Finally, sharing a highly requested big merit brand overview running through every product in this minimal line so far and swatching a bunch of shades to help you get to know the range. This video is kindly sponsored by squarespace part of my work with the website builder. I use to create its the middle ground for my content between youtube and instagram and ive shared my favorite merit products in a new blog post, with stats like selling a product every 17 seconds and launching at sephora us and canada a month after they began. They quickly became one of the buzziest new faces in the beauty space before id even met merritt, it instantly gave me grown up, glossier vibes its going for a similar fresh faced fan base, but if glossier is still hanging on to olivia, rodrigos generation then merits for The next stage of your life, with older millennial fans like mandy, moore, whitney, port, less fun, minimal makeup to wear out all night, more mature, minimal, makeup, youd, wear, homewares shopping or hosting a dinner party. You get the idea. A bit of background merits founder catherine power knows how to build a brand, several in fact versed skincare who? What? Where avalene wine for merit, she said she saw a gap in the beauty space for a well edited luxury brand for people who are busy love makeup, but arent professionals and want to look and feel put together, quick, smart. The brand is clean, blurry area of the industry, to be honest, theres no set definition, its not well regulated, but it means they skip controversial ingredients more on their website, theyre also cruelty, free and vegan.

They lean into the makeup meat skincare trend, incorporating ingredients like squalane vitamin b antioxidants wont have the same impact as your actual skincare, but it often makes makeup feel really nice on the skin, inclusive, imagery and models featured on their website. They use recycled plastic where possible and reusable or recyclable packaging and work with charity partner baby to baby supporting children in poverty in the us thats a bit of an overview. Now the products sorting out your routine from start to finish with base glow, cheeks, brows, lashes and lips covered, starting with skin, and the minimalist perfecting complexion stick described as neither foundation nor concealer, but it can replace both. I love a really light base, so foundation sticks sort of scare me as someone with dry skin because i assume they might be heavy or cakey or too dry, not the case here. This has been my most recent go to base for a quick all over skin. Fix creamy but light buildable looks like skin. I still prefer to use my usual under eye concealer and spot concealer, but on good skin days. This could absolutely go it alone. I quickly stripe it on where i want to even out my complexion. My chin short upward strokes on my forehead and outwards from my nose like drawing on whiskers. The best bit is how beautifully it blends with merits. Number one tapered blending brush these two go hand in hand, itd be like splitting up hallie and annie again in the parent trap.

Dont. Do it theyre, perfect, together regulars will know, you rarely see, base brushes in my content. Im such a big fan of using my fingers to warm up and work makeup into my skin. The synthetic bristles are dense, but very soft and gentle, so it has a natural fingertip. Like finish, i dont think ive ever been so taken with a brush, but its honestly one of the highlights for me next radiance with the day glow, highlighting balm this cream highlighter stick, has a vitamin rich base, giving you that natural dewy hydrated glow, we love plus Microfine pearls that reflect light and add more luminosity without looking glittery lots of sheen, less sparkle, easy to swipe on and tap into your cheekbones bridge of the nose cupids bow if youre particularly picky about glitter guilty, you might spot some of the very fine pearl particles, But only up close, they are tiny. It comes in three shades. I have two here: carver champagne, classic light gold and bounce slightly deeper rose gold, my favorite such a beautiful sheen. I even pat this onto my eyelids, sometimes on its own or on top of shadow time for blush. The flush balm cheek color is called a flexible balm for a creamy, transparent veil of color theyre, designed to melt into the skin for a lit from within. Look, this appeared in my dewy cream blush edit great lightly balmy dewy finish not thick or sticky. They are fairly sheer and subtle.

Colors buildable, but not bold, and never ending ive been using beverly hills a lot and its only gone down a little. All five colors to compare terra cotta is called a warm cream for fair to medium skin. Like a soft tan brown, beverly hills, my favorite is a soft peach for a pretty fresh rosy flush. Cheeky is more of a pop of pink a medium cool, pink. Perhaps raspberry beret is a deep berry, but not that much stronger than cheeky. Just more purple toned. Then mood is the deepest a soft burgundy with a black honey sort of spirit, big fan of the formula and the fresh youthful finish. But i hope we see some more shade variations, which colors would you like to see join the family onto the eye area with brow, gel and mascara brown, 1980 volumizing pomade is meant to be a nod to fluffy 80s brows comes in three shades: blonde brown and Soft black, i wear brown its a brow pomade like glossier boy brow, so its creamier than a really watery gel, but not as heavy as a brow wax the larger tapered spoolie is great to really brush through brows. It doesnt pick up too much product, so the tint isnt dramatic, as youre sculpting them comfortable, feel not crunchy at all merits clean lash, lengthening mascara is meant to tint lengthen and lift without smudging or clumping. This is a tubing mascara which wraps and defines each lash and can be removed with warm water wiggling it off im personally, not that fussed about tubing formulas.

I know some people love them, but i usually prefer regular mascara results. This is very natural and fluttery, but i like some more oomph and volume, both pleasant, but not particularly special. So not my favorite pieces of the merit puzzle, a lip oil and sheer lipstick finish off the list. The shade slick tinted lip oils appeared in a big tinted. Lip oil comparison on my channel recently its at the lighter end of the lip oil world very thin. Almost watery, no plush feel but thats deliberate. These are actually described as somewhere between a lip oil and a light stain something this thin does wear away quite quickly. So i dont notice much nourishment its more about the lovely hint of color and barely there feel for me, seven of eight shades here belle air is clear, with very fine gold, shimmer nice to slick on top of lip liner. Oh naturelle is called warm cream, but id say its like a warm deep peach marrakesh is called soft peach, but theres a touch more natural pink to it. Karakara turns up the brightness as a fiery red orange for summer. Taupe is a neutral brown for more of a toasty 90s light brown. Lip look. Sangria is a deep berry. A great blackberry thats, not too purple and falcon is a deep brown 90 cocoa sort of decadent dark chocolate all fragrance free. I do sometimes find the deeper shades can look a little uneven because of the thin texture, so i like to lightly blotch them.

Merit might have saved the best till last. Their most recent launch was the signature. Lip lightweight, lipstick the tagline, a sheer lipstick with a satin finish, the benefits of a balm without the heaviness of traditional lipstick, ive seen some people say that the packaging doesnt seem to fit the style of the rest of the brand, but the formula does i bought One in a sephora sale this year and it was the highlight of that haul stunning light balmy feel barely there, but genuinely buildable, color so comfortable. Just a perfect lightweight, lipstick, texture, absolutely love it. Four of eight shades here need them to release. Many more please baby is called a neutral pink. Such a sweet, soft muted, relaxed rose slip is a warm neutral, a handy light, beige thats easy to throw on every day. Laveny is a berry brown that spoke to my soul. What a beautiful shade and tiger is a rich brick red straight out of an autumn taylor, swift, album, which shade? Would you go for from these four? Please share your favorites in the comments time to share my favorites ive, put together a blog post with my most used merritt products over on matilda on video dot com. If you want to find out my top four from the brand ive been working with squarespace for the past couple of years, they were front of mind when i wanted to create a website id seen: lots of different types of creatives, build sites using their chic templates And its such a simple user experience with easy buttons and boxes to build out your content, whether youre blogging to or setting up a website or online store.

If youre interested squarespace offer a free trial and when youre ready to launch you can visit matilda to save 10 on your first website or domain name purchase very interested to hear what you think of merit im very impressed. A lot of these formulas will be in my 2022 favorites theyve carved out a space for grown up, minimal makeup. I didnt even know there was room for, and i really like that, its a compact line that still covers almost an entire routine. The most obvious gap to me is eye color, whether its a shadow stick or liquid im sure well see something one day and spoiler alert. If you dont want to know what theyve trademarked, please mute now for eight seconds, i have seen the name bronze balm listed online, so maybe well see a cream bronzer sister for the day, glow sticks head to the comments to share your favorites, which formulas youve tried. If they wowed you or werent, mind blowing whats on your wish list, plus the products youd like to see next more merit sounds good to me.