This party was ultra stylish and weve, got all the details of what went down at this exclusive event from who was there to what they ate and all the other goodies in between number one kylies custom, denim kylie celebrated the launch of kylie cosmetic lip blush, lip Kits and plumping gloss at the westwood village, alta beauty, location, the beauty mogul dazzled in a custom white kwame, adusee corseted denim dress, kylie accessorized, with white 555 capernae gentle monster shades, her 5 495 crystal covered judith lever, lipstick clutch and 1 102 white balenciaga knife pumps. Her all white with pink accents in her clutch fit in with the theme of the night number two family night at ulta, kylies sisters and parents showed up to support her night at ulta in style kim wore all black in her skins, bodysuit and balenciaga purse courtney Wore this dolce gabbana leather corset, kendall also showed up in dng in this vintage, futuristic print dress, caitlyn wore a black patterned, blouse and leather pants chloe gave us peak barbie in these balenciaga knife boots, oversized pink blazer and her micro, pink kelly birkin chris wore this Head to toe valentino look with her fuchsia suit with 3d and accessorized, with silver pumps and a purse number three stormy stole the show. Stormy, looked absolutely adorable in her silver ensemble and braids. Her mini purse, which looks like a regular sized purse in four year old hands is the atticos friday tote worth 959.

and of course she had on her trusty white sneakers, so she would enjoy the entire kylie cosmetics. Alta party experience stormy, spent the night close to her mom and had fun trying all the games available. Stormys, father and kylies partner, travis scott was missing from the nights festivities, but that didnt stop the mother daughter duo from having fun number four on the guest list. Aside from the family, kylie had her closest friends and and influencers there to celebrate with her kylies bff, anastasia caronicalau and carter, gregory vp of anr at capitol record tick, tock stars, charlie and dixie dimelio showed up with landon barker son of travis barker courtneys husband, who Was also there, lori harvey also came out to show her support, kardashian, correspondent, colt paulson, even matched chloe and chris in a bright, pink ensemble number five signature cocktails kendall showed up for her baby sis in more ways than one at this event, because her tequila brand 818 was featured in two of the three signature cocktails available at the open bar. All the cocktails were named after some karjenners iconic lines, including rise and shine, and your cute jeans, one of which came with a nitrogen bubble and another featured pink glitter how fun and creative number six smile youre on camera. Camera crews were present to capture the event for season 2 of the kardashians, which meant you can expect even more bts footage from the shows angle in a few months.

But since the family was filming that night, that meant everyone in attendance had to sign a video release, form giving permission to be shown on the show for health and safety protocols. Everyone was also required to do covet tests before entering the space number. Seven gifts galore: not only did guests, get to hang out with kylie and the entire car jenner clan for the night, but they didnt go home empty handed. There was so much product available to take for free and guests. Didnt have to worry about caring at all. As they were, gifted the kylie cosmetic lip travel bag which retails for 27 each so they could fit all their new products in there were giant gumball machines with little gifts of kylie merch, but one of the nights most loved features was the vending machine filled with Kylie cosmetics products that required no payment just pick a product, any product number eight play a game win a prize aside from the free gifts. There were a lot of games available to win even more prices. First up is the giant wheel. Guests could spin the wheels to see how much of which product they would go home with even stormy took a spin. There was also a kylie cosmetics, ulta, pink skeeball machine to live out your full carnival game dreams. Guests played a game where they had one key to open. Multiple boxes filled with products they could keep in under 30 seconds.

With all these games. There was no time to even think of being bored at this party number nine on brand, pink and white theme. The kylie cosmetics brand was strong in the theme for literally everything. At this event, the decor, the flowers and even the drinks matched the pink and white color scheme for kylies empire, the pink couches and chairs matched the baby pink carpet and walls and flower arrangements featured soft pink roses. There were pink lips everywhere and giant branded lip gloss, bottles filled with lipsticks, guests could take home and of course, so many spots for the perfect photo op in front of the kylie cosmetics sign or the mirrored archway or literally anywhere in the space number 10 whats. On the menu of course, kylie wouldnt leave her guests hungry, and there were some yummy treats on the menu for guests to indulge in. There were fries that came in kylie holders or perfectly round sliders that came with a kylie cosmetic pick for those with more of a sweet tooth. Hollywoods favorite beignet spot beignet box served their famous beignets. How good does that food sound? This party was so on brand and we cant get over how much kylie cosmetics products everyone took home as gifts which party detail caught your eye.