Thank you so much for clicking on this very impromptu. Last minute, video that I decided to film this morning. It is in relation to a video I posted the other day, which was my house Labs Foundation, review Im doing this video, because something has happened in the few days since I posted that video, the video is getting a lot of views which Im very grateful for, And the problem is that sometimes and Im not going to speak for all YouTubers Im just going to speak. For me, I get very excited about new makeup products, very excited. If you saw my video on Vive Cosmetics, where I ordered a bunch of products from that brand that I had never tried before – and I showed my initial reactions on camera – and I was just sort of like overwhelmed with how pretty everything was – and you just saw My genuine reactions, because I still get so excited anytime, I walk into a department, store or altar Sephora and see new things. So as soon as this house, slabs triclone skin tech Foundation hit the shelves of Sephora last week, I went right to the store, so I could find my color. They hadnt even put all the testers out. I had to ask them to open up the testers of the shades. I wanted to see because, as I mentioned in the house, Labs video the shade chart is a little bit confusing and if youre interested in hearing about that its in the other video.

So I kind of feel like I could re I kind of wish. I could redo that video number one, because there was something wrong with the audio which hopefully I will have fixed this time. I figured out what it was and I feel bad that some people werent able to hear it or the sound was just off. And then there were a few things that I wish I hadnt cut out of that video or that I had said in that video. That, I think, was important information, but sometimes I just get so excited about a product and to tell you guys about it that some information, some important information, gets left out, and sometimes I do state those things that I think are relevant in the video. But then in editing I will maybe cut them out at the last second, because I have all of those comments in my head that Ive received over the years from people that say you talk too much get to the point. We dont need all that information, so thats, always in the back of my head when Im editing, I want to take out anything that I dont think is wrong relevant and then sometimes I take out things that actually I wish I hadnt because they are relevant and Heres one of the things that I wish I had left in that video right off the bat. I want to tell you those of you that have oily skin.

This is not an oil controlling Foundation. This is not a matte finish Foundation. This is not a full full coverage foundation, so if those are the things youre looking for, you will not like this, and the reason why I say that I wish I had left that in the video is because I dont want to mislead anyone about this Foundation, Who has oily skin like I do and another mature skin content creator posted a video who has oily skin and she absolutely hated it, and so that has sort of confused some people, because theyre hearing from one oily skin person that its horrible and then theyre hearing From me that I love it so when I watched her video – and I saw that experience and I was reading the comments and several of the people who had seen her video had seen mine too, because were both in that mature skin space, so there arent that Many of us and a lot of our audience is the same so um. I said I responded to some of those comments with what I wish I had said or what I wish I had made more apparent, or I wish I had stressed more in my own review because its relevant information and it starts with what I had edited out Right there, which is that this is not this house loves Foundation, is not an Estee Lauder Double Wear. It is not a Mac. Studio fix fluid.

It is not a foundation that is going to give those of us with oily skin that Flawless all day shine free. Well, I dont find any foundation Keeps Me Shine free all day, but they are very, very different foundations, and I wish I had stressed that more. I also wish I had stressed more the point that your environment, where you live matters, how you prep your skin matters now I know some of you might be thinking because you are such loyal Watchers of mine, youre, always encouraging me and youre, always telling me that I dont need to explain myself and that I dont need to make videos like this. I just felt like it was important because number one its not taking that much time out of my life to make this video, and I do want to make sure that the people who are going out and spending 45 50 after tax on this Foundation have all The information that they really needed from me because I dont want anybody to be disappointed. I dont want anybody to think that I was being dishonest or that I was paid for that review. I bought this with my own money. I had just as much of an issue finding a shade, as a lot of you have told me, you have so number one. I wanted to make my opinion on this Foundation a little bit more clear, and I also wanted to talk about the two other foundations that Ive raved about recently, because when I did the reviews for these foundations, I also claimed that these might be the best foundations Of the Year – and that was about four five six weeks ago – that I did the video on these two foundations and, from my perspective, one of the things I try to be really cognizant of is not making a blanket statement like this is the best foundation ever When I have that in my thumbnail, where I say new Holy Grail, I always make sure that I have a question mark there and I always try to have it come across.

As what Im saying is that it has the potential to be a Holy Grail product and in the past I mean Ive been doing YouTube for six years. I have been a makeup artist for 25 and there has never been, as far as I can remember, a time where there were so many truly excellent foundations and concealers being pumped out on a pretty regular basis. So when I said that these two foundations, the Lancome and The Hourglass, were amazing, they are, as is the house Labs. However, when you are deciding which one to get there has to be a lot of things taken into consideration and when Im personally watching reviews, I take into account many things: the age of the reviewer, the skin type of the reviewer, the other foundations that theyve liked And what they are saying, the best occasion for this product is – and did I say this yet, but where they live, whenever I do these sort of off the cuff videos, sometimes I forget what Ive said already and what I havent and I dont think Ive said That the other reviewer who didnt like the house Labs foundation with oily skin lives in Florida. It is a very, very different climate than here in Las Vegas. I live in the desert, so yeah humidity level is going to make a huge difference in how a foundation wears on your skin, especially if you are oily. Whenever I go to Florida, I havent been there in a long time, but when Ive been in the past, my skin has gone absolutely Haywire.

There are not enough blotting papers on this Earth to take care of the oil that I get on my face when I am in a humid climate, so getting back to foundations and raving about them and saying that theyre all so good and theyre. All my new Holy Grail, I have whats called a foundation, wardrobe and Im sure a lot of you do too. I have foundations that I reach for for different things for different times of day for different climates for different occasions, and I know not, everyone has the ability to have that type of Foundation wardrobe, because foundations, especially ones from Sephora like these, can be very pricey. So I completely understand if you only want to pick one and youre trying to pick the best one. So let me go back to the house labs and the main reason why I was so excited about it. I dont think I stressed this enough in my original video. While it does not keep me shine free all day, which I think I did mention in the video, but I didnt again stress it enough. It actually stayed on a lot of foundations that claim to be glowy and radiant and skin like do not stay on my oily skin, because oily skins tend to eat away at the pigment in a foundation. So what impressed me so much about this Foundation was that, even though I got oily with it, it stayed on it was there now.

I have seen some reviews say that this product emphasized their pores, that they didnt even have, or it just looked horrible after a few hours, and I just had a different experience than that. And so I can only give my opinion based on my personal experience and when I use this Foundation my pores disappear. It actually looks beautiful on my skin and I inserted footage in that video showcasing that I have never and will never say that one product is going to work the same on all skin types that everyone is is going to love this product. I decided this morning to use The Hourglass ambient soft glow Foundation again, because this is the one people were asking me about. They were saying: do you like the house slabs More Than The Hourglass, so I hadnt used this in a while, and I decided to put it on again just so. I could see what the difference is and again. In my opinion, this one offers a little bit more coverage and, on my skin is a little bit less skin like then, the house slabs, so in my Foundation wardrobe, this is going to be labeled as one that I would reach for more at night, just like When I reach for my Armani luminous silk or my Estee Lauder, Double Wear or my Mac Studio fix fluid if Im going out at night – and I want that really really perfected coverage. Armani luminous silk is also a foundation thats, not amazing, for oily skin, but I still Rave about it because I just love the natural skin like finish of it, but it doesnt last more than five hours on me, four to five hours and it gets very shiny.

But I still love it and I still love this one for the same reasons, because even though its not a 24 hour foundation that keeps me matte or anything like that, it does stay on and it remains very natural looking. So this one will be more of my everyday Foundation. This one will be more of a nighttime foundation for me, although I do have it on right now and then, as for the Lancome, this one is probably more similar are to the house Labs. However, the Lancome has a pretty powerful fragrance. The Lancome is also not cruelty, free, which I know is important to a lot of you so its not that one is necessarily far better than the other. They just have slightly different qualities to them, but overall I do think they are all excellent and my main job as a YouTuber content creator is to give you the information and let you decide what to do with it, and I always say that you should never Just take one persons opinion as the absolute truth, just because I say one thing and you love my content and you love me and you found my reviews to be spot on in the past, doesnt mean that Im never going to make a mistake. It doesnt mean that youre always going to love the products that I love and if you go and watch another YouTube content creator that you love and adore and she or he says something different youre, probably going to be a little bit confused.

And I understand that, and unfortunately, theres no real solution to that other than just really sitting there, and thinking about that checklist that I mentioned, which included what is the age of the reviewer? What is the skin type of the reviewer? What other foundations have they liked? In the past, where do they live whats their climate like? So? I just wanted to put this video out to clear up a few things, which is that, yes, I love the house Labs Foundation. No, it is not the be all end all foundation for oily skin, but if you want something thats extremely skin like that, will last a decent amount of time that I find makes my skin look very very nice and looks natural in all different lighting situations. Youre willing to use perhaps an oil controlling primer underneath that and touch up with powder throughout the day as necessary. Then I think you should give it a try, but if you are someone who lives in an extremely humid climate gets extremely oily needs your foundation. To last 18 plus hours, then no, this is not going to be the one for you. I would highly recommend The Hourglass or even the Estee, Lauder, Double Wear or Mac Studio fix fluid, or even the LOreal infallible freshware right now. There are so many truly excellent foundations out there on the market. It is difficult to pick its difficult for us as YouTubers to even decide which one is our true favorite.

So I hope that this brings a little bit of understanding on both sides that we, as content, creators need to before we put out a video, even though, were so excited to put it out, and we want it up as quickly as possible. We need to make sure that everything that is in that video is really everything that we want to say is all the information that we have, that we can give our viewers to make better purchasing decisions and for the viewers. On the other hand, I really want you to take into consideration that we are fallible we dont ever, I would say, 99.9 of us, dont ever want to be deceptive, were always giving you our feedback, our opinions based on our own personal experiences. Sometimes we change our minds after maybe a month or two or maybe when the season changes or maybe when the climate changes. I could take this foundation with me on my trip to Hawaii next month and think that it is absolutely horrid for that environment. So I think thats all I want to say theres, probably more and probably forgetting something, but I dont want to ramble too long again. This was an impromptu video Im, hoping to just download the footage edit it real fast and put it up for you, and I really appreciate you taking the time to watch. As always, if you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and Im, not even going to say all that other stuff about subscribing and following me on other um platforms, because thats not the point of this video.

The point is to speak to those of you that saw the original video that maybe have been seeing some other reviews that are now a little bit confused or questioning me or the other reviewers. I just thats what was important to me about posting this video. So I hope you all have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend. This is a Friday that Im recording this.