I hope that you are doing great and that youve had a great week so far. This video that Im sharing with you today was actually recorded last week. But if you missed it, we had a really horrendous stomach virus in our family. That was so bad. I couldnt even get out of bed to publish the video last week because it was nasty. So what I did was I went ahead and took out the intro and the outro, because theyre not relevant anymore. I hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you for your patience with us, and here you go. I first want to share with you some eyeshadow that I picked up recently Maybelline put out these shadow blocks. I did this one in the video last week, so, if you missed it Ill, have it linked for you below this. One was really good in terms of quality, color, payoff lasting power. All of that it did amazing, well really happy with it. This one awful and its a purple palette and purples are one of the colors that I know most drugstore companies do struggle with creating, and this one was absolutely awful. You can see here. There was no color payoff with it. I mean there was, I mean if you want to be technical, there was color payoff, but it wasnt as vibrant or as strong as what I felt like it should have been. The eyeshadow was very chalky in this palette, which struck me as odd because the other one was so pigmented and had so much color payoff this one.

I really struggled to get the eyeshadows onto my eyes and I really hated the final look with the palette. I didnt even want to complete it. It was that bad, so I would say: save your money on the purple. One tried this one. This one was in the name. What was it okay, so there is no name Ill. Have it listed for you below in the description box if you are interested in trying out one that is of quality along those same lines? I also got this purple eyeshadow palette from Revlon, which is a newer release from the brand, not good, really not good. Again, no color payoff really hard to get it onto my eyes. I found the eye shadow to be uncohesive for lack of a better word. It was like the eye. Shadow pigments would not stay on the eyes and there was a ton of Fallout when I did apply the eyeshadows and like the Maybelline purple palette, it was so bad. I just had no desire to complete the look. I mean if you like, a lighter color on your eyes. Then you would probably really enjoy this me. I like color when I put purple on. I want to see it and for me I felt like this faded before I even got the look done. I I was so disappointed in it, so I would say, save your money. If you see any of these palettes, I I have no desire to try any others, and I dont feel like this purple.

One was worth it at all. Loreal has a what I want to say is a newer concealer release, because Id never seen it before. This is their true match eye cream in a concealer. It contains hyaluronic acid in the formula the shade of the Im showing you here is C12 fair. By the way for those who are interested, this is a very runny consistency to it and it is very pigmented. So a little bit is all you need, and I found myself having to wipe away a lot of it on initial application, because there was just too much underneath my eyes, but I will tell you that it sinks into the skin beautifully and you do feel hydration Under your eyes, its really amazing feeling on the skin and it lasts all day it doesnt crease, it doesnt move it doesnt budge. It looks beautiful from beginning to end, and so I was really really impressed with this one and I feel like too, if you had more mature skin, this would be a really great one to try for the hydration Factor alone. Another mascara that Ive been testing out recently came at a recommendation of Melinda from the video. Where I tried out your makeup recommendations. I didnt have the opportunity to try this mascara in that video, so I waited to include it for this one, and that is the LOreal extreme volume mascara and this stuff is absolutely awesome. Really, truly, I love it.

It does a great job of volumizing, the lashes thickening them up and it lasts all day and the one that I did get is waterproof, and I will tell you that it is a hundred percent waterproof because I yeah, I might have cried while wearing it. I just did and it didnt move didnt stream down my face. It didnt flake it didnt smudge. It was fabulous stuff. One of the products I tried in that video. I talked about where you recommended makeup products for me to try. Was the Nyx Wonder, stick and I absolutely love this thing I just have to Rave about it. I dont know what took me so long to try it really amazing cream Contour if youre looking for one its great, but when I was picking this one up, they also had come out with these Wonder, sticks that were blushes, and so I didnt realize that when I picked up in the store, but there are two different colors on one Wonder: stick this one has what appears to be a cool, toned, pink and then a more salmon pink color. So I applied the salmon pink to test this out and it is such a great application very smooth, creamy easy to blend. It looks very natural on the skin and it lasts all day. So, just like the cream Contour Wonder, stick I would highly recommend checking out these blush Wonder, sticks they are absolutely wonderful, wonderful, loved it.

This next product is not a new one. I take it that its been out for a while, but I just had never tried it and its from Rimmel. It is their jelly bronzer its just like the name says it is a bronzer with a gel like consistency to it. The shade that Im, showing you here is Paradise by the way. This is very pigmented and its, I want to say its for lack of a better word kind of greasy when you apply it on the skin. It does blend in well, but it Blends in a little too well. I found myself having to layer this one on my face to get it to show up and then, by the end of the day, I felt like it had faded a little bit too much for my personal liking. So I dont know for the effort that I put into applying this, that I would like to wear it again: okay, its okay thats, okay, Mom life. What can I say for the next product I have to share with you? Uh lets see Ill talk about the product Im wearing on my lips today, because this was another one that I tried very recently and I think it was a new release, its one from Maybelline. This is their Super Stay ink crayon. The shade that Im, showing you here is trust your gut. This is like a lip liner and a lipstick in one. What I love about it is the precise application you get with it and the creamy consistency of it.

Its a very smooth, it almost feels hydrating on the lips. It is rather mattifying and you could probably tell that in todays video that my lips do look more matte rather than looking shiny or glossy. It is transfer proof which has become my go to favorite, with especially with having kids and how often I give them kisses and whatnot. I like that. The lipstick isnt rubbing off on them – and I mean this – is Ill. Just show you nothing nothing Gia doesnt like it so much because she likes for my lipstick to rub off on her. She does she likes it when I wear lipsticks that actually rub off on her, because shell go and kiss me on the lips, and then shell run over to the mirror to make sure that she got lipstick on her lips. But this one lasts for a great amount of time, its, not one that you have to reapply often stays put it doesnt feather, and that is what I love the most about this, so Ive really been enjoying that. I also wanted to follow up on the number. Seven protect and perfect intense all in one Foundation. This is the one that has an SPF of 50.. It was recommended to me in the last video I made with your recommendations, and I love this stuff. I love it. It is one that I have to wear with a primer underneath, otherwise it gets a little too oily for me after about six hours, which is to be expected, but it looks like skin and its just been one of my go to favorites.

I love it also from that video. I was not able to test it within the video, because the look was a little bit too bold and I didnt want to put a bold lip on top of it. So Rose Michelle had recommended. I try these new Maybelline superstay vinyl ink liquid lipsticks. The shade that I am using here is what is this unrivaled, which is a really bright, pinky red one of the things? A lot of you said in the comments on that video was that you have to shake it really well before you apply it. So I made sure I did that my sugar sugar and I love the application. Thank you for that. By the way, I love the application with these, it was a very smooth. I didnt have to go back over any areas that much it was one swipe of the lipstick and I had instant pigment on my lips. It didnt look uneven. It didnt look blotchy. It did take a little bit of time to dry. I want to say for me it was upwards of about maybe the First full hour before it really set. I mean, maybe I applied too much. I dont know, but it did take about an hour for it to fully set on my lips, but once it did, it did not move, it did not feather and it lasted all day and I sadly did not get the opportunity to do a wear test check In with you, so you could see how it wore, but it did not wear away in the middle of the lips like a lot of those lipsticks do at least the liquid lipsticks that I have tested in the past.

They always have that weird wear away where it starts in the middle of the lips and it works its way outwards. This one didnt do that it stayed all the way around the lips. The color faded slightly from that really deep, pinky red to a lighter pinky red, but I felt like the whole thing was really beautiful at the end of the day. Nonetheless – and this is absolutely one that I will be going back and looking at more of the colors, because when I first got this one, the color selection was not that good. A lot of the colors were just out of stock in the store. Definitely a great formula that I would highly recommend you checking out if you have been interested in them and youre looking for something that will last all day, because these do finally from Kiss they came out with these lash Couture Masterpiece, One of a Kind Luxe lashes. The style that Im showing you here is a French name and I really Im gon na butcher it. But here I go its pretty Porter prep, a porter, okay, Im just gon na have it in the description box. So if you wan na know what the last name is itll be in the description box, but these are really really amazing. They do have a thicker black band. So in my experience I did have to wear them with liquid liner on the Lash line. In order to hide the band, but the lashes themselves were very comfortable, they look very realistic on the eyes and they were absolutely just.

The quality is absurd with these really really good and they sent me a whole box of lashes that I have not tried. All of them, but I mean, for the most part, I love kiss lashes and I would highly recommend looking into them. So I hope that you enjoyed this today, despite the two different looks that I have going on within this video. If you want more details on the look that Im wearing right here right now by the way, this is a video that was published yesterday and I will have that listed and links for you below in the description box. So you can get more details on that. Look for everything else that I talked about. All of that will be listed for you below in the description box. I hope that you have a great weekend ahead. My birthday was last Monday and in this video that I just showed you that I filmed last week, I had talked about how we were going to be going away for my birthday weekend and we had everything planned, and that did not happen because we were just So sick, so thankfully the woman that we booked the Airbnb through was so gracious and allowed us to cancel last weekend and then reschedule it for this weekend. So this weekend were gon na, be going away for my birthday and celebrating all better now and yes, so so glad to be done with all that nasty stuff.

But anyway, I hope that you dont get it. I hope that you are well – and I just want to speak, love, light peace and joy and health into your home into you and your family, and I hope that you have a beautifully blessed weekend ahead.