My name is Kenna. If you dont know me Im a biochemist, a cosmetic formulator, and I make videos here on YouTube. So I have not posted in a really long time, basically all summer, because Ive been really busy with clients and also I just really wanted to enjoy the summer with my family and just soak it all up, because we only get a few months of Summer here. In Canada and yeah so Im back, it is September so Im getting back into the group of things. You can expect videos from me on Mondays and Thursdays every single week, so definitely stay tuned for that and todays video is gon na, be just talking about a bunch of my favorite products that Ive been using over the summer. I have everything from skincare to Hair Care to makeup. Im excited to talk about these products share with you, some of my favorites that Ive been using uh theyre, all definitely on the more affordable side, theres a couple that are a bit more pricey but were gon na get into that in a second also. You might have noticed that my setup is a little bit different um, my camera, my normal camera and my microphone are not working so well, so I Ive sent them off to be fixed. They should be back in a couple of weeks, but for now Im just filming on my iPhone and the audio is for my iPhone. So I hope its okay, but just know that it is temporary.

Okay, so were gon na up the quality in a little bit. But I actually think its not so bad. I mean the cameras on phones. These day are basically like a camera, so anyways enough uh enough blobbing from me and lets just get right on into the video Music. Okay, Im gon na start off talking about cleansers. So the first one that I want to talk about is actually a micellar water. This is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost micellar water. Now Ive been using this a lot over the summer, especially when Im reapplying sunscreen so Ive, taken like a little bottle out with me when Im on the go and dont have access to running water, just to be able to kind of wipe my face down. Remove all of the sweat pollution and dirt and everything before I go ahead and reapply sunscreen Ive really like doing this because theres nothing, I hate more than real flying sunscreen over like sweaty Skin. So if you hate that as well and you want a little tip on how to just have a clean face on the go, this is definitely what Ive been doing. I also use this to remove my eye makeup, just with a reusable cotton pad at night yeah. I mean this is probably one of the only micellar Waters that I find doesnt really irritate my skin, and I can literally leave it on my skin without having any irritation or dryness. It is very hydrating and it theres the like the my cells or the soap particles in there.

The detergent particles sorry are not irritating to my skin at all, so its definitely a product that I dont mind leaving on my skin, I mean nothing will replace water in a traditional cleanser, but in the summer, when youre constantly reapplying products on your face and youre Out and everything this is just a little trick that I like to use so whether I have a napkin or whatever. I just put a little bit on wipe my face down and then reapply a sunscreen. So this has gotten lots of use and Ive been using. It every single day this summer and thats all Ive used. So definitely a little bit goes a long way. You just need a tiny little bit, so I would say this is a pretty good investment. As far as keeping your face nice and clean when youre out and about and dont have access to running water next, I want to talk about the cleanser Ive been using all summer, so this is the CeraVe hydrating cream to foam cleanser. Now this one is just. I mean this is if you have sensitive skin, if you have dry skin and if you have oily skin, this is like would be my top recommendation for cleanser. It is drugstore its super affordable. I love this formula in particular the cream to foam, because I find theyre um theyre hydrating cleanser for dry skin is just it doesnt cleanse my skin enough and then the gel one I do really like, but I love this kind of creamy foamy texture, its very, Very effective at taking off makeup which it does advertise, but you know even sometimes the cleansers advertise that and theyre horrible at it, and then, of course everybody always has their ceramides, the hyaluronic acid everything so its just.

It is very hydrating on your skin, but you dont feel any kind of like layer left on the skin and theres no tightness after either. So, if youre looking for a good cleanser, that is just all around good for eye would say all skin types definitely try. This one, I also use this like all over the body in the shower as well, and I especially love using this when Im shaving my legs, because it does kind of a two in one soapy action, but then also very moisturizing and hydrating on the skin. Top recommendation for cleanser right now I mean CeraVe – is just forever the top okay moving on to a couple of products, uh from Paulas Choice. These were sent to me. This is the Polish Choice. C5 super boost eye cream and the super boost moisturizer. So these have totally replaced Moisturizer in my morning in my daytime routine for skin care, because normally I would use like a vitamin C serum and then a moisturizer on top. But I just love the texture of this moisturizer. So much and I love that its got. The vitamin c in there, so I just want to show you its like – I actually have formulated a product that feels exactly like this, but its just like a really nice, not nice and light lotiony feel, and it just sinks right into the skin. Its super great for daytime, because it is nice and light, but it is very, very hydrating and um luxurious feeling on the skin.

So this has just been my daytime moisturizer, underneath the sunscreen every day and then the eye cream is like. You would expect a little bit thicker. I just use that much um and I rub it here and then I apply it under the eyes and everything my skin is just really really love these products. I always wear vitamin C, but I like having it in the moisturizer Factor, so I can just do kind of like a hydrating serum and then my moisturizer has the vitamin C in it. So once I finish these, I definitely will repurpose repurchase, but these were sent to me in PR so and I just love Paulas Choice in general, theyre very well formulated products. They have a big focus on very effective science, backed ingredients so 10 out of 10. I would say: is this product next, I want to talk about a sunscreen. I know that you guys have heard me talk about the Sun sunscreen before, and this is this one is the lagom Celeste Sun, gel sunscreen, SPF 50 PA triple plus – and this one, I would say, is the only sunscreen that I found is like the most similar To the beauty of hosen one, it just sinks in honestly, so incredibly quick. It feels like a moisturizer. All of the Lagoon products are beautiful, theyre, extremely hydrating and moisturizing, and they have a bunch of different variations for different skin types. But I mean that is just sinking in so beautifully.

It leaves no white cast. It doesnt feel like anything. It just feels like skin its just like a light, moisturizer so good for like a summer SPF, because it just feels like youre wearing nothing. Price point is very reasonable as well, so this is one that I definitely recommend if you do like the beauty of person, one if youre into K, beauty, products and K, Beauty sunscreens then definitely definitely check this one out, because this is incredible. Just like the beauty of host in one, but I finished um three tubes of that this summer, so Im trying to use up some other ones that I have in my collection, and that is one that I have used before. But I didnt realize how amazing it is so I yeah Im almost done this one as well, so Im gon na have to get another one, but Lagoon products in general as well. If you like, k, beauty products, you will probably like there were just really focused on like Simplicity and um hydrated moisturized skin, not a lot of like super actives or anything, but just really really good products really high quality products. Next, I want to talk to you guys about this moisturizer right here. This is The Beekman 1802 Bloom cream daily moisturizer. This has been my night cream every single day in the summer, so it and the packaging is just so cute. So you go like you push it up like this, and it makes a Little Flower and its just beautiful, so Ill apply this on the back of my hand, so you can kind of see it is definitely a thicker cream, but as I have dry skin, I Still in the summer need something thicker at night, like I cant just get away with a job moisturizer, I need a more Rich cream.

So, if youre like me, you will really like this. I dont know theres something just about this um, this cream, that Ive just fallen in love with it its. I find it completely unique, and that says a lot because I try out a lot of different creams and moisturizers, but I find this one just truly, truly. Actually, hydrates and moisturizes my skin all night long, which is quite the challenge. So if you do have dry and sensitive skin, you might want to check them out. I think that theyre a pretty new brand – oh and this was sent to me in PR, but you know they – I dont have to say anything good about it, but this I love this and I love the packaging, its just so cute, so definitely yeah. I want. I actually want to see I want to check out their website and see if theres, some other things. I would like because Im just very impressed by this cream and not saying a lot, because it does take a lot to impress me with the cream, because I just try its like so many out. But I dont know theres just something about that. That Im absolutely obsessed with that cream and I literally have used it every day for the past 90 days. I would say next I want to talk to you guys about the first doctors visit instant resurfacing mask. So this is an aha BHA complex with pineapple enzymes.

Now this is kind of like a kind of like a novelty product, but it actually does do something. So it is this okay, okay, so Im an absolute genius and I just dumped the entire tub of this. Luckily, I have two types because what a waste? Oh! My God, so I just dumped the entire tub of this onto my laptop thats unfortunate but yeah. So you can see its like a jelly texture Ill. Show you its like this gel okay, you can see it move and its like its really fun to use its a fun product to use um. So you just use it once a week, and you put it on for two to three minutes and its like yeah. Its like a mask: how do I show you there? It just makes a layer of gel and it has Alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid, so really good for resurfacing the skin for evening out the skin tone um its really good for dullness. To give you the kind of a glow and a brightness to the to your complexion, but you definitely dont want to overdo any kind of exfoliation and you have to make sure youre gon na wear sunscreen after so I use this about once a week. Just kind of before I have a shower put it on for a couple minutes, then rinse it off and with coolish water in the shower. So love that also versed very affordable and its just kind of a fun product like if you, like kind of these cool novelty, fun products, um youll, probably enjoy this one, okay and thats, actually it for skincare.

So now Im gon na go on. I just have one hair care product that I want to talk about, so this is the dry shampoo from Odell Odell there um. I love this dry shampoo. Honestly, I struggle a lot with dry shampoo um right now. I do have two day hair, so I can demo it for you and its really great. If you I cant, exactly see what Im doing so Im just going for it anyways, it smells really good. I, like that, its a powder and not a spray, because I find the sprays actually really irritate my scalp um and can cause like itchiness and dryness and even like bumps and stuff, I just have very sensitive skin and scalp and everything this one. I have no issues with, I love how light and small and transportable it is its really and you can see my roots are dark, but the powder just goes in and like it doesnt give you any kind of white cast or anything. It also smells really good and theres just a lot of good things. I can say: Ive also tried their Ultra sensitive, shampoo and conditioner and theyre lovely. They also have a like a beach hair drying, styling kind of products, so Odell is definitely a brand that I would check out its super affordable um, but I would say their holy grilled product is definitely the dry shampoo, its just very effective. It smells good and it doesnt irritate my scalp, which is like my biggest issue with dry shampoos, so thats a double thumbs up for that product.

From me, the last product that I want to talk about is the CC cream from Marcel. This is the complete correction. Spf 35 um. So I like this because its another layer of SPF, like I dont, rely on it as my sunscreen I always wear sunscreen and then I top it with this. But I just like that. You know its just adding to the protection, which is awesome. The weird thing about this is online: they have like no Shades, but then, if you go in store, they actually have a lot more shades. So Im light to medium price point is very reasonable on this and yeah Ive just Ive never actually really used CC creams, and then I got this and Im like total CC cream convert like Im gon na try all the CC creams now, but what this does For me, is it just and Im wearing it right now and my face just literally one pump like this much Ill show you thats how much I wear and I just focus it on my redness really and then I just find it gives me like a really Really nice glow to the skin, its very natural, looking um. I think I can get away with this. This shade. You know in the summer and in the winter and stuff I think it kind of has this like variability to it, um that is good, but yeah. Just amazing for canceling out redness, but also letting like my freckles, go through and everything – and this is definitely like the finish of it, um, just how you see my skin right now, I dont use powder or concealer or anything now I just focus it in the Middle of my face and where Ive read this, like my chin, my nose and my cheeks and everything but really been liking, this it really makes me want to try the IT Cosmetics one.

So if you have tried any of the IT Cosmetics CC creams, then definitely let me know down in the comments below like if its worth it, because I think its its about 25 more than this one, but Im Id be Keen to try it so yeah I Mean this is kind of like a cc creams in general, but I will say that the CC cream by Marcel is just absolutely lovely. If you can find this one in your shade and just my skin really agrees with it. Doesnt clog, my pores or anything and Marcel is just a brand that I really believe is made for sensitive skin, really high quality kind of products, always fragrance free, all that good stuff, so yeah. Those are kind of all my Summer, favorite products that Ive been using just all the time uh throughout the summer that Ive really been enjoying, and I think theyre all kind of newer or new to me, except for you know, Neutrogena than CeraVe, but yeah. I will have the links for everything down in the description box below, so you can just check everything out there that I mentioned and yeah.