This is all under ten dollars and were going to be talking about my five favorites from Maybelline, but before we do that, I am going to put a time stamp right here so that you can skip ahead. If you want to skip over the intro of my video Im, going to show you what I have on and were going to talk a little bit about a couple other things, so if youre not interested in that, I dont blame. You just skip ahead right here to this time stamp, so I have on today a really beautiful blue jersey, knit long sleeve t shirt. I also really like this shirt because of its neckline with the squared off neckline and the puff sleeve with the band right there. You can pull these up if you want to, you know, while were still dealing with a little bit of the heat, the shirt is very long, so you could wear it pulled completely down over your rear. If you need to – or you can just kind of rush it like, I did up around my belly, which kind of helps hide the belly just a little bit, and then I will share with you my earrings that I have on today so much fun. I really loved that they were a bold statement, earring just a really lightweight resin earring, that Im really in love with, and they just they went perfect with this shirt, and I just really liked them.

Also, I have a pretty new watch to me. Ive been wearing it for about a week now it is rose gold and it has the black detailing now. Last week I did bring you one that was silver and it had a little bit of rhinestones on it. I still have that one. I still love it. I think its so pretty, but this is just a nice change and then also my rings, my fingernail polish, all of that will be listed and linked below and speaking of links. I always make sure that I link everything below for you and to make it even easier for you. I will put up a number here on the screen and that number will correspond to whatever product that Im talking about at the moment today were only talking about five, so one through five products will be down below with the corresponding number next to it. So just remember the number of the product that you liked you dont have to remember the color or anything that I showed you just have to remember. The number go into the description Box, open it up and next to that number will be that product with its link and any color, or anything like that that I have talked about okay thats. The introduction lets get into it right now and you can see what my top five Maybelline products are all right before we get started. I do want to say that most of you are going to expect me to put Maybelline lipsticks in here and yes, Maybelline.

Lipsticks are like up here on my list of lipsticks theyre like as good as or better than so many high end luxury lipsticks. So Im not going to talk about those today because Im always talking about those but lets talk about the lifter glasses. I love these. So much they are pillowy and they feel fantastic on your lips and they are just theyre. Some of my very favorite glosses Ive ever run across the other thing. I love the little shimmers that they put in some of them theyre, just a micro, fine, Shimmer theyre, not really like a glitter. There might be teeny tiny bit of glitter in there, but not really. The other thing I love about them is that they last a while on your lips theyre, not like a normal gloss that just seems to disappear so quickly. So I have this one in Pearl, which I love and all of these will have a little bit of the shine in them or the glitter in them not glitter its the Shimmer, its not glitter. But I do want to tell you that they also have ones that are very much like fenties gloss bombs, and they dont really really have any sort of a reflect in them. They just have the cream color to them. So, if youre interested in that they have lots of those, this one is Moon. One of my favorites, as well kind of like a pinkish color with a little bit of the reflect in it, and then I recently just found this one, which Im so in love with whoops this one.

So you can see what the color is. You dont need to see the barcode all right. This one is called Crystal. I have found recently that Im in love with gold or peach or any color like that on top of my pink lipsticks, because it just makes them just really grab and makes them just look. So good and Ive been absolutely loving. That look just some sort of a pink lipstick or a nude lipstick and then pop a gold on top of it or some sort of a apricot or or peach, or something like that. They look fantastic. So these are probably in my top five favorite glasses of all time. I really love them Foundation. Oh my word. If you havent tried the Maybelline Fit Me matte and poreless, you really need to now. I know a lot of the craze right now is The Dewy skin, even though this says its matte, its really not matte, it does not make your face look flat when you wear it its just beautiful. You just have this youthful looking skin thats perfected. This is absolutely 100 percent, a high end foundation and a little bitty drugstore bottle, and I love this stuff. Now they do have The Dewy one also, and I found that in the winter time, if Im feeling a little bit more dry. If I mix The Dewy with the mountain poreless its just gorgeous on my skin, its one of those foundations that I have not heard feedback from too many people that they absolutely couldnt, wear it if youre an oily skin person, youre going to like it, if youre A dry skin person, I think, youre gon na, like it, if you really dont like it, if youre super dry – and you put it on, I would just say you know, put a couple drops of a hydrating primer in it – put one drop of an oil in It youre gon na love it if you want that more glowy finish same thing with the oil thats, really how they achieve that really glowy.

Look of most of these foundations that lasts a long time and only costs like five dollars and change, I think, is what I got. This particular bottle for so thats, just so good and you just cant beat the cost on that. Maybelline makes some of the best ever mascaras. They are so good. Now I have two here and theyre in my top five mascaras of all time – probably too thats – probably not true, probably like top 10, because I really like mascara a lot but the Maybelline Sky High. This is one that so many people love some people dont, because it does have a bendy wand like that. But I find that that bendy wine actually works in my favor, because if my hands shake a little bit, then I can still get right down there at that base and pull that wand out and its not going to like. Stick me if I just get out of control so love this one separates. Lengthen really gives me a lot of definition to my lashes. It really does come off at night, beautifully with just water and a little bit of cleanser, but it doesnt smudge during the day, and it doesnt give me raccoon eyes. I really like it, but it does come in a waterproof formula if youre interested both of these. Actually do this one, I think, actually might be the waterproof formula. So this one is the falsies Lash lift. Now, while the Sky High has the silicone brush with it, doesnt have the natural bristles this one from fault, the falsies Lash lift, does have the natural bristles, and I really like this one too.

I love how this one gives volume and actually pairing these two together. Thats why I chose them today: pairing them together for volume and definition and length it works so well. The other thing is, if I use this waterproof formula in this tube, to give that volume its also going to keep my lashes curled all day and then go ahead and Define them with this one. The two of these together is really good and, yes, I know thats extra, but I think that it just worked works out so good and I love them both now the Maybelline Master Combs. These came out such a long time ago, but they are still theyre. Probably one of the first ones that actually were on that highlight bandwagon just so quickly. This one, I think, is molten Ivory or something like that anyway, I think its like 2 40 or two Ill make sure. I link that below otherwise Im going to confuse you guys and confuse myself at the same time, this does come in a rose gold and this ivory color and it comes in the regular gold color and I think it even comes in a little bit deeper of A color, so this is like your high beam, beautiful gorgeousness ever of a highlight its just one of those highlights that it feels buttery soft as youre working with it. You can really just sheer it out like on my finger, its pretty shared out right there.

So you could just have a glow or if you like, that, high beam look to it, use it on your eyelids, wherever you want to its beautiful. You know what I like actually doing with some of these highlighters is. I like line my lips and then using a little bit of gloss and then dabbing just in the center a little bit of this highlight and then pressing my lips together. It works so good to really give that middle of your lips that pouty look to them. So good, lastly, but definitely not least, is the Maybelline uh scent color Sensational lip liners. These are amazing, lip liners and I really fell in love with this color, which is called gone grayish. This is my color that I outline my lips with to give a more pouty look, and you know outside the natural lip line just a little bit there on the bottom. It looks so good that ones gone grayish. This next one is called almond Rose. This is my rose color that I wear with so many things. Now, if you wanted to, you, could wear almond rose with gone Grays. You know this one, just as your lipstick color would be so pretty, and then this nude color that I have right here is beige babe. This is for all of my gals. It loves the very nude look to their lips just to your basic nude color, the beige color that goes so good with so many different nude lip looks, and then lastly, I have this one that is called raw chocolate.

This one I actually have kind of gotten into lately, Ive almost been rebelling and doing like the 90s grunge lip lately with the really light inner color with just this. You know chocolate liner on there I dont know I kind of missed that a little bit. I just think its, so pretty so Ive been doing that a little bit, so these are amazing. I love that they are an automatic that you can twist up and then I believe that they have. Yes, they have the sharpener on the other end. So if youre somebody that likes a really crisp sharp line, you can do that as well. So for the price on these, These are amazing and they are really beautiful liner. It doesnt tug on your lips, its kind of creamy just so you know that so its not a really dry formula like some formulas can be so these can easily go for the lip liner or the lip color either one theyre just so pretty so thats. My top five picks from Maybelline. I hope that you did enjoy seeing these in Rapid Fire, because this is going to be a new series on my channel, where I just go from Brand to Brand to brand, and I pick out the top five of that brand. That I absolutely love – and I think this is going to work out so good, because there are so many beautiful drugstore Brands out there and I love shopping drugstores.

So I think youre going to love this. I might occasionally throw in maybe some rare beauty or something like that. That is Lys, that kind of thing something thats a little bit more affordable, so that you guys can see those as well Sephora collection, Ulta collection. That kind of thing, let me know below what you think of that idea. I hope that you did enjoy todays video and were gon na go out today and Im gon na put a video right up here. I did a series a while ago that was called my top 10 under 10 at the drugstore, so Ill pop one of those videos right here. If you want to go, take a look at that. You can go see that thanks guys. So much love you to bits and Ill talk to you very soon.