussed in todays video. And what are your thoughts? You guys always share the best information, so sound off down below lets have a conversation.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me in todays video. I hope you guys all have a wonderful day, and I will see you guys all in my next video love.