Theres still a place for thicker glosses at times. In fact, I think I could work on a fourth episode, ranking more traditional glosses. I love and famous formulas in the industry if youd be interested, but for now, if youre sick of stick and want something super smooth. Youre in the right place, this video is kindly sponsored by Squarespace part of my work with the website builder, I use to make with a lot of lip action on my channel lately, Ive put together a new blog post with some of the different categories. Ive shared so far, you can catch up on those lip oil and lip balm episodes. But here are some honorable mentions of crossover products that appeared in those previous videos, but are so brilliant. They needed to be here too. If I had to name a favorite gloss full stop from recent years, I think itd be the Bobbi Brown crushed oil, infused glosses, so lovely and lightweight beautifully balmy. I also think very highly of the cosis wet lip oil glosses. They made my annual favorites list for the past two years, because theyre oil thin with just enough gloss slip more on those two in the lip oil episode linked below then the fit glow lip serums. From my liquid lip balm. Video have an incredibly cushiony feel, so they could certainly count as a comfy gloss too just wanted to make sure youre aware of those three before we move on and meet six other Chic shiny products, a little thicker slightly more traditional gloss, textures here, just really comfy Ones were in very safe hands with one of the worlds best makeup.

Artists, Lisa Eldridge came up with a genuinely nourishing gloss treatment, hybrid with a texture that leaves my lips feeling cushioned long after application. Gloss Embrace is heavier than a really thin oil, but not sticky or gloss gloopy, sort of middle dual weight with a plush feel and medium to high pigment, scent fragrance free key ingredients, wild mango kernel, butter, acai, berry oil, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E oil, 13 Shades Muse is the one I reach for most a neutral Smoky Rose, Wood that has sister lipstick and liner Shades in her range. All are favorites for me as an everyday Dusky Rose, pinky Brown blush is really underrated. A flushed pinky Berry that can be soft and natural, with one swipe or built up for a full flush. The angled flat, doe foot pad applies the formula well, and you can be more precise using the edges. A gloss that does not get enough attention is the Pat McGrath labs, lust gloss, so many products in Pats range. It can be a bit hard to know where to start, but this is an official, extremely underrated product alert. When I first tried these in 2019, they were instantly the creamiest smoothest glosses Id ever worn and theyre. Still one of the highlights of my collection, luxuriously, smooth, balmy, so shiny super pigmented. The long doe foot has whats called a reservoir tip, so product sort of pulls on it and applies evenly scent, strong heavy vanilla, not light and sweet almost vanilla bean key ingredient.

Vitamin E flesh four is called a warm mid tone brown, but this is a deliciously deep chocolate. Its a classic solid High, shine color, but she also has shimmers and Glitters Divine Rose, is a pretty fresh pink described as Plum Rose Shimmer. This one has a pearlescent. Arguably iridescent finish in the light, not super glittery or shimmery, though it just creates such luminous shine. One of you recently put the Dior attic Stellar glosses back on my radar. Thank you for reminding me about them Joanna. You might remember these from my Olivia Rodrigo makeup bag. Video last year described as a balmy lip gloss with Plumping shine and 20 24 hour hydration. These feel more plush balmy and thicker than diors famous lip maximizer glosses. I, like the voluptuous curved doe foot, almost like a smaller version of the Dior lip glow oil doe foot. I love, but I cant say the 24 hour. Hydration bit is true for me for any formulas. In fact, I never notice effects like that. No Plumping tingling at all, just lots of shine scent classic sweet vanilla reminds me of the Clarins Instant lip perfectas. I loved as a teenager. Key ingredients, sunflower seed and cranberry seed oils and rosemary leaf. Extract Dior rise is a bright red, warm and fiery to match. The dress, Olivia Rodrigo, wore at the Brit Awards last year, magnify is a perfect Plum for Berry lip lovers. This has a similar, mid tone: Berry quality to Lisa, eldridges blush shade your lips just look better slightly bitten before we move on to more pigmented and sheer smooth glosses.

Why not fill in the rest to the picture with the previous videos in this lip series of sorts Ive been working with Squarespace for the past couple of years, and my blog Matilda on is a little companion to my channel so easy to add links to My videos, no coding necessary, you just paste a link and it pops up and can be played right there on the website, with a simple user experience and aesthetically pleasing templates, a website blog or online store can be up and running in minutes. If youre interested Squarespace offer a free trial and when youre ready to launch, you can visit Matilda to save 10 on your first website or domain name purchase next. The M Cosmetics, true glosses, regular viewers, might remember this formula popping up a few times. In the past couple of years, its one of the most pigmented glosses Ive ever seen almost like the color payoff and intensity youd expect from a liquid lipstick, with the shine of a lip lacquer, its a gel based formula that feels creamy the color wears evenly. But every shade is currently on sale on the M Cosmetics site, which is never a good sign. Is it they just released a new everglass lip juice serum? So I fear we might be about to lose. The true glosses scent sweet sort of cakey, vanilla, key ingredients, vitamin c and e blood moon is a fantastic, warm red, not like the usual sheer red glosses.

You see that only leave you with a deep, pink tint. This one is red. Hot Moroccan Sunset is called Dusty, Coral, but its so rich, theres, less pink to it and more toasty orange, so it crosses over into terracotta territory. The fate of a formula thats entirely on sale, usually isnt great, so dont wait around if youve wanted to try these. My most recent gloss Edition was Tower 28s shine on milky lip jelly new to me, but well known to many of you as a seriously comfy gloss, also the lightest texture. So far. So if youre really gloss averse and even a self confessed comfortable lip gloss connoisseur like me, hasnt been able to convince you so far. Perhaps this could be the formula for you very light: thin slippy, silky, scent Ive, seen fragrance free reported, but theres a bit of a cosmetic scent thats vaguely coconutty. Let me know what you think: if youve tried it key ingredients, apricot kernel, raspberry seed and rosehip oils, I picked up cashew in the last Sephora Vib sale called a semi, sheer Milky. Rosy Brown sits right in the middle, not too Rosy, not too Brown. Finally, Fenty it wouldnt be a comfortable gloss Roundup without gloss bomb, would it Fenty Beauty, gloss balm in Fenty glow launched in 2017 and held Sephoras best seller spot for years? Interestingly, when I looked last week, its been knocked to Fourth by Dior lip glow oil, big fan Tower 28s, milky lip jelly hello again and Addison Rays, item Beauty, gloss products may come and go, but gloss bomb is eternal.

High, shine, wet, look, Shimmer very light. The texture would have been at home in my lip oil or liquid balm videos to be honest, scent strong, intensely sweet, its a lot, its called Peach, vanilla but Id say its sherberty too key ingredient. Shea butter, Fenty glow, was the original and still the best of seven current Shades and many limited edition. Minis a one gloss fits all. Shimmering Rose, nude a Rosy caramel on me. Let me know if another Fenty color has overtaken this one for you. I hope you enjoyed meeting some of my favorite super smooth formulas now its your turn, please share your top juicy glosses in the comments and give them their time to shine any matches for you here or products. You think I need to know about.