I was thinking about just the things in my entire collection because i have so many products that ive tried, and i have so many that i love. But i wanted to create a video where i kind of stripped it down to just five products that i really feel like make a huge difference in the way my makeup looks and how it wears, and what kind of inspired this video i was actually doing. My friends makeup for her wedding day thats coming up, so we were doing her makeup for some of her bridal photos, and i just i dont know theres something about seeing the same products and techniques on another face versus my own, because you know i feel, like Its just different when you see it on somebody else and it really solidified how incredible some of these products were, and so i wanted to just share five things with you guys. A lot of these things. Youve seen me talk about over and over and over again, but im still gon na talk about them, because i really do think they make the biggest difference in how your makeup looks its just its truly theyre all game changers. For me personally, i had to start with this okay. This is probably what i would say is the most game, changing foundation that ive tried recently. This is the nars light reflecting foundation. I wear mine in the shade mont blanc. I cant stop using this.

You guys might be sick of hearing me talk about it, but honestly, truly its one of the most incredible foundations. The thing i love about it is you get great coverage, but its thin. It does not sit on top of the skin. The luminosity that it has is not super dewy or greasy to where it looks over the top its just the perfect healthy amount of a light, reflecting kind of an effect that this gives im going to apply this on half the face. You can see the difference. A little goes a long way with this. You guys, like you, dont, need much at all to get the right amount of coverage, anything that might need more coverage. I prefer to just use concealer because i feel, like less is truly more with this. The less you use the better, it looks, the more skin like it looks and the less likely it is to settle into any fine lines that you have. I wont spend too much time on this because i recently did a whole dedicated video about this foundation again, because i love it that much heres the before heres the after theres just something so special about this. This has been a game changing life changing foundation. I know that sounds dramatic, but you know it really has made such a difference in my makeup routine. I always get compliments when i wear it and you can see how it gives such a beautiful radiance to the skin thats, not over the top.

I didnt add any primer. I just have my skincare underneath, so this is truly what the foundation does. I absolutely love it. I love it. I also feel like this formula can be manipulated for dry and oily skin. I know some people with oily skin find this to be a little too dewy. Honestly, it comes down to your preference when it comes to foundations and the formulas that you like for your skin. But even i get oily in my t zone and i feel like if i use the right powders and setting sprays which i will get into in a second. It lasts so incredibly well on the skin and also has just the perfect finish. This is by far my favorite foundation at the moment, its absolutely amazing all right, so i just applied a little concealer underneath my eyes and now were going to move into the second game changing product. For me, i feel like in order to get the most out of your makeup, you have to set it with powder. The thing is, some people are really scared of powder because they dont like to look cakey or powdery, and i totally get it thats. Why? I feel like this powder specifically like this formula, is so special. I have used it for so long now, its my go to powder still and i just feel like you get great longevity youre able to set your entire face, or you know your foundation with it and it doesnt look overdone.

It still allows your skin to look like skin it doesnt feel heavy, but its very effective, and that is this right here. The huda beauty, easy bake, loose baking and setting powder. Now i actually used two shades ive been getting a lot of use out of cupcake, which has a little bit of a light pink undertone, which i really like to kind of brighten the under eyes. Actually, this is kind of what i use all over the face. I dont feel like it brightens it kind of color, corrects on me, since i do have fair skin sugar cookie adds a little more brightness underneath my eyes, but i just i love this formula its so incredible. I cant stop using it. I feel like its virtually undetectable on the skin, and this combination like using this powder on top of the nars foundation, especially, is something ive done for months and months and months now and every time i get compliments on my makeup. People always say: oh my gosh. Your skin looks amazing and nine times out of ten im wearing this combo im wearing the nars foundation, with the hood of beauty powder on top so im gon na take a little bit of sugar cookie, which is the like white shade, well, its more translucent. But for me it does brighten a little and im gon na. Take that underneath the eyes i personally like to use it with a brush to just press it in some people like to use sponges or powder puffs ive, always just used like a little brush, and it works great.

A little goes a long way with this, and i always press it. I really feel like that also helps. I know thats more of a game, changing tip versus a product but really kind of pressing it into the skin and not dragging because you dont want to remove any of the coverage that you just applied with your foundation and concealer. But i feel like that. Pressing motion really helps create that poreless smooth finish to the skin, so we used that shade for the t zone im going to switch over to the pink shade, which actually works really well all over my face because i do have neutral undertones. So i have a little bit of pink in my skin, so im going to take this cupcake shade on a fluffier brush and just press it onto the sides of the face, something else that really helps too to make it even more skin. Like i mean look at the skin even before this next step that im about to show you, which makes it even more natural looking, i feel, like my skin, looks like skin still theres, no dusty powdery finish, which is amazing. If you really want to ensure that its pressed in and has extra longevity, and also just ensures that you pick up any of that excess, if there is any just take your sponge and gently press over top, i feel like that makes it look even more natural And skin like this is a combo that, obviously you know im always on camera, but i promise you.

It looks good in real life and i get compliments on this in real life all the time, and i love how it looks on myself as well. It makes me feel confident. I know i can trust them. They just wear really well on me, the foundation and the powder, but this is my current favorite base game. Changing im telling you so the next product is actually an eye product, so im gon na hurry and do like bronzer brows. All of that, and then i will show you my third product all right. This next product is a tubing mascara. I feel like tubing mascaras in general, are pretty game changing, but this formula specifically really changed my life. I havent stopped using it since i tried it out years ago and its a product ive talked about so many times here on my channel and ive, gotten literally all of my sisters, sister in laws, mother mother, in laws. Everybody hooked on this mascara because it just works and it works well for everybody and it seems to work really well um for a lot of different mascara preferences and also on a lot of different lash types. So the mascara i am talking about is this right here. This is the famous liquid lash extensions mascara from thrive cosmetics. It is a game changer i mean i truly. I recommend this to everyone. Still, i still use it in my personal routine. It comes with me when i travel its just a very reliable product that gives me a lot of volume, but never ever ever smudges or flakes okay thats hard to find for me, especially.

I have very long lashes, naturally so a lot of formulas at least smudge, because they touch the skin around my eyes and if my eyelid gets a little oily, its done for thats never happened with a thrive, cosmetics mascara. I love it. So let me show you how wonderful this is. I also really love how much volume you get. I feel like its very versatile. For that reason. Honestly, it might be time for me to open a new mascara bottle for this one. I go through so many its insane and this ones almost out so heres the before and after you can see how much volume this gives. I love the effect of the thrive, cosmetics, lash extensions mascara as its open for a little longer. It will give you more and more volume, so this is definitely a tube that ive used for a long time, so its giving me extra grip and volume. But i absolutely love how this looks on the lashes, all right, im going to apply blush and lipstick and then well go on to product number, four, all right, this next product and step in general, but i will have my own personal recommendations for products in this Step but i feel like no matter what youve done with your makeup, this step always always makes it look better. This is where, when i was doing my friends makeup for her bridals, this just solidified my beliefs around this makeup step, it really changes everything you can do such a good job with your primers, your foundations, your powders whatever, and it looks good and then you do This step and its like thats it its done its beautiful its fantastic, and that is setting spray.

I just bought a new one of this because i just ran out of the bottle, but the charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless setting spray is such an incredible long, long lasting setting spray. I personally, if youve watched me for a while, i really firmly believe in double setting. So what that is is just using more of a glycerin based setting spray first one of the products that i really love, but i dont think they make it anymore. I was trying to find it online. I dont think they have it. The smashbox photo finish primer water. That was a go to for me. The game changer. Also, the mac fix, plus something like that something thats more water based, not necessarily long wear or oil proof um doing that first, letting it sink into the skin, pressing it into the skin ill show you, i guess ill, have to explain it to you because ill Show you literally and then sealing it in with a long, lasting setting spray absolutely game. Changing i swear by this. I swear by setting spray, and especially these products like, i really do feel like they make the biggest difference. Let me not just tell you, let me just show you how this works so im going to do my mac fix plus. First, let me assess the situation first hold on. We cant forget im gon na add a little more bronzer. Okay were gon na. Do a nice spritz of mac fix, plus im gon na, let that dry down halfway once its dried down halfway, i take my sponge and i press it gently into the skin.

This will ensure that every powder product that you have sinks into the skin, the setting spray sinks into the skin it brings life back to the face. I just im obsessed with this after thats done. You take your long wear setting spray. I love this one. Urban decay, all nighter is one that ive also loved for a long time were gon na really soak the face with this okay im gon na. Let that dry halfway as well and then same thing, press that into the skin im telling you guys on camera im, not sure if youll be able to tell how incredible this makes your makeup look its definitely something that enhances how your makeup looks in real life And then, obviously, the longevity that you get from a setting spray is a plus i cant live without setting spray. I feel like its so underrated. I dont feel like a lot of people in my personal life. You know who arent really makeup obsessed people by any means, but they wear makeup. Every day people dont use setting spray, they dont invest in a setting spray because it kind of feels like something extra. You know an extra product to buy and if you dont understand how amazing it will make your makeup look, i can see how it would be an easy step to skip. But for me its truly essential. I dont know how anybody goes without a setting spray, especially double setting like this im telling you changed my life.

It really did ive been doing this for years, and i still do it to this day. The fifth and final product is something ive talked about for years on my channel and its still something that i cant live without its still something that i watch transform my makeup and how it wears throughout the day, and i use it on every single person that I do makeup for im, not a freelance artist. I only do makeup on friends and family, but i you know specifically am usually requested to do peoples. Wedding makeup, which is you know, such an honor, so ive done a lot of brides among my family and my friends, and this is a product that i will not not use on every single bride just because it works thats the rimmel stay, matte, translucent setting powder Or transparent, i have not tried any of the colored ones, so i cant speak to those. I just use the transparent one. This is incredible for mattifying, but it doesnt cake up on the skin. You can layer it and layer it and layer it and it looks good so anytime. I am a makeup artist for a bride and i kind of like you know, watch them throughout the day because theyre getting flash photos done. Sometimes i always make sure to put this in my bag and i just touch them up in the t zone so that when they have their flash photos, theres no shine in the t zone.

Im, okay, with a little glow on the outside of the face. With the t zone, you really dont want too much glow there so after this is the key after setting spray. After these i go in, and i just press this into the areas that i dont want extra shine. I cant even tell you how incredible this is, how game changing it is. I know ive mentioned it so many times on my channel, so its probably not a surprise for some of you, but in case youre new hi. My name is ali and i love the rimmel stay matte, transparent powder. You need it just like that, plus its like three dollars. I i dont even care that its three dollars. I would pay 30 for this thing or more, its so good im just gon na. Do my own personal, finishing touches to complete my makeup? Look so im gon na throw in some brow gel, which honestly for me, is also game changing, but i try to keep it at five products, but i truly cant live without brow gel either. I normally dont. Wear highlighter, but i feel like i want a little bit so im just popping on a little highlight. Alright, you guys so thats it. Those are my five game changing makeup items. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I know a lot of them. Youve probably heard me talk about before, but again i still believe in them.

Ive talked about some of these for years, some of them are more new favorites, and these are truly products that i feel like have made an insane difference. I cant even express to you what a difference these products have made for me on my own skin and then anytime. I do someone elses makeup, i just it solidifies my belief system in all these products, so i hope that was helpful for you guys. Of course, i will have everything listed and linked for you down below in case you havent tried these, yet i highly recommend you do. They are truly staples for me and i would love to hear from you guys. Do you have a product that you feel like is game changing, because i would love to hear from you. You know how much i love to hear from you guys and your recommendations. You guys give the best recommendations. So, if theres, something that you feel like is life changing, i know its like so dramatic when you talk about makeup, but for real. If you feel like something is so incredible that you would recommend to absolutely everybody we want to hear about it. So tell us in the comments: if youre new here hi my name is ali and i would love for you to join the family. You can do so by hitting the subscribe button and, if youre already a subscriber, but you want to be notified on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays at 10 a.

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