I just got out of the bath and i used a little handheld thing to wash my hair because i wanted to film my facial skincare, so lets get into that. All ive done is wash my body and my hair now to get started, always travel with a face halo. This is a reusable makeup remover, so i dont need a packet of wipes which are bad for your skin anyway. This does everything with only water now. This is essentially how i do my double cleanse um and i like it because it saves on cleanser for me, so the face halo will remove the makeup, dirt, grime and especially spf, because you know im putting on so much spf see takes everything off my lips Off just wipe it into the hairline to make sure im not getting any buildup in there, because i dont anymore, but i used to get breakouts in my hairline. I guess because i was never washing up there properly teenage things gently swipe at the eye. Now i brought along a tiny little oil and i just put like two drops in my hand and then because this is waterproof mascara on my vacation. I use that to break down the waterproof mascara before rubbing, just so that it doesnt take as long to take off on vacation ill, typically bring either sample sizes or products that are almost finished, that i want to finish up. You know and then the products that i absolutely love and need.

I might bring the full size if they are if they dont come in sample sizes. Do you want to make jelly bean now, with my face halo, i can wipe off the waterproof mascara properly. Now the oils really broken down the mascara, and i can remove that properly. So the makeup is off. The cool thing about face: halo is the product and the dirt and the sunscreen whatever is stuck in the pad. It wont, come back out and onto your skin. So i can wipe as many times as i want on that and make sure its all done now. Im gon na go in with a cleanser, and i packed this one because im im almost done. I thought i would finish this on this trip, but its really quite a thick gel cleanser, its the dennis gross alpha beta cleanser, and even if i do like two pumps, its such a thick gel, i cant get through it bro its like tacky leather. It up put it on my face, is my double cleanse, so ive cleansed and removed my makeup. First go with face halo, now, im going to use the gel cleanser. Now this ones a pore cleansing because it has the alpha beta in it. It takes so much effort to lather this one up, but i do like it. My skin is so good and too long like its so humid here and my skin loves humidity. I dont have one bump or breakout and thats like normally.

I have at least one blemish somewhere, but my skin just adores. It not made to be in somewhere dry, like los angeles. To be honest, then, im just going to re wet the face halo a bit and on the clean side, because i just use that side to remove. I will use this side to remove the cleanser. Cool thing is pretty much all the makeup had come off with that first cleanse, then you just wash the face halo after just popping some hand, soap rubbing it in just to hand wash out the makeup that we just put in it, and then you know i Can just hang it up to dry for the next day and then, when i get back from my vacation ill pop it in the wash and give it a deep, clean um. Next i have this little sunday riley good jeans. I mean im only going to use this little serum because i had this sample. I wouldnt bother packing like the larger size for me, im just trying to use this up and yep im done. I do love this product, though, so this is a lactic acid treatment. So it exfoliates gently gives such a nice glow. I do love this product, not sure where i got the sample from, but came in handy for this trip its like the perfect amount to use it every couple days for a weeks trivia. Now i like to leave my actives on for a little bit now i washed my hair im gon na use this little living proof perfect, hair day five in one styling treatment, oh youre meant to blow dry your hair after i guess ill.

Do that normally i just let my hair air dry anyway, im gon na put some treatment in, because i just used the hotel soap, shampoo and conditioner i mean: do you guys see that i put a dye through my hair, going back to dark im, just gon Na leave my hair from now on, i dont know why i bother trying to lighten it. Like never looks good and then i pretty much travel everywhere with my sereni hair comb, its really lightweight, but chic comb, and i use it just to comb out my hair when its wet or when its dry, starting at the length of course, moving up. Then my sereni hair clip im obsessed with this. It goes with absolutely everything its really strong, like ive, dropped it a while back. I bought some balmain hair clips, belmont, hair clips and theyre beautiful, but that thing broke so fast. This has like a plastic reinforcement over the spring, so its really sturdy, now im gon na wash my hands after applying the hair product, because you know that stuffs not made for your skin. I really dont want it to get into my skin and my pores and do damage or clog it or whatever. Next now i wish we had a travel size of serrani overnight overhaul because it is the most handy like made for traveling product in the world. Its basically serum moisturizer mask makeup all in one. So this is my brand, of course, its called overnight overhaul and i called it that, because it works overnight with skincare ingredients and a very small amount of fake tan, not enough to give you a fake tan, but enough to even out your skin tone.

No matter what tone or shade you are uh, it will color correct and even tone your skin thats. Why my skin looks you know so much more, even than it ever used to. I mean just look back at some of my old videos. You know this is how my skin looks without makeup now, because of the serenity product. I just use two pumps, as you can see its so like its a thick rich cream. It doesnt drip so moisturizing and hydrating anti aging, smooths and refines the appearance of pores helps with aging, like i said, but with just one percent dha, keep in mind that even gradual tanners usually start at about four percent dha, so youre not going to get 10 From this, the dha in it gives a cosmetic effect, but that wont rinse off or wash off. Your skin will naturally shed, as your cell turnover occurs. So the dha will develop while you sleep and youre, going to wake up with visibly more even skin tone and a visible glow. But when you wash your face its not going anywhere, you can go in the ocean, you can go in the pool. You can sweat. As much as you want, you can put some concealer under your eyes, if you like, put your brows on your mascara, but i do not need or feel like. I need to put foundation on anymore so see how quickly that spreads in and absorbs, and it gives you the most beautiful glow immediately.

You dont only have to use it at night time, even though i have called it overnight overhaul. I put it on in the morning too: it works great under makeup, doesnt, peel or anything im doing that thing where i dont breathe. When im talking again, i did pack a large body cream. Okay, this is the laura mercier amber vanilla body, cream love their body cream. I shouldnt have packed this messy one to be honest, but i thought i was gon na use it up, but this stuff is so rich like this is gon na go over my whole body chest now, im gon na have to get naked here. So i might just pretend legs: never forget your cream guys on vacation. Also, a lot of the walkways and stuff are dusty, so that seems to dry me out as well. Little goes a long way with this product i probably could have packed a better travel friendly cream, but that ones getting kind of old. So i think i had to use it up anyways, while thats like soaking in because i dont like to get it on my sheets too much im gon na dry, my hair get my ceramic comb. Take my hair out, usually just comb it straight now. I just use the um hotel, hairdryer, okay kind of three quarters of the way there dryness i pack a lip balm and i like the 101 ointment from lana lips, because you can use it for 101 different things, so it has an applicator like you can use It straight for your lips like this, but you can also use it as highlighter to make your eyelids look dewy.

I use it as a cuticle cream because you know on vacation, especially now dream covered, because im still sanitizing like pretty much every five minutes. Its really handy to have this, so i have to keep applying like hand cream to my entire hands. I can just keep the cuticles nice and soft. I love lanolin as an ingredient, its so good and thats. My simple skincare routine, really all it has to be for me – is face hair to take off my makeup, cleanser to double, cleanse and serene overnight overhaul, because that takes care of like my serum uh moisturizer, and it helps minimize the need for makeup throughout the day. So those three products are really all i need, and then overnight overhaul means that when i wake up, all i really have to put on is spf. I like to put some under eye concealer on brow, gel and waterproof mascara. This one product replaces so many and just makes my vacation so much more fun, because im spending less time getting ready and you guys have to try it ill put the link below serenitybeauty.com. If you sign up to our newsletter and texts, you get 10 off your first purchase, so thats it. For me that is my very simple routine.