Well, I had originally thought I was going to do this as the top five of a particular drugstore brand today, its Milani, but now its up to the top 10, because Milani is such a good brand and I love so many of their products were gon na. Do that right now, but first there is a time stamp right here: thats going to go up on the screen where you can skip ahead to that part of the video. If you want to – because I do talk about my clothes and a couple other things that some people like to skip over first thing is my shirt. I really am happy with this shirt. I always say Im in love with this shirt, but Im Im happy with this shirt Im trying to change my lingo. This has got a crisscross detail on a v neck and its purple its a very light Jersey, Weight, material, very stretchy, long sleeve, which I always like to push up, and I just really like this kind of shirt and as were going into fall. Its light enough to not worry about in the daytime when its a little bit warmer but heavy enough to keep me a little bit warmer in the evenings as we go into the fall and then the earring that I chose to wear today, Ive worn on my Channel before this is a silver spiral earring with a spiral that has rhinestones inside of the silver, they do have a couple other colors.

So I will go ahead and Ill. Make sure that I link that so that you can check out the other colors and then also I wanted to show you my necklace. I love this necklace because it is a layered necklace. However, it does come in separate layers. It doesnt come all in one and I actually think theres one other part to this, but whats really cool about this. Besides the fact that I love the necklace itself, I put this onto a magnetic clasp, so its two different necklaces. Yes, they come together when I bought them, but whats fun about it is. I dont have to worry about putting two necklaces together. I just bought this magnetic clasp and I bought a couple different ones of them. They had ones that have three: they. They have a bunch of them that you can buy, but this one is two, so I just attached the necklaces to the clasp and then its really easy for me to put on behind my head here, because you know, as I get older, I get a little Bit more more challenged with what I can do and what I cant do so Im really loving those and they come in silver and gold as well. I will make sure that all the makeup that Im wearing my fingernail polish, my jewelry everything, is listed and linked below and the links below will also contain my numbering system. I put up a number right here on the screen that corresponds to whatever product that Im.

Talking about at that time, you dont have to remember the product or anything about it. Just remember that number then go down into the description Box open it up, find the number which is number three in this case find number three next to it will be the product with any information about the product if its the color the size. Anything like that, and it will also be the link that you can shop that way if youd like to alright. So that is our introduction now were going to get on to Milani and finding out what my top 10 favorite products are. So I think, were just gon na start in the order that I put it on my face, so were going to start with this primer, which is the Milani skin quench hydrating primer. I really have been enjoying this for a couple of reasons, since one is that it definitely does its job of creating a barrier between your foundation and your skin care, but it also doesnt dry, you out it isnt matte its not flat at all, and it really Does feel very hydrating, but it doesnt sit on top of the skin. I can feel it sink in, but I can also feel that little bit of dimethicone in there its just a really great primer – and I love it for holding my makeup on and not making my makeup sink into my skin throughout the day. The next one that I have is the Milani supercharged facial mist and this one I really love its called revitalizing facial, facial mist and the reason that I really enjoy.

It is because one has a really great Mister on it. The Mist is fairly fine, but two is that you can use this during the day to freshen up your makeup. If you want to, there is no alcohol in this at all, but it really does feel refreshing when you Spritz it on now. You can Spritz this on before your primer. If you want to for an added dose of hydration, you can do it after you put on your powders to really kind of blend everything or melt everything together and its just a really nice way to recharge your skin. During the day or Revitalize your skin during the day, you can kind of Spritz it on, and it just does give you that really great burst of moisture. If youre feeling dried out during the day and yeah Ive really been enjoying this one, and that does have a little bit of a fragrance if youre interested it does kind of have just a tiny bit almost of a citrusy fragrance. The primer, though, does not have a fragrance. I always forget to say that, so I want to make sure that I say it. The next thing that I put on was the Milani fruit, fetish lip oil, and this one is in strawberry melon, and I just really love these lip oils. I have not been somebody that really has gone after the lip oil craze like so many people have just because I am a lip gloss person.

I love lip gloss, its my jam and so Ive just kind of gravitated more towards that. But this is a really nourishing very nice feeling lip oil. It feels a little bit heavier than just you know the regular oil that Ive gotten in the past, which is nice without being sticky its not sticky at all. So I really have been enjoying this and it does give my lips a lot of moisture before I go in with the rest of my lip makeup or my lipstick. Next I have the Milani silky matte bronzers. These have become a cult classic just like the baked blushes. This one is in sun kissed. This is my perfect bronzer, because its not too Orange its, not too cool its, not very muddy. I can use it as a contour. It is what I have on today that youll see, as I put it on, but its just got just a perfect color for me to warm up my face and do a little bit of contouring, and I love it now. It comes in four colors. I think it might have they might have discontinued one color its just such high quality and thats. What I love about Milani is that youre getting this super high quality at a drugstore price. You know it might be a little bit on the border of being a little bit more expensive, but its so worth it. The next thing, youre going to see me apply, is one of the Milani baked blushes.

Now, the reason that this one is different is because it is used as a highlighter. Now, when I open it youre going to see how light that is, its super light um this. This is one of my favorite formulas of all time, and so many people love it, but you can see right there that that is just like its like a beige blush and so not necessarily wanting a beige blush. But I do love this color for what it does with just having like a pearl gold. Champagne look to it on the highlighter and thats. What I used underneath my cheeks right here today, so I do have a ton of their other colors. This one is Dolce pink, which I love, if youve never seen these before. These blushes do have just a tiny bit of Shimmer in them theyre, just such a fun blush to work with, and they really do give a lot of life to your cheeks. This one is called Berry, Amore right here. This one is probably the one that I reach for the most its just a pretty everyday color, thats kind of a cross between a rose and a coral, and I just think its really really pretty color kind of more of almost a nude color. And then the petal Primavera, this one is your basic rose color. I think this ones very pretty as well. I will tell you that these arent super pigmented, you know, but youre gon na dip into there and then youre gon na get too much pigment on your cheeks.

You kind of have to build these up, which I actually do appreciate about them. Now, Im going to cheat right here and just slip in an extra blush because um I you know, I have tan – and this is my 11th actually, but you know sue me its my channel. So I love the rose powder blushes. They have an embossed Rose in them, which most of us have already seen these. This one is called tea rose, just a beautiful rose, color its more along the lines of a really light. Coral rose color and its really pretty. They have a lot of colors in this, but its a matte blush, whereas all of the rest of these are kind of a shimmer blush or a glowy blush this. This is a very matte blush, very pretty I like them, both very much, and then I have the liquid cheek kiss blushes. Oh my goodness, I love these. This one right here is called very smooth, and it is just a pretty Berry color that you will see right here, kind of almost a raspberry color and then the next one is called pink flirt, its the one that I have on today. That youll see me put on right here, really pretty mid tone pink right there, just pretty pretty color and then the last one is called Rose romance. So this is your basic rose color with maybe a little bit of a mauve tone to it, but not too much so you can see all of those colors right there theyre definitely on the pink side, theyre more on the cool tone side, but they have a Lot of colors they have colors.

That would definitely match your skin tone and since its right here, why waste such pretty blushes right lets just pop a tiny bit of it on right here, so that you guys can see how pretty they are. I just mixed all three of those together. They really are so pretty, and I just absolutely love that then I went in and I lined my lips. I dont have a favorite color in Milani of their liner. I know that they have good liners, but I just dont have a favorite color, but I do have a favorite color in one of their lipsticks. Now this is their cream lipstick and this one is called Pretty Natural, such a pretty color. I cannot get over how lovely and creamy this lipstick is and how much it reminds me of a Mac lipstick. So this is the cream one, they have the matte one and then they have their new fetish ones. But this cream one is the original, and I just still love it so much and this color is beautiful, pretty natural, I really like it and then I popped on just some gloss on top of there, and you guys have heard me talk about the Keep It Full glosses so many times – and this is a Plumping gloss – the first one is called Moonlight. It is just kind of a sheer with a little cast of reflect of pink in it. Next one is called nude Shimmer, its the one that I popped.

On top of the lipstick that I have on today, and it has kind of the nude color in there with a champagne and reflect in there and then the next one is called tropical shine and its kind of a peachy color with just a little bit of That reflect in it, so those are all very pretty and that one is a beautiful color to pop on top of any of your lipsticks. This gives them such a pretty shine and fullness to them. I really love these. They remind me so much of the Buxom lip gloss glosses. I think I have more of these than I do of the Buxom, but I do really think that theyre, a great quality gloss, not too sticky, not too heavy. They just are really beautiful on your lips. Next, I have the highly rated anti gravity mascara. This is such a nice mascara. It is a mascara that has the Bendy wands. So please be aware of that. It is a plastic or silicone bristle brush in The Hourglass shape. I love this for being able to grab onto my eyelashes and just make them the very longest that it possibly can. You can really build this up if you need to. I love the tip of it that its so pointy, but its really just very, very easy to grab onto your bottom lashes, no smudging and no flaking on this for me and I live in a pretty dry state, so thats saying something so I really havent been Enjoying this one and Im glad that they finally came out with a mascara that doesnt smudge on me and then the very last product, I am very glad to say that the Milani make it last dewy setting spray that claims that it has a 16 hour.

Wear that this does not have alcohol in it that dries you out the original setting spray that they have the make it last that they have that one does have alcohol in it. Now this has some kinds of alcohol, but theyre the humectant kinds or the kinds that really do help moisturize your face, not dry it out, like alcohol denied. Can I love the Mist on it, its a really fine Mist on there. It holds your makeup on, and yet it doesnt make you look flat or anything, and I actually do like this one as well for melting the powder products into the liquid products that you use and melting them together, and it just holds you your makeup so well And I really have been enjoying this one too, that is it for todays video. I hope that you did enjoy seeing it tell me down in the comment section if you have any Milani products, that you absolutely love that I didnt talk about today. Im sure there are several of them. It was really hard for me to even choose 10. lets pop up here on the screen. Another video lets do a drugstore do because we havent done one of those in a really long time. Lets just put that up there. So you can go see some fun drugstore dupes and save some money.