That is this lightweight its very weird. Looking lets stop at weird, I guess get the cheaper one. I dont know um, so style Donna loves me and I love them right back its mutual and yes, they have sent me another batch of products and in todays video Im going to give you the truth about Korean skincare products, not that everyone else is lying thats. A little bit too dramatic, but you know what I mean. I have been testing these products for a while now and Im ready to give you my final verdicts on these products just a little disclaimer. These products were gifted to me, but this is not a sponsored video in all the opinions that you hear in todays. Video are my own okay, so I want to start right away and I want to start with sunscreen. They have sent me Madagascar centaura. How to take a water fit Sun, serum SPF, 50 plus B8, quadruple plus, and they have set me SPF 50, plus be a crucial plus some projects on skin relief Sun cream by thank you, farmer, okay. So this first sunscreen Madagascar tintala, is from the the same line as the toner that I got in the previous batch and I already made a video about the previous batch. You can watch that video right here in case you missed it and if you dont remember, I really really loved that toner yeah. As soon as I saw that this sunscreen was from the same line, I yeah my hopes were up for this sunscreen yeah anyways.

This sunscreen is amazing: its lightweight spreads out easily has amazing scents or characteristics leaves no white cast feels just like a regular moisturizer after a while it just absorbs, and it feels as if you have applied just a regular moisturizer on your face. It gives you a glowy finish, but its not shiny its moisturizing, your skin, but its, not sticky. So this is like a dream. Come true in a sunscreen I dont know. What kind of sorcery is this I I seriously dont know, but this sunscreen is so good. I was absolutely mind blown when I started using the sunscreen, because this is Pia quadruple, plus SPF 50 plus, and it feels just like a regular moisturizer. And if you are familiar with sunscreens and if youre using sunscreens every day, then you know that usually they are sticky theyre heavy on the face. Sometimes they leave a white cast. Sometimes they cause you breakouts, so sunscreens are are not this lightweight. Usually so I dont know how they managed to make a sunscreen. That is this lightweight that I I dont know how they managed to do that, but good job for Korean skincare, like this, is really they. They continue to amaze me with their sunscreens. The sunscreen by the way, is called a serum. So this is the name itself is Sun, serum and I think they went for this name because they wanted to emphasize how lightweight this sunscreen is, and I think that lightweights as a claim wouldnt do the job, because on so many sunscreens use.

That claim today, like every sunscreen, has a lightweight claim, and most of them are not really lightweight, so I dont think that lightweight would have done the job right. So I think they went for the serum um claim because of that, but thats, not the only reason why they decided to call it the serum. This sunscreen actually has good active ingredients. This sunscreen has niacinamide synthetala and it has low medium and high molecular hyaluronic acid. So it does have active ingredients to back up that serum claim. So I would definitely call this sunscreen a hybrid, a serum sunscreen, hybrid yeah. Once again, as I said already, the sunscreen is a dream come true. This is like on another level, sunscreen Im thats. How much I love it also, the application is super, easy it layers really well, and it does not peel so thats, amazing too, so I 100 recommended this sunscreen. I really really love it in case. You want to try it out. I will leave a link down below and I will also leave my code because salvana was kind enough to offer me my own, my own personalized code, so you can use this code and get a discount on your purchase. At the same time, support my channel and um yeah. Thank you so much if you decide to use my code okay, next product that we have is this sun project, skin relief, Sun cream, SP 50p quadruple plus a sunscreen by thank you farmer.

Okay! Now this one as well is just as good as the Madagascar. One lets call this one: the Madagascar one uh. So this one is just as good just as lightweight absorbs quickly spreads out easily amazing sensor characteristics and it also leaves no white cast moisturize as well, but its not sticky, and it gives you a glow, but its not. You know, greasy looking and shiny looking. So I did love this one as well. It also has a good active actives that are included in the sunscreen, are niacinamide licorice, root and santala, and I would say that the only difference that I noticed between between this one and the Madagascar one was that this one was a little bit more hydrating. And I think thats, because it does have three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid. This one does not, and it seems as if the only thing missing in this one is hyaluronic acid, but nonetheless that does not make it make this sunscreen um. How can I say? Um not good its still good. I still love the sunscreen as well just a little bit less hydrating than the Madagascar one, and because of that, I think I can recommend this one to normal and oily skin types. It again it absorbs really quickly and feels like a regular moisturizer again this one as well feels like a regular moisturizer. So the Madagascar one is just a little bit more hydrating, but this one is amazing as well.

If you want to check it out, I will leave the link for this one as well in the description box. Okay, next up, we have this our recipe, wait. How is it called pastelo? Is that how you pronounce it? So this is oil to foam cleanser and its very gentle. It has General surfactants and its good for both oily skin Vibes and dry skin types and people who have sensitive skin and disrupted Skin Barrier, because this one um actually has a very mild surfactant, wont disrupt your Skin Barrier any further. It can be used in two ways when removing makeup and when cleansing your face regularly without makeup in the evening. So the first way, if youre using it to remove makeup, you should apply it to dry skin and then rinse it off and the other way around. If youre just cleansing your face regularly, youre, not removing makeup, then in that case you can use a little bit water to create some foam, cleanse your face and wash it off, rinse it off with water. When I use this one to remove makeup, it did remove makeup thats one thing and it created little clumps of foundation on my face. It was really strange and, unlike anything Ive seen before so it did remove my makeup. The only thing that was harder for me was to rinse it off with only water, so thats. Why? I do recommend that you double cleanse with this one after using this one use a regular water soluble cleanser to to rinse everything off properly so thats.

What I recommend and uh yeah, I recommend that purple when removing makeup and when just cleansing your face, because I find it hard to just rinse it off over my face with just water, its a little bit harder. So I always use another water soluble cleanser. After this one, just you know so in case, you want to try this one off as well. The link will be in the description box down below okay, and then we have Mary and me gluconalactone and buffalo Alba juice, cleansing pads, okay, so these uh cleansing pads are actually mild, exfoliating, pads, exfoliating and cleansing pads. They have look on the latinum. That is a polyhydroxy acid that acts as a mild. Exfoliant gently lifts off the dead skin cell from the surface, then the Battle of Albert juice has a skin regenerating effect, and this also has six types of hyaluronic acid, like that itself is impressive, so anyways, these cleansing pads are very, very hydrating, the theyre really hydrating. I dont know I dont know how to put this theyre really hydrating. They are soaking product and whenever Im done with cleansing my face, there was always something left on the pad. So I used the rest of the product on my elbows on my arms on my hands: theres always more left, so you do get a lot of product in here. So I would use my regular front cleanser to to cleanse my face and then I would use these as the second step of the cleansing, and these pads have two sides.

One is smooth and the other one is convex, so the first step of cleansing should be with that convex side to remove the dirt off of your face and then with the smooth side. You should go over after cleansing. You just dehydrate your face, but I think that you will get the same effect. Even if you dont do that, but okay thats thats how they recommend this. You should use the pads so yeah just put it out there. I must say that these cleansing pads did make my skin look more even and more blurred out. They did even remove the blackheads off of my nose, not completely though, but I did see the difference, and the good thing is that you can use these every single day because they are very gentle. You dont have to be scared that they will irritate your face. They are very gentle and can be used every day. Just you know again. If you want to check out this product, I will leave a link down below okay. Then we have this soon. Young barrier intensive cream, okay. So this is a moisturizer that is strengthening your Skins, moisture barrier, so this is going to be great if you have sensitive skin or if your skin becomes sensitive when using certain ingredients like gratinoids like mine, does it has the pantanol? It has shea butter glycerin, and it also has no fragrance so yeah its pretty Universal. I think anyone can use this moisturizer its its good, its your reversal so yeah.

If you want to check it out, the link will be down below okay. Next up. We have this dive in low molecular hyaluronic acid Serum by threaden, if Im pronouncing that right. So this serum has five different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and it has Phantoms so um, five, five different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid. That itself is impressive and its fragrance, free and yeah. I really enjoyed this serum, but honestly, I could not tell the difference between this one and the previous one, the V green ticker serum. This one is also good for for sensitive skin. Both are great. Both are very hydrating honestly, I couldnt couldnt tell the difference. They even have theyre, even both blue. They have a bluish color, so yeah both are good. I dont know I recommend both of them. The links will be down below, I guess, get the cheaper one. I dont know okay and then last s that the last product that I have to show you is actually a set. This is a serum and roller set its called Valderrama collagen Beauty care, serum plus roller set. So here we have another hyaluronic acid, serum, but different. This one is slightly different than the previous two that I mentioned. So this one is called collagen impact, Hydra serum Sapphire, something like that valderma. This is by Valderrama, so anyways. This is collagen impact, Hydro, serum Sapphire. What what is sapphire here is this well Derma is a brand and what is sapphire then Im, not sure so many names Valderrama lets, call it the velderma serum okay.

So this one is different. This one is not the same as the previous two hyaluronic acid serums that I showed you this one has silicon acids, hydrolyzed, collagen and niacinamide. So this one has more uh Advanced, anti aging ingredients. If I can say so, and you can expect a more anti aging long term effect from this one because of those ingredients now those two that I previously mentioned are just you know: basic hyaluronic, acid, Serum, with different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid, of course, that are Suited for sensitive skin because they are both fragrance free now, this one is not fragrance free. This one smells good, really good, wait. Mmm smells like flowers smells really good, but its nothing to be good for sensitive skin. Just so you know, if you have sensitive skin, skip this one now I have not been using it for that long to give you my opinion on the long term effects Im just saying, based on the ingredients that it should have a better long term effect, but The short term effects are the same as the previous two ones yeah. I honestly could not tell the difference in the short term effects right after application, its very nourishing on the skin. Your skin is very hydrated and nourished from within, but once again, as I said, I think this one is more advanced anti aging product. Okay, now, regarding the face roller, as you can see, always let me get it out um, its very weird.

Looking lets stop at weird and to be honest, I have no idea what this does and theres nothing written here in in English I mean it does have instructional views, how you should use it, but it does not say what it does. What what is it supposed to do? I I dont know I tried using it and I I dont know I really dont know what to say. I personally, like my rose, quartz uh roller better. Let me show you that one, oh this one um, this one reduces puffiness, so I like it because of that I do cool it down. I put this um immerse this in cold, water and uh. I cool it down that way and then I just massage my face and it does reduce the puffiness. So this one does that so I like it because of that and this one Im not sure I just Im not sure what its supposed to do. So I I dont know Im not that much into this roller. I have to say so. The serum is good Im, not sure what this does, but the serum is good. Just so you know okay and then, finally, let me give you the truth about Korean skincare products. The truth is that these are events above average on another level, high quality products that I think are superior to European and American skincare products, and the best thing about these products is that they are affordable and easily accessible to everyone, um, so yeah.

I definitely became a big fan of Korean skincare and I cant wait to try out more products from Korean skincare and yeah. That would be the truth. That would be my honest, honest opinion on Korean skincare and once again, let me remind you if you want to try any of these products out, I will leave a link down below and I will leave my code as well somewhere here on the screen. So you can use my code and get a discount on your purchase at the checkout, so yeah in case you decide to use my code. Thank you so much for supporting this channel. Thank you so much for sticking around.