We are going to be reviewing testing out and trying out hair care products by skin care brand called ziya. So if you want to find out what do i think about this polish hair care wrench, then you better keep on watching Music? What is this story? Everyone? First things: first, what do we think about my new look? I was like you know what i need a change, because i need to try out different colors and i have not been blonde in a very very long time and also you guys, if you havent yet please vote for me for the image beauty awards for the Best hairstylist that im gon na link down below, but in todays film we are trying out zaya or jaya, hair care products and jaya is a haircare polish brand that was established by two pharmacists and they really made skin care products that were very much prescriptive and The whole idea behind it was that its gon na be body hair care with simple, effective ingredients, so very simple, very natural and ive tried their skincare before and i absolutely love it. Their goats milk range is absolutely beautiful. The cocoa body wash is absolutely stunning. Their moisturizer with spf is beautiful. So when i seen that they have hair care, i was like i have to try out a polish hair care brand, so you guys in todays film we have shampoo, we have a mask. We have a leave in in conditioner, we have a serum and were gon na go through it all.

So you guys with no further ado lets start off with product number one jaya, smooth and shampoo in this product. We do get 300 mils of products and this product retails for ‘ cents, which is absolutely nothing and jaya, is known for its affordability. It is a very, very good skin care range, but lets find out if the hair care is as good as their skin care. So this whole smoothing range contains aragon and tsubaki oils and aragon. Oil is known for its nourishment and tsubaki. Oils is a fatty acid that will fortify the hair preventing it from breakage. So this hair care range is brilliant for anyone that needs smoothing for hair. That is dry and hair that is damaged, lets look at the packaging. The packaging is very simple: nothing wowzie dao, but lets find out whats in the formula. So this is very much a gentle cleansing shampoo. It will give the hair smoothness and softness, and it will also facilitate blow drying and, like i said this, hair care range is brilliant for dry and damaged hair, because, like that, we do have a lot of oil and when i use something with oil im very, Like, oh, i dont know, but now when my hair is pre lightened and lightened and blonde, i need as much nourishment and protein as i need. So my hair care range has changed, so this came in in perfect timing, so lets open this up so were going to pop a tiny bit of that on my hand and see im very casual today in my tank top.

So, as we can see, we do have a very, very oily look like consistency, lets smell it and it smells absolutely beautiful. It feels nice and gentle on the hands. The formula is stunning: it smells beautiful and i will not worry that the color of it will stain my hair, but before were going to try this out lets talk about the next product, concentrated smoothing, hair mask by jaya. In this product we do get 200 ml of products and this produce for four euro and 99 cents. This is probably the cheapest hair mask. I ever reviewed on this channel and i am dying to try it because jaya is an amazing brand. So what will this hair mask do for your hair? Obviously we do have the aragon on tsubaki oil in it so like that, its going to be brilliant for nourishment and hydration of our hair and fortifying our hair fiber. But this hair mask is going to prevent the hair from future breakage. Also, it will prevent it from drying out and it will smooth the hair and soften the hair. So you guys i mean this could not come in better time for my hair, so lets open this up and lets see. Obviously, this is sealed and for the price that were getting, i am dying to try this out, because this i mean if their hair care is as good as their skincare, then im salt, especially for the price point, so lets smell it first, it smells absolutely beautiful.

Its not overly perfume and the mask is nice and thick. It smells gorgeous it doesnt smell too perfume, its just beautiful, so im dying to try it out how its going to perform in my newly bleached hair right, you guys. So what am i going to do? Is im going to quickly go off camera im going to shampoo my hair, because my hair does need to be shampoo and using the smoothness shampoo by zaya, following up by the mask, then were going to come back. We have a heat protector and an oil to try out and were going to conclude everything. So you guys dont go anywhere right. You guys – and i am back after shampooing, my hair, using the smooth and shampoo bar jaya and using the smooth and hair mask with aragon and tsubaki oil, and what can i tell you guys? The shampoo and experience was absolutely beautiful. The shampoo is very well concentrated. You only need a tiny bit and it felt lovely on the scalp when it came to the scalp. The minute i applied it onto the hair boom, the hair was soft. How does my hair feel now now? I must say, because my hair is freshly pre lightened. My scalp still does feel quite tense, but, however, the hair does not feel too bad. I do need a haircut, but my hair is very porous on the ends, so i mean this range will be perfect for my hair right now, but overall my hair does feel nice and soft, but before were going to draw it and see the final results with A few more products to try out, so you guys, let me present you with duo, face hair, conditioner, smooth and spray in this product.

We do get 125 mils of products and this product also retails for fourier and 99 cents. You guys – and this is very much your leave in in conditioner – that has a heat protection in it, so will protect your hair from heat. It will also regenerate and strengthen our hair fiber. It will also smooth and boost shine because, like that, it does have aragon and tsubaki also were gon na, get that shine and nourishment also its gon na help to detangle and manage the hair and as well as gon na add volume without weighing the hair down. So it sounds quite promising and yeah lets put that in my hair, so im gon na shake that up and were gon na spray it out. But i mean you guys for the price that those products are, i think, theyre actually quite good, so im just gon na spray, that on my hand and like that, we do have milky like consistency and it smells like rest of the rain. So, im just going to lash that onto my hair, because i need it especially on my ends, Music right and it feels nice and soft on the hair. Is it the best leave in in spray treatment, ive used on my hair, its not, but it does the job, so it smooths the hair, but its definitely not the best thing i have used. So you guys before were going to dry it out theres one more product.

I want to try it on my wet hair and that product is smooth and hair serum by jaya in this product. We do get. Oh, oh, we only get 50 ml of product and this product retails for five year and 99 cents. This serum is going to give her hair extreme smoothness and shine. It will also help to eliminate the frizz, add moisture to the hair and it can be applied to the hair, wet or dry. This serum is going to protect her hair from split ends and as well as its weightless. So when we look at the packaging, i definitely would like to see it in clear packaging just because we could see whats inside of it, but im going to apply that onto my hair, wet and dry, because since ive started my blonde journey, i love saturating. My hair with oil, not really serum im, not a big fan of serum, but when it comes to oil, like i love washing my hair, putting lots of oil in just let it absorb and saying when i wake up in the morning, put loads of oil in It and itll be dry by the time i get to work so im literally just going to use two pumps of it. I think thats more than enough and the serum is clear in color and what do we know about serum that serum is full of silica. So its going to add that shine lets smell it and it smells absolutely beautiful.

The whole range just smells gorgeous now. How does it feel on my hair? It feels alright. Is it the best serum ive used? No, its not and im gon na be honest, witches right, so im gon na reuse, that serum when my hair is dry. So what im going to do now is im going to go off camera im going to dry off my hair, like i normally would so just going to dry it nice and smooth no straighteners were going to come back, were going to have look at my hair. Put more serum and conclude everything, so you guys dont go anywhere right, you guys and my hair is dry. So what can i tell you when i was drawing my hair? It definitely did facilitate blow drying, definitely made it easier. My hair does feel nice and smooth the ends do feel softened and sealed, which is very good. Do i think its bit heavy just a tiny bit, because i still can see bit of separation. My hair theres not much natural movement as id like, but overall, my hair feels very, very soft, so im just gon na grab a tiny bit more oil and just put it on my ends: serum not an oil. This is a serum, so im just going to rub that and just bring that onto my ends and just let that soak in right. You guys so lets talk about jaya, smoot and arrogant, tsubaki hair care range when it comes to xayah as a whole.

I think its a beautiful brand, i love their skincare when it comes to the shampoo. I think the shampoo is actually very good. This shampoo is definitely a hit for me for the price and for the amount that we get and for the obviously the ingredients that we have in it. This shampoo is very good. It is very gentle. The hair feels lovely it feels smooth, but definitely the biggest hit of the whole review is the mask. I definitely think this mask for how much was the mask. Let me just double check my notes over here. The smoothing mask was for your 99 cents for four year and 99 cents. This mask is brilliant. This mask is amazing. I think its good and made wonders to my hair. My house felt amazing, so i mean for four year and 95 cents. Im gon na keep you now when it comes to the other two styling products. When it comes to the duo face spraying conditioner, is it the best leaving and condition ive ever used? No, is it good its all right it done what its supposed to do. Is it the best that ive ever used? No, is it the worst? No, so i mean im on the fence with this one. However, i do like that theres heat protection – and i do like the price of it and it done what its supposed to do with my hair and my hair does feel really really good when it comes to the serum.

The only thing ill probably change about this is that it wouldnt be a serum, it would be an oil, and i would like to see it in clear packaging. But overall, my hair feels amazing looks amazing and i mean for freshly bleached pre, lightened hair. My hair does feel actually really really good, which is quite a plus, because i mean i am using a shampoo for four euro and a mask for five euro and its doing wonders to my hair. So i mean overall, zaya is not a hypo dirt anyways guys. Thank you for watching this film. I hope you found this video interesting, helpful and useful.