Today, i am giving you kind of a first impressions of the highly coveted by me, gucci blush de beaute, its the new release from gucci beauty, kind of a sucker for gucci beauty and its one of the brands that i am more inclined to review on. My channel than other brands, i dont review everything that launches from gucci, but when theres, something thats like in my wheelhouse and it happens to be gucci, then im more likely to pick up at least one color and just put up a quick review of first impressions, Which is what im doing today, so i just got one color of the blush rosie brown. Of course i wanted to know what the color looked like in person. What the finish was like in person its been kind of an uneven and interesting ride, even just over these 24 hours, that ive had it because it just arrived yesterday, so i played with it last night and then i you know, went in on it today, applying It to my face and talking you through the experience, its not totally conclusive, but hopefully this video will give you the thrill of discovering the product with me, which i feel like sometimes when im tempted to impulse buy something it helps just to watch someone go through That process kind of like satisfies that impulse in me, then i can take a step back and wait and make sure that its something i actually do want to buy.

So i hope that this video will help in some way, maybe satisfy that urge. Maybe you remind you that its just a piece of makeup give you a little bit of a more realistic sense of what youd be buying. If you bought this thing, if youve never watched one of my videos before then, i hope, of course, that it will still be all of those things, and i also hope that youll subscribe, because i like talking about makeup. But i talk about it in a realistic way. You know makeup can add value to a life as all beautiful things can, but its not going to change your life im very interested in the relationship between aesthetics and consumerism, and now lets go ahead and get into the meat of this video. Okay hi. Here we are its the moment that youve all been waiting for. I have obviously a little bit of eye makeup on. I have a little bit of base makeup on im testing the rms foundation review coming soon or maybe review already up on my channel and im going to enhance this in progress. Makeup. Look by doing the most with the gucci blush, the gucci blush de beaute in shade 5 rosy beige. It is darker and less beige and more rosy in person than i expected it to be. I was just expecting something a little bit more pale and a little bit more neutral. Obviously its still really pretty i mean im, not mad at it actively, but its just not old gum you know could be that itll end up being a really great gucci.

Blush version of kind of a natural fleshy bronzer for me, in fact, the time that i played around with it the one time it did end up, looking like that, so im hoping thats what itll be long term, but for those of you who, like me, were Hoping that this would really be gucci does old gum its. Not quite that also. I dont like these little nubbins. This thing right here this little clasp right there its hard for me to use like its hard for me to use it to open it, and it might be because i have a weak thumb right now because of repetitive stress injury. So that might actually be the only reason, but i find it pretty easy to open the compact just by holding on to the base and the lid, because they have little ridges around them, and this feels extraneous because of that and less effective than just like opening. It up manually instead of manually with the little fake class, but more than anything, its just, not aesthetic. To me, it looks like little plastic worms on the compact or reminds me of an awkward polly pocket thing see how it sort of sticks out from the side and isnt cute. I mean it would be fine if it stuck out from the side and it was cute. I just dont think its cute. I feel like this is very cute. Like i mean it is everything that i dreamed and it feels very heavy is my favorite blush ever and in a lot of ways you know what i mean im, not saying like ugh its a fail.

I just think they could have done better with that little faux clasp thing. It looks like they forgot to make it ornamental and if they were gon na forget to make it ornamental, then i wish they had just left it off. Okay, lets put it on my face. I have done this already. This is into first impressions. It did go well last night lets see if i can replicate that for you, i actually ive got quite a lot onto the brush. I should say, because i want to do kind of a heavy blush, look because thats what i did last night, i loved it, see how on me its, not beige like thats, just not beige its like blush color, but you know when, when blushes are blush color In the pan, they look garish on me, so its nice to have one thats blush color on me. Okay, so theres sort of a light application of it and i have applied it like all over my hairline and around the sides of my face. Ive applied. It kind of like a bronzer, because this is a bronzer color to me right. This is the color that i turn this, like maybe slightly burnt rose when i get sun very reminiscent of the kevin aquan neo bronzer in sunrise, light, which is my favorite blush and kind of reminiscent of that as well. It has a little bit of a sheen, although its hard to tell how much of that might just be my skin, coming through the skin care and primer and foundation had that kind of satin sheen as well, based on a little swatch id.

Guess that a little bit of it is coming from the blush like its not a chalky matte, but it isnt a very glossy blush full of particles of shine. You can kind of see it there now its, not necessarily the very smoothest blush in the world, and this is only the second time that ive seriously applied it im about to layer more on. So you can see what that looks like what ill say is that last night, when i was applying it, i got this kind of i dont know. I feel like the only word or words that i can think to use are words that traditionally mean something really bad in makeup, but ill. Try to explain myself, i loved how it looked. What i was gon na say is: i got this kind of uneven flesh. All along my cheeks that looks really natural, like it really looked the way that somebody looks when they blush or when they have like wind, whipped, cheeks like running around outside the thing that made me love it instead of thinking. Oh, this blush is patchy. Is that i felt like i had controlled it like, i felt like it was localized and that the parts of my cheeks that were really flushed were like the center, where i had tapped it more and then the blush kind of like bloomed out from there. In this way, that is very natural to the way that it looks when somebody gets sun or really flushes from activity, but its, unfortunately, not blowing me out of the water in that way that the kevin aquino bronzer does and its also very, very finely milled.

But its lighter, i was gon na, say its also very, very finely milled, and it also has a little bit of sheen in it on one side like this sides kind of, but its lighter right, even the darkest side. Even the darkest side is just lighter in color, and i think that thats why i dont have to take such care when im using it – and i feel, like i cant overdo it with this, i can get a really really blushy bronzed look, but i never feel Like im, overdoing it, i feel like with this. If i overdo it, i might end up with cheeks that look modeled to the point that its like unflattering. It looks like badly applied makeup, instead of just having that slightly kind of uneven fleshed. Look that looks natural which, in person at least right now, thats what it looks like im worried that on camera, its reflecting so much light that it doesnt look as kind of fresh and nice as it does in person. But hopefully you can see what im talking about its a deeper color than it seems. I might actually be like a little bit too pale for what would be ideal for this blush. I wanted to build it up a little bit more heres. What im going to do actually im going to put a little bit of the kevin aquan on my cheeks? On top of it, just to really make sure that its a very powdered surface, because im a little worried that the foundation underneath which im currently testing was like grabbing on the blush and that might have been part of what was causing it.

To look like it was looking its a very silky powder, all right, im, gon na try building it up even more. I might regret this im just gon na try it. I dont regret it. Okay, it got a little bit intense, but i think im. Okay with it im surprised by how shiny it is, i just feel like its doing that thing, where its so shiny, that its like making it look patchy on camera, even though it doesnt really look patchy in real life. I dont know – maybe i just dont want it to be true, but i also am having a hard time because last night, when i played around with it and i applied like a fully draped blush, look like this – i absolutely loved the way that it looked, but The lighting was really different. I was up in my room. It was dark outside. I just had my vanity lights, so i wasnt getting this kind of like uneven. Reflect of the color. Do you feel like im, mostly getting on this side? It might be because some of the eye makeup was like down here and it mixed with it, but even that all right there, just doesnt look good. I just dont know. Let me give you um some swatch comparisons on my hand, nope its doing it on camera. On my hand, too, i was hoping it was something about like the foundation that was on underneath my cheeks, its doing it on camera too.

So, do you see how patchy that looks and its because of the way that its reflecting you know what i mean its like theres, something about the quality of the pigment and the reflect and the way that theyre interacting its causing it to look patchy? This right here is the kevin aquan and it looks a little more orange like a little more orange y brown on my hand, but this is really interesting. Those are the two fingers that i was using to build up those swatches and that really ruddy one. The much pinker one on my middle finger on top thats the finger that i used to create the swatch for the gucci blush and this brown thats the finger that i used to create the swatch for the kevin aquan. So, even though the kevin aquan looks so sort of light and diffused there its just that the pigments are so finely milled and they disperse so well that you dont get that really actually brown color. But you know thats the undertone that comes through when i apply it, whereas the gucci is just yeah its much much more of a rose. I was trying to figure out a reason like to justify the trouble that i was having with it a reason that it had something to do with again the complexion it was designed for which might still be true what i applied underneath it, how much of it? I applied and how much of it i applied might still be true.

Okay, what ive learned here, though, is that i cant build this blush up, like i thought that i could, based on last night, its always gon na look like this. When i build it up its always going to have this kind of patchy reflectivity, i think that the thing that i might still be able to do with it is to use it to create like a really really light wash of color and unfortunately, ive already done. This so i cant really test that today, but ill definitely pin a comment about this because i feel like this is a situation where its too bad. This is a first impressions, obviously ill talk about in a future video as well, but it has stymied me a little bit and so far its kind of like a not as perfect as i thought it was going to be. It could always be theres a learning curve. It could be that i find out that when very lightly applied or applied with a bigger brush and blended out more diffusely, i really love it. If i have any more information than i have now when i am posting this video ill put it in a pinned comment, now im going to go wash off my hands finish my makeup and then ill come back and give you my final thoughts and tell you About the smell, because i forgot to tell you about that – i just jumped right into applying it.

Okay, im back and applied a little bit of lip color. I applied a little bit of powder, so i could have finished the makeup. Look all over and the blush looked amazing in every single other mirror in the house, but here in this mirror, which i have a mirror underneath the camera and i have a little screen thats showing what the camera is recording. I still think it looks bad. It looks bad both in the screen monitor and in the mirror that i have down here and its funny, because i have beauty lights on me. I have these big soft box lights, coming from either side like a ton of light on my face and usually thats the most flattering light that you can have on your face because kind of evens out shadows and crevices in the face sort of diffuses. The look of pitting and scars marionette lines and it usually bounces in a really beautiful way off of the glossy or the highlighted high points of my face, like my cheekbones in this case the slight luminescence in the blush to me just isnt handling that well. So i feel like i really need to experiment with the way that this looks applied less intensely like less of a layered application, and i really need to pay attention to the way that it looks in different lighting conditions. Its hard for me to trust it with it, looking not great to me under this light, because its like a fundamental truth of my life that i look my best under this lighting.

So if it doesnt look good, if the finish doesnt look good under this lighting, its just hard to believe that im going to be really excited to wear it a lot, what a funny slippery fish this gucci blush! Oh that reminds me i need to tell you about the smell its confusing, because i love it. I actually love it. It smells like an updated version of what you imagine when people say like that old fashioned makeup smell. It really smells like makeup in an old fashioned way, but it has, i think, a little bit of like an apricoty or peachy undertone that makes it smell fresh and not abhorrent, like a powdery, lotiony, apricot or peach or cherry or something and just a little bit Fragrant with some sort of old school scent, it smells very everything old as new again i just love it gucci nails it with the aesthetics and they feel like the scent is part of the aesthetics, some of the lipsticks or maybe its all, of the lipsticks. The lipsticks smell like violet, candy, freshly, deliciously, indulgently, vintage packaging and presentation and everything and ive just turned out to really love that. But i could see somebody not liking the scent and it is there and it is distinctive. I happen to really like it and i happen to feel like its really original and really aligned with what gucci beauty is doing across the board. But if you sometimes cant stand ascent or you generally dont like strong sense, then this is you know one to maybe encounter in the store before you buy it.

I think thats going to be it for today. Clearly i have to spend some more time with this. Whatever it is that ive learned about this blush and the time since i filmed this ill put it in a pinned comment on the day that i post this video so make sure to check there for updates. And, of course, if you want all of the tea make sure that youre subscribed because ill come back with an update in like three or four weeks after ive really lived with this blush and gotten to know everything about it so check the comments.