If you like my new hair, then please do hit that like button, the man to show support and love and, of course, subscribe to my channel if read by And subscribe down below, make sure to hit it. The first three products that I have here are lip products, and I know that youre gon na love these recommendations. So the first one is from cloth Beauty, and this is one of the recent lip products. So at the Young lip East lip treatment, oil and they are offering Three Shades honey, long, lip oil, but my most favorite one. Is you shade NE parfait? I really like it because it has this nudish color that Im so here, for if you love lip oils, and you also want it in a nude color, then this is for you also, if you are into like that Paul or nothing style, the kind of Lippy. This is another kind of product that you can check out. Next will be recommendation that I have here is from the detail, cosmetics and its the Lippy that Im wearing right now, and this is from their satin Luxe light. They already have their satin locks and its in a different kind of packaging. However, I did notice now my difference. You finish now original satin locks and then you satin locks light. So the original one has some more light drip, satiny gloss. This is a more toned down version of it and I actually prefer in Saturn Luxe light.

The third and final lip recommendation that I have here is from Vice cosmetics, and this is their Perfect Kiss lip liner and they have three shades for their lip liner. My super favorite one is you shade now kiss me because its just perfect for manga morenas or deep morenas, its just a shade for us, and it can Contour our lips super duper well. Next, what I have here is a new product release from Squad cosmetics and they sent me all of their new concealer. So this is their concealer concealer and I love that theyre, offering how many shades theyre offering nine different shades for their concealers and Im. So here, for it use shade, match: katalaga is in shade cm1, because theyre offering nine Shades. I believe they suctioned it into three parts. So three for the lights, three for the mediums and three for the tan, so I land on the medium and again cm1 Jung. Shenko, if you need another reference for my skin color, some MAC Cosmetics, the foundation I am nc30 and for the Fenty Beauty, Pro filter Foundation, a man I land on 235. Speaking of venti Beauty, I just have to share their product that I just recently purchased and have been loving. I purchased their eye primer and I was looking for a really good eye primer. So I just stumbled upon this because Im such a Rihanna fan, so anything Fenty Beauty Im just like eating it up, primers because they are opaque.

So if deeper Shades or small clients go. But this one. What I like about this so much is that it works on all skin colors, because, although nudish pinksha, when you blend it out, it doesnt, have any color enough and most especially, I love the fact that it holds the eyeshadow powder so so well, even the low Performing eyeshadows it this eye primer, makes it high performing like it elevates its performance so well. It doesnt crease on the eyes at all. If you have sweaty oily Lids a fret, not because this is the perfect eye primer for you. So since I just had my hair done, I want to share with you guys some of the hair products that I have been loving so far, so the first one Im sure youre gon na love this. So this is a hair to tool that Ive been using. So this is the kiss New York insta, magic, flat iron and because Im quite particular with my hair, I dont want it to be super damaged when I use heat styling products. I love this because it has shc technology and that stands for safe heating technology. Young iron plates yeah, I Marin chunk triple silicon bars like one over here and two over here so and what the silicone bars do. It prevents the hair from having direct contact heating plates, which prevents our hair from long term damage by the way in heating plates yeah. I premium ceramic coated lids, and this is the temperature dial right here.

This is the lead light right here. So if you turn to specific heat number, youll notice, namagoo, red Muna, first young LED light before it turns green and once it turns green now, then its good to go, meaning my go to temperature. When Im styling up, my hair is 180 to 185 maximum 9 u190. I dont go 200 now because I dont want to fry my hair, so around 180 actually 180, but I have thick hair cassette and kiss me has a lot of really really good products as well that you have to check out. So they also have these really really nice lashes that I have been trying out lately and I super duper love it. So if you want to check them out again, they will all be linked in the description box below its super duper, dramatic and perfect, dramatic eye moments or if you want to go for like an old Hollywood style in a Glam and by the way. Speaking of hair product, okay lets go to another favorite product of mine and this is from the dress, so this is their hair freshener. So basically, this hair freshener eliminates unwanted odors and keeps hair smooth a shy, tiny and silky. Throughout the day. My shampoo already smells so good, but when I add this onto my hair it just it adds that boost of fragrance that I really love and also when I spray this onto my hair. I noticed that indeed haircut and I use this and again as a very particular person when it comes to my hair.

This is super duper handy, so I recommend this for my girls or ladies who are rushing from work to date, kind of situation and you dont have any time to freshen up. Then this is such a handy thing to have in your bag so that you can just spray it in traffic pollution because of this okay. So its really handy add it to your kit and youre good to go next product is actually budo recommendation. Makeup artist, professional celebrity makeup artist to be specific, so the next product is an eyelash curler and this is from Emoji. So Koji is a Japanese brand, but thankfully I was able to purchase this in shopee because you know, and before I never thought it would be in shoppi, because its 1000 plus young difference is compared to the regular curlers, must fanned out and must wide you fun And lashes Nathan, which makes our eyes look more round and just oh, more awake, okay, so the next product that I have here is from essienko and Ive been loving this product, so so much and super Ganda Now product release. So this is their creme, cheek bronzer. So this is in the shade Torrid last, but not the is another one by Vice Cosmetics, but before kosovian guys. I just want to say that Vice Cosmetics has been killing the makeup game. Lately they released two shades for their felt tip eyeliners wearing this brush tip. Eyeliners, playful young colors yeah more in the red orange and green, very in line with a 70s type funky theme, but of course, what Im gon na share with you is something thats wearable and that is their black eyeline.

So those are my top 10 recommendations. This coming nine nine. Let me know in the comment section below then I have playlists ready here, just for you guys and boodle ready playlist.