This is Lisa. Welcome to my YouTube channel at least many Beauty. We cover all things: beauty and lifestyle for the over 50 woman, so I am not a saint consultant. I am just a customer um. I see them all the time on Instagram all the time or I see Consultants all the time on Instagram my favorite to follow is Karen lean Leon from 50 is a new 50 blog and um. I would follow on Instagram, even if youre not interested in saying makeup, though shell probably make you interested in it uh just because she is so delightful to watch and she does other makeup tips. Besides, just how to apply her makeup, I did purchase the makeup or several things from the brand uh when it was mascara Beauty and like all my brushes are the old style from mascara Beauty, but they did Rebrand as Saint Beauty actually shortly after I made my First purchase, and so I have some that might have the mascara Beauty, logo and some that say, Saint Beauty, but it is the same product. Same people sell it and Im, not sure. If youve heard of a saint Beauty but heres a typical face palette, their premise, its all cream makeup, really lovely for mature skin and their premise is my palette looks kind of yucky. But their premise is that you apply your highlight, which is also your main Foundation. Shade your bronzer and your actual highlighter in separately on your skin, and then you blend it all together, so youre not layering cream makeup on top of cream makeup, you have each individual, you have each adhering to your skin directly and then you kind of just dab.

It and blend it all together and you get that dimensional look on your face without having a lot of makeup and it does work. Okay, Ill say that it works its beautiful, its very natural, its fast. When my first video came out, I had my one of my best best friends from college asked you know Lisa, should I really buy it and she did and shes used it all up and um, and then I had a local friend here also asked me about It she also purchased it so it was. It was a product that I would recommend to my close friends and I still would recommend it, but um cream makeup does require just a little bit more working with to get it to last longer. So were going to talk just a little bit about that. Okay, so cream makeup, especially on my skin, I have normal normal to dry skin, but I touch my face a lot and I really have to watch not touching my face when Im wearing cream makeup, because it can slip and slide a little bit more. So you do want to prep your skin, so what I normally do is I will put a primer, a gripping primer Im using the elf power grip. Now Saint Beauty sells all this stuff. Now, when I first started, I dont think they had like the primers. The setting sprays um, you know it was just basically the actual makeup on the face, but they have a lot of other products now, but Ive never tried them.

So I cant talk about them all right, so the makeup or the primer has settled and set and now Im going to take the cream makeup. This is mango, and this is my you buy all your pans separate. You get color matched from a consultant, so this is mango Indigo, which is my Foundation shade Indigo, which is my bronzer candlelit, which is my highlight and icon. I think is my dark summer, shade that I can mix um for my Foundation and so Im just going to use their brush, because I always just use a brush when I use their makeup but Im going to use this round foundation brush. So you might already own a round foundation brush and I am going to not apply it like they do just in dots. I am just going to double tap small amount and apply on my face now. I am somewhat ignoring the area where I know Im going to put the Contour, so you dont need to dig it in these pans. These pans are really little heres, the little one. So you can kind of see how tiny the pans are, but its a lot of makeup because Im not digging in Im just tapping uh tapping the product on the brush and then just kind of stippling it pressing it into the face instead of like swishing. It back and forth so you can see that this is a really beautiful finish. I mean cream foundation a really yummy on mature skin.

So this is a medium coverage, light light, leaning, light medium. I mean, I still see some of my darker hyperpigmentation. You can cover up the hyperpigmentation with the foundation. In fact, I think this is where I learned to put a slightly darker shade to cover your hyperpigmentation before you, this ones too dark and then cover it with your regular shade kind of using it like a color, corrector. Okay. So now that Ive got my foundation on, I am still going to press off or press it into the skin. Using my stands out, Beauty sponge, you know working it. You want to make sure you dont have too much in your uh where your fine lines and wrinkles are so you really want to make sure you press it in really well in those areas. Okay, so now that Ive got it pressed in Im going to do my typical spray with a setting spray and then Im going to lock in the foundation with the setting spray paying attention to this area, which is what I tend to touch my face. So that is my step one then Im going to go back Im going to take their little Contour brush. I love the shape of this Contour brush its got a concealer brush on one end and the Contour on the other Im going to tap into the Contour tap it on my hand. First, because you can get dark Im going to apply my Contour shade and Im.

Just going to do a little stippling motions and kind of lifting flicking high on the cheekbones, then Im going to take my foundation brush Im, not going to put any more makeup on it. But I am going to just kind of stipple over it and see how easy that was to blend, and if I have a little area that I think is too dark Ill, just touch it up with my finger. Okay now were going to do the cheek color. So these are the lip to cheek colors. I have this. One is black cherry. This is my favorite, then I have Ruby, which is a really pretty pink Tropicana, which is a little Coral light kind of baby pink, and this one is, I think, called Sunshine State. Its kind of a duochrome I dont even know if they still have this shade but its a gloss, so it doesnt give a lot of colors um, but it is a gloss yeah. I think its really pretty so Im going to take the big blush brush, which is on the other side of the foundation and Im going to kind of squeeze it and tap it in to this black cherry, see how bright it is same thing tap off my Arm and then Im going to tap it up on my cheekbone under my eyes a little bit and flip it same thing. Im gon na wipe Im gon na wipe the foundation brush just a little bit, because now it has the bronzer on it and Im going to just still stifle it stipple it to blend in that blush.

So you can see that the black cherry, even though its such a dark color here its really pretty on the cheeks another setting spray layer. This is how I get my cream makeup to last all right now. Some of my favorite products from Saint Beauty are their eyeshadows. They are soft and creamy and very, very pigmented, so I have a couple um. Originally I bought these more neutral Shades kind of, in that you know, mauvy Plum tones that I love and then later I added on these bright Shades just to play around with, but well go to my favorite uh palette. So this shade right here is called basic because it is a basic color that is just real, pretty as a transition shade or a base, and because I use it on my eyes, because I had the cream makeup there. So I want to just make sure that the eye shadow is not going to stick anywhere. So I want this all over my lid and into the transition. Then Im going to take this shade next to it its called lullaby, and I am going to put it on the outer corner. You know what Im just going to use the big side foreign. There is a lot of Fallout on these Shadows down, use my finger and use this. I dont remember what this color is called Peppa, which is kind of my rose. Frosted rose, pink, color and Im going to put that on the inner half of my eye.

This is the same. Look that I do all the time you can see how super pigmented these are, though, of my brush and kind of blend it all together and thats it so I could take you know this lighter shade. If I wanted and put it up here, I normally dont go for pinks and white Shades up under my brow, though I just let my natural skin tone shine through, but well just do it today and thats. Just a really Supernatural eye. Look again. They now sell eyeliners and all kinds of different shades, but I am going to use my Charlotte Tilbury, my Duo eyeliner pencil, because this brown side is really, I think, its the nudes Duo. I really like this brown, oh and what you didnt see me use is the highlight color, because I usually would do concealer when Im trying to get a really heavy full face. Look, but if Im going for a real light, natural look a lot of times. I wont use concealer, but I will today just to kind of show you how to brighten, so I can use the concealer end of this dual brush. Take the Highlight, shade and Im going to tap it under my eye right here. Going up give myself a little eye, lift okay, but I think it did give a little bit of brightening and Im just gon na put a little more blush right here. All right were almost done.

Im gon na just use the same color on my lips and then Im going to go over it with this gloss, all right Im not going to use the mascara that I always use, because I love it so much Im going to try Im going to use This Lancome Le 8 hypnotos, because I need to experiment with some more mascaras. Okay, one coat looks good, not thick enough, not clumpy at all, though I do like that it, my lashes are really separated. Two more things before were done: Im just going to press in some setting powder on the cream makeup, and then I will spray it with a setting spray Im using the Wayne Goss weightless all right. My final spray is going to be with the Urban Decay. All nighter, it is very, very skin, like it is a beautiful, its, not dewy, but very natural. Looking finish, it has been layered multiple times with a setting spray, so I know its going to last for hours and hours and it really is easy to use. And if I was traveling, I could just take my eyeshadow palette and the face palette, and this is all the makeup that I would need to carry so anyways Im impressed. So if youve ever wondered, when youve seen a lot of those Instagram reels or tick, tocks or stories YouTube stories of whether or not it really works or if its just really good marketing, it is really good marketing.

But the makeup is really lovely. Also: okay, thats. It for todays video, all the shades that I used will be down listed in the description box below.