If you dont know who she is, then please check out the channel link below and tara is a small business self taught cosmetic formulator and youtube creator with exceptional formulation, knowledge. Her channel has been going for quite a long time and she has some great content, so if youre already subscribed to our channel, i know youll, really love hers. Just be aware that shes, uk based u.s, based rather so always check the ingredients, are permitted here or find alternatives when, following one of her recipes, if you need a uk alternative, then feel free to contact us, and we can suggest something. Ive been formulating for a while, and i came across taras channel whilst looking for some us ingredients. I was really impressed with how professional and well thought out her product formulations were, and her organization hygiene and attention to detail with everything she does. Her formulas look better than many of the brand names that ive tried over the years and i really wanted to try them as a small cosmetics brand dealing with cosmetic testing and regulations. I was cheekily able to get some products over to the uk as samples and i wasnt disappointed. They arrived intact slight leakage from the cleanser, but thats due to the courier, not tara, as her package was immaculate. First, i chose the rosie cleanser simply because its one of her popular products – and i love that scent when i wanted to try out some retinol products, i contacted tara and she advised the following.

So i chose a lunar retinal night cream as it contains niacinamide an ingredient ive not experienced or experimented with yet and id heard. It was good for rosacea, which my skin is starting to get prone to breakouts of, as i am somewhat 15 years, older than tara. And lastly, i chose the full moon, retinal serum for similar reasons and because it seemed a good pairing with the other two and so did it live up to the hype. Yes completely ive been using them for around a month now and im so happy with them. The cleanser is subtly scented and extremely lightweight. My skin feels soft and clean after use and theres absolutely no irritation after the cleanser, as advised clearly on the bottle, i use the retinal serum before the lunar night cream. I used the advice, mounts and found that again it was lovely and light and very non greasy. The luna night cream was very similar. Both had a pleasant scent after a month of nightly use. Ive noticed significant improvement in my skin. The rosacea is calmed down and my skin feels generally tighter and softer. So yes, definitely worth the hype im really impressed and i cant wait to see what she comes up with next, if youre interested in purchasing taras products, she ships to us basted, dresses at time of filming this and has a wonderful etsy store which ive linked below Her youtube channel is updated regularly and she has additional exclusive content on her dedicated patreon again linked below for those who want a bit more content and more involved recipes and ingredient information shes been on patreon for quite a long time.

So there is a lot of information that you wouldnt have seen on her youtube channel so well worth subscribing to that, and you can also follow her on instagram dont forget to also subscribe to our channel too um. I may be more camera shy than tara um, but well still be posting a lot of recipes, and i also help out with uk based regulations, im dying to try out one of taras formulas. So if theres, one that you can see on her channel that youd like me to specifically try for uk based formulators, then let me know which one in the comments and ill do my best to make that very soon.